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2621 - 2625 Why Diorganyl Zinc Lewis Acidity Dramatically Increases with Narrowing C-Zn-C Bond Angle
Mirabi B, Poh WC, Armstrong D, Lough AJ, Fekl U
2626 - 2630 Hydrogen Bonding and Broad-Band Emission in Hybrid Zinc Halide Phosphors
Gautier R, Paris M, Massuyeau F
2631 - 2635 Amino-Functionalized Water-Stable Metal-Organic Framework for Enhanced C2H2/CH4 Separation Performance
Li Q, Wu NN, Li J, Wu DP, Li YS
2636 - 2640 Encapsulation of Flavin Cofactor within a Manganese Porphyrin-Based Metal-Organic Polyhedron for Reductive Dioxygen Activation
Li LL, Guo HM, Yang LL, Li XZ, Wang HL, He C
2641 - 2645 Axial/Peripheral Chloride/Fluoride-Substituted Boron Subphthalocyanines as Electron Acceptors
Mizrahi A, Bukuroshi E, Vestfiid J, Bender TP, Gross Z
2646 - 2650 Formation of Enantiomerically Pure Luminescent Triple-Stranded Dimetallic Europium Helicates and Their Corresponding Hierarchical Self-Assembly Formation in Protic Polar Solutions
Barry DE, Kitchen JA, Pandurangan K, Savyasachi AJ, Peacock RD, Gunnlaugsson T
2651 - 2654 Swollen Polyhedral Volume of the anti-B18H22 Cluster via Extensive Methylation: anti-B18H8Cl2Me12
Londesborough MGS, Lang K, Clegg W, Waddell PG, Bould J
2655 - 2658 Bridging the Salt-Inclusion and Open-Framework Structures: The Case of Acentric Ag4B4O7X2 (X = Br, I) Borate Halides
Volkov SN, Charkin DO, Arsent'ev MY, Povolotskiy AV, Stefanovich SY, Ugolkov VL, Krzhizhanovskaya MG, Shilovskikh VV, Bubnova RS
2659 - 2666 Phenanthroline-Based Molecular Switches for Prospective Chemical Grafting: A Synthetic Strategy and Its Application to Spin-Crossover Complexes
Mortel M, Lindner T, Scheurer A, Heinemann FW, Khusniyarov MM
2667 - 2679 Construction of an Aminated MIL-53(Al)-Functionalized Carbon Nanotube for the Efficient Removal of Bisphenol AF and Metribuzin
Quan XP, Sun ZQ, Xu JL, Liu SY, Han YD, Xu Y, Meng H, Wu JB, Zhang X
2680 - 2688 Structural Diversity of Copper(I) Cluster-Based Coordination Polymers with Pyrazine-2-thiol Ligand
Liang XQ, Gupta RK, Li YW, Ma HY, Gao LN, Tung CH, Sun D
2689 - 2700 Effect of Lewis Acids on the Structure and Reactivity of a Mononuclear Hydroxomanganese(III) Complex
Rice DB, Grotemeyer EN, Donovan AM, Jackson TA
2701 - 2710 Structural and Morphological Conversion between Two Co-Based MOFs for Enhanced Water Oxidation
Zhong L, Ding JY, Wang X, Chai LL, Li TT, Su KZ, Hu Y, Qian JJ, Huang SM
2711 - 2718 Direct Observation of Methylmercury and Auranofin Binding to Selenocysteine in Thioredoxin Reductase
Pickering IJ, Cheng Q, Rengifo EM, Nehzati S, Dolgova NV, Kroll T, Sokaras D, George GN, Arner ESJ
2719 - 2732 Monoanionic Anilidophosphine Ligand in Lanthanide Chemistry: Scope, Reactivity, and Electrochemistry
Watt FA, Krishna A, Golovanov G, Ott H, Schoch R, Woelper C, Neuba AG, Hohloch S
2733 - 2746 Synthesis and Coordination Chemistry of 3,4-Ethylene-Bridged 1,1,2,5-Tetrasubstituted Biguanides
Dehmel M, Vass V, Prock L, Goerls H, Kretschmer R
2747 - 2757 Heteronuclear Iron(III)-Schiff Base Complexes with the Hexacyanidocobaltate(III) Anion: On the Quest To Understand the Governing Factors of Spin Crossover
Pavlik J, Masarova P, Nemec I, Fuhr O, Ruben M, Salitros I
