Inorganic Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry, Vol.60, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0020-1669 (Print) 

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1277 - 1283 Synthesis of Stoichiometric SrTiO3 and Its Carrier Doping from Air-Stable Bimetallic Complexes
Oyeka EE, Oka D, Kwon E, Fukumura T
1284 - 1288 Photochemical Water Oxidation Using a Doubly N-Confused Hexaphyrin Dinuclear Cobalt Complex
Nakazono T, Wada T
1289 - 1293 BO3 Triangle and B@Zn2O3 Cationic Layer in the Structure of the Hybrid Zinc Acetate Borate [ZnAc]center dot[ZnBO3]
Li W, Deng JX, Pan CY
1294 - 1298 Elastic Crystalline Fibers Composed of a Nickel(II) Complex
Kusumoto S, Sugimoto A, Zhang YJ, Kim Y, Nakamura M, Hayami S
1299 - 1304 Synthesis and Photophysical Properties of Emissive Silver(I) Halogenido Coordination Polymers Composed of {Ag2X2} Units Bridged by Pyrazine, Methylpyrazine, and Aminopyrazine
Kuwahara T, Ohtsu H, Tsuge K
1305 - 1309 Well-Aligned Ni-Heteroatom (N, S) MOF Arrays Enhanced Electrocatalytic Oxygen Evolution Reaction
Yu D, Jiang ZQ, Lu J, Li YF, Fan WJ, Yang HY, Wen T
1310 - 1314 Robust 4d-5f Bimetal-Organic Framework for Efficient Removal of Trace SO2 from SO2/CO2 and SO2/CO2/N-2 Mixtures
Guo LJ, Feng XF, Gao Z, Krishna R, Luo F
1315 - 1319 Synthesis, Structure, and Magnetic Properties of Rare-Earth Bis(diazabutadiene) Diradical Complexes
Yan HH, Wu BT, Meng YS, Zhang WX, Xi ZF
1320 - 1324 Two Pyrene-Based Metal-Organic Frameworks for Chemiluminescence
Yu XY, Du SF, Yang Y, Di ZY, Wu MY
1325 - 1333 Coordination Environment Prevents Access to Intraligand Charge-Transfer States through Remote Substitution in Rhenium(I) Terpyridinedicarbonyl Complexes
Fernandez-Teran RJ, Severy L
1334 - 1343 Living Long and Prosperous: Productive Intraligand Charge-Transfer States from a Rhenium(I) Terpyridine Photosensitizer with Enhanced Light Absorption
Fernandez-Teran R, Severy L
1344 - 1351 Magnetic Anisotropy: Structural Correlation of a Series of Chromium(II)-Amidinate Complexes
Zhai YQ, Ge N, Li ZH, Chen WP, Han T, Ouyang ZW, Wang ZX, Zheng YZ
1352 - 1358 BiOI Particles Confined into Metal-Organic Framework NU-1000 for Valid Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution under Visible-Light Irradiation
Li X, Gao K, Mo BY, Tang JX, Wu J, Hou HW
1359 - 1366 Tuning of the Network Dimensionality and Photoluminescent Properties in Homo- and Heteroleptic Lanthanide Coordination Polymers
Zheng ZF, Lu HJ, Wang YM, Bao HL, Li ZJ, Xiao GP, Lin J, Qian Y, Wang JQ
1367 - 1379 Eu-Mn Charge Transfer and the Strong Charge-Spin-Electronic Coupling Behavior in EuMnO3
Xu LL, Liu QS, Meng JL, Liao WP, Liu XJ, Zhang HJ
1380 - 1387 Hybridization with Ti3C2Tx MXene: An Effective Approach to Boost the Hydrothermal Stability and Catalytic Performance of Metal-Organic Frameworks
