Inorganic Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry, Vol.59, No.17 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0020-1669 (Print) 

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11847 - 11851 Action Items for Latin-American Chemists and Chemical Societies to Improve Equity and Diversity in Science
Rivera DG
11852 - 11854 Inorganic Young Investigators: Celebrating the Rising Generation of Chemists
Dias AD, Butler A, Tolman WB
11855 - 11867 Selective and Efficient Biomacromolecular Extraction of Rare-Earth Elements using Lanmodulin
Deblonde GJP, Mattocks JA, Park DM, Reed DW, Cotruvo JA, Jiao YQ
11868 - 11878 Aqueous Stability and Ligand Substitution of a Layered Cu(I)/Isocyanide-Based Organometallic Network Material with a Well-Defined Channel Structure
Arroyave A, Gembicky M, Rheingold AL, Figueroa JS
11879 - 11888 Two-Step Thermoinduced Metal-to-Metal Electron Transfer and ON/OFF Photoswitching in a Molecular [Fe2Co2] Square Complex
Kamilya S, Ghosh S, Li YL, Dechambenoit P, Rouzieres M, Lescouezec R, Mehta S, Mondal A
11889 - 11893 Synthesis, Structural, and Electronic Properties of K4Puv102(CO3)3(co: An Environmentally Relevant Plutonium Carbonate Complex
Pidchenko I, Marz J, Hunault MOJY, Bauters S, Butorin SM, Kvashnina KO
11894 - 11900 Slow Magnetic Relaxation of a 12-Metallacrown-4 Complex with a Manganese(III)-Copper(II) Heterometallic Ring Motif
Lewis AJ, Garlatti E, Cugini F, Solzi M, Zeller M, Carretta S, Zaleski CM
11901 - 11904 Synthesis of the Metastable Cubic Phase of Li2OHCl by a Mechanochemical Method
Yamamoto T, Shiba H, Mitsukuchi N, Sugumar MK, Motoyama M, Iriyama Y
11905 - 11909 Overall Structures of Two Metal Nanoclusters: Chloride as a Bridge Fills the Space between the Metal Core and the Metal Shell
Zou XJ, Jin S, Wei X, Li XW, Zhou MM, Wang SX, Zhu MZ
11910 - 11914 Conversion of Trivalent Uranium Anilido to Tetravalent Uranium Imido Species via Oxidative Deprotonation
Perales D, Ford SA, Salpage SR, Collins TS, Zeller M, Hanson K, Bart SC
11915 - 11919 Pillar[5]arene-Based [2]Rotaxane: Synthesis, Characterization, and Application in a Coupling Reaction
Guo H, Ye JM, Zhang ZC, Wang Y, Yuan XL, Ou CJ, Ding Y, Yan CG, Wang J, Yao Y
11920 - 11924 An Electrochemical Approach toward the Metastable Type II Clathrate Germanium Allotrope
Bohme B
11925 - 11929 A Rare 3D Porous Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Polyoxometalate Framework Based on a Cubic Polyoxoniobate-Cupric-Complex Cage with a High Water Vapor Adsorption Capacity
Zhu ZK, Lin YY, Lin LD, Li XX, Sun YQ, Zheng ST
11930 - 11934 Lanthanide Metal-Organic Frameworks Assembled from Unexplored Imidazolylcarboxylic Acid: Structure and Field-Induced Two-Step Magnetic Relaxation
Wu YW, Zhou YT, Cao SN, Cen PP, Zhang YQ, Yang JH, Liu XY
11935 - 11939 Synthesis of Semiconducting 2H-Phase WTe2 Nanosheets with Large Positive Magnetoresistance
Li S, Lei FC, Peng X, Wang RQ, Xie JF, Wu YP, Li DS
11940 - 11944 Regulating the Topologies of Zirconium-Organic Frameworks for a Crystal Sponge Applicable to Inorganic Matter
Wang XN, Zhao YM, Kirchon A, Li B, Zhou HC
11945 - 11952 Selective Oxidation by H-5[PV2Mo10O40] in a Highly Acidic Medium
Tiwari CK, Baranov M, Neyman A, Neumann R, Weinstock IA
11953 - 11961 Evaluation of Chemical Bonding in Actinyl(VI/V) Oxo-Crown-Ether Complexes for Actinide Series from Uranium to Curium
Zhang P, Wang YX, Zhang P, Wang SA, Hu SX
11962 - 11975 Stereoisomerism as an Origin of Different Reactivities of Ir(III) PC(sp(3))P Pincer Catalysts