2758 - 2764 Metallurgical Synthesis of Mg2FexSi1-x Hydride: Destabilization of Mg2FeH6 Nanostructured in Templated Mg2Si
Asano K, Kim HJ, Sakaki K, Nakamura YM, Wang YM, Isobe S, Doi M, Fujita A, Maejima N, Machida A, Watanuki T, Westerwaal RJ, Schreuders H, Dam B
2765 - 2770 Metathesis Reactions between Heavy d-8 Fluorides and I(III)- Pyridine Complexes
Albayer M, Sharp-Bucknall L, Withanage N, Armendariz-Vidales G, Hogan CF, Dutton JL
2771 - 2780 Nature of Hyperfine Interactions in TbPc2 Single-Molecule Magnets: Multiconfigurational Ab initio Study
Wysocki AL, Park K
2781 - 2790 Trifluoromethylated Phenanthroline Ligands Reduce Excited-State Distortion in Homoleptic Copper(I) Complexes
Livshits MY, Reeves BJ, DeWeerd NJ, Strauss SH, Boltalina OV, Rack JJ
2791 - 2802 Structural and Magnetic Studies of ABO(4)-Type Ruthenium and Osmium Oxides
Injac S, Yuen AKL, Avdeev M, Wang CH, Turner P, Brand HEA, Kennedy BJ
2803 - 2810 Turn-On Luminescent Sensor toward Fe3+, Cr3+, and Al3+ Based on a Co(II) Metal-Organic Framework with Open Functional Sites
Tian XM, Yao SL, Qiu CQ, Zheng TF, Chen YQ, Huang HP, Chen JL, Liu SJ, Wen HR
2811 - 2824 Family of Chiral Zn-II-Ln(III)(Ln = Dy and Tb) Heterometallic Complexes Derived from the Amine-Phenol Ligand Showing Multifunctional Properties
Wen HR, Hu JJ, Yang K, Zhang JL, Liu SJ, Liao JS, Liu CM
2825 - 2832 Dithiocarbamatocarboxylate (DTCC) Ligands-Building Blocks for Hard/Soft-Heterobimetallic Coordination Polymers
Liebing P, Witzorke J, Oehler F, Schmeide M
2833 - 2842 A Trinuclear Zinc Coordination Cluster Exhibiting Fluorescence, Colorimetric Sensitivity, and Recycling of Silver Ion and Detection of Cupric Ion
Ke HS, Wei W, Yang YS, Wu HP, Zhang YQ, Xie G, Chen SP
2843 - 2852 Phase Trapping in Multistep Spin Crossover Compound
Furmeyer F, Carrella LM, Ksenofontov V, Moller A, Rentschler E
2853 - 2860 Effective C2H2 Separation and Nitrofurazone Detection in a Stable Indium-Organic Framework
Chu QQ, Zhang B, Zhou HF, Liu B, Hou L, Wang YY
2861 - 2869 Dehydration of UO2Cl2 center dot 3H(2)O and Nd(NO3)(3)center dot 6H(2)O with a Soft Donor Ligand and Comparison of Their Interactions through X-ray Diffraction and Theoretical Investigation
Kelley SP, Smetana V, Nuss JS, Dixon DA, Vasiliu M, Mudring AV, Rogers RD
2870 - 2880 Evaluation of Octaethyl-7,17-dioxobacteriochlorin as a Ligand for Transition Metals
Schnable D, Chaudhri N, Li R, Zeller M, Bruckner C
2881 - 2889 Direct Heterogenization of Salphen Coordination Complexes to Porous Organic Polymers: Catalysts for Ring-Expansion Carbonylation of Epoxides
Ganesan V, Yoon S
2890 - 2899 Probing Al Distribution in LiCo0.96Al0.04O2 Materials Using Li-7, Al-27, and Co-59 MAS NMR Combined with Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction
Duffiet M, Blangero M, Cabelguen PE, Song KS, Fauth F, Delmas C, Carlier D
2900 - 2909 Butyltin Keggin Ion with a Rare Four-Coordinate Ca Center
Hutchison DC, Stern RD, Zakharov LN, Persson KA, Nyman M
2910 - 2922 Solvothermal and Ultrasonic Preparation of Two Unique Cluster-Based Lu and Y Coordination Materials: Metal-Organic Framework-Based Ratiometric Fluorescent Biosensor for an Ornidazole and Ronidazole and Sensing Platform for a Biomarker of Amoeba Liver Abscess
