Inorganic Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry, Vol.59, No.7 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0020-1669 (Print) 

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4163 - 4166 A Ferromagnetically Coupled Octanuclear Manganese(III) Cluster: A Single-Molecule Magnet with a Spin Ground State of S=16
Shiga T, Nojiri H, Oshio H
4167 - 4171 Adsorption of Fluorocarbons and Chlorocarbons by Highly Porous and Robust Fluorinated Zirconium Metal-Organic Frameworks
Wang H, Yu L, Lin YH, Peng JJ, Teat SJ, Williams LJ, Li J
4172 - 4175 ZnIO3F: Zinc Iodate Fluoride with Large Birefringence and Wide Band Gap
Gai MQ, Wang Y, Tong TH, Yang ZH, Pan SL
4176 - 4180 Examination of Molten Salt Reactor Relevant Elements Using Hydrothermal Synthesis
Windorff CJ, Chemey AT, Sperling JM, Klamm BE, Albrecht-Schmitt TE
4181 - 4185 Nanoscale Metal-Organic Frameworks and Metal-Organic Layers with Two-Photon-Excited Fluorescence
Hu XF, Wang ZY, Su YM, Chen PC, Chen JW, Zhang CK, Wang C
4186 - 4190 Copper Transporters? Glutathione Reactivity of Products of Cu-A beta Digestion by Neprilysin
Stefaniak E, Plonka D, Szczerba P, Wezynfeld NE, Bal W
4191 - 4199 Ligand Design for Catalytic Dehydrogenation of Formic Acid to Produce High-pressure Hydrogen Gas under Base-free Conditions
Kawanami H, Iguchi M, Himeda Y
4200 - 4214 Interdependent Metal-Metal Bonding and Ligand Redox-Activity in a Series of Dinuclear Macrocyclic Complexes of Iron, Cobalt, and Nickel
Wang QR, Zhang SG, Cui P, Weberg AB, Thierer LM, Manor BC, Gau MR, Carroll PJ, Tomson NC
4215 - 4227 Rhenium Complexes of Pyridyl-Mesoionic Carbenes: Photochemical Properties and Electrocatalytic CO2 Reduction
Suntrup L, Stein F, Klein J, Wilting A, Parlane FGL, Brown CM, Fiedler J, Berlinguette CP, Siewert I, Sarkar B
4228 - 4233 Titanium Hydride Complex BaCa2Ti2H14 with 9-Fold Coordination
Yajima T, Nakajima H, Honda T, Ikeda K, Otomo T, Takeda H, Hiroi Z
4234 - 4243 Hydrogen Production from Formic Acid and Formaldehyde over Ruthenium Catalysts in Water
Patra S, Singh SK
4244 - 4254 Uranium(VI) Complexes of Glutathione Disulfide Forming in Aqueous Solution
Kretzschmar J, Strobel A, Haubitz T, Drobot B, Steudtner R, Barkleit A, Brendler V, Stumpf T
4255 - 4272 Novel Magnetic Retrievable Visible-Light-Driven Ternary Fe3O4@NiFe2O4/Phosphorus-Doped g-C3N4 Nanocomposite Photocatalyst with Significantly Enhanced Activity through Double-Z-Scheme System
Mishra P, Behera A, Kandi D, Ratha S, Parida K
4273 - 4281 A Microporous Metal-Organic Framework Catalyst for Solvent-free Strecker Reaction and CO2 Fixation at Ambient Conditions
Gupta V, Mandal SK
4282 - 4291 Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of an S(N)2-type Pathway for Borate-Fluorine Bond Cleavage by Electron-Rich Late-Transition Metal Complexes
Kameo H, Baba Y, Sakaki S, Tanaka Y, Matsuzaka H
4292 - 4299 Synthesis of Two-Dimensional Photomagnetic K-4{[Cu-II(ida)](2)[M-IV(CN)(8)]}center dot 4H(2)O (M-IV = Mo, W) Materials
Stefanczyk O, Ohkoshi S