Kirkina VA, Silantyev GA, De-Botton S, Filippov OA, Titova EM, Pavlov AA, Belkova NV, Epstein LM, Gelman D, Shubina ES
11976 - 11985 Cooperative Effects of Heterodinuclear Ir-III-M-II Complexes on Catalytic H-2 Evolution from Formic Acid Dehydrogenation in Water
Hong DC, Shimoyama Y, Ohgomori Y, Kanega R, Kotani H, Ishizuka T, Kon Y, Himeda Y, Kojima T
11986 - 11994 Advances and Property Investigations of an Organic-Inorganic Ferroelectric: (diisopropylammonium)(2)[CdBr4]
Rok M, Starynowicz P, Cizman A, Zareba JK, Piecha-Bisiorek A, Bator G, Jakubas R
11995 - 12004 Methane Generation and Reductive Debromination of Benzylic Position by Reconstituted Myoglobin Containing Nickel Tetradehydrocorrin as a Model of Methyl-coenzyme M Reductase
Miyazaki Y, Oohora K, Hayashi T
12005 - 12016 Bent 1,10-Phenanthroline Ligands within Octahedral Complexes Constructed around a TiO4N2 Core
Scarpi-Luttenauer M, Geminiani L, Lebrun P, Kyritsakas N, Chaumont A, Henry M, Mobian P
12017 - 12024 Two Metal-Organic Frameworks Based on Hexanuclear Cobalt-Hydroxyl Clusters or a Manganese-Hydroxyl Chain from Triangular [M-3(II)(mu(3)-OH)] (M = Co and Mn) Units: Antiferromagnetic and Spin-Canting Antiferromagnetic Ordering with Soft-Magnetic Behavior
Zhou L, Zhao MZ, Zhang XY, Zhang JP
12025 - 12038 Catechol-Based Functionalizable Ligands for Gallium-68 Positron Emission Tomography Imaging
Joaqui-Joaqui MA, Pandey MK, Bansal A, Raju MVR, Armstrong-Pavlik F, Dundar A, Wong HL, DeGrado TR, Pierre VC
12039 - 12053 Molecular-Level Insight of Cu(I) Complexes with the 7,8-Bis(diphenylphosphino)-7,8-dicarba-nido-undecaborate Ligand as a Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence Emitter: Luminescent Mechanism and Design Strategy
He TF, Ren AM, Chen YN, Hao XL, Shen L, Zhang BH, Wu TS, Zhang HX, Zou LY
12054 - 12064 Solvent-Induced Bond-Bending Isomerism in Hexaphenyl Carbodiphosphorane: Decisive Dispersion Interactions in the Solid State
Bottger S, Gruber M, Munzer JE, Bernard GM, Kneusels NJH, Poggel C, Klein M, Hampel F, Neumuller B, Sundermeyer J, Michaelis VK, Tonner R, Tykwinski RR, Kuzu I
12065 - 12074 Electronic Effect on Bimetallic Catalysts: Cleavage of Phosphodiester Mediated by Fe(III)-Zn(II) Purple Acid Phosphatase Mimics
Zhou XY, Zhang XP, Li WK, Phillips DL, Ke ZF, Zhao CY
12075 - 12085 Time-Resolved Exploration of a photoCORM {Ru(bpy)} Model Compound
Levin N, Marcolongo JP, Cadranel A, Slep LD
12086 - 12096 An Approach for Magnetic Halloysite Nanocomposite with Selective Loading of Superparamagnetic Magnetite Nanoparticles in the Lumen
Hamza H, Ferretti AM, Innocenti C, Fidecka K, Licandro E, Sangregorio C, Maggioni D
12097 - 12110 Molecular Scylla and Charybdis: Maneuvering between pH Sensitivity and Excited-State Localization in Ruthenium Bi(benz)imidazole Complexes
Mengele AK, Muller C, Nauroozi D, Kupfer S, Dietzek B, Rau S
12111 - 12121 The Effects of Sr Content on the Performance of Nd1-xSrxCoO3-delta Air-Electrode Materials for Intermediate Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells under Operational Conditions
Munoz-Gil D, Azcondo MT, Ritter C, Fabelo O, Perez-Coll D, Mather GC, Amador U, Boulahya K
12122 - 12131 Lighting Silver(I) Complexes for Solution-Processed Organic Light-Emitting Diodes and Biological Applications via Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence
Teng T, Li K, Cheng G, Wang Y, Wang J, Li JF, Zhou CJ, Liu H, Zou TT, Xiong JF, Wu C, Zhang HX, Che CM, Yang CL
12132 - 12142 Allosteric Spin Crossover Induced by Ligand-Based Molecular Alloying
Bartual-Murgui C, Perez-Padilla C, Teat SJ, Roubeau O, Aromi G
12143 - 12155 Alkali Metal-Modified P2 NaxMnO2: Crystal Structure and Application in Sodium -Ion Batteries
Sehrawat D, Rawal A, Cheong S, Avdeev M, Ling CD, Kimpton JA, Sharma N
12156 - 12165 Th-232-Spallation-Produced (225)AC with Reduced (227)AC Content
Robertson AKH, McNeil BL, Yang H, Gendron D, Perron R, Radchenko V, Zeisler S, Causey P, Schaffer P
12166 - 12175 [U(H2O)(2)]{[(UO2)(10)O-10(OH)(2)][(UO4)(H2O)(2)]}: A Mixed-Valence Uranium Oxide Hydrate Framework
Zhang YJ, Wei T, Tran TT, Lu KT, Zhang ZM, Price JR, Aharonovich I, Zheng RK
12176 - 12186 Hybrid Perovskites with Larger Organic Cations Reveal Autocatalytic Degradation Kinetics and Increased Stability under Light
Ellis CLC, Javaid H, Smith EC, Venkataraman D
12187 - 12199 Molecular Catalysts with Intramolecular Re-O Bond for Electrochemical Reduction of Carbon Dioxide
Rotundo L, Polyansky DE, Gobetto R, Grills DC, Fujita E, Nervi C, Manbeck GF
12200 - 12208 Mechanochemical Metathesis between AgNO3 and NaX (X = CI, Br, I) and Ag2XNO3 Double -Salt Formation
Lukin S, Stolar T, Loncaric I, Milanovic I, Biliskov N, di Michiel M, Friscic T, Halasz I
12209 - 12217 Perturbed Angular Correlation as a Tool to Study Precursors for Radiopharmaceuticals
Kurakina ES, Radchenko V, Belozub AN, Bonchev G, Bozhikov GA, Velichkov AI, Stachura M, Karaivanov DV, Magomedbekov EP, Filosofov DV
12218 - 12231 Mechanistic Insights into the Oxidative Ring Expansion from Penicillin N to Deacetoxycephalosporin C Catalyzed by a Nonheme Iron(11) and alpha-KG-Dependent Oxygenase
Liu YR, Shi JY, Liu YJ
12232 - 12239 Template Construction of Porous CoP/COP2 Microflowers Threaded with Carbon Nanotubes toward High-Efficiency Oxygen Evolution and Hydrogen Evolution Electrocatalysts
Zhang XL, Zhang L, Xu GC, Zhao AH, Zhang S, Zhao T, Jia DZ
12240 - 12251 Dichotomous Si-H Bond Activation by Alkoxide and Alcohol in Base-Catalyzed Dehydrocoupling of Silanes
Voronova ED, Golub IE, Pavlov A, Belkova NV, Filippov OA, Epstein LM, Shubina ES
12252 - 12262 In Situ Transformed Cobalt Metal-Organic Framework Electrocatalysts for the Electrochemical Oxygen Evolution Reaction
Sahoo MK, Samantara AK, Behera JN
12263 - 12275 CePt2Al2: Structural and Bulk Properties
Dolezal P, Duverger-Nedellec E, Mickov Z, Proschek P, Illkov K, Dani S, Bartha K, Javorsky P
12276 - 12285 Ternary Chalcogenides BaMxTe2 (M = Cu, Ag): Syntheses, Modulated Crystal Structures, Optical Properties, and Electronic Calculations
Jana S, Ishtiyak M, Panigrahi G, Prakash J, Mesbah A, Gueddida S, Lebegue S, Malliakas CD, Ibers JA
12286 - 12294 Phosphorescent Iridium(III) Complexes with a Dianionic C,C ',N,N '-Tetradentate Ligand
Benavent L, Boudreault PLT, Esteruelas MA, Lopez AM, Onate E, Tsai JY
12295 - 12303 The Impact of the Next-Nearest Neighbor Dispersion Interactions on Spin Crossover Transition Enthalpy Evidenced by Experimental and Computational Analyses of Neutral pi-Extended Heteroleptic Fe(III) Complexes
Miyawaki A, Mochida T, Sakurai T, Ohta H, Takahashi K
12304 - 12313 At the Limits of Isolobal Bonding: pi-Based Covalent Magnetism in Mn2Hg5
Yannello VJ, Lu ED, Fredrickson DC
12314 - 12321 Proton -Conductive Coordination Polymers Based on Diphenylsulfone-3,3 '-disulfo-4,4 '-dicarboxylate with Well -Defined Hydrogen Bonding Networks
Zeng XY, Wang YL, Lin ZT, Liu QY
12322 - 12336 Synthesis, Spectroscopic, and Structural Characterization of Organyl Disulfanides and a Tetrasulfanide
Jungen S, Paenurk E, Chen P
12337 - 12347 Effect of Ligand Chelation and Sacrificial Oxidant on the Integrity of Triazole-Based Carbene Iridium Water Oxidation Catalysts
Mazloomi Z, Margalef J, Gil-Sepulcre M, Romero N, Albrecht M, Llobet A, Sala X, Pamies O, Dieguez M
12348 - 12361 Broad-Band Excited and Tunable Luminescence of CaTbAI(3)O(7):RE3+ (RE3+ = Ce3+ and/or Eu3+ Nanocrystalline Phosphors for Near -UV WLEDs
Liu XM, Chen XY, Yu Y, Xie WJ, Zhao YD, Luo SL, Mei G, Lin J
12362 - 12374 Unsymmetric Heteroleptic Ir(III) Complexes with 2-Phenylquinoline and Coumarin-Based Ligand Isomers for Tuning Character of Triplet Excited States and Achieving High Electroluminescent Efficiencies
Feng Z, Yu Y, Yang XL, Wu Y, Zhou GJ, Wu ZX
12375 - 12384 A Series of Mixed-Ligand Cu(I) Complexes Comprising Diphosphine-Disulfide Ligands: Effects of Diphosphine Ligands on Luminescent Properties
Yamazaki Y, Tsukuda T, Furukawa S, Dairiki A, Sawamura S, Tsubomura T
12385 - 12396 Photocatalytic Properties of Bi2-xTi2O7-1.5x (x=0, 0.5) Pyrochlores: Hybrid DFT Calculations and Experimental Study
Krasnov AG, Napalkov MS, Vlasov MI, Koroleva MS, Shein IR, Piir IV
12397 - 12403 Structural Phase Transitions and Superconductivity Induced in Antiperovskite Phosphide CaPd3P
Iyo A, Fujihisa H, Gotoh Y, Ishida S, Ninomiya H, Yoshida Y, Eisaki H, Hirose HT, Terashima T, Kawashima K
12404 - 12409 Lanthanide-Titanium Oxo Clusters as the Luminescence Sensor for Nitrobenzene Detection
Zheng H, Deng YK, Ye MY, Xu QF, Kong XJ, Long LS, Zheng LS
12410 - 12421 Trivalent Actinide Ions Showing Tenfold Coordination in Solution
Wessling P, Schenk T, Braun F, Beele BB, Trumm S, Trumm M, Schimmelpfennig B, Schild D, Geist A, Panak PJ
12422 - 12430 NNC-Scorpionate Zirconium-Based Bicomponent Systems for the Efficient CO2 Fixation into a Variety of Cyclic Carbonates
Fernandez-Baeza J, Sanchez-Barba LF, Lara-Sanchez A, Sobrino S, Martinez-Ferrer J, Garces A, Navarro M, Rodriguez AM
12431 - 12436 Pressure-Modulated Broadband Emission in 2D Layered Hybrid Perovskite-Like Bromoplumbate
Gomez V, Klyatskaya S, Fuhr O, Kalytchuk S, Zboril R, Kappes M, Lebedkin S, Ruben M
12437 - 12444 Defective Indium/Indium Oxide Heterostructures for Highly Selective Carbon Dioxide Electrocatalysis
Yang WF, Zhao Y, Chen S, Ren WH, Chen XJ, Jia C, Su Z, Wang Y, Zhao C
12445 - 12452 High-Pressure Synthesis of a B-site Co2+/Mn4+ Disordered Quadruple Perovskite LaMn3Co2Mn2O12
Guo J, Shen XD, Liu ZH, Qin SJ, Wang WP, Ye XB, Liu GX, Yu RC, Lin HJ, Chen CT, Tjeng LH, Hu ZW, Long YW
12453 - 12460 CB11H10- and Related Carborenes
Roncevic I, Bastien G, Cvacka J, Kaleta J, Michl J
12461 - 12470 Naphthalene Benzimidazole Based Neutral Ir(III) Emitters for Deep Red Organic Light-Emitting Diodes
Rajakannu P, Kim HS, Lee W, Kumar A, Lee MH, Yoo S
12471 - 12485 NN Pt(II) Bisacetylide Complexes with Oxoverdazyl Radical Ligands: Preparation, Photophysical Properties, and Magnetic Exchange Interaction between the Two Radical Ligands
Yang WB, Sukhanov AA, Lim JH, Li XX, Meng YS, Zhao JZ, Sun HL, Lee JY, Gurzadyan GG, Voronkova VK
12486 - 12493 Donor Strength Determination of Pyridinylidene-amide Ligands using Their Palladium - NHC Complexes
Huynh HV, Vossen JT
12494 - 12503 Role of Metals and Thiolate Ligands in the Structures and Electronic Properties of Group 5 Bimetallic - Thiolate Complexes
Saha K, Kaur U, Raghavendra B, Ghosh S
12504 - 12517 Deep-Red Luminescence from Platinum(II) Complexes of-Amido Ligands with Benzannulated N-Heterocyclic Donor Arms
Mandapati P, Braun JD, Lozada IB, Williams JAG, Herbert DE
12518 - 12535 Chemical Sensitivity of K beta and K alpha X-ray Emission from a Systematic Investigation of Iron Compounds
Lafuerza S, Carