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2097 - 2104 Photoswitchable Nonlinear-Optical Crystal Based on a Dysprosium-Iron Nitrosyl Metal Assembly
Komine M, Imoto K, Namai A, Yoshikiyo M, Ohkoshi S
2105 - 2111 Conjugated-Polypyridine-Derivative-Derived Semiconductive lodoplumbates with Tunable Architectures and Efficient Visible-Light-Induced Photocatalytic Property
Li C, Wang K, Li XY, Jiang XF, Wei Q, Li JH, Wang GM
2112 - 2116 Self-Assembly of Imidazolium-Functionalized Zr-Based Metal-Organic Polyhedra for Catalytic Conversion of CO2 into Cyclic Carbonates
Zou YH, Wu QJ, Yin Q, Huang YB, Cao R
2117 - 2121 Controllable Strategy for Metal-Organic Framework Light-Driven [2+2] Cycloaddition Reactions via Solvent-Assisted Linker Exchange
Cao LH, Xu XQ, Tang XH, Yang Y, Liu JY, Yin Z, Zang SQ, Ma YM
2122 - 2126 Synthesis and Spectroscopic Investigation of a Hexaaza Lanthanum(III) Macrocycle with a Hybrid-Type G4 DNA Stabilizing Effect
Fik-Jaskolka MA, Pospieszna-Markiewicz I, Roviello GN, Kubicki M, Radecka-Paryzek W, Patroniak V
2127 - 2132 One-Dimensional Vanadium(III) Chalcogenidostannates Incorporating [V(tepa)](3+) Complexes as Bridging Groups
Chen Y, Liu X, Zhou J, Zou HH, Xiang B
2133 - 2137 High-Temperature Synthesis of a Uranyl Peroxo Complex Facilitated by Hydrothermally In Situ Formed Organic Peroxide
Mei L, Wu QY, Wu S, Geng JS, Liu YL, Hu KQ, Liu YC, Zhang ZH, Liang YY, Chai ZF, Burns PC, Shi WQ
2138 - 2148 Singlet Oxygen Formation vs Photodissociation for Light- Responsive Protic Ruthenium Anticancer Compounds: The Oxygenated Substituent Determines Which Pathway Dominates
Qu FR, Lamb RW, Cameron CG, Park S, Oladipupo O, Gray JL, Xu YF, Cole HD, Bonizzoni M, Kim Y, McFarland SA, Webster CE, Papish ET
2149 - 2159 Structural and Thermodynamics Studies on Polyaminophosphonate Ligands for Uranyl Decorporation
Ye GY, Roques J, Solari PL, Den Auwer C, Jeanson A, Brandel J, Charbonniere LJ, Wu WS, Simoni E
2160 - 2167 Cage Adaption by High-Pressure Synthesis: The Clathrate-I Borosilicide Rb8B8Si38
Hubner JM, Jung W, Schmidt M, Bobnar M, Kozelj P, Bohme B, Baitinger M, Etter M, Grin Y, Schwarz U
2168 - 2177 Manganese(II)-Based Responsive Contrast Agent Detects Glucose- Stimulated Zinc Secretion from the Mouse Pancreas and Prostate by MRI
Chirayil S, Jordan VC, Martins AF, Paranawithana N, Ratnakar SJ, Sherry AD
2178 - 2187 Organoplatinum(II) Complexes Self-Assemble and Recognize AT-Rich Duplex DNA Sequences
Zamora A, Wachter E, Vera M, Heidary DK, Rodriguez V, Ortega E, Fernandez-Espin V, Janiak C, Glazer EC, Barone G, Ruiz J
2188 - 2194 Self-Symmetrical 3D Hierarchical alpha-Calcium Sulfate Hemihydrate Twin-Flowers Composed of Microplates as a Renewable Material for Water Separation from Water-in-Oil Emulsion
Zhang GL, Sun XB, Cui P, Shen H
2195 - 2202 Symmetry Origin of the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction and Magnetization Reversal in YVO3
