Inorganic Chemistry

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16095 - 16108 Is Less More? Influence of the Coordination Geometry of Copper(II) Picolinate Chelate Complexes on Metabolic Stability
Vaughn BA, Brown AM, Ahn SH, Robinson JR, Boros E
16109 - 16116 Lanthanide Complexes of Bis(tetrazolato)amine: A Route to Lanthanide Nitride Foams
Nguyen TAD, Veauthier JM, Chavez DE, Tappan BC, Mueller AH, Scott BL, Parrish DA
16117 - 16121 Tuning the Equatorial Crystal-Field in Mononuclear Dy-III Complexes to Improve Single-Molecule Magnetic Properties
Zhu L, Yin B, Ma PT, Li DF
16122 - 16126 Hexavanadate-Organogold(I) Hybrid Compounds: Synthesis by the Azide-Alkyne Cycloaddition and Density Functional Theory Study of an Intriguing Electron Density Distribution
Petrovskii SK, Khistiaeva VV, Sizova AA, Sizov VV, Paderina AV, Koshevoy IO, Monakhov KY, Grachova EV
16127 - 16131 Photostable Ag(I)-Based Metal-Organic Framework: Synthesis, Structure, and Photocatalytic Selective Oxidation Properties
Wang JJ, Liu YY, Lei LF, Zheng LR, Wang ZY, Wang P, Zheng ZK, Cheng HF, Dai Y, Huang BB
16132 - 16136 Na4CdGe2S7: A Sodium-Rich Quaternary Wide-Band-Gap Chalcogenide with Two-Dimensional [Ge2CdS7](infinity) Layers
Zhang SZ, Liang F, Gong PF, Yang Y, Lin ZS
16137 - 16142 Two-Electron Reduction of a U(VI) Complex with Al(C5Me5)
Ward RJ, Del Rosal I, Chirdon DN, Kelley SP, Tarlton ML, Moron L, Walensky JR
16143 - 16153 Vanadium(V/IV)-Transferrin Binding Disrupts the Transferrin Cycle and Reduces Vanadium Uptake and Antiproliferative Activity in Human Lung Cancer Cells
Levina A, Lay PA
16154 - 16159 H2S Generation from CS2 Hydrolysis at a Dinuclear Zinc(II) Site
Saju A, Mondal A, Chattopadhyay T, Kolliyedath G, Kundu S
16160 - 16167 Mixed-Metal Cerium/Zirconium MOFs with Improved Nerve Agent Detoxification Properties
Geravand E, Farzaneh F, Gil-San-Millan R, Carmona FJ, Navarro JAR
16168 - 16177 Synthesis and Redox Properties of Superbenzene Porphyrin Conjugates
Nisa K, Khatri V, Kumar S, Arora S, Ahmad S, Dandia A, Thirumal M, Kashyap HK, Chauhan SMS
16178 - 16193 Probing the Magnetic Anisotropy of Co(II) Complexes Featuring Redox-Active Ligands
Kumar P, SantaLucia DJ, Kaniewska-Laskowska K, Lindeman SV, Ozarowski A, Krzystek J, Ozerov M, Telser J, Berry JF, Fiedler AT
16194 - 16204 Enhanced Near-Infrared Emission from Eight-Coordinate vs Nine-Coordinate Yb-III Complexes Using 2-(5-Methylpyridin-2-yl)-8-hydroxyquinoline
Chong BSK, Rajah D, Allen MF, Galan LA, Massi M, Ogden M, Moore EG
16205 - 16214 Magnetic Interactions in ZnMnO3: Active Role of Zn 3d(10) Orbitals, in Comparison with MgMnO3
Zhang XP, Wen LJ, Xu YH, Sun KJ, Hao XF
16215 - 16224 Azido-Cyanide Mixed-Bridged Fe-III-Ni-II Complexes
Yang J, Zhao XH, Deng YF, Zhang XY, Chang XY, Zheng ZP, Zhang YZ
16225 - 16237 Monoclinic alpha-Na2FePO4F with Strong Antisite Disorder and Enhanced Na+ Diffusion
Kirsanova MA, Akmaev AS, Aksyonov DA, Ryazantsev SV, Nikitina VA, Filimonov DS, Avdeev M, Abakumov AM
16238 - 16250 Iridium(III) Complexes with Fluorinated Phenyl-tetrazoles as Cyclometalating Ligands: Enhanced Excited-State Energy and Blue Emission
Baschieri A, Sambri L, Mazzanti A, Carlone A, Monti F, Armaroli N
16251 - 16264 3d-4f Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering of Actinide Dioxides: Crystal-Field Multiplet Description
Butorin SM
16265 - 16271 Short-Range Order in VI3
Mijin SD, Abeykoon AMM, Solajic A, Milosavljevic A, Pesic J, Liu Y, Petrovic C, Popovic ZV, Lazarevic N
16272 - 16280 "Triple-Decker Sandwich" Containing Planar {B2E2Pd} Ring (E = S or Se)
Joseph B, Prakash R, Bag R, Ghosh S
16281 - 16290 Photosynthesis of a Dihydroimidazopyridine Chelate Shines Light on the Reactions of a Photoactivated Iron(III) Complex with O-2
Wegeberg C, de Aguirre A, Maseras F, McKenzie CJ
16291 - 16300 Structure and Characterization of an Americium Bis(O,O'-diethyl)dithiophosphate Complex
Greer RDM, Celis-Barros C, Sperling JM, Gaiser AN, Windorff CJ, Albrecht-Schonzart TE
16301 - 16318 Versatility of Amide-Functionalized Co(II) and Ni(II) Coordination Polymers: From Thermochromic-Triggered Structural Transformations to Supercapacitors and Electrocatalysts for Water Splitting
Paul A, Upadhyay KK, Backovic G, Karmakar A, Ferreira LFV, Sljukic B, Montemor MF, da Silva MFCG, Pombeiro AJL
16319 - 16327 A C boolean AND N Cycloplatinated(II) Fluoride Complex: Photophysical Studies and C-sp(3)-F Bond Formation
Hu JY, Nikravesh M, Shahsavari HR, Aghakhanpour RB, Rheingold AL, Alshami M, Sakamaki Y, Beyzavi H
16328 - 16340 Functionalized Trigonal Lanthanide Complexes: A New Family of 4f Single-Ion Magnets
Buch CD, Hansen SH, Tram CM, Mitcov D, Piligkos S
16341 - 16360 Os(II) Oligothienyl Complexes as a Hypoxia-Active Photosensitizer Class for Photodynamic Therapy
Roque JA, Barrett PC, Cole HD, Lifshits LM, Bradner E, Shi G, von Dohlen D, Kim S, Russo N, Deep G, Cameron CG, Alberto ME, McFarland SA
16361 - 16374 Theoretical Description, Synthesis, and Structural Characterization of beta-Na0.33V2O5 and Its Fluorinated Derivative beta-Na0.33V2O4.67F0.33: Influence of Oxygen Substitution by Fluorine on the Electrochemical Properties
Cordoba R, Goclon J, Kuhn A, Garcia-Alvarado F
16375 - 16384 Shift-Twin Option in Eight-Layer Hexagonal Perovskite Niobates Ba8MNb6O24
Yin CL, Tao FQ, Zhao L, Wang XM, Ming X, Liang CP, Kuang XJ
16385 - 16397 A No-Sweat Strategy for Graphene-Macrocycle Co-assembled Electrocatalyst toward Oxygen Reduction and Ambient Ammonia Synthesis
Biswas A, Sarkar S, Das M, Kamboj N, Dey RS
16398 - 16409 Influence of Ligand Denticity and Flexibility on the Molecular Copper Mediated Oxygen Reduction Reaction
Smits NWG, van Dijk B, de Bruin I, Groeneveld SLT, Siegler MA, Hetterscheid DGH
16410 - 16420 Chemical and Structural Variety in Sodium Thioarsenate Glasses Studied by Neutron Diffraction and Supported by First-Principles Simulations
Kassem M, Bounazef T, Fontanari D, Sokolov A, Bokova M, Hannon AC, Bychkov E
16421 - 16429 Size-Selective Urea-Containing Metal-Organic Frameworks as Receptors for Anions
Esrafili L, Morsali A, Hu ML, Tehrani AA, Carlucci L, Mercandelli P, Proserpio DM
16430 - 16440 Three-Dimensional Interpenetrating Frameworks Based on {P4Mo6} Tetrameric Clusters and Filled with In Situ Generated Alkyl Viologens
Guo HL, Wang YK, Qu XJ, Li HY, Yang W, Bai Y, Dang DB
16441 - 16453 Dithiol-Dithione Tautomerism of 2,3-Pyrazinedithiol in the Synthesis of Copper and Silver Coordination Compounds
Henfling S, Kempt R, Klose J, Kuc A, Kersting B, Krautscheid H
16454 - 16466 Activation of the Ir-N(pyridine) Bond in Half-Sandwich Tethered Iridium(III) Complexes
Carrasco AC, Rodriguez-Fanjul V, Pizarro AM
16467 - 16473 Na3FeH7 and Na3CoH6: Hydrogen-Rich First-Row Transition Metal Hydrides from High Pressure Synthesis
Spektor K, Crichton WA, Filippov S, Simak SI, Fischer A, Haussermann U
16474 - 16488 Temperature Dependence of Structural Dynamics at the Catalytic Cofactor of [FeFe]-hydrogenase
Stripp ST, Mebs S, Haumann M
16489 - 16499 The Effect of Substituents on the Formation of Silyl [PSiP] Pincer Cobalt(I) Complexes and Catalytic Application in Both Nitrogen Silylation and Alkene Hydrosilylation
Dong YH, Zhang P, Fan QQ, Du XY, Xie SQ, Sun HJ, Li XY, Fuhr O, Fenske D
16500 - 16513 Reversible PCET and Ambient Catalytic Oxidative Alcohol Dehydrogenation by {V=O} Perfluoropinacolate Complexes
Elinburg JK, Carter SL, Nelson JJM, Fraser DG, Crockett MP, Beeler AB, Nordlander E, Rheingold AL, Doerrer LH
16514 - 16521 Mo2N-Ni/NF Heterostructure Boosts Electrocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution with Pt-Like Activity
Liu XH, Zhang L, Li L, Ye XY, Chen HM, Wei ZD
16522 - 16530 Tuning the Separation of Light Lanthanides Using a Reverse-Size Selective Aqueous Complexant
Thiele NA, Fiszbein DJ, Woods JJ, Wilson JJ
16531 - 16544 Co(II) Macrocyclic Complexes Appended with Fluorophores as paraCEST and cellCEST Agents
Patel A, Abozeid SM, Cullen PJ, Morrow JR
16545 - 16556 Heterometallic Group 4-Lanthanide Oxo-alkoxide Precursors for Synthesis of Binary Oxide Nanomaterials
Petrus R, Chomiak K, Utko J, Bienko A, Lis T, Sobota P
16557 - 16566 Vanadium-Enhanced Intramolecular Redox Property of a Transition-Metal Oxide Molecular Wire
Yang CN, Zhu QQ, Sadakane M, Zhang ZX, Li YS, Ueda W
16567 - 16581 K beta X-ray Emission Spectroscopy as a Probe of Cu(I) Sites: Application to the Cu(I) Site in Preprocessed Galactose Oxidase
Lim H, Baker ML, Cowley RE, Kim S, Bhadra M, Siegler MA, Kroll T, Sokaras D, Weng SC, Biswas DR, Dooley DM, Karlin KD, Hedman B, Hodgson KO, Solomon EI
16582 - 16590 Half-Sandwich Iridium Complexes for the One-Pot Synthesis of Amides: Preparation, Structure, and Diverse Catalytic Activity
Fan XN, Deng W, Liu ZJ, Yao ZJ
16591 - 16598 Lanthanide Complexes with a Tripodal Nitroxyl Radical Showing Strong Magnetic Coupling
Perfetti M, Caneschi A, Sukhikh TS, Vostrikova KE
16599 - 16610 Fluorinated vs Nonfluorinated PR2(biaryl) Ligands and Their [AuCl(L)] Complexes: Synthesis, X-ray Structures, and Computational Study of Weak Interactions. Bond, No Bond, and Beyond
Ponce-de-Leon J, Infante R, Perez-Iglesias M, Espinet P