Gu C, Lu C, Gao YX, Tan P, Peng SS, Liu XQ, Sun LB
1388 - 1397 Theoretical Combined Experimental Study of Unique He Behaviors in High-Entropy Alloys
Hu JT, Zhang JW, Zhang JJ, Xiao HY, Xie L, Shen HH, Li PC, Sun GG, Zu XT
1398 - 1410 In-Plane Cation Ordering and Sodium Displacements in Layered Honeycomb Oxides with Tetravalent Lanthanides: Na(2)LnO(3) (Ln = Ce, Pr, and Tb)
Ramanathan A, Leisen JE, La Pierre HS
1411 - 1418 Reversible Iodine Intercalation into Tungsten Ditelluride
Schmidt P, Schneiderhan P, Strobele M, Romao CP, Meyer HJ
1419 - 1435 A Generalized Semiempirical Approach to the Modeling of the Optical Band Gap of Ternary Al-(Ga, Nb, Ta, W) Oxides Containing Different Alumina Polymorphs
Di Quarto F, Zaffora A, Di Franco F, Santamaria M
1436 - 1448 Heterobimetallic Catalysts for the Thermal Decomposition of Ammonium Perchlorate: Efficient Burning Rate Catalysts for Solid Rocket Motors and Missiles
Arroyo JL, Norambuena A, Reyes H, Valdebenito C, Abarca G, Carey DM, Morales-Verdejo C
1449 - 1461 Selective Synthesis of Bismuth or Bismuth Selenide Nanosheets from a Metal Organic Precursor: Investigation of their Catalytic Performance for Water Splitting
Razzaque S, Khan MD, Aamir M, Sohail M, Bhoyate S, Gupta RK, Sher M, Akhtar J, Revaprasadu N
1462 - 1471 Favorite Orientation of the Carbon Cage and a Unique Two-Dimensional-Layered Packing Model in the Cocrystals of Nd@C-82(I,II) Isomers with Decapyrrylcorannulene
Zhang Y, Guan RN, Chen MQ, Shen YP, Pan QJ, Lian YF, Yang SF
1472 - 1479 Polyoxometalate-Based Frameworks as Adsorbents for Drug of Abuse Extraction from Hair Samples
Derakhshanrad S, Mirzaei M, Streb C, Amiri A, Ritchie C
1480 - 1490 Computational Studies on the Materials Combining Graphene Quantum Dots and Pt Complexes with Adjustable Luminescence Characteristics
Wang SP, Li Y, Zhang ZX, Zhang Y, Wang Y, Kong SM, Li HC, Jian W, Bai FQ, Zhang HX
1491 - 1498 Combining Dual-Light Emissions to Achieve Efficient Broadband Yellowish-Green Luminescence in One-Dimensional Hybrid Lead Halides
Sun XY, Yue M, Jiang YX, Zhao CH, Liao YY, Lei XW, Yue CY
1499 - 1505 Understanding Negative Thermal Expansion of Zn2GeO4 through Local Structure and Vibrational Dynamics
Yuan HL, Gao QL, Xu P, Guo J, He LH, Sanson A, Chao MJ, Liang EJ
1506 - 1512 Enhanced Adsorption and Separation of Xenon over Krypton via an Unsaturated Calcium Center in a Metal-Organic Framework
Wu XL, Li ZJ, Zhou H, Yang G, Liu XY, Qian N, Wang W, Zeng YS, Qian ZH, Chu XX, Liu W
1513 - 1522 A Heteropolynuclear Pt-Ag System Having Cycloplatinated Rollover Bipyridyl Units
Horiuchi S, Tanaka S, Moon S, Sakuda E, Ito A, Arikawa Y, Umakoshi K
1523 - 1532 New 3D Porous Silver Nanopolycluster as a Highly Effective Supercapacitor Electrode: Synthesis and Study of the Optical and Electrochemical Properties
Wu QS, Bigdeli F, Rouhani F, Gao XM, Kaviani H, Li HJ, Wang W, Liu KG, Hu ML, Cai XQ, Morsali A
1533 - 1541 Site Occupancy Determination in Th2Zn17- and TbCu7-types Sm2Fe17-xCox Compounds using Synchrotron Resonant Diffraction
Bartoli T, Joubert JM, Provost K, Elkaim E, Paul-Boncour V, Monnier J, Moscovici J, Bessais L
1542 - 1549 Quaternary Wurtzitic Nitrides (1-x)ZnGeN2-2xGaN (x=0.02, 0.05): Disorder-Induced Band-Gap Narrowing and Potentiality as a Solar-Active Photocatalyst
Suehiro T, Tansho M, Ishigaki T, Shimizu T
1550 - 1560 Four-Electron Reduction of Dioxygen on a Metal Surface: Models of Dissociative and Associative Mechanisms in a Homogeneous System
Kameo H, Sakaki S, Ohki Y, Uehara N, Kosukegawa T, Suzuki H, Takao T
1561 - 1570 Defect Trapping and Phase Separation in Chemically Doped Bulk AgF2
Grzelak A, Derzsi M, Grochala W
1571 - 1578 An Anionic Indium-Organic Framework with Spirobifluorene-Based Ligand for Selective Adsorption of Organic Dyes
Shi XL, Zu YC, Jiang SS, Sun FX
1579 - 1589 Metal-Ion Influence on Ligand-Centered Hydrogen-Atom Transfer
Charette BJ, Ziller JW, Heyduk AF
1590 - 1603 Benchmarking Coordination Number Prediction Algorithms on Inorganic Crystal Structures
Pan H, Ganose AM, Horton M, Aykol M, Persson KA, Zimmermann NER, Jain A
1604 - 1611 Synergetic Effect of Ni2P and MXene Enhances Catalytic Activity in the Hydrogen Evolution Reaction
Lv ZP, Wang M, Liu D, Jian KL, Zhang R, Dang J
1612 - 1623 Chemical Bath Deposition of ZnO Nanowires Using Copper Nitrate as an Additive for Compensating Doping
Lausecker C, Salem B, Baillin X, Chaix-Pluchery O, Roussel H, Labau S, Pelissier B, Appert E, Consonni V
1624 - 1630 Bimetallic Phosphides as High-Efficient Electrocatalysts for Hydrogen Generation
Li J, Zheng HY, Xu CY, Su ZM, Li X, Sun J
1631 - 1640 Differentiating Zr/Hf-IV Aqueous Polyoxocation Chemistry with Peroxide Ligation
Sommers JA, Hutchison DC, Martin NP, Palys L, Amador JM, Keszler DA, Nyman M
1641 - 1653 Expansion of the Family of Molecular Nanoparticles of Cerium Dioxide and Their Catalytic Scavenging of Hydroxyl Radicals
Mitchell KJ, Goodsell JL, Russell-Webster B, Twahir UT, Angerhofer A, Abboud KA, Christou G
1654 - 1663 Diverse Reactivity of Hypersilylsilylene with Boranes and ThreeComponent Reactions with Aldehyde and HBpin
Bisai MK, Swamy VSVSN, Raj KV, Vanka K, Sen SS
1664 - 1671 Outstanding Drug-Loading/Release Capacity of Hollow Fe-Metal-Organic Framework-Based Microcapsules: A Potential Multifunctional Drug-Delivery Platform
Cui RX, Zhao PF, Yan YL, Bao G, Damirin A, Liu ZL
1672 - 1682 Excited-State Dynamics of [Ru((S-S)bpy)(bpy)(2)](2+) to Form Long-Lived Localized Triplet States
Heindl M, Hongyan J, Hua SA, Oelschlegel M, Meyer F, Schwarzer D, Gonzalez L
1683 - 1697 Cavity Formation in Uranyl Ion Complexes with Kemp's Tricarboxylate: Grooved Diperiodic Nets and Polynuclear Cages
Thuery P, Harrowfield J
