Inorganic Chemistry

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3341 - 3343 Bismuth. The Magic Element
Kanatzidis M, Sun HZ, Dehnen S
3344 - 3352 Synthesis and Structure of Bismuth-Nitrogen Cage Compounds and Heterocubanes: [Cl-Bi(mu(3)-N-TMP)](4): A Dimer of a 1,3-Dichloro-cyclo-dibismadiazane
Schulz A, Thomas M, Villinger A
3353 - 3366 From a Cerium-Doped Polynuclear Bismuth Oxido Cluster to beta-Bi2O3:Ce
Weber M, Ruffer T, Speck F, Gohler F, Weimann DP, Schalley CA, Seyller T, Lang H, Mehring M
3367 - 3376 Neutral and Cationic Bismuth Compounds: Structure, Heteroaromaticity, and Lewis Acidity of Bismepines
Ramler J, Hofmann K, Lichtenberg C
3377 - 3386 Understanding the Structural and Electronic Properties of Bismuth Trihalides and Related Compounds
Deng ZY, Wei FX, Wu Y, Seshadri R, Cheetham AK, Canepa P
3387 - 3393 Tunable Perovskite-Derived Bismuth Halides: Cs3Bi2(Cl1-xIx)(9) Emily
Morgan EE, Mao LL, Teicher SML, Wu G, Seshadri R
3394 - 3405 Multinary Halogenido Bismuthates beyond the Double Perovskite Motif
Dehnhardt N, Paneth H, Hecht N, Heine J
3406 - 3416 A Semiconducting Bi2O2(C4O4) Coordination Polymer Showing a Photoelectric Response
Babaryk AA, Almengor ORC, Cabrero-Antonino M, Navalon S, Garcia H, Horcajada P
3417 - 3427 Ferroelectricity in Ethylammonium Bismuth-Based Organic- Inorganic Hybrid: (C2H5NH3)(2)[BiBr5]
Jakubas R, Gagor A, Winiarski MJ, Ptak M, Piecha-Bisiorek A, Cizman A
3428 - 3436 Ionic Liquid-Based Low-Temperature Synthesis of Phase-Pure Tetradymite-Type Materials and Their Thermoelectric Properties
Loor M, Salloum S, Kawulok P, Izadi S, Bendt G, Guschlbauer J, Sundermeyer J, Perez N, Nielsch K, Schierning G, Schulz S
3437 - 3451 Crystal Chemistry and Bonding Patterns of Bismuth-Based Topological Insulators
Isaeva A, Ruck M
3452 - 3458 Flux Synthesis of MgNi2Bi4 and Its Structural Relationship to NiBi3
Hertz MB, Baumbach RE, Latturner SE
3459 - 3470 Bismuth as a Reactive Solvent in the Synthesis of Multicomponent Transition-Metal-Bearing Bismuthides
Ovchinnikov A, Bobev S
3471 - 3481 Bismuth for Controlled Assembly/Disassembly of Transition-Metal Oxo Clusters, Defining Reaction Pathways in Inorganic Synthesis and Nature
Amiri M, Martin NP, Sadeghi O, Nyman M
3482 - 3493 BiO2-x Nanosheets as Radiosensitizers with Catalase-Like Activity for Hypoxia Alleviation and Enhancement of the Radiotherapy of Tumors
Liu HM, Cheng R, Dong XH, Zhu S, Zhou RY, Yan L, Zhang CY, Wang Q, Gu ZJ, Zhao YL
3494 - 3508 Is Bismuth Really the "Green" Metal? Exploring the Antimicrobial Activity and Cytotoxicity of Organobismuth Thiolate Complexes
Stephens LJ, Munuganti S, Duffin RN, Werrett MV, Andrews PC
3509 - 3512 Superatom Paramagnetism in Au-102(SR)(44)(1-/0/1+/2+) Oxidation States
Window PS, Ackerson CJ
3513 - 3517 Tin(II) Aminothiolate and Tin(IV) Aminothiolate Selenide Compounds as Single-Source Precursors for Tin Chalcogenide Materials
Park JH, Kang SG, Lee YK, Chung TM, Park BK, Kim CG
3518 - 3522 Solvent-Assisted Modification to Enhance Proton Conductivity and Water Stability in Metal Phosphonates
Que ZN, Ye YX, Yang YS, Xiang FH, Chen SM, Huang JL, Li YB, Liu CL, Xiang SC, Zhang ZJ