Wang XZ, Mao XY, Zhang ZQ, Guo R, Zhang YY, Zhu NJ, Wang K, Sun PP, Huo JZ, Wang XR, Ding B
2923 - 2936 Functionalized Aromatic Dicarboxylate Ligands in Uranyl-Organic Assemblies: The Cases of Carboxycinnamate and 1,2-/1,3-Phenylenedioxydiacetate
Thuery P, Atoini Y, Harrowfield J
2937 - 2944 ThMnPnN (Pn = P, As): Synthesis, Structure, and Chemical Pressure Effects
Zhang FX, Li BZ, Ren QY, Mao HC, Xia YH, Hu BF, Liu ZC, Wang ZC, Shao YT, Feng ZF, Tan SG, Sun YP, Ren Z, Jing Q, Liu B, Luo HQ, Ma J, Mei YX, Wang C, Cao GH
2945 - 2951 Influence of Cation on the Anion Frameworks and Properties of Four Lead Phosphates, A(2)PbBi(2)(PO4)(2)(P2O7) (A = Rb, Cs) and A(2)PbP(2)O(7 )(A = K, Rb)
Wen M, Wu HP, Wu XH
2952 - 2960 Rare Three-Dimensional Uranyl-Biphenyl-3,3 '-disulfonyl-4,4 '-dicarboxylate Frameworks: Crystal Structures, Proton Conductivity, and Luminescence
Liu DD, Wang YL, Luo F, Liu QY
2961 - 2968 Modulator-Induced Zr-MOFs Diversification and Investigation of Their Properties in Gas Sorption and Fe3+ Ion Sensing
Wang JH, Li MN, Yan S, Zhang Y, Liang CC, Zhang XM, Zhang YB
2969 - 2977 Preparation and Luminescence Properties of A-Type Lutecium Silicate Core-Shell Nanospheres
Xie LJ, Zheng L, Zhong JP, Chen XP, Li J, Cheng XN
2978 - 2987 Tetra-(p-tolyl)antimony(III)-Containing Heteropolytungstates, [{(p-tolyl)Sb-III}(4)(A-alpha-XW9O34)(2)](n-) (X = P, As, or Ge): Synthesis, Structure, and Study of Antibacterial and Antitumor Activity
Ma T, Yang P, Dammann I, Lin ZG, Mougharbel AS, Li MX, Adasalitei F, Mitea R, Silvestru C, Thorstenson C, Ullrich MS, Cseh K, Jakupec MA, Keppler BK, Donalisio M, Cavalli R, Lembo D, Kortz U
2988 - 2996 Dimension Control in Mixed Linker Metal-Organic Frameworks via Adjusting the Linker Shapes
Zarekarizi F, Morsali A
2997 - 3003 An Electroactive Zinc-based Metal-Organic Framework: Bifunctional Fluorescent Quenching Behavior and Direct Observation of Nitrobenzene
Ngue CM, Leung MK, Lu KL
3004 - 3011 A Polyoxochromate Templated 56-Nuclei Silver Nanocluster
Wang Z, Zheng LM, Jagodic M, Jaglicic Z, Su HF, Zhuang JX, Wang XP, Tung CH, Sun D
3012 - 3025 Pore-Functionalized and Hydrolytically Robust Cd(II)-Metal-Organic Framework for Highly Selective, Multicyclic CO(2 )Adsorption and Fast-Responsive Luminescent Monitoring of Fe(III) and Cr(VI) Ions with Notable Sensitivity and Reusability
Singh M, Senthilkumar S, Rajput S, Neogi S
3026 - 3033 Evidence of Paracrystalline Cation Order in the Ruddlesden-Popper Phase LaSr3NiRuO8 through Neutron Total Scattering Techniques
Robinson ML, Whitaker E, Jin L, Hayward MA, Laurita G
3034 - 3041 Structural Diversity of Molybdate Iodate and Fluoromolybdate: Syntheses, Structures, and Calculations on Na-3(MoO4)(IO3) and Na3Cs(MoO2F4)(2)
Shi TT, Zhang FF, Li YH, Gao L, Yang ZH, Pan S
3042 - 3052 Selective Phase Control of Dopant-Free Potassium Sodium Niobate Perovskites in Solution
Park S, Peddigari M, Kim JH, Kim E, Hwang GT, Kim JW, Ahn CW, Choi JJ, Kahn BD, Choi JH, Yoon WH, Park DS, Park KI, Jeong CK, Lee JW, Min Y
3053 - 3061 Gas Adsorption, Proton Conductivity, and Sensing Potential of a Nanoporous Gadolinium Coordination Framework