1698 - 1715 Discriminatory {040}-Reduction Facet/Ag-0 Schottky Barrier Coupled {040/110}-BiVO4@Ag@CoAl-LDH Z-Scheme Isotype Heterostructure
Baral B, Sahoo DP, Parida K
1716 - 1725 Water-Robust Zinc-Organic Framework with Mixed Nodes and Its Handy Mixed-Matrix Membrane for Highly Effective Luminescent Detection of Fe3+, CrO42-, and Cr2O72- in Aqueous Solution
Qin BW, Zhang XY, Qiu JJ, Gahungu G, Yuan HY, Zhang JP
1726 - 1737 Linker Expansion and Its Impact on Switchability in Pillared-Layer MOFs
Bonisch N, Maliuta M, Senkovska I, Bon V, Petkov P, Platzer C, Muller P, Kaskel S
1738 - 1745 Mole-Ratio-Dependent Reversible Transformation between 2:2 and Cyclic 3:6 Silver(I) Complexes with an Argentivorous Molecule
Ju H, Abe T, Takahashi Y, Tsuruoka Y, Otsuka A, Lee E, Ikeda M, Kuwahara S, Habata Y
1746 - 1754 Pressure-Driven Metallization in Hafnium Diselenide
Andrada-Chacon A, Morales-Garcia A, Salvado MA, Pertierra P, Franco R, Garbarino G, Taravillo M, Barreda-Argueso JA, Gonzalez J, Baonza VG, Recio JM, Sanchez-Benitez J
1755 - 1766 Constructed Z-Scheme g-C3N4/Ag3VO4/rGO Photocatalysts with Multi-interfacial Electron-Transfer Paths for High Photoreduction of CO2
Gao M, Sun LL, Ma CC, Li X, Jiang HP, Shen D, Wang HQ, Huo PW
1767 - 1772 Crystal and Electronic Structures of MoSi2-Type CrGe2 Synthesized under High Pressure
Sasaki T, Kanie K, Yokoi T, Niwa K, Gaida NA, Matsunaga K, Hasegawa M
1773 - 1779 Synthesis of CaSnN2 via a High-Pressure Metathesis Reaction and the Properties of II-Sn-N-2 (II = Ca, Mg, Zn) Semiconductors
Kawamura F, Murata H, Imura M, Yamada N, Taniguchi T
1780 - 1789 Non-Stereogenic Dinuclear Ir(III) Complex with a Molecular Rack Design to Afford Efficient Thermally Enhanced Red Emission
Shafikov MZ, Martinscroft R, Hodgson C, Hayer A, Auch A, Kozhevnikov VN
1790 - 1796 Water-Stable Cobalt-Based MOF for Water Oxidation in Neutral Aqueous Solution: A Case of Mimicking the Photosystem II
Guo XY, Liu LF, Xiao Y, Mehmood R, Xiao YJ, Qi Y, Zhang FX
1797 - 1805 Rigid Acridane-Based Pincer Supported Rare-Earth Complexes for cis-1,4-Polymerization of 1,3-Conjugated Dienes
You F, Zhai JJ, So YM, Shi XC
1806 - 1813 Revisiting Dinuclear Ruthenium Water Oxidation Catalysts: Effect of Bridging Ligand Architecture on Catalytic Activity
Kagalwala HN, Deshmukh MS, Ramasamy E, Nair N, Zhou RW, Zong RF, McCormik L, Chen PA, Thummel RP
1814 - 1822 Effective Removal of Clenbuterol and Ractopamine from Water with a Stable Al(III)-Based Metal-Organic Framework
Lv J, Chen Q, Liu JH, Yang HS, Wang PL, Yu JM, Xie YB, Wu YF, Li JR
1823 - 1831 Strategy for Traceless Codrug Delivery with Platinum(IV) Prodrug Complexes Using Self-Immolative Linkers
Lee VEY, Lim ZC, Chew SL, Ang WH
1832 - 1838 Enhancing Structural Rigidity via a Strategy Involving Protons for Creating Water-Resistant Mn4+-Doped Fluoride Phosphors