16611 - 16621 Flexible, Transparent, and Hazy Cellulose Nanopaper with Efficient Near-Infrared Luminescence Fabricated by 2D Lanthanide (Ln = Nd, Yb, or Er) Metal-Organic-Framework-Grafted Oxidized Cellulose Nanofibrils
Chang H, Yao SQ, Kang XN, Zhang XY, Ma NN, Zhang MY, Li XP, Zhang Z
16622 - 16634 Cobalt Corroles as Electrocatalysts for Water Oxidation: Strong Effect of Substituents on Catalytic Activity
Neuman NI, Albold U, Ferretti E, Chandra S, Steinhauer S, Rossner P, Meyer F, Doctorovich F, Vaillard SE, Sarkar B
16635 - 16643 Methylation Design Strategy to Trigger a Dual Dielectric Switch and Improve the Phase Transition Temperature
Wang J, Zhang T, Zhang ZX, Su CY, Zhang Y, Fu DW
16644 - 16653 A Lanthanide-Containing Coordination Polymer Using Tetraphenylethene-Based Linkers with Selective Fe3+ Sensing and Efficient Iodine Adsorption Activities
Yang L, Dou Y, Qin L, Chen LL, Xu MZ, Kong C, Zhang DP, Zhou Z, Wang SN
16654 - 16664 Confinement of Quantum Dots in between Monolayered Graphene Nanosheets for Arousing Boosted Multifarious Photoredox Selective Organic Transformation
Hou S, Huang MH, Li YB, Xu S, Lin X, Fu XY, Xiao FX
16665 - 16671 Elucidation of the Underlying Mechanism of CO2 Capture by Ethylenediamine-Functionalized M-2 (dobpdc) (M = Mg, Sc-Zn)
Zhang H, Shang CL, Yang LM, Ganz E
16672 - 16678 MXene-Derived Nanocomposites as Earth-Abundant Efficient Electrocatalyst for Nitrogen Reduction Reaction under Ambient Conditions
Zhao GL, Wang X, Xu C
16679 - 16689 Effects of the Preparation Process on the Photocatalytic Performance of Delafossite CuCrO2
Zhao RD, Zhang YM, Liu QL, Zhao ZY
16690 - 16702 Cubic Nanostructures of Nickel-Cobalt Carbonate Hydroxide Hydrate as a High-Performance Oxygen Evolution Reaction Electrocatalyst in Alkaline and Near-Neutral Media
Karthick K, Subhashini S, Kumar R, Markandaraj SS, Teepikha MM, Kundu S
16703 - 16715 Redox-Induced Hydrogen Bond Reorientation Mimicking Electronic Coupling in Mixed-Valent Diruthenium and Macrocyclic Tetraruthenium Complexes
Fink D, Staiger A, Orth N, Linseis M, Ivanovic-Burmazovic I, Winter RF
16716 - 16724 Two Mixed-Anion Units of [GeOSe3] and [GeO3S] Originating from Partial Isovalent Anion Substitution and Inducing Moderate Second Harmonic Generation Response and Large Birefringence
Xing WH, Fang P, Wang NZ, Li Z, Lin ZS, Yao JY, Yin WL, Kang B
16725 - 16736 Tuning the Pore Surface of an Ultramicroporous Framework for Enhanced Methane and Acetylene Purification Performance
Li HP, Dou ZD, Wang Y, Xue YY, Li YP, Hu MC, Li SN, Jiang YC, Zhai QG
16737 - 16746 Facile Heterogeneous and Homogeneous Anion Induced Electrosynthesis: An Efficient Method for Obtaining pi-Extended Porphyrins
Osterloh WR, Kumar S, Chaudhri N, Fang YY, Sankar M, Kadish KM
16747 - 16759 Series of M-MOF-184 (M = Mg, Co, Ni, Zn, Cu, Fe) Metal-Organic Frameworks for Catalysis Cycloaddition of CO2
Tran YBN, Nguyen PTK, Luong QT, Nguyen KD
16760 - 16768 Site Occupation and Spectral Assignment in Eu2+-Activated beta-Ca-3(PO4)(2)-Type Phosphors: Insights from First-Principles Calculations
Huang XX, Qiao Z, Qiu ZX, Ma NY, Wen J, Ning LX