Thammakan S, Rodlamul P, Semakul N, Yoshinari N, Konno T, Ngamjarurojana A, Rujiwatra A
3062 - 3071 Macroscopic Hexagonal Co3O4 Tubes Derived from Controllable Two-Dimensional Metal-Organic Layer Single Crystals: Formation Mechanism and Catalytic Activity
Zhang MY, Zou SB, Zhang Q, Mo SP, Zhong JP, Chen DD, Fu ML, Chen PR, Ye DQ
3072 - 3078 Reversible Solid-State Phase Transitions between Au-P Complexes Accompanied by Switchable Fluorescence
Jiang MS, Tao YH, Wang YW, Lu C, Young DJ, Lang JP, Ren ZG
3079 - 3084 Structural, Electronic, and Thermal Properties of CdSnAs2
Gunatilleke WDCB, Hobbis D, Poddig H, Tinkess A, Beekman M, Wang H, Wei K, Baumbach RE, Nolas GS
3085 - 3090 Structural and Spectroscopic Investigation of Two Plutonium Mellitates
Sperling JM, Gaiser AN, Windorff CJ, Klamm BE, Whitefoot MA, Chemey AT, Long BN, Campbell JG, Albrecht-Schmitt TE
3091 - 3101 Redox Potential Tuning of Dimolybdenum Systems through Systematic Substitution by Guanidinate Ligands
Rodriguez-Lopez N, Metta N, Metta-Magana AJ, Villagran D
3102 - 3109 Activating Water and Hydrogen by Ligand-Modified Uranium and Neptunium Complexes: A Density Functional Theory Study
Adeyiga O, Panthi D, Suleiman O, Stetler D, Long RW, Odoh SO
3110 - 3117 1,2-Thiaphosphetanes: The Quest for Wittig-Type Ring Cleavage, Rearrangement, and Sulfur Atom Transfer
Ferao AE, Streubel R
3118 - 3131 Guided Ion Beam and Quantum Chemical Investigation of the Thermochemistry of Thorium Dioxide Cations: Thermodynamic Evidence for Participation of f Orbitals in Bonding
Armentrout PB, Peterson KA
3132 - 3141 Bimetallic Arylamide-Ligated Rare-Earth Metal Complexes: Synthesis, Characterization, and Stereo-Selectively Switchable Property in 2-Vinylpyridine Polymerization
Wang CP, Chen J, Xu W, Mou ZH, Yao YM, Luo YJ
3142 - 3151 Effect of Branching on the Delayed Fluorescence and Phosphorescence of Simple Borylated Arylamines
Pagidi S, Kalluvettukuzhy NK, Thilagar P
3152 - 3159 Oxygen-Vacancy-Enhanced Peroxidase-like Activity of Reduced Co3O4 Nanocomposites for the Colorimetric Detection of H2O2 and Glucose
Lu JT, Zhang HW, Li S, Guo SS, Shen L, Zhou TT, Zhong H, Wu L, Meng QG, Zhang YX
3160 - 3170 MOF Derived Co3O4@Co/NCNT Nanocomposite for Electrochemical Hydrogen Evolution, Flexible Zinc-Air Batteries, and Overall Water Splitting
Singh T, Das C, Bothra N, Sikdar N, Das S, Pati SK, Maji TK
3171 - 3180 Formation and Oxidation Reactivity of MnO2+(HCO3-)(n) in the Mn-II (HCO3-)-H2O2 System
Meng ZH, Wu SH, Sun SW, Xu Z, Zhang XC, Wang XM, Liu Y, Ren HT, Jia SY, Bai H, Han X
3181 - 3192 Structural Insight on Defect-Rich Tin Oxide for Smart Band Alignment Engineering and Tunable Visible-Light-Driven Hydrogen Evolution
Song MT, Wu YH, Zhao YX, Du CF, Su YG
3193 - 3199 Luminescent Carbazole-Based Eu-III and Yb-III Complexes with a High Two-Photon Absorption Cross-Section Enable Viscosity Sensing in the Visible and Near IR with One- and Two-Photon Excitation
Monteiro JHSK, Fetto NR, Tucker MJ, de Bettencourt-Dias A
3200 - 3206 Preparation of an Actinium-228 Generator
Aldrich KE, Lam MN, Eiroa-Lledo C, Kozimor SA, Lilley LM, Mocko V, Stein BW
3207 - 3214 A Room-Temperature Stable Y(II) Aryloxide: Using Steric Saturation to Kinetically Stabilize Y(II) Complexes
