Inorganic Chemistry

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2847 - 2855 P,N-Chelated Gold(III) Complexes: Structure and Reactivity
Reiersolmoen AC, Battaglia S, Orthaber A, Lindh R, Erdelyi M, Fiksdahl A
2856 - 2865 Electronic Structure of a Diiron Complex: A Multitechnique Experimental Study of [(dppf)Fe(CO)(3)](+/0)
Winkler M, Schnierle M, Ehrlich F, Mehnert KI, Hunger D, Sheveleva AM, Burkhardt L, Bauer M, Tuna F, Ringenberg MR, van Slageren J
2866 - 2871 Multinuclear Clusters of Manganese and Lithium with Silsesquioxane-Derived Ligands: Synthesis and Ligand Rearrangement by Dioxygen- and Base-Mediated Si-O Bond Cleavage
Gau MR, Zdilla MJ
2872 - 2877 When Electrons Step in: Polarizing Effects Explored with Triisobutylaluminum
Seymen A, Munch A, Orr SA, Herbst-Irmer R, Mulvey RE, Strohmann C, Stalke D
2878 - 2882 Robust Heterometallic (CoLa2III)-La-II-Organic Framework for the Highly Efficient Separation of Acetylene from Light Hydrocarbon Mixtures
Chen HT, Feng L, Zhang XT, Gao ZY, Sun D
2883 - 2887 Pillar[5]arene-Based 3D Hybrid Supramolecular Polymer for Green Catalysis in Water
Cai Y, Yan X, Wang SY, Zhu ZW, Cen MP, Ou CJ, Zhao Q, Yan Q, Wang J, Yao Y
2888 - 2892 Lacunary {Se4V10} Heteropolyoxovanadate Precursor with Monometal, Metal-Richer-Sandwiched Derivatives {Se8V20M} and {Se8V20M3}: Correlations between the Synthesis, Structure, and Catalytic Property
Wan R, Jing Z, Xu Q, Ma XY, Ma PT, Zhang C, Niu JY, Wang JP
2893 - 2898 Na3Bi(IO3)(6): An Alkali-Metal Bismuth Iodate with Intriguing One-Dimensional [BiI6O18] Chains and Pressure-Induced Structural Transition
Song HM, Jiang DQ, Wang NZ, Xing WH, Guo RX, Lin ZS, Yao JY, Wang YG, Tu H, Zhang GC
2899 - 2904 Silica-Organometallic One-Dimensional Hybrid Employing a Ag-pi(C=C) Bond Connecting Alternating Ag-4(NO3)(4) and Octavinylsilsesquioxane
Wang Z, Ashafaq M, Lu YF, Feng L, Kurmoo M, Liu HZ, Gao ZY, Li YW, Sun D
2905 - 2913 Lignin-Derived Non-Heme Iron and Manganese Complexes: Catalysts for the On-Demand Production of Chlorine Dioxide in Water under Mild Conditions
Champ TB, Jang JH, Lee JL, Wu G, Reynolds MA, Abu-Omar MM
2914 - 2930 Half-Sandwich Ru(p-cymene) Compounds with Diphosphanes: In Vitro and In Vivo Evaluation As Potential Anticancer Metallodrugs
Lenis-Rojas OA, Robalo MP, Tomaz AI, Fernandes AR, Roma-Rodrigues C, Teixeira RG, Marques F, Folgueira M, Yanez J, Gonzalez AA, Salamini-Montemurri M, Pech-Puch D, Vazquez-Garcia D, Torres ML, Fernandez A, Fernandez JJ
2931 - 2938 Superionic Ag+ Conductor Ag-17(CO3)(3)I-11
Watanabe Y, Suzuki R, Kato K, Yamane H, Kitaura M, Ina T, Uchida K, Matsushima Y
2939 - 2952 Copper(II) N,N,O-Chelating Complexes as Potential Anticancer Agents
Pena Q, Sciortino G, Marechal JD, Bertaina S, Simaan AJ, Lorenzo J, Capdevila M, Bayon P, Iranzo O, Palacios O
2953 - 2963 Iron(II), Cobalt(II), and Nickel(II) Complexes of Bis(sulfonamido)benzenes: Redox Properties, Large Zero-Field Splittings, and Single-Ion Magnets
Bamberger H, Albold U, Midlikova JD, Su CY, Deibel N, Hunger D, Hallmen PP, Neugebauer P, Beerhues J, Demeshko S, Meyer F, Sarkar B, van Slageren J
2964 - 2975 Mechanistic Studies on the Reaction between Aquacobalamin and the HNO Donor Piloty's Acid over a Wide pH Range in Aqueous Solution
Polaczek J, Subedi H, Orzel L, Lisboa LS, Cink RB, Stochel G, Brasch NE, van Eldik R
2976 - 2982 Alternative Strategy to Obtain Artificial Imine Reductase by Exploiting Vancomycin/D-Ala-D-Ala Interactions with an Iridium Metal Complex