Lang TC, Wang JY, Han T, Cai MS, Fang SQ, Zhong Y, Peng LL, Cao SX, Liu BT, Polisadova E, Korepanov V, Yakovlev A
1839 - 1845 Structure Types and Magnetic Behavior of Cobalt Nanoclusters
Liao BL, Li SX, Yang GP
1846 - 1856 Analysis of Oxygen-Pnictogen Bonding with Full Bond Path Topological Analysis of the Electron Density
Lindquist-Kleissler B, Wenger JS, Johnstone TC
1857 - 1868 Neptunium(V) Isothiocyanate Complexes with 4 '-Aryl-Substituted 2,2 ':6 ',2 ''-Terpyridines and N,N-Dimethylacetamide as Molecular Ligands
Fedoseev AM, Grigoriev MS, Charushnikova IA, Budantseva NA, Stanetskaya NM, Tyurin VS
1869 - 1876 Speciation of Ionic Uranyl-Containing Complexes in in Situ Formed Dicyanonitrosomethanide-Based Ionic Liquids
Hou XM, Tang SF
1877 - 1884 Synthesis and Structure of Alkaline Earth Bis{hydrido-tris(3,5-diisopropyl-pyrazol-1-yl)borate} Complexes: Ae(Tp(iPr2))(2) (Ae = Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba)
Liebing P, Harmgarth N, Yang Y, McDonald R, Engelhardt F, Kuhling M, Edelmann FT, Takats J
1885 - 1892 Experimental and Theoretical Studies on Effects of Structural Modification of Tin Nanoclusters for Third-Order Nonlinear Optical Properties
Feng CC, Zhang Z, Wang ZR, Li DJ, Li QH, Zhang L, Zhang J
1893 - 1901 Magnetic Flower-like Fe-Doped CoO Nanocomposites with Dual Enzyme-like Activities for Facile and Sensitive Determination of H2O2 and Dopamine
Lian JJ, He YL, Li N, Liu P, Liu ZX, Liu QY
1902 - 1914 Lanthanide(III) Complexes Based on an 18-Membered Macrocycle Containing Acetamide Pendants. Structural Characterization and paraCEST Properties
Castro G, Wang GJ, Gambino T, Esteban-Gomez D, Valencia L, Angelovski G, Platas-Iglesias C, Perez-Lourido P
1915 - 1921 Magnetic Field-Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition of UO2 Thin Films
Raauf A, Leduc J, Frank M, Stadler D, Graf D, Wilhelm M, Grosch M, Mathur S
1922 - 1929 Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution Based on Cobalt-Organic Framework with High Water Vapor Adsorption
Yang GL, Che XJ, Hou SL, Cao CS, Zhao B
1930 - 1936 Synthesis, Electronic Structure, and Physical Properties of Layered Oxypnictides Sr2ScCrAsO3 and Ba3Sc2Cr2As2O5
Naik SPK, Iwasa Y, Kuramochi K, Ichihara Y, Kishio K, Hongo K, Maezono R, Nishio T, Ogino H
1937 - 1947 Effect of 1-Substituted 2-(Pyridin-2-yl)-1H-Benzo[d]imidazole Ligand-Coordinated Copper and Cobalt Complex Redox Electrolytes on Performance of Ru(II) Dye-Based Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
Selvaraj B, Shanmugam G, Kamaraj S, Gunasekeran A, Sambandam A
1948 - 1956 Cation-Induced Dimerization of Crown-Substituted Gallium Phthalocyanine by Complexing with Alkali Metals: The Crucial Role of a Central Metal
Lapkina LA, Sinelshchikova AA, Birin KP, Larchenko VE, Grigoriev MS, Tsivadze AY, Gorbunova YG