Sharma S, Shanbhag PN, Orlandi F, Manuel P, Langridge S, Adroja D, Sanyal MK, Sundaresan A
2203 - 2218 How the Ancillary Ligand X Drives the Redox Properties of Biscyclopentadienyl Pentavalent Uranium Cp2U(=N-Ar)X Complexes
Yassia KT, Belkhiri L, Costuas K, Boucekkine A
2219 - 2227 Disorder-Induced Broadband Near-Infrared Persistent and Photostimulated Luminescence in Mg2SnO4:Cr3+
Xie W, Jiang W, Zhou RF, Li JH, Ding JH, Ni HY, Zhang QH, Tang Q, Meng JX, Lin LT
2228 - 2233 Pressure-Induced Collapse Transition in BaTi(2)Pn(2)O (Pn = As, Sb) with an Unusual Pn-Pn Bond Elongation
Yamamoto T, Yajima T, Li Z, Kawakami T, Nakano K, Tohyama T, Yagi T, Kobayashi Y, Kageyama H
2234 - 2245 Halogenated Gallium Corroles:DNA Interaction and Photodynamic Antitumor Activity
Liu LG, Sun YM, Liu ZY, Liao YH, Zeng L, Ye Y, Liu HY
2246 - 2260 Tilting and Distortion in Rutile-Related Mixed Metal Ternary Uranium Oxides: A Structural, Spectroscopic, and Theoretical Investigation
Murphy GL, Zhang ZM, Tesch R, Kowalski PM, Avdeev M, Kuo EY, Gregg DJ, Kegler P, Alekseev EV, Kennedy BJ
2261 - 2270 Oxidizing Cerium(IV) Alkoxide Complexes Supported by the Klaui Ligand [Co(eta(5)-C5H5){P(O)(OEt)(2)}(3)](-): Synthesis, Structure, and Redox Reactivity
Wong KH, Cheung WM, Pham HL, So YM, Sung HHY, Williams ID, Leung WH
2271 - 2278 Synthesis of Monodisperse InP Quantum Dots: Use of an Acid-Free Indium Carboxylate Precursor
Angele L, Dreyfuss S, Dubertret B, Mezailles N
2279 - 2293 Daylight-White-Emitting and Abnormal Thermal Antiquenching Phosphors Based on a Layered Host SrIn2(P2O7)(2)
Liu YJ, Zhang GX, Huang JB, Tao XM, Li GH, Cai GM
2294 - 2303 Cooperative Heterometallic Catalysts for Lactide Ring-Opening Polymerization: Combining Aluminum with Divalent Metals
Gaston AJ, Greindl Z, Morrison CA, Garden JA
2304 - 2314 Analysis of Solid-State Reaction Mechanisms with Two-Dimensional Fourier Transform Infrared Correlation Spectroscopy
Bodappa N, Stepan S, Smith RDL
2315 - 2332 Various Structural Design Modifications: para-Substituted Diphenylphosphinopyridine Bridged Cu(I) Complexes in Organic Light-Emitting Diodes
Busch JM, Koshelev DS, Vashchenko AA, Fuhr O, Nieger M, Utochnikova VV, Brase S
2333 - 2346 Nitrogen-Doped Mixed-Phase Cobalt Nanocatalyst Derived from a Trinuclear Mixed-Valence Cobalt(III)/Cobalt(II) Complex for High-Performance Oxygen Evolution Reaction
Ghosh T, Natarajan K, Kumar P, Mobin SM
2347 - 2361 Boosting the Thermal Stability of alpha-Diimine Palladium Complexes in Norbornene Polymerization from Construction of Intraligand Hydrogen Bonding and Simultaneous Increasing Axial/Equatorial Bulkiness
Wang XH, Dong B, Yang Q, Liu H, Hu YM, Zhang XQ
2362 - 2371 Functional Platinum(II) Complexes with Four-Photon Absorption Activity, Lysosome Specificity, and Precise Cancer Therapy
Zhang Q, Wang SJ, Zhu YZ, Zhang CK, Cao HZ, Ma W, Tian XH, Wu JY, Zhou HP, Tian YP
2372 - 2380 Hierarchical Construction and Magnetic Difference of {Co12M12} (M = Co2+/Cd2+) Aggregates from {Co-14} Cluster-Based Precursors in the Presence of Homo/Heterometal Salts