3523 - 3526 Pb6O5(NO3)(2): A Nonlinear Optical Oxynitrate Structurally Based on Lead Oxide Framework
Charkin DO, Borisov AS, Plokhikh IV, Stefanovich SY, Zadoya AI, Zaloga AN, Semenova TF, Siidra OI
3527 - 3531 [(N-AEPz)ZnCl4]Cl: A "Green" Metal Halide Showing Highly Efficient Bluish-White-Light Emission
Zhang XY, Li LN, Wang SS, Liu XT, Yao YP, Peng Y, Hong MC, Luo JH
3532 - 3536 A Series of Chalcogenide Borates RE(6)Ta(2)MgQB(8)O(26) (RE = Sm, Eu, Gd; Q = S, Se) Featuring a B4O10 Cluster
Shi ZH, Chi Y, Yang M, Liu WL, Guo SP
3537 - 3541 Chemistry of Dimetallaoctaborane(12) with Chalcogen-Based Borate Ligands: Obedient versus Disobedient Clusters
Nandi C, Kar S, Zafar M, Kar K, Roisnel T, Dorcet V, Ghosh S
3542 - 3545 BaGeO3: A Mid-IR Transparent Crystal with Superstrong Raman Response
Wan SM, Zeng Y, Yao YN, Mutailipu M, Han J, Jiang SJ, Zhang SJ, Pan SL
3546 - 3550 (Na0.60Ba0.70)Ga2Se4: An Infrared Nonlinear Optical Crystal Designed using AgGaSe2 as the Template
Li YN, Xue HG, Guo SP
3551 - 3561 Electronic Structure of the Hieber Anion [Fe(Co)(3)(NO)](-) Revisited by X-ray Emission and Absorption Spectroscopy
Burkhardt L, Vukadinovic Y, Nowakowski M, Kalinko A, Rudolph J, Carlsson PA, Jacob CR, Bauer M
3562 - 3569 Distribution of Spin Density on Phenoxyl Radicals Affects the Selectivity of Aerobic Oxygenation of Phenols
Wang YT, Guan J, Mei BB, Fan MT, Lu R, Du RF, Chen KZ, Yao J, Jiang Z, Li HR
3570 - 3578 Biocompatible MIL-101(Fe) as a Smart Carrier with High Loading Potential and Sustained Release of Curcumin
Alavijeh RK, Akhbari K
3579 - 3584 High-Pressure, High-Temperature Synthesis and Characterization of Polar and Magnetic LuCrWO6
Kim SW, Tan XY, Frank CE, Deng Z, Wang HY, Collins L, Lapidus SH, Jin CQ, Gopalan V, Kalinin SV, Walker D, Greenblatt M
3585 - 3595 Core-Modified Pentaphyrins( and Bis(difluoroborane) Complex: Synthesis, Structure, and Spectral and Redox Properties
Panda KN, Thorat KG, Ravikanth M
3596 - 3605 Tunable Photoluminescence and Energy Transfer Efficiency in beta-Ca-3(PO4)(2)-Ca9La(PO4)(7):Eu2+, Mn2+ Solid Solution Phosphors Introduced by Emptying Site and Structural Confinement Effect for Solid-State Lighting Application
Liu SQ, Liang YJ, Ma XJ, Li HR, Zhang WL, Tu D, Chen YJ
3606 - 3618 Stabilization of Open-Shell Single Bonds within Endohedral Metallofullerene
Ge XC, Dai X, Zhou H, Yang ZX, Zhou RH
3619 - 3630 Effects of Mixed Valency in an Fe-Based Framework: Coexistence of Slow Magnetic Relaxation, Semiconductivity, and Redox Activity
Murase R, Commons CJ, Hudson TA, Jameson GNL, Ling CD, Murray KS, Phonsri W, Robson R, Xia QB, Abrahams BF, D'Alessandro DM
3631 - 3641 In Silico Insight into the Reductive Nitrosylation of Ferric Hemeproteins
Foglia NO, Bari SE, Estrin DA
3642 - 3658 Rare Au center dot center dot center dot H Interactions in Gold(I) Complexes of Bulky Phosphines Derived from 2,6-Dibenzhydryl-4-methylphenyl Core
Pandey MK, Kunchur HS, Mondal D, Radhakrishna L, Kote BS, Balakrishna MS
3659 - 3665 Hydrogen Atom Transfer Oxidation by a Gold-Hydroxide Complex
Lovisari M, McDonald AR
3666 - 3676 Unusual P-31 Hyperfine Strain Effects in a Conformationally Flexible Cu(II) Complex Revealed by Two-Dimensional Pulse EPR Spectroscopy