4300 - 4310 Rh-Sb Nanoclusters: Synthesis, Structure, and Electrochemical Studies of the Atomically Precise [Rh20Sb3(CO)(36)](3-) and [Rh21Sb2(CO)(38)](5-) Carbonyl Compounds
Femoni C, Funaioli T, Iapalucci MC, Ruggieri S, Zacchini S
4311 - 4319 Broadband White-Light Emission in One-Dimensional Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Silver Halide
Sun C, Guo YH, Yuan Y, Chu WX, He WL, Che HX, Jing ZH, Yue CY, Lei XW
4320 - 4327 Ammonium Vanadium Bronze, (NH4)(2)V7O16, as a New Lithium Intercalation Host Material
Heo JW, Bu H, Hyoung J, Hong ST
4328 - 4339 Topological Analysis of Ag-Ag and Ag-N Interactions in Silver Amidinate Precursor Complexes of Silver Nanoparticles
Puyo M, Lebon E, Vendier L, Kahn ML, Fau P, Fajerwerg K, Lepetit C
4340 - 4348 Lanthanide-Containing 22-Tungsto-2-germanates [Ln(GeW11O39)(2)](13-): Synthesis, Structure, and Magnetic Properties
Mougharbel AS, Bhattacharya S, Bassil BS, Rubab A, van Leusen J, Kogerler P, Wojciechowski J, Kortz U
4349 - 4356 High-Performance UV-Vis Photodetectors Based on a Lead-Free Hybrid Perovskite Crystal (MV)[SbI3Cl2]
Lei YL, Wang SY, Xing J, Xu H, Han J, Liu WF
4357 - 4365 Modulating the Structure and Magnetic Properties of epsilon-Fe2O3 Nanoparticles via Electrochemical Li+ Insertion
Yasuhara S, Hamasaki Y, Katayama T, Ao T, Inaguma Y, Hojo H, Karppinen M, Philip A, Yasui S, Itoh M
4366 - 4376 Selective Identification and Encapsulation of Biohazardous m-Xylene among a Pool of Its Other Constitutional C-8 Alkyl Isomers by Luminescent d(10) MOFs: A Combined Theoretical and Experimental Study
Bej S, Das R, Murmu NC, Banerjee P
4377 - 4388 2D Thin Sheet Heterostructures of MoS2 on MoSe2 as Efficient Electrocatalyst for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction in Wide pH Range
Sharma MD, Mahala C, Basu M
4389 - 4396 Solvent Templating and Structural Dynamics of Fluorinated 2D Cu-Carboxylate MOFs Derived from the Diffusion-Controlled Process
Leszczynski MK, Justyniak I, Gontarczyk K, Lewinski J
4397 - 4405 Fused N-Heterocyclic-Bridged Isomeric Diruthenium Complexes [(acac)(2)Ru(mu-DIPQD)Ru(acac)(2)](n), n =+2,+1, 0,-1,-2
Ansari MA, Mondal S, Kaim W, Lahiri GK
4406 - 4413 Tunable Luminescent Properties of Tricyanoosmium Nitrido Complexes Bearing a Chelating O boolean AND N Ligand
Luo LJ, Su QQ, Cheng SC, Xiang J, Man WL, Shu WM, Zeng MH, Yiu SM, Ko CC, Lau TC
4414 - 4423 Four Dinuclear and One-Dimensional-Chain Dysprosium and Terbium Complexes Based on 2-Hydroxy-3-methoxybenzoic Acid: Structures, Fluorescence, Single-Molecule-Magnet, and Ab Initio Investigation
Zhong L, Chen WB, Li XH, Ouyang ZJ, Yang M, Zhang YQ, Gao S, Dong W
4424 - 4434 Synthesis, Characterization, Cytotoxic Activity, and Metabolic Studies of Ruthenium(II) Polypyridyl Complexes Containing Flavonoid Ligands
Munteanu AC, Notaro A, Jakubaszek M, Cowell J, Tharaud M, Goud B, Uivarosi V, Gasser G
4435 - 4442 Ultrastable Thorium Metal-Organic Frameworks for Efficient Iodine Adsorption
Li ZJ, Yue ZH, Ju Y, Wu XL, Ren YM, Wang SF, Li YX, Zhang ZH, Guo XF, Lin J, Wang JA
4443 - 4452 A Ru-bda Complex with a Dangling Carboxylate Group: Synthesis and Electrochemical Properties