Facchetti G, Bucci R, Fuse M, Erba E, Gandolfi R, Pellegrino S, Rimoldi I
2983 - 2995 Tetranitratopalladate(II) Salts with Tetraalkylammonium Cations: Structural Aspects, Reactivity, and Applicability toward Palladium Deposition for Catalytic Applications
Vasilchenko D, Topchiyan P, Berdyugin S, Plyusnin P, Shayapov V, Baidina I, Komarov V, Bukhtiyarov A, Gerasimov E
2996 - 3005 Isomeric Scandium-Organic Frameworks with High Hydrolytic Stability and Selective Adsorption of Acetylene
Barsukova MO, Kovalenko KA, Nizovtsev AS, Sapianik AA, Samsonenko DG, Dybtsev DN, Fedin VP
3006 - 3014 Synthesis, Crystal Structure, Electronic Structure, and Electrocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution Reaction of Synthetic Perryite Mineral
Zhang P, Ji SJ, Zhang D, Xue HG, Suen NT
3015 - 3024 Irreversible Transition from GaO6 Octahedra to GaO4 Tetrahedra for Improved Electrochemical Stability in Ga-Doped Li(Ni0.9Co0.1)O-2
Ge XR, Yu J, Zhu LH, Deng ZN, Zhang JL, Chen CL, Huang WH, Chen BH, Chang CK, Chen HY, Zhao RR
3025 - 3036 Selection Criteria for Metal Precursors and Solvents for Targeted Synthesis of Metallic Nanostructures Via Kinetic Control in the Polyol Process
Kaneko H, Matsumoto T, Huaman JLC, Ishijima M, Suzuki K, Miyamura H, Balachandran J
3037 - 3045 Dynamic Metal Exchange between a Metalloid Silver Cluster and Silver(I) Thiolate
Tang L, Kang X, Wang XY, Zhang XH, Yuan X, Wang SX
3046 - 3056 Ionicity Diagrams for Electron-Donor and -Acceptor Metal-Organic Frameworks: DA Chains and D(2)A Layers Obtained from Paddlewheel-Type Diruthenium(II,II) Complexes and Polycyano-Organic Acceptors
Sekine Y, Nishio M, Shimada T, Kosaka W, Miyasaka H
3057 - 3064 Z-Scheme Photocarrier Transfer Realized in Tungsten Oxide-Based Photocatalysts by Combining with Bismuth Vanadate Quantum Dots
Liu B, Jiang X, Jiang XL, Ma YY, Zhang ZM, Han WH
3065 - 3073 Observation of Dihydrogen Bonds in High-Pressure Phases of Ammonia Borane by X-ray and Neutron Diffraction Measurements
Nakano S, Sano-Furukawa A, Hattori T, Machida S, Komatsu K, Fujihisa H, Yamawaki H, Gotoh Y, Kikegawa T
3074 - 3081 Hybrid Zeolitic Imidazolate Frameworks for Promoting Electrocatalytic Oxygen Evolution via a Dual-Site Relay Mechanism
Huang WH, Li QH, Yu DY, Tang YH, Lin DY, Wang F, Zhang J
3082 - 3093 From 1D to 3D: Perovskites within the System HSC(NH2)(2) I/CH3NH3I/PbI2 with Maintenance of the Cubic Closest Packing
Daub M, Hillebrecht H
3094 - 3105 Superior Performance as Cathode Material for Intermediate-Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells of the Ruddlesden-Popper n=2 Member Eu2SrCo0.50Fe1.50O7-delta with Low Cobalt Content
Gil DM, Boulahya K, Santoyo MS, Azcondo MT, Amador U
3106 - 3116 Noncatalytic Bromination of Icosahedral Dicarboranes: The Key Role of Anionic Bromine Clusters Facilitating Br Atom Insertion into the B-H sigma-Bond
Shernyukov AV, Salnikov GE, Rudakov DA, Genaev AM
3117 - 3130 Coordination Sphere of Lanthanide Aqua Ions Resolved with Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics and X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy
Shiery RC, Fulton JL, Balasubramanian M, Nguyen MT, Lu JB, Li J, Rousseau R, Glezakou VA, Cantu DC
3131 - 3138 Lithiated Graphene Quantum Dot and its Nonlinear Optical Properties Modulated by a Single Alkali Atom: A Theoretical Perspective
Srivastava AK
3139 - 3148 Complexation of Cyclic Glutarimidedioxime with Cerium: Surrogating for Redox Behavior of Plutonium
Chen BH, Liu BJ, He Y, Luo DB, Mu WJ, Yang YC, Yang YQ, Peng SM, Li XL
3149 - 3155 Solvent-Induced Structural Transformation and Luminescence Response in a Dumbbell-Shaped Crystalline Molecular Rotor
Miao LP, Qi Q, Zhang W
3156 - 3164 A 2-Fold Interpenetrated Nitrogen-Rich Metal-Organic Framework: Dye Adsorption and CO2 Capture and Conversion
Yang XL, Yan YT, Wang WJ, Hao ZZ, Zhang WY, Huang WH, Wang YY
3165 - 3171 Ratiometric Thermometry Using Thermochromic Tb3+:Mn4+:Na4Mg(WO4)(3) Phosphors
Amarasinghe DK, Rabuffetti FA
3172 - 3180 Designed Tb(III)-Functionalized MOF-808 as Visible Fluorescent Probes for Monitoring Bilirubin and Identifying Fingerprints
Yi KY, Li H, Zhang XT, Zhang L
3181 - 3195 Role of the Enzymatic Environment in the Reactivity of the (AuIII-CNC)-N-boolean AND-C-boolean AND Anticancer Complexes
Delgado GYS, Arvellos JFA, Paschoal DFS, Dos Santos HF
3196 - 3206 On Close Parallels between the Zintl-Based Superatom Ge9Be and Chalcogen Elements
Xue DM, Wu D, Chen ZR, Li Y, Sun WM, Liu JY, Li ZR
3207 - 3217 meso-Substitution Activates Oxoiron(IV) Porphyrin pi-Cation Radical Complex More Than Pyrrole-beta-Substitution for Atom Transfer Reaction
Fukui N, Ueno K, Hada M, Fujii H
3218 - 3231 Anchoring Drugs to a Zinc(II) Coordination Polymer Network: Exploiting Structural Rationale toward the Design of Metallogels for Drug-Delivery Applications
Biswas P, Dastidar P
3232 - 3237 An Intriguing Polarization Configuration of Mixed Ising- and Neel-Type Model in the Prototype PbZrO3-Based Antiferroelectrics
Gao BT, Liu H, Zhou ZY, Deng SQ, Sun JL, Chen J
3238 - 3248 Metal-Organic Frameworks Derived from Calcium and Strontium Complexes of a Redox-Active Ligand
Bazyakina NL, Makarov VM, Ketkov SY, Bogomyakov AS, Rumyantcev RV, Ovcharenko VI, Fedushkin IL
3249 - 3258 P-C Bond Cleavage Induced Ni(II) Complexes Bearing Rare-Earth-Metal-Based Metalloligand and Reactivities toward Isonitrile, Nitrile, and Epoxide
Cui P, Huang X, Du J, Huang ZM
3259 - 3273 Chiral Octapalladium Chains Supported by Enantiopure P-Stereogenic Linear Tetraphosphines, (R,R)- and (S,S)-Ph2PCH2P(Ph)CH2P(Ph)CH2PPh2
Tanase T, Nakamae K, Hayashi S, Okue A, Otaki R, Nishida T, Ura Y, Kitagawa Y, Nakajima T
3274 - 3281 Metrical Oxidation States of 1,4-Diazadiene-Derived Ligands
de Zwart FJ, Reus B, Laporte AAH, Sinha V, de Bruin B
3282 - 3290 Extended B-Site Vacancy Content Range and Cation Ordering in Twinned Hexagonal Perovskites Ba8Cr4-xTa4+0.6xO24
Cao WW, Yang XY, Genevois C, Allix M, Kuang XJ
3291 - 3304 Interaction of Rare-Earth Metals and Some Perfluorinated beta-Diketones
Lutoshkin MA, Petrov AI, Malyar YN, Kazachenko AS
3305 - 3313 Fluxionality in the Tropolone Hinokitiol Chelate
Gaydon Q, Bohle IJ, Bohle DS
3314 - 3330 Toward Frameworks with Multiple Aligned and Interactive Fe(CO)(3) Rotators: Syntheses and Structures of Diiron Complexes Linked by Two trans-Diaxial alpha,omega-Diphosphine Ligands Ar2P(CH2)(n)PAr2
Zarcone SR, Chu GM, Ehnbom A, Cardenal A, Fiedler T, Bhuvanesh N, Hall MB, Gladysz JA
3331 - 3337 alpha-gamma-Type [Mo8O26](4-)-Containing Metal-Organic Complex Possessing Efficient Catalytic Activity toward the Oxidation of Thioether Derivatives
Wang XL, Zhang JY, Chang ZH, Zhang Z, Wang X, Lin HY, Cui ZW
3338 - 3344 Coordination Geometry Changes in Amorphous Cyanide-Bridged Metal-Organic Frameworks upon Water Adsorption
