Inorganic Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry, Vol.59, No.8 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0020-1669 (Print) 

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5243 - 5246 Binding of a Fatty Acid-Functionalized Anderson-Type Polyoxometalate to Human Serum Albumin
Bijelic A, Dobrov A, Roller A, Rompel A
5247 - 5251 Manipulating Spin Alignments of (Y,Lu)(1.7)Fe-17 Intermetallic Compounds via Unusual Thermal Pressure
Cao YL, Lin K, Liu ZN, Hu JY, Wang CW, Liu XZ, Tereshina-Chitrova E, Kato K, Li Q, Deng JX, Chen J, Zhang HJ, Xing XR
5252 - 5255 Synthesis of High Dimensionally Structured Mo-Fe Mixed Metal Oxide and Its Catalytic Activity for Selective Oxidation of Methanol
Shimoda K, Ishikawa S, Tashiro M, Kumaki M, Hiyoshi N, Ueda W
5256 - 5260 Vanadium Pyridonate Catalysts: Isolation of Intermediates in the Reductive Coupling of Alcohols
Griffin SE, Schafer LL
5261 - 5265 New Approaches to N-Heterocyclic-Carbene-Coordinated Iminoborane and Borenium Species
Cui P, Guo R, Kong LB, Cui CM
5266 - 5270 Discovery of a Fullerene-Polyoxometalate Hybrid Exhibiting Enhanced Photocurrent Response
Yu WD, Li B, Zhang Y, Yan QW, Yan J
5271 - 5275 General Approach for Constructing Mechanoresponsive and Redox-Active Metal-Organic and Covalent Organic Frameworks by Solid-Liquid Reaction: Ferrocene as the Versatile Function Unit
Feng XF, Yin WH, Fan YL, Yin MJ, Xu ZZ, Luo F
5276 - 5280 Electrophilic Activation of Osmium-Nitrido Corroles: The OsN Triple Bond as a pi-Acceptor Metallaligand in a Heterobimetallic (OsN)-N-VI-Pt-II Complex
Reinholdt A, Alemayehu AB, Gagnon KJ, Bendix J, Ghosh A
5281 - 5291 Generalized Stress-Redox Equivalence: A Chemical Link between Pressure and Electronegativity in Inorganic Crystals
Lobato A, Osman HH, Salvado MA, Pertierra P, Vegas A, Baonza VG, Recio JM
5292 - 5302 Homogeneous Electrochemical Reduction of CO2 to CO by a Cobalt Pyridine Thiolate Complex
Ahmed ME, Rana A, Saha R, Dey S, Dey A
5303 - 5312 Prediction and Synthesis of Dysprosium Hydride Phases at High Pressure
Salke NP, Esfahani MMD, Yedukondalu N, Zhang YJ, Kruglov IA, Zhou JS, Greenberg E, Prakapenka VB, Liu J, Oganov AR, Lin JF
5313 - 5324 Switching of Fluorescent Zn/Cd Selectivity in N,N,N ',N '-Tetrakis(6-methoxy-2-quinolylmethyl)-1,2-diphenylethylenediamine by One Asymmetric Carbon Atom Inversion
Mikata Y, Nozaki K, Tanaka M, Konno H, Matsumoto A, Kawamura M, Sato SI
5325 - 5338 Variation of the Chain Geometry in Isomeric 1D Co(NCS)(2) Coordination Polymers and Their Influence on the Magnetic Properties
Bohme M, Jochim A, Rams M, Lohmiller T, Suckert S, Schnegg A, Plass W, Nather C
5339 - 5349 Original Layered OP4-(Li,Na)(x)CoO2 Phase: Insights on Its Structure, Electronic Structure, and Dynamics from Solid State NMR
Biecher Y, Smiley DL, Guignard M, Fauth F, Berthelot R, Delmas C, Goward GR, Carlier D