Ghaderian A, Holub J, Benet-Buchholz J, Llobet A, Gimbert-Surinach C
4453 - 4467 Evolution of Acid-Dependent Am3+ and Eu3+ Organic Coordination Environment: Effects on the Extraction Efficiency
Hall GB, Holfeltz VE, Campbell EL, Boglaienko D, Lumetta GJ, Levitskaia TG
4468 - 4474 PSb+P Ligand: Platform for a Stibenium to Transition-Metal Interaction
Srungavruksham NK, Liu YH, Tsai MK, Chiu CW
4475 - 4482 Enhancing Chain Initiation Efficiency in the Cationic Allyl-Nickel Catalyzed (Co)Polymerization of Ethylene and Methyl Acrylate
Xu ML, Yu F, Li P, Xu GY, Zhang SJ, Wang FZ
4483 - 4492 Iron-Based Metal-Organic Frameworks as Platform for H2S Selective Conversion: Structure-Dependent Desulfurization Activity
Zheng XX, Fang ZP, Dai ZJ, Cai JM, Shen LJ, Zhang YF, Au CT, Jiang LL
4493 - 4507 Oxidation-Induced Differentially Selective Turn-On Fluorescence via Photoinduced Electron Transfer Based on a Ferrocene-Appended Coumarin-Quinoline Platform: Application in Cascaded Molecular Logic
Karmakar M, Bhatta SR, Giri S, Thakur A
4508 - 4516 Synthesis and Electron Microscopy Study of the Quaternary Misfit Layer Chalcogenides {(Bi,Nd)S}(1+delta)CrS2 and {(Pb,Nd)Se}(1+delta)(NbSe2)(2)
Varade-Lopez R, Gomez-Herrero A, Avila-Brande D, Otero-Diaz LC
4517 - 4526 Tertiary Phosphine and Arsine Complexes of Phosphorus Pentafluoride: Synthesis, Properties, and Electronic Structures
Dyke JM, Emsley JW, Greenacre VK, Levason W, Monzittu FM, Reid G, De Luca G
4527 - 4535 Heteroleptic Ruthenium(II) Complexes with Bathophenanthroline and Bathophenanthroline Disulfonate Disodium Salt as Fluorescent Dyes for In-Gel Protein Staining
Babak MV, Le Faouder P, Trivelli X, Venkatesan G, Bezzubov SI, Kajjout M, Gushchin AL, Hanif M, Poizat O, Vezin H, Rolando C
4536 - 4545 Coordination Affinity of Cu(II)-Based Silsesquioxanes toward N,N-Ligands and Associated Skeletal Rearrangements: Cage and Ionic Products Exhibiting a High Catalytic Activity in Oxidation Reactions
Astakhov GS, Bilyachenko AN, Levitsky MM, Shul'pina LS, Korlyukov AA, Zubavichus YV, Khrustalev VN, Vologzhanina AV, Shubina ES, Dorovatovskii PV, Shul'pin GB
4546 - 4553 Layered Quaternary Compounds in the Cu2S-In2S3-Ga2S3 system
Caldes MT, Guillot-Deudon C, Thomere A, Penicaud M, Gautron E, Boullay P, Bujoli-Doeuff M, Barreau N, Jobic S, Lafond A
4554 - 4566 A Computational Assessment of Actinide Dioxide Cations AnO(2)(2+) for An = U to Lr: The Limited Stability Range of the Hexavalent Actinyl Moiety, [O=An=O](2+)
Vasiliu M, Jian T, Gibson JK, Peterson KA, Dixon DA
4567 - 4575 Fashioning Prussian Blue Nanoparticles by Adsorption of Luminophores: Synthesis, Properties, and in Vitro Imaging
Mamontova E, Daurat M, Long J, Godefroy A, Salles F, Guari Y, Gary-Bobo M, Larionova J
4576 - 4587 Local Structure in U(IV) and U(V) Environments: The Case of U3O7
Leinders G, Bes R, Kvashnina KO, Verwerft M
4588 - 4600 Design and Construction of a Luminescent and Highly Stable 3D Metal-Organic Framework with a [Zn-4(mu(3)-OH)(2)](6+) Core
Khan S, Das P, Mandal SK
4601 - 4607 Rb21.89W32.66O108: An Excellent Mid- and Far-IR Nonlinear-Optical Material with a Wide Band Gap
Wang QB, Zhou WJ, Dong WM, Wen H, Wang B, Yao A, Li J, Wang JY
4608 - 4616 Reactions of an Aluminum(I) Reagent with 1,2-, 1,3-, and 1,5-Dienes: Dearomatization, Reversibility, and a Pericyclic Mechanism
Bakewell C, Garcon M, Kong RY, O'Hare L, White AJP, Crimmin MR
4617 - 4625 Inorganic and Metal-Organic Nanocomposites for Cascade-Responsive Imaging and Photochemical Synergistic Effects
Hu XJ, Zhu ZK, Dong HB, Zhu XY, Zhu H, Ogawa K, Odani A, Koh K, Chen HX
4626 - 4633 Theoretical Mechanistic Insights into Dinitrogen Activation by a Diniobium Tetrahydride: Two-State Reactivity and the Role of Potassium Cation Promoter
Yang JM, Luo G, Yu Y, Qu JP, Hou ZM, Luo Y
4634 - 4649 Insensitivity of Magnetic Coupling to Ligand Substitution in a Series of Tetraoxolene Radical-Bridged Fe-2 Complexes
Thorarinsdottir AE, Bjornsson R, Harris TD
4650 - 4660 Ligand-Based Reactivity of Oxygenation and Alkylation in Cobalt Complexes Binding with (Thiolato)phosphine Derivatives
Wu YY, Hong JC, Tsai RF, Pan HR, Huang BH, Chiang YW, Lee GH, Cheng MJ, Hsu HF
4661 - 4684 Exploring the Specificity of Rationally Designed Peptides Reconstituted from the Cell-Free Extract of Deinococcus radiodurans toward Mn(II) and Cu(II)
Peana M, Gumienna-Kontecka E, Piras F, Ostrowska M, Piasta K, Krzywoszynska K, Medici S, Zoroddu MA
4685 - 4692 Effect of the Oxygen Vacancies and Structural Order on the Oxygen Evolution Activity: A Case Study of SrMnO3-delta Featuring Four Different Structure Types
Hona RK, Ramezanipour F
4693 - 4702 Mono- and Bimetallic Aluminum Alkyl, Alkoxide, Halide and Hydride Complexes of a Bulky Conjugated Bis-Guanidinate(CBG) Ligand and Aluminum Alkyls as Precatalysts for Carbonyl Hydroboration
Peddarao T, Sarkar N, Nembenna S
4703 - 4710 Sulfur Dioxide Complexes of Main-Group Elements: from SO20 to SO2- and SO22- upon Coordination to Aluminum and Silicon Difluorides
Wei R, Chen XT, Gong Y
4711 - 4719 Self-assembled GeOx/Ti3C2Tx Composites as Promising Anode Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries
Song SC, Zuo DC, An CS, Zhang XH, Li JH, He ZJ, Li YJ, Zheng JC
4720 - 4728 Unique Design Strategy for Dual Phase Transition That Successfully Validates Dual Switch Implementation in the Dielectric Material
Su CY, Zhang ZX, Zhang WY, Shi PP, Fu DW, Ye Q
4729 - 4740 A Series of Dimeric Cobalt Complexes Bridged by N-Heterocyclic Phosphido Ligands
Poitras AM, Bezpalko MW, Moore CE, Dickie DA, Foxman BM, Thomas CM
4741 - 4752 Theoretical Insight into Palladium(II)-Counterion-Ligand Cooperative Regiodivergent Syntheses of Indolo[3,2-c]coumarins and Benzofuro[3,2-c]quinolinones from Diphenylethyne Derivatives
Yang YY, Liu YH, Zhu RX, Zhang DJ
4753 - 4763 Coupled Cluster Study of the Interactions of AnO(2), AnO(2)(+), and AnO(2)(2+) (An = U, Np) with N-2 and CO
Feng RL, Glendening ED, Peterson KA
4764 - 4771 Investigation on the Component Evolution of a Tetranuclear Nickel-Cluster-Based Metal-Organic Framework in an Electrochemical Oxidation Reaction
Wang X, Li B, Wu YP, Tsamis A, Yu HG, Liu S, Zhao J, Li YS, Li DS
4772 - 4780 The Role of the Cysteine Fragments of the Nickel Binding Loop in the Activity of the Ni(II)-Containing SOD Enzyme
Lihi N, Kelemen D, May NV, Fabian I
4781 - 4789 A Comparative Study of Proton Conduction Between a 2D Zinc(II) MOF and Its Corresponding Organic Ligand
Shi ZQ, Ji NN, Wang MH, Li G
4790 - 4799 Ca(Mg-0.8 Al-0.2)(Si1.8Al0.2)O-6:Ce3+,Tb3+ Phosphors: Structure Control, Density-Functional Theory Calculation, and Luminescence Property for pc-wLED Application
An ZC, Che ST, Song YH, Zhang XT, Dong RJ, Zhang D, Zhou XQ, Shi Z, Zou HF
4800 - 4809 Air-Stable Half-Sandwich Iridium Complexes as Aerobic Oxidation Catalysts for Imine Synthesis
Fan XN, Ou HD, Deng W, Yao ZJ
4810 - 4815 Fischer Carbene Complexes of Iridium(I) for Application in Catalytic Transfer Hydrogenation
Ramollo GK, Strydom I, Fernandes MA, Lemmerer A, Ojwach SO, van Wyk JL, Bezuidenhout DI
4816 - 4824 Rational Design of Highly Efficient Perovskite Hydroxide for Electrocatalytic Water Oxidation
Ede SR, Bijoy TK, Sankar SS, Murugan P, Kundu S
4825 - 4834 Systematic Regulation of C2H2/CO2 Separation by 3p-Block Open Metal Sites in a Robust Metal-Organic Framework Platform
Lv HJ, Li YP, Xue YY, Jiang YC, Li SN, Hu MC, Zhai QG
4835 - 4841 Exploiting Metal-Ligand Cooperativity to Sequester, Activate, and Reduce Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide with a Neutral Zinc Complex
Cronin SP, Strain JM, Mashuta MS, Spurgeon JM, Buchanan RM, Grapperhaus CA
4842 - 4857 Cyclotriphosphazenes as Scaffolds for the Synthesis of Metallomesogens
Jimenez J, Sanz JA, Serrano JL, Barbera J, Oriol L
4858 - 4867 Boosting Electrocatalytic N-2 Reduction to NH3 over Two-Dimensional Gallium Selenide by Defect-Size Engineering
Li MY, Cui Y, Sun LP, Zhang XL, Peng L, Huang YC
4868 - 4873 Robust Bimetallic Ultramicroporous Metal-Organic Framework for Separation and Purification of Noble Gases
Wang T, Peng YL, Lin E, Niu Z, Li PF, Ma SQ, Zhao P, Chen Y, Cheng P, Zhang ZJ
4874 - 4881 Gas Adsorption of Mixed-Valence Trinuclear Oxothiomolybdenum Glycolates
Deng L, Dong X, An DL, Weng WZ, Zhou ZH
4882 - 4894 Phase Behavior of TmVO(4 )under Hydrostatic Compression: An Experimental and Theoretical Study
Bandiello E, Errandonea D, Gonzalez-Platas J, Rodriguez-Hernandez P, Munoz A, Bettinelli M, Popescu C
4895 - 4908 H(2)CHXhox: Rigid Cyclohexane-Reinforced Nonmacrocyclic Chelating Ligand for [Ga-nat/67/68]Ga3+
Wang XZ, Jaraquemada-Pelaez MD, Cao Y, Ingham A, Rodriguez-Rodriguez C, Pan JH, Wang YL, Saatchi K, Hafeli UO, Lin KS, Orvig C
4909 - 4923 An 808 nm Light-Sensitized Upconversion Nanoplatform for Multimodal Imaging and Efficient Cancer Therapy
Gulzar A, Wang Z, He F, Yang D, Zhang FM, Gai SL, Yang PP
4924 - 4935 Synthesis, Characterization, and Biological Activity of Hybrid Thiosemicarbazone-Alkylthiocarbamate Metal Complexes
Andres SA, Bajaj K, Vishnosky NS, Peterson MA, Mashuta MS, Buchanan RM, Bates PJ, Grapperhaus CA
4936 - 4949 Entropy-Driven Incommensurability: Chemical Pressure-Guided Polymorphism in PdBi and the Origins of Lock-In Phenomena in Modulated Systems
Folkers LC, Warden HEM, Fredrickson DC, Lidin S
4950 - 4960 Hydrothermal Synthesis and Crystal Structure of a Mixed-Valence Bismuthate, Na3Bi3O8
Saiduzzaman M, Akutsu S, Kumada N, Takei T, Yanagida S, Yamane H, Kusano Y
4961 - 4971 Appended Aromatic Moieties Determine the Cytotoxicity of Neutral Cyclometalated Platinum(II) Complexes Derived from 2-(2-Pyridyl)benzimidazole
Vaquero M, Busto N, Fernandez-Pampin N, Espino G, Garcia B
4972 - 4984 Electrochemical and Photophysical Properties of Ruthenium(II) Complexes Equipped with Sulfurated Bipyridine Ligands
Hua SA, Cattaneo M, Oelschlegel M, Heindl M, Schmid L, Dechert S, Wenger OS, Siewert I, Gonzalez L, Meyer F
4985 - 4994 Efficient Catalytic Oxidative Desulfurization toward Thioether and Sulfur Mustard Stimulant by Polyoxomolybdate-Resorcin[4]arene-Based Metal-Organic Materials
Yu MY, Yang J, Guo TT, Ma JF
4995 - 5003 General Strategy to Fabricate Metal-Incorporated Pyrolysis-Free Covalent Organic Framework for Efficient Oxygen Evolution Reaction
Gao Z, Gong L, He XQ, Su XM, Xiao LH, Luo F
5004 - 5017 Uranyl Organic Framework as a Highly Selective and Sensitive Turnon and Turn-off Luminescent Sensor for Dual Functional Detection Arginine and MnO4(-)
Wang L, Tu BT, Xu W, Fu Y, Zheng YQ
5018 - 5029 Intermetallic Reactivity: Ca3Cu7.8Al26.2 and the Role of Electronegativity in the Stabilization of Modular Structures
Peterson GGC, Geisler EE, Fredrickson DC
5030 - 5040 A Reversible NO-Triggered Multiple Metallaborane Cluster Fusion by Ligand Expulsion/Addition from (PMe2Ph)(4)Pt2B10H10 to Afford (PMe2Ph)(8)Pt8B40H40 and (PMe2Ph)(5)Pt4B20H20
Bould J, Clegg W, Waddell PG, Cvacka J, Dusek M, Londesborough MGS
5041 - 5049 Structures, Mobilities, and Electronic Properties of Functionalized Silicene: Superhalogen BO2 Adsorption
Ding LP, Yang LT, Shao P, Tiandong YH, Zhang FH, Lu C
5050 - 5062 Effect of the Counterion on Circularly Polarized Luminescence of Europium(III) and Samarium(III) Complexes
Arrico L, De Rosa C, Di Bari L, Melchior A, Piccinelli F
5063 - 5071 Ligand-Assisted Coordinative Self-Assembly Method to Synthesize Mesoporous ZnxCd1-xS Nanospheres with Nano-Twin-Induced Phase Junction for Enhanced Photocatalytic H-2 Evolution
Li KQ, Xiong HL, Wang X, Ma YL, Gao TN, Liu ZL, Liu YL, Fan MH, Zhang L, Song SY, Qiao ZA
5072 - 5085 Selective Coordination Mode of Acylthiourea Ligands in Half-Sandwich Ru(II) Complexes and Their Cytotoxic Evaluation
Cunha BN, Luna-Dulcey L, Plutin AM, Silveira RG, Honorato J, Cairo RR, de Oliveira TD, Cominetti MR, Castellano EE, Batista AA
5086 - 5092 Formation of a Propeller-Shaped Ni4Ga3 Cluster Supported by Transmetalation of Cp* from Ga to Ni
Muhr M, Hornung J, Wessing J, Jandl C, Gemel C, Fischer RA
5093 - 5098 Improving the Stability and Visualizing the Structural Transformation of the Stimuli-Responsive Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs)
Gao XJ, Ge FY, Zheng HG