Tao Y, Chen YK, Qin HF, Huang R, Li HY, Yao D, Bian HD, Huang FP
2381 - 2389 Effects of Nitrogen/Fluorine Codoping on Photocatalytic Rutile TiO2 Crystal Studied by First-Principles Calculations
Miyoshi A, Kuwabara A, Maeda K
2390 - 2405 Pyclen-Based Ligands Bearing Pendant Picolinate Arms for Gadolinium Complexation
Nizou G, Molnar E, Hamon N, Kalman FK, Fougere O, Rousseaux O, Esteban-Gomez D, Platas-Iglesias C, Beyler M, Tircso G, Tripier R
2406 - 2413 Toward the Coordination Fingerprint of the Edge-Sharing BO4 Tetrahedra
Quarez E, Gautron E, Paris M, Gajan D, Mevellec JY
2414 - 2424 Mustards-Derived Terpyridine-Platinum Complexes as Anticancer Agents: DNA Alkylation vs Coordination
Adams M, Sullivan MP, Tong KKH, Goldstone DC, Hanif M, Jamieson SMF, Hartinger CG
2425 - 2436 Significant Roles of a Particularly Stable Two-Center Two-Electron Lu-Lu sigma Bond in Lu-2@C-86: Electronic Structure of Lu and Radius of Lu2+
Zhang KN, Zheng H, Li MY, Li QZ, Zhao YX, Zhao X
2437 - 2445 Investigation of Structural Changes of Cu(I) and Ag(I) Complexes Utilizing a Flexible, Yet Sterically Demanding Multidentate Phosphine Oxide Ligand
Kirst C, Zoller F, Brauniger T, Mayer P, Fattakhova-Rohlfing D, Karaghiosoff K
2446 - 2456 Phase Evolution, Electrical Properties, and Conduction Mechanism of Ca12Al14-xGaxO33 (0 <= x <= 14) Ceramics Synthesized by a Glass Crystallization Method
Lv Y, Sun YM, Xu JG, Xu XY, Fernandez-Carrion AJ, Wei TJ, Yi HB, Kuang XJ
2457 - 2463 Vapor-Phase Cyclohexene Epoxidation by Single-Ion Fe(III) Sites in Metal-Organic Frameworks
Otake K, Ahn S, Knapp J, Hupp JT, Notestein JM, Farha OK
2464 - 2476 Synthesis and Characterization of Pyrochlore-Type Praseodymium Stannate Nanoparticles: An Effective Electrocatalyst for Detection of Nitrofurazone Drug in Biological Samples
Rajakumaran R, Sukanya R, Chen SM, Karthik R, Breslin CB, Shafi PM
2477 - 2491 Effect of Oxygen-Donor Charge on Adjacent Nitrogen-Donor Interactions in Eu3+ Complexes of Mixed N,O-Donor Ligands Demonstrated on a 10-Fold [Eu(TPAMEN)](3+) Chelate Complex
Schnaars K, Kaneko M, Fujisawa K
2492 - 2502 Describing Polytopal Rearrangement Processes of Octacoordinate Structures. I. Renewed Insights into Fluxionality of the Rhenium Polyhydride Complex ReH5(PPh3)(2)(Pyridine)
Tao YW, Zou WL, Luo GG, Kraka E
2503 - 2513 Two Cd-Based Luminescent Coordination Polymers Constructed from a Truncated Linker
Hurlock MJ, Lare MF, Zhang Q
2514 - 2525 Comprehensive Bonding Analysis of Tetravalent f-Element Complexes of the Type [M(salen)(2)]
Kloditz R, Radoske T, Schmidt M, Heine T, Stumpf T, Patzschke M
2526 - 2532 Structural Model and Spin-Glass Magnetism of the Ce3Au13Ge4 Quasicrystalline Approximant
Boulet P, de Weerd MC, Krnel M, Vrtnik S, Jaglicic Z, Dolinsek J
2533 - 2541 Multi-Nuclear Rare-Earth-Implanted Tartaric Acid-Functionalized Selenotungstates and Their Fluorescent and Magnetic Properties
Liu JL, Wang D, Xu X, Li HL, Zhao JW, Chen LJ
2542 - 2552 SiO2:Tb3+@Lu2O3:Eu(3+)Core-Shell Phosphors: Interfacial Energy Transfer for Enhanced Multicolor Luminescence
Wang Z, Qian BF, Wang FK, Zhao QR, Wang YL, Zou HF, Song YH, Zhou XQ, Sheng Y
2553 - 2562 Low-Temperature Nitridation of Fe3O4 by Reaction with NaNH2
O'Sullivan SE, Sun SK, Lawson SM, Stennett MC, Chen FH, Masubuchi Y, Corkhill CL, Hyatt NC
2563 - 2572 Cobalt-Based Metal-Organic Frameworks for Adsorption of CO2 and C-2 Hydrocarbons: Effect of Auxiliary Ligands with Different Functional Groups
Cui PP, Zhang XD, Kang YS, Zhao Y, Sun WY
2573 - 2589 Trends in the Series of Ammine Rare-Earth-Metal Borohydrides: Relating Structural and Thermal Properties
Grinderslev JB, Jensen TR
2590 - 2597 Postsynthesis Strategy of Functional Zn-MOF Sensors for the Detection of ClO- and DPA
Li HJ, He XL, Zhang MF, Li X, Wang RX, Xu ZQ, Li FF
2598 - 2603 Structural Determination of a Graphite/Hexagonal Boron Nitride Superlattice Observed in the Experiment
Gao Q, Luo K, Ling FF, Huang Q, Zhang Y, Han QY, Zhu L, Gao YF, Zhao ZS, Xu B, He JL, Yu DL
2604 - 2613 Transferable Active Centers of Strongly Coupled MoS2@Sulfur and Molybdenum Co-doped g-C3N4 Heterostructure Electrocatalysts for Boosting Hydrogen Evolution Reaction in Both Acidic and Alkaline Media
Zhang BY, Li JQ, Song QQ, Xu XT, Hou WF, Liu H
2614 - 2622 Fe-Ion-Catalyzed Synthesis of CdSe/Cu Core/Shell Nanowires
Chen M, Xu LK, Wang J, Liu BK, Wang K, Qi Q, Zhu YQ, Yang X, Chai WC, Yang PX, Zhang WD, Liu JH, Jia GW, Zhang SJ, Du J
2623 - 2633 Cationic Order-Disorder in Double Scheelite Type Oxides: the Case Study of Fergusonite La2SiMoO8
Lacorre P, Pautonnier A, Coste S, Barre M, Bechade E, Suard E
2634 - 2648 Cyclam-Based Chelators Bearing Phosphonated Pyridine Pendants for Cu-64-PET Imaging: Synthesis, Physicochemical Studies, Radiolabeling, and Bioimaging
Knighton RC, Troadec T, Mazan V, Le Saec P, Marionneau-Lambot S, Le Bihan T, Saffon-Merceron N, Le Bris N, Cherel M, Faivre-Chauvet A, Elhabiri M, Charbonniere LJ, Tripier R
2649 - 2655 Stable and Efficient Upconversion Single Red Emission from CsPbI3 Perovskite Quantum Dots Triggered by Upconversion Nanoparticles
Zhu YS, Zhao J, Li XG, Xu XM, Huang JS, Ji XX, Yang G, Pan GC
2656 - 2662 Properties and Detailed Adsorption of CO2 by M-2(dobpdc) with N,N-Dimethylethylenediamine Functionalization
Zhang H, Zheng X, Yang LM, Ganz E
2663 - 2671 3-D Antimonotungstate Framework Based on 2,6-H(2)pdca-connecting Iron-Cerium Heterometallic Krebs-type Polyoxotungstates for Detecting Small Biomolecules
Zeng BX, Zhang Y, Chen YH, Liu GP, Li YZ, Chen LJ, Zhao JW
2672 - 2679 Tellura(benzo)bithiophenes: Synthesis, Oligomerization, and Phosphorescence
Braun CA, Ferguson MJ, Rivard E
2680 - 2693 Surface Decoration of DNA-Aided Amorphous Cobalt Hydroxide via Ag+ Ions as Binder-Free Electrodes toward Electrochemical Oxygen Evolution Reaction
Karmakar A, Karthick K, Sankar SS, Kumaravel S, Ragunath M, Kundu S
2694 - 2703 Solvent-Induced Luminescence and Structural Transformation of a Dinuclear Gold(I) (Aza-18-crown-6)dithiocarbamate Compound
Tzeng BC, Lin CY, Hung JW, Chen SY, Chang AHH, Lee GH
2704 - 2715 A Series of Metal-Organic Framework Isomers Based on Pyridinedicarboxylate Ligands: Diversified Selective Gas Adsorption and the Positional Effect of Methyl Functionality
Fan LH, Lin SJ, Wang XX, Yue LL, Xu TT, Jiang ZZ, He YB
2716 - 2729 Corrole-Substituted Fluorescent Heme Proteins
Lemon CM, Marletta MA
2730 - 2739 Cu2ZnSbS4: A Thioantimonate(V) with Remarkably Strong Covalent Sb-S Bonding
Heppke EM, Klenner S, Janka O, Pottgen R, Bredow T, Lerch M
2740 - 2748 Expanding the Nonaqueous Chemistry of Neptunium: Synthesis and Structural Characterization of [Np(NR2)(3)Cl], [Np(NR2)(3)Cl](-), and [Np{N(R)(SiMe2CH2)}(2)(NR2)](-) (R = SiMe3)
Staun SL, Stevens LM, Smiles DE, Goodwin CAP, Billow BS, Scott BL, Wu G, Tondreau AM, Gaunt AJ, Hayton TW
2749 - 2755 Self-Interpenetrated Water-Stable Microporous Metal-Organic Framework toward Storage and Purification of Light Hydrocarbons
Qiao Y, Chang X, Zheng JY, Yi M, Chang Z, Yu MH, Bu XH
2756 - 2763 Synthesis and Optoelectronic Properties of Cationic Iridium(III) Complexes with o-Carborane-Based 2-Phenyl Benzothiazole Ligands
Yao ZJ, Jin YX, Deng W, Liu ZJ
2764 - 2770 Lanthanide Supermolecular Transformers Induced by K+ and CO2
Wang B, Ma B, Wei ZW, Yang H, Wang M, Yin WX, Gao H, Liu WS
2771 - 2782 Phase Equilibria and Thermoelectric Properties in the Pb-Ga-Te System in the Vicinity of the PbGa6Te10 Phase
Cherniushok O, Cardoso-Gil R, Parashchuk T, Grin Y, Wojciechowski KT
2783 - 2796 Electronic Communication in Binuclear Osmium- and Iridium-Polyhydrides
Cancela L, Esteruelas MA, Galban J, Olivan M, Onate E, Velez A, Vidal JC
2797 - 2804 Unexpected Polymorphism in Bromoantimonate(III) Complexes and Its Effect on Optical Properties
Usoltsev AN, Sukhikh TS, Novikov AS, Shayapov VR, Pishchur DP, Korolkov IV, Sakhapov IF, Fedin VP, Sokolov MN, Adonin SA
2805 - 2815 Unfolding the Extraction and Complexation Behaviors of Trivalent f-Block Elements by a Tetradentate N,O-Hybrid Phenanthroline Derived Phosphine Oxide Ligand
Xu L, Yang X, Wang ZP, Wang SH, Sun MZ, Xu C, Zhang XW, Lei LC, Xiao CL
2816 - 2828 Theoretical Framework for Encapsulation of Inorganic B12N12 Nanoclusters with Alkaline Earth Metals for Efficient Hydrogen Adsorption: A Step Forward toward Hydrogen Storage Materials
Janjua MRSA
2829 - 2838 Cu-MOF Material Constructed with a Triazine Polycarboxylate Skeleton: Multifunctional Identify and Microdetecting of the Aromatic Diamine Family (o,m,p-Phenylenediamine) Based on the Luminescent Response
Guan QL, Sun Y, Huo R, Xin Y, Bai FY, Xing YH, Sun LX
2839 - 2845 Conversion of Human Neuroglobin into a Multifunctional Peroxidase by Rational Design
Chen SF, Liu XC, Xu JK, Li LZ, Lang JJ, Wen GB, Lin YW