5350 - 5356 A Zn(II)-Coordination Polymer for the Instantaneous Cleavage of C-sp(3)-C-s(p)3 Bond and Simultaneous Reduction of Ketone to Alcohol
Ghosh D, Dhibar S, Gupta VK, Das GK, Dey B
5357 - 5367 Understanding Powder X-ray Diffraction Profiles from Layered Minerals: The Case of Kaolinite Nanocrystals
Leonardi A, Bish DL
5368 - 5376 A New Family of Disorder-Free Rare-Earth-Based Kagome Lattice Magnets: Structure and Magnetic Characterizations of RE3BWO9 (RE = Pr, Nd, Gd-Ho) Boratotungstates
Ashtar M, Guo JJ, Wan ZT, Wang YQ, Gong GS, Liu Y, Su YL, Tian ZM
5377 - 5385 The Synthesis of a Quasi-One-Dimensional Iron-Based Telluride with Antiferromagnetic Chains and a Spin Glass State
Zhang J, Duan L, Wang Z, Wang XC, Zhao JF, Jin ML, Li WM, Zhang CL, Cao LP, Deng Z, Hu ZW, Agrestini S, Valvidares M, Lin HJ, Chen CT, Zhu JL, Jin CQ
5386 - 5393 Eosin Y-Embedded Zirconium-Based Metal-Organic Framework as a Dual-Emitting Built-In Self-Calibrating Platform for Pesticide Detection
Wei ZH, Chen DS, Guo ZF, Jia PY, Xing HZ
5394 - 5404 Steric and Electrostatic Control of the pH-Regulated Interconversion of Au-16(SR)(12) and Au-18(SR)(14) (SR: Deprotonated Captopril)
Jiang W, Bai YY, Li QZ, Yao XA, Zhang H, Song YB, Meng XM, Yu HZ, Zhu MZ
5405 - 5417 Rational Compositional Control of Electrodeposited Ag-Fe films
Sun YK, Zangari G
5418 - 5423 Solid-State Spin Equilibrium of Ni(cyclam)(2) Complex: Magnetostructural Correlations in Two Polymorphs
Horii Y, Kanegae Y, Takahashi K, Fuyuhiro A, Noguchi M, Suzuki H, Nakano M
5424 - 5432 A Dinuclear Copper Complex Featuring a Flexible Linker as Water Oxidation Catalyst with an Activity Far Superior to Its Mononuclear Counterpart
Zhang XF, Li YY, Jiang J, Zhang R, Liao RZ, Wang M
5433 - 5446 Synthesis and Characterization of Cu(II) and Mixed-Valence Cu(I)Cu(II) Clusters Supported by Pyridylamide Ligands
Schneider JD, Smith BA, Williams GA, Powell DR, Perez F, Rowe GT, Yang L
5447 - 5455 Enhancement of Terbium(III)-Centered Luminescence by Tuning the Triplet Energy Level of Substituted Pyridylamino-4-R-Phenoxo Tripodal Ligands
Manzur J, Poblete C, Morales J, de Santana RC, Maia LJQ, Vega A, Fuentealba P, Spodine E
5456 - 5462 Engineering Cu/TiO2@N-Doped C Interfaces Derived from an Atom-Precise Heterometallic (Cu4Ti5IV)-Ti-II Cluster for Efficient Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution
Yuan YS, Sheng K, Zeng SY, Han XG, Sun LM, Loncaric I, Zhan WW, Sun D
5463 - 5474 The Reactivity of Phosphanylphosphinidene Complexes of Transition Metals Toward Terminal Dihaloalkanes
Ordyszewska A, Szynkiewicz N, Chojnacki J, Pikies J, Grubba R
5475 - 5482 Polar Molecule-Based Material with Optic-Electric Switching Constructed by Polar Anions
Zhao XM, Li D, Zhao HX, Ren YP, Long LS, Zheng LS
5483 - 5489 Nucleophilic Activation of Red Phosphorus for Controlled Synthesis of Polyphosphides
Jo M, Dragulescu-Andrasi A, Miller LZ, Pak C, Shatruk M