Moehring SA, Miehlich M, Hoerger CJ, Meyer K, Ziller JW, Evans WJ
3215 - 3220 Origin of Luminescence in La2MoO6 and La2Mo2O9 and Their Bi-Doped Variants
Colmont M, Boutinaud P, Latouche C, Massuyeau F, Huve M, Zadoya A, Jobic S
3221 - 3231 Theoretical Insights into Modification of Nitrogen-Donor Ligands to Improve Performance on Am(III)/Eu(III) Separation
Chen YM, Wang CZ, Wu QY, Lan JH, Chai ZF, Nie CM, Shi WQ
3232 - 3238 Infrared Spectroelectrochemistry of Iron-Nitrosyl Triarylcorroles. Implications for Ligand Noninnocence
Rahman MH, Ryan MD, Vazquez-Lima H, Alemayehu A, Ghosh A
3239 - 3248 Achieving Macroscopic V4C3Tx MXene by Selectively Etching Al from V4AlC3 Single Crystals
Wang D, Si JG, Lin S, Zhang RR, Huang YN, Yang J, Lu WJ, Zhu XB, Sun YP
3249 - 3259 O-2 Activation by Non-Heme Thiolate-Based Dinuclear Fe Complexes
Wang LK, Gennari M, Reinhard FGC, Padamati SK, Philouze C, Flot D, Demeshko S, Browne WR, Meyer F, de Visser SP, Duboc C
3260 - 3273 Hydrothermal Conversion of Uranium(IV) Oxalate into Oxides: A Comprehensive Study
Manaud J, Maynadie J, Mesbah A, Hunault MOJY, Martin PM, Zunino M, Meyer D, Dacheux N, Clavier N
3274 - 3280 Noncentrosymmetric Fluorooxoborates A(10)B(13)O(15)F(19) (A = K and Rb) with Unexpected [B10O12F13](7-) Units and Deep-Ultraviolet Cutoff Edges
Zhang WY, Wei ZL, Yang ZH, Pan SL
3281 - 3289 Potent Inhibition of Thioredoxin Reductase by the Rh Derivatives of Anticancer M(arene/Cp*)(NHC)Cl-2 Complexes
Truong D, Sullivan MP, Tong KKH, Steel TR, Prause A, Lovett JH, Andersen JW, Jamieson SMF, Harris HH, Ott I, Weekley CM, Hummitzsch K, Sohnel T, Hanif M, Metzler-Nolte N, Goldstone DC, Hartinger CG
3290 - 3296 One- and Two-Dimensional Iodine-Rich lodobismuthate(III) Complexes: Structure, Optical Properties, and Features of Halogen Bonding in the Solid State
Adonin SA, Usoltsev AN, Novikov AS, Kolesov BA, Fedin VP, Sokolov MN
3297 - 3303 The Combination of Charge and Energy Transfer Processes in MOFs for Efficient Photocatalytic Oxidative Coupling of Amines
Zhao FJ, Zhang GL, Ju ZF, Tan YX, Yuan DQ
3304 - 3311 Optically Pure Metallohelices That Accumulate in Cell Nuclei, Condense/Aggregate DNA, and Inhibit Activities of DNA Processing Enzymes
Hrabina O, Malina J, Kostrhunova H, Novohradsky V, Pracharova J, Rogers N, Simpson DH, Scott P, Brabec V
3312 - 3320 Insight into the Substitution Mechanism of Antitumor Au(I) N-Heterocyclic Carbene Complexes by Cysteine and Selenocysteine
Tolbatov I, Coletti C, Marrone A, Re N
3321 - 3329 Ir-Doped Pd Nanosheet Assemblies as Bifunctional Electrocatalysts for Advanced Hydrogen Evolution Reaction and Liquid Fuel Electrocatalysis
Wang C, Xu H, Shang HY, Jin LJ, Chen CY, Wang Y, Yuan MY, Du YK
3330 - 3339 Nano Anatase TiO2 Quasi-Core-Shell Homophase Junction Induced by a Ti3+ Concentration Difference for Highly Efficient Hydrogen Evolution
Yu SQ, Han B, Lou YC, Ban GD, Wang ZY
3340 - 3340 Lanthanide Germanate Cluster Organic Frameworks Based on {Ln(8)Ge(12)} Clusters: From One-Dimensional Chains to Two-Dimensional Layers and Three-Dimensional Frameworks (vol 55, pg 5671, 2016)!
Li LL, Cao GJ, Zhao JW, He H, Yang BF, Yang GY