5099 - 5115 Ru-0 or Ru-II: A Study on Stabilizing the "Activated" Form of Ru-PNP Complexes with Additional Phosphine Ligands in Alcohol Dehydrogenation and Ester Hydrogenation
Tindall DJ, Menche M, Schelwies M, Paciello RA, Schafer A, Comba P, Rominger F, Hashmi ASK, Schaub T
5116 - 5132 Oxyaapa: A Picolinate-Based Ligand with Five Oxygen Donors that Strongly Chelates Lanthanides
Hu AH, Keresztes I, MacMillan SN, Yang Y, Ding ED, Zipfel WR, DiStasio RA, Babich JW, Wilson JJ
5133 - 5148 Effect of Distortions on the Geometric and Electronic Structures of One-Electron Oxidized Vanadium(IV), Copper(II), and Cobalt(II)/(III) Salen Complexes
Kanso H, Clarke RM, Kochem A, Arora H, Philouze C, Jarjayes O, Storr T, Thomas F
5149 - 5160 Multinuclear Transition Metal Sandwich-Type Polytungstate Derivatives for Enhanced Electrochemical Energy Storage and Bifunctional Electrocatalysis Performances
Ma XY, Yu K, Yuan J, Cui LP, Lv JH, Dai WT, Zhou BB
5161 - 5169 A Series of Tetrathiafulvalene Bismuth Chlorides: Effects of Oxidation States of Cations on Structures and Electric Properties
Yin WY, Weng YG, Jiang M, Yu SK, Zhu QY, Dai J
5170 - 5181 First-Principles Study on Self-Activated Luminescence and 4f -> 5d Transitions of Ce3+ in M-5(PO4)(3)X (M = Sr, Ba; X = Cl, Br)
Wen J, Wang Y, Jiang GS, Zhong JY, Chu JM, Xia AS, Zhang QP, Ning LX, Duan CK, Yin M
5182 - 5193 Multiaction Pt(IV) Carbamate Complexes Can Codeliver Pt(II) Drugs and Amine Containing Bioactive Molecules
Babu T, Sarkar A, Karmakar S, Schmidt C, Gibson D
5194 - 5205 Unravelling the Role of Fe-Mn Binary Active Sites Electrocatalyst for Efficient Oxygen Reduction Reaction and Rechargeable Zn-Air Batteries
Sarkar S, Biswas A, Purkait T, Das M, Kamboj N, Dey RS
5206 - 5217 Tuning Second Coordination Sphere Interactions in Polypyridyl-Iron Complexes to Achieve Selective Electrocatalytic Reduction of Carbon Dioxide to Carbon Monoxide
Zee DZ, Nippe M, King AE, Chang CJ, Long JR
5218 - 5230 Inter-Kramers Transitions and Spin-Phonon Couplings in a Lanthanide-Based Single-Molecule Magnet
Moseley DH, Stavretis SE, Zhu ZH, Guo M, Brown CM, Ozerov M, Cheng YQ, Daemen LL, Richardson R, Knight G, Thirunavukkuarasu K, Ramirez-Cuesta AJ, Tang JK, Xue ZL
5231 - 5239 Two Robust In(III)-Based Metal-Organic Frameworks with Higher Gas Separation, Efficient Carbon Dioxide Conversion, and Rapid Detection of Antibiotics
Zhang B, Guo PY, Ma LN, Liu B, Hou L, Wang YY
5240 - 5240 Synthesis, Magnetic and High-Field EPR Investigation of Two Tetranuclear Ni(II)w-Based Complexes (vol 58, pg 14420, 2019)
Escobar LBL, Guedes GP, Soriano S, Marbey J, Hill S, Novak MA, Vaz MGF
5241 - 5241 Cu-F Interactions between Cationic Linear N-Heterocyclic Carbene Copper(I) Pyridine Complexes and Their Counterions Greatly Enhance Blue Luminescence Efficiency (vol 58, pg 5433, 2019)
Liske A, Wallbaum L, Holzel T, Foller J, Gernert M, Hupp B, Ganter C, Marian CM, Steffen A
5242 - 5242 (Cu)(tet)[Cr2-xSnx]octS(4-y)Se(y) Spinels: Crystal Structure, Density Functional Theory Calculations, and Magnetic Behavior (vol 58, pg 13945, 2019)
Moris S, Valencia-Galvez P, Mejia-Lopez J, Pena O, Barahona P, Galdamez A