1957 - 1964 Ba3Sb2(PO4)(4) and Cd3Sb2(PO4)(4)(H2O)(2): Two New Antimonous Phosphates with Distinct [Sb(PO4)(2)] Structure Types and Enhanced Birefringence
Li XB, Hu CL, Kong F, Mao JG
1965 - 1974 Synthesis and Reactivity of Iron Complexes with a Biomimetic SCS Pincer Ligand
Speelman AL, Skubi KL, Mercado BQ, Holland PL
1975 - 1984 Engineering the Oxidative Potency of Non-Heme Iron(IV) Oxo Complexes in Water for C-H Oxidation by a cis Donor and Variation of the Second Coordination Sphere
Wegeberg C, Skavenborg ML, Liberato A, McPherson JN, Browne WR, Hedegard ED, McKenzie CJ
1985 - 1990 Sn-6 and Na-4 Oxo Clusters Based Non-centrosymmetric Framework for Solution Iodine Absorption and Second Harmonic Generation Response
Zhu Y, Li DS, Zhang J, Zhang L
1991 - 1997 MoS2 Nanoribbons with a Prolonged Photoresponse Lifetime for Enhanced Visible Light Photoelectrocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution
Li ZH, Jiang ZZ, Zhou WD, Chen MY, Su MX, Luo XF, Yu T, Yuan CL
1998 - 2008 Ligand-Controlled C-sp(2)-H versus C-sp(3)-H Bond Formation in Cycloplatinated Complexes: A Joint Experimental and Theoretical Mechanistic Investigation
Farasat Z, Nabavizadeh SM, Hosseini FN, Hoseini SJ, Abu-Omar MM
2009 - 2022 Half-Sandwich Ruthenium Complexes of Amide-Phosphine Based Ligands: H-Bonding Cavity Assisted Binding and Reduction of Nitro-substrates
Pachisia S, Kishan R, Yadav S, Gupta R
2023 - 2036 Enabling and Inducing Oxygen Vacancies in Cobalt Iron Layer Double Hydroxide via Selenization as Precatalysts for Electrocatalytic Hydrogen and Oxygen Evolution Reactions
Karmakar A, Karthick K, Kumaravel S, Sankar SS, Kundu S
2037 - 2044 Intramolecular Magnetic Interaction in a Photogenerated Dual Angular Momentum System in a Terbium-Phthalocyaninato 1:1 Complex
Kizaki K, Santria A, Ishikawa N
2045 - 2055 Widening the Window of Spin-Crossover Temperatures in Bis(formazanate)iron(II) Complexes via Steric and Noncovalent Interactions
Milocco F, de Vries F, Siebe HS, Engbers S, Demeshko S, Meyer F, Otten E
2056 - 2067 Simultaneous Presence of Open Metal Sites and Amine Groups on a 3D Dy(III)-Metal-Organic Framework Catalyst for Mild and Solvent-Free Conversion of CO2 to Cyclic Carbonates
Abazari R, Sanati S, Morsali A, Kirillov AM, Slawin AMZ, Carpenter-Warren CL
2068 - 2075 A Quantum Chemistry View on Two Archetypical Paramagnetic Pentacoordinate Nickel(II) Complexes Offers a Fresh Look on Their NMR Spectra
Ravera E, Gigli L, Czarniecki B, Lang L, Kummerle R, Parigi G, Piccioli M, Neese F, Luchinat C
2076 - 2086 Rhodium(III) Dihalido Complexes: The Effect of Ligand Substitution and Halido Coordination on Increasing Cancer Cell Potency
Lord RM, Zegke M, Basri AM, Pask CM, McGowan PC
2087 - 2096 Cd-MOF@PVDF Mixed-Matrix Membrane with Good Catalytic Activity and Recyclability for the Production of Benzimidazole and Amino Acid Derivatives
Jiang YS, Sun J, Yang XN, Shen JY, Fu Y, Fan Y, Xu JN, Wang L