Yoshino H, Yamagami K, Wadati H, Yamagishi H, Setoyama H, Shimoda S, Mishima A, Le Ouay B, Ohtani R, Ohba M
3345 - 3354 La2Pd3Ge5 and Nd2Pd3Ge5 Compounds: Chemical Bonding and Physical Properties
Freccero R, De Negri S, Rogl G, Binder G, Michor H, Rogl PF, Saccone A, Solokha P
3355 - 3364 Ionothermal Synthesis of Uranyl Vanadate Nanoshell Heteropolyoxometalates
Kohlgruber TA, Senchyk GA, Rodriguez VG, Mackley SA, Dal Bo F, Aksenov SM, Szymanowski JES, Sigmon GE, Oliver AG, Burns PC
3365 - 3374 Electrochemically Controlled Synthesis of Ultrathin Nickel Hydroxide Nanosheets for Electrocatalytic Oxygen Evolution
Cao LM, Cao QC, Zhang J, Zhu XY, Sun RZ, Du ZY, He CT
3375 - 3383 A Series of Pentanary Salt-Inclusion Chalcogenoborates Containing a B(12)Q(12) (Q = S, Se) Cluster Exhibiting a Kleinman-Forbidden Frequency-Doubling Effect
Han SS, Yao WD, Yu SX, Sun YL, Gong AH, Guo SP
3384 - 3392 6s-3d {Ba3Zn4}-Organic Framework as an Effective Heterogeneous Catalyst for Chemical Fixation of CO2 and Knoevenagel Condensation Reaction
Chen HT, Fan LM, Hu TP, Zhang XT
3393 - 3400 Gram-Scale Synthesis of Cu(II)@COF via Solid-State Coordination Approach for Catalysis of Alkyne-Dihalomethane-Amine Coupling
Kan X, Wang JC, Kan JL, Shang JY, Qiao H, Dong YB
3401 - 3409 Clarifying the Different Roles of Rare Earth Ions in the Crystallization of Upconversion Oxyfluoride Glass Ceramics by Solid-State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
Yu JB, Hu LL, Ren JJ
3410 - 3417 Efficient Iridium Catalysts for Formic Acid Dehydrogenation: Investigating the Electronic Effect on the Elementary beta-Hydride Elimination and Hydrogen Formation Steps
Liu H, Wang WH, Xiong HT, Nijamudheen A, Ertem MZ, Wang M, Duan LL
3418 - 3430 Disruption of the Microtubule Network and Inhibition of VEGFR2 Phosphorylation by Cytotoxic N,O-Coordinated Pt(II) and Ru(II) Complexes of Trimethoxy Aniline-Based Schiff Bases
Acharya S, Maji M, Chakraborty MP, Bhattacharya I, Das R, Gupta A, Mukherjee A
3431 - 3438 Quaternary Chalcohalides CdSnSX2 (X = Cl or Br) with Neutral Layers: Syntheses, Structures, and Photocatalytic Properties
Ran MY, Zhou SH, Wei WB, Song BJ, Shi YF, Wu XT, Lin H, Zhu QL
3439 - 3446 In Situ Growth of Ni-Based Metal-Organic Framework Nanosheets on Carbon Nanotube Films for Efficient Oxygen Evolution Reaction
Qiang CC, Liu M, Zhang L, Chen Z, Fang Z
3447 - 3451 A Robust Cage-Based Metal-Organic Framework Showing Ultrahigh SO2 Uptake for Efficient Removal of Trace SO2 from SO2/CO2 and SO2/CO2/N-2 Mixtures
Yin MJ, Xiong XH, Feng XF, Xu WY, Krishna R, Luo F
3452 - 3459 Enhanced Power Factor and Figure of Merit of Cu2ZnSnSe4-Based Thermoelectric Composites by Ag Alloying
Mehmood F, Wang HC, Su WB, Khan M, Huo TC, Chen TT, Chebanova G, Romanenko A, Wang CL
3460 - 3470 Synthesis and Characterization of Tellurium Catecholates and Their N-Oxide Adducts
Kieser JM, Jones LO, Lin NJ, Zeller M, Schatz GC, Bart SC
3471 - 3478 Hollow Multiple Noble Metallic Nanoalloys by Mercury-Assisted Galvanic Replacement Reaction for Hydrogen Evolution
Wang N, Cao PF, Sun SJ, Ma HY, Lin M
3479 - 3480 Field-Induced Single Molecular Magnetism and Photoluminescence in Rare Cocrystals of Isomorphic Lanthanide(III) Coordination Compounds with Fully Substituted Pyridine-4-carboxamide Ligand (vol 59, pg 9227, 2020)
Sran BS, Sharma S, Pointillart F, Cador O, Hundal G