5490 - 5496 Relativistic Effects on the Properties of Lr: A Periodic DFT Study of the Adsorption of Lr on Surfaces of Ta in Comparison with Lu and TI
Pershina V
5497 - 5508 Synthesis, Structures, and Photoluminescent Properties of Tricyanidonitridorhenium(V) Complexes with Bipyridine-Type Ligands
Nagata K, Otsuji N, Akagi S, Fujii S, Kitamura N, Yoshimura T
5509 - 5517 Perovskite-like Framework Encapsulated with Fe-Based Magnetic Units in Ba10Fe3Sb7Se24
Lin WC, Ryu H, Yang CI, Weng CY, Jang JI, Hsu KF
5518 - 5528 Biporous Cd(II) Coordination Polymer via in Situ Disulfide Bond Formation: Self-Healing and Application to Photosensitive Optoelectronic Device
Naskar K, Dey A, Maity S, Ray PP, Ghosh P, Sinha C
5529 - 5537 Structural Ordering Supremacy on the Oxygen Reduction Reaction of Layered Iron-Perovskites
Marin-Gamero R, de Irujo-Labalde XM, Urones-Garrote E, Garcia-Martin S
5538 - 5545 Robust Aluminum and Iron Phosphinate Metal-Organic Frameworks for Efficient Removal of Bisphenol A
Buzek D, Ondrusova S, Hynek J, Kovar P, Lang K, Rohlicek J, Demel J
5546 - 5557 Dinucleating Amino-Phenolate Platform for Zinc Catalysts: Impact on Lactide Polymerization
Soobrattee S, Zhai XF, Nyamayaro K, Diaz C, Kelley P, Ebrahimi T, Mehrkhodavandi P
5558 - 5563 Tridentate Ligand with Three Carbanions as Donor Atoms: Formation of Dinuclear, Heptacyclic Complexes of Boron, Aluminum, or Gallium with B-C-B, Al-C-Al, or Ga-C-Ga Three-Center-Two-Electron Bonds
Brand A, Hepp A, Wurthwein EU, Uhl W
5564 - 5578 Strong Impact of Intramolecular Hydrogen Bonding on the Cathodic Path of [Re(3,3 '-dihydroxy-2,2 '-bipyridine)(CO)(3)Cl] and Catalytic Reduction of Carbon Dioxide
Taylor JO, Neri G, Banerji L, Cowan AJ, Hartl F
5579 - 5592 Experimental and Computational Study of the Structure, Steric Properties, and Binding Equilibria of Neopentylphosphine Palladium Complexes
Barnett KL, Vasiliu M, Stein TH, Delahay MV, Qu FR, Gerlach DL, Dixon DA, Shaughnessy KH
5593 - 5599 A Series Three-Dimensional Ln(4)Cr(4) (Ln = Gd, Tb, Er) Heterometallic Cluster-Based Coordination Polymers Containing Interesting Nanotubes Exhibiting High Magnetic Entropy
Yu YZ, Pan XX, Cui CH, Luo XM, Li NF, Mei H, Xu Y
5600 - 5609 Twinning by Merohedry and Thermal Expansion of Zeolitic Clathrasil Deca-dodecasil 3R
Kajihara K, Kato H, Takahashi R, Kanamura K, Mizoguchi H, Namatame Y, Sato H
5610 - 5615 Heterochiral-to-Homochiral Structural Transformation in Metallosupramolecular Ionic Crystals
Somsri S, Kuwamura N, Yoshinari N, Konno T
5616 - 5625 Phosphorus-Bismuth Peri-Substituted Acenaphthenes: A Synthetic, Structural, and Computational Study
Nejman PS, Curzon TE, Buhl M, Mckay D, Woollins JD, Ashbrook SE, Cordes DB, Slawin AMZ, Kilian P
5626 - 5631 Dense Alkyne Arrays of a Zr(IV) Metal-Organic Framework Absorb Co-2(CO)(8) for Functionalization
Diao YX, Hu JY, Cheng SX, Ma FX, Li MQ, Hu XZ, Li YY, He J, Xu ZT
5632 - 5645 An Iron Pincer Complex in Four Oxidation States