Stamos NA, Ferentinos E, Chrysina M, Raptopoulou CP, Psycharis V, Sanakis Y, Pantazis DA, Kyritsis P, Mitrikas G
3677 - 3685 Magnetic Properties and Mossbauer Spectroscopy of Fe3O4/CoFe2O4 Nanorods
Hahsler M, Landers J, Nowack T, Salamon S, Zimmermann M, HeiBler S, Wende H, Behrens S
3686 - 3708 From Short-Bite Ligand Assembled Ribbons to Nanosized Networks in Cu(I) Coordination Polymers Built Upon Bis(benzylthio)alkanes (BzS(CH2)(n)SBz; n=1-9)
Schlachter A, Lapprand A, Fortin D, Strohmann C, Harvey PD, Knorr M
3709 - 3717 Exploring New Zintl Phases in the 9-4-9 Family via Al Substitution. Synthesis, Structure, and Physical Properties of Ae(9)Mn(4-x)Al(x)Sb(9) (Ae = Ca, Yb, Eu)
Liu XC, Liu KF, Wang QQ, Wang YM, Pan MY, Xia SQ
3718 - 3729 Highly Efficient Phosphorescent Tetradentate Platinum(II) Complexes Containing Fused 6/5/6 Metallocycles
Li GJ, Zhan F, Zheng JB, Yang YF, Wang QM, Chen QD, Shen G, She YB
3730 - 3739 Structural Investigations of MA(1-x)DMA(x)PbI(3) Mixed-Cation Perovskites
Franssen WMJ, van Heumen CMM, Kentgens APM
3740 - 3752 Preparation of Dimeric Monopentamethylcyclopentadienyltitanium(III) Dihalides and Related Derivatives
del Horno E, Jimenez-Aparicio R, Mena M, Perez-Redondo A, Priego JL, Yelamos C
3753 - 3763 Synthetic Metallodithiolato Ligands as Pendant Bases in [(FeFeI)-Fe-I], [Fe-I[Fe(NO)](II)], and [(mu-H)(FeFeII)-Fe-II] Complexes
Pathirana KDK, Ghosh P, Hsieh CH, Elrod LC, Bhuvanesh N, Darensbourg DJ, Darensbourg MY
3764 - 3774 Density Functional Theory Prediction of the Electrocatalytic Mechanism of Proton Reduction by a Dicobalt Tetrakis(Schiff Base) Macrocycle
LeBlond T, Dinolfo PH
3775 - 3782 Synergistic Role of Microwave and Perturbation toward Synthesis of Hierarchical Porous MOFs with Tunable Porosity
Laha S, Chakraborty A, Maji TK
3783 - 3793 Vanadium-Substituted Tunnel Structured Silver Hollandite (Ag1.2VxMn8-xO16): Impact on Morphology and Electrochemistry
Smith PF, Wang L, Bock DC, Brady AB, Lutz DM, Yang SZ, Hu XB, Wu LJ, Zhu YM, Marschilok AC, Takeuchi ES, Takeuchi KJ
3794 - 3804 Transition-Metal Monofluorophosphate Ba2M2(PO3F)F-6 (M = Mn, Co, and Ni): Varied One-Dimensional Transition-Metal Chains and Antiferromagnetism
Zhu B, Jiang JH, Zhu TY, Yang HM, Jin Y, Choi WY, Lu MF
3805 - 3816 Synthesis and Polymorphism of Mixed Aluminum-Gallium Oxides
Cook DS, Hooper JE, Dawson DM, Fisher JM, Thompsett D, Ashbrook SE, Walton RI
3817 - 3827 Vertically Aligned Metal-Organic Framework Derived from Sacrificial Cobalt Nanowire Template Interconnected with Nickel Foam Supported Selenite Network as an Integrated 3D Electrode for Overall Water Splitting
Muthurasu A, Dahal B, Chhetri K, Kim HY
3828 - 3837 Multiresponsive Luminescent Sensitivities of a 3D Cd-CP with Visual Turn-on and Ratiometric Sensing toward Al3+ and Cr3+ as Well as Turn-off Sensing toward Fe3+
Yu YE, Wang YH, Yan H, Lu J, Liu HT, Li YW, Wang SN, Li DC, Dou JM, Yang L, Zhou Z
3838 - 3849 Preparation and Photophysical Properties of Bis(tridentate) Iridium(III) Emitters: Pincer Coordination of 2,6-Di(2-pyridyl)phenyl
Boudreault PLT, Esteruelas MA, Gomez-Bautista D, Izquierdo S, Lopez AM, Onate E, Raga E, Tsai JY
3850 - 3855 Selective Recovery and Detection of Gold with Cucurbit[n]urils (n=5-7)
Lin RL, Dong YP, Tang M, Liu ZC, Tao Z, Liu JX
3856 - 3873 Efficient Photon Conversion via Double Charge Dynamics CeO2-BiFeO3 p-n Heterojunction Photocatalyst Promising toward N-2 Fixation and Phenol-Cr(VI) Detoxification
Mansingh S, Sultana S, Acharya R, Ghosh MK, Parida KM
3874 - 3886 Catalytic Approach toward Chiral P,N-Chelate Complexes Utilizing the Asymmetric Hydrophosphination Protocol
Katona D, Lu YP, Li YX, Pullarkat SA, Leung PH
3887 - 3893 High-Pressure Synthesis of Two Polymorphic HgMnO3 Phases and Distinct Magnetism from 2D to 3D
Zhou BW, Qin SJ, Ma T, Ye XB, Guo J, Yu XH, Lin HJ, Chen CT, Hu ZW, Tjeng LH, Zhou GH, Dong C, Long YW
3894 - 3904 The Non-Concentration-Quenching Phosphor Ca3Eu2B4O12 for WLED Application
Li GH, Yang N, Zhang J, Si JY, Wang ZL, Cai GM, Wang XJ
3905 - 3911 Performance and Mechanism for the Selective Separation of Trivalent Americium from Lanthanides by a Tetradentate Phenanthroline Ligand in Ionic Liquid
Li YZ, Dong X, Yuan JH, Pu N, Wei PP, Sun TX, Shi WQ, Chen J, Wang JC, Xu C
3912 - 3918 Zeolitic Metal Cluster Carboxylic Framework for Selective Carbon Dioxide Chemical Fixation through the Superlarge Cage
Zhong K, Yang RF, Zhang WY, Yan YT, Gou XJ, Huang WH, Wang YY
3919 - 3933 Dual-Action Ru(II) Complexes with Bulky pi-Expansive Ligands: Phototoxicity without DNA Intercalation
Toupin NP, Nadella S, Steinke SJ, Turro C, Kodanko JJ
3934 - 3941 Hydrolysis and Condensation of n-BuSnCl3: Enabling Deposition of Smooth Metal Oxide Photoresist Thin Films
Kenane N, Grove MA, Perkins CK, Reynolds TR, Cheong PHY, Keszler DA
3942 - 3953 Interaction of the Large Host Q[10] with Metal Polypyridyl Complexes: Binding Modes and Effects on Luminescence
Anis-Ul-Haque KM, Woodward CE, Day AI, Wallace L
3954 - 3963 Acetate-Decorated Tri-Ln(III)-Containing Antimonotungstates with a Tetrahedral {WO4} Group as a Structure-Directing Template and Their Luminescence Properties
Xu X, Meng RR, Lu CT, Mei L, Chen LJ, Zhao JW
3964 - 3973 Thorium-Organic Framework Constructed with a Semirigid Triazine Hexacarboxylic Acid Ligand: Unique Structure with Thorium Oxide Wheel Clusters and Iodine Adsorption Behavior
Zhang N, Sun LX, Bai FY, Xing YH
3974 - 3982 Healable, Phase-Selective, and White-Light-Emitting Titania Based Hybrid Lanthanide-Doped Metallogels
Zhang Z, Li YJ, Geng LJ, Feng GL, Ren JJ, Yu XD
3983 - 3992 Rational Synthesis of a Hierarchical Supramolecular Porous Material Created via Self-Assembly of Metal-Organic Framework Nanosheets
Fonseca J, Choi S
3993 - 4001 Self-Assembly of Multinuclear Sandwich Silver(I) Complexes by Cooperation of Hexakis(azaheteroaryl)benzene Ligands, Argentophilic Interactions, and Fluoride Inclusion
Drev M, Groselj U, Kocar D, Perdih F, Svete J, Stefane B, Pozgan F
4002 - 4014 Pt(II) versus Pt(IV) in Carbene Glycoconjugate Antitumor Agents: Minimal Structural Variations and Great Performance Changes
Annunziata A, Amoresano A, Cucciolito ME, Esposito R, Ferraro G, Iacobucci I, Imbimbo P, Lucignano R, Melchiorre M, Monti M, Scognamiglio C, Tuzi A, Monti DM, Merlino A, Ruffo F
4015 - 4023 NaMoO2: a Layered Oxide with Molybdenum Clusters
Vitoux L, Guignard M, Penin N, Carlier D, Darriet J, Delmas C
4024 - 4029 Ion Exchange of Layered Alkali Titanates (Na2Ti3O7, K2Ti4O9, and Cs2Ti5O11) with Alkali Halides by the Solid-State Reactions at Room Temperature
Saothayanun TK, Sirinakorn TT, Ogawa M
4030 - 4036 Fluorinated Biphenyldicarboxylate-Based Metal-Organic Framework Exhibiting Efficient Propyne/Propylene Separation
Lin ZT, Liu QY, Yang L, He CT, Li L, Wang YL
4037 - 4048 Comparative Study for the Cobalt(II)- and Iron(II)-Mediated Desulfurization of Disulfides Demonstrating That the C-S Bond Cleavage Step Precedes the S-S Bond Cleavage Step
Ganguly T, Majumdar A
4049 - 4057 Study of Polycrystalline Bulk Sr3OsO6 Double-Perovskite Insulator: Comparison with 1000 K Ferromagnetic Epitaxial Films
Chen J, Feng HL, Matsushita Y, Belik AA, Tsujimoto Y, Tanaka M, Chung DY, Yamaura K
4058 - 4067 Kinked-Helix Actinide Polyrotaxanes from Weakly Bound Pseudorotaxane Linkers with Variable Conformations
Li FZ, Mei L, An SW, Hu KQ, Chai ZF, Liu N, Shi WQ
4068 - 4079 Orthogonal Coordination Chemistry of PTA toward Ru(II) and Zn(II) (PTA=1,3,5-Triaza-7-phosphaadamantane) for the Construction of 1D and 2D Metal-Mediated Porphyrin Networks
Battistin F, Vidal A, Cavigli P, Balducci G, Iengo E, Alessio E
4080 - 4089 Synergistic Modulation of Active Sites and Charge Transport: N/S Co-doped C Encapsulated NiCo2O4/NiO Hollow Microrods for Boosting Oxygen Evolution Catalysis
Yuan YS, Sun LM, Li YW, Zhan WW, Wang XJ, Han XG
4090 - 4095 Structure and Negative Thermal Expansion in Zr0.3Sc1.7Mo2.7V0.3O12
Yuan HL, Wang CY, Gao QL, Ge XH, Sun H, Lapidus SH, Guo J, Chao MJ, Jia Y, Liang EJ
4096 - 4108 The Ligand Cap Affects the Coordination Number but Not Necessarily the Affinity for Anions of Tris-Bidentate Europium Complexes
Huang SY, Qian M, Pierre VC
4109 - 4117 Unsymmetrical Coordination of Bipyridine in Three-Coordinate Gold(I) Complexes
Luong LMC, Aristov MM, Adams AV, Walters DT, Berry JF, Olmstead MM, Balch AL
4118 - 4128 Carbodicarbene Ligand Redox Noninnocence in Highly Oxidized Chromium and Cobalt Complexes
Chan SC, Ang ZZ, Gupta P, Ganguly R, Li YX, Ye SF, England J
4129 - 4139 Layer-by-Layer Self-Assembly of Metal/Metal Oxide Superstructures: Self-Etching Enables Boosted Photoredox Catalysis
Lin HJ, Xu S, Fu XY, Wei ZQ, Huang MH, Lin X, He YH, Xiao GC, Xiao FX
4140 - 4149 Supramolecular Assemblies in Silver Complexes: Phase Transitions and the Role of the Halogen Bond
Bonfant G, Melegari M, Balestri D, Mezzadri F, Marzaroli V, Bassanetti I, Marchio L
4150 - 4159 Nano Tin/Tin Oxide Attached onto Graphene Oxide Skeleton as a Fluorine Free Anode Material for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Nowak AP, Trzcinski K, Szkoda M, Trykowski G, Gazda M, Karczewski J, Lapinski M, Maskowicz D, Sawczak M, Lisowska-Oleksiak A
4160 - 4160 Size-Driven Stability of Lanthanide Thiophosphates Grown from an Iodide Flux (vol 58, pg 6565, 2019)
Klepov VV, Breton LS, Pace KA, Kocevski V, Besmann TM, zur Loye HC
4161 - 4161 Nearly Identical but Not Isotypic: Influence of Lanthanide Contraction on Cs(2)NaLn(PS4)(2) (Ln = La-Nd, Sm, and Gd-Ho) (vol 59, pg 1905, 2020)
Klepov VV, Pace KA, Breton LS, Kocevski V, Besmann TM, zur Loye HC