Gravogl L, Heinemann FW, Munz D, Meyer K
5646 - 5661 Backbone Boron-Functionalized Imidazoles/Imidazolium Salts: Synthesis, Structure, Metalation Studies, and Fluoride Sensing Properties
Avinash I, Parveen S, Anantharaman G
5662 - 5673 Antitumor and Antiangiogenic Properties of Gold(III) Complexes Containing Cycloaurated Triphenylphosphine Sulfide Ligands
Reddy TS, Priver SH, Mirzadeh N, Luwor RB, Reddy VG, Ramesan S, Bhargava SK
5674 - 5682 LiBa(4)Ga(5)Q(12) (Q = S, Se): Noncentrosymmetric Metal Chalcogenides with a Cesium Chloride Topological Structure Displaying a Remarkable Laser Damage Threshold
Abudurusuli A, Li JJ, Tong TH, Yang ZH, Pan SL
5683 - 5693 An Octanuclear Cobalt Cluster Protected by Macrocyclic Ligand: In Situ Ligand-Transformation-Assisted Assembly and Single-Molecule Magnet Behavior
Liu YN, Hou JL, Wang Z, Gupta RK, Jaglicic Z, Jagodic M, Wang WG, Tung CH, Sun D
5694 - 5701 Electronic Modulation of Pd-Based Bimetallic Catalysts with Sulfur-Doped Carbon Support for Phenylacetylene Semihydrogenation
Wang ZS, Yang CL, Xu SL, Nan H, Shen SC, Liang HW
5702 - 5712 Five- and Six-Coordinated Silver(I) Complexes Formed by a Metallomacrocyclic Ligand with a "Au2N2" Donor Group: Observation of Pendulum and Linear Motions and Dual Phosphorescence
Nayeri S, Jamali S, Jamjah A, Shakirova JR, Tunik SP, Gurzhiy V, Samouei H, Shahsavari HR
5713 - 5720 Tetraphenylethene-Based Platinum(II) Bis-Triangular Dicycles with Tunable Emissions
Li CY, Nian H, Dong YH, Li YW, Zhang BL, Cao LP
5721 - 5727 A Series of Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Compounds [(C2H5)(4)N]InCl4-xBrx(x=0, 2, 4): Synthesis, Crystal Structure, and Nonlinear Optical Properties
Liu X, Xu WL, Xu SR, Yu X, Deng YQ, Wu XH, Liang F, Wu Q
5728 - 5741 Chelation in One Fell Swoop: Optimizing Ligands for Smaller Radiometal Ions
Choudhary N, Jaraquemada-Pelaez MD, Zarschler K, Wang XZ, Radchenko V, Kubeil M, Stephan H, Orvig C
5742 - 5750 Effect of Mo/P Ratios on Dimensions: Syntheses, Structures, and Properties of Three New Molybdophosphates
Liu HN, Wu HP, Yu HW, Hu ZG, Wang JY, Wu YC
5751 - 5759 Reactivity Trends of Lewis Acidic Sites in Methylaluminoxane and Some of Its Modifications
Zaccaria F, Budzelaar PHM, Cipullo R, Zuccaccia C, Macchioni A, Busico V, Ehm C
5760 - 5767 Size Dependence of Lattice Parameter and Electronic Structure in CeO2 Nanoparticles
Prieur D, Bonani W, Popa K, Walter O, Kriegsman KW, Engelhard MH, Guo XF, Eloirdi R, Gouder T, Beck A, Vitova T, Scheinost AC, Kvashnina K, Martin P
5768 - 5780 Polymorphic Copper Iodide Anions: Luminescence Thermochromism and Mechanochromism of (PPh4)(2)[Cu2I4]
Thefioux Y, Cordier M, Massuyeau F, Latouche C, Martineau-Corcos C, Perruchas S
5781 - 5790 Nickel-Ceria Nanowires Embedded in Microporous Silica: Controllable Synthesis, Formation Mechanism, and Catalytic Applications
Huang ML, Yao QL, Feng G, Zou HT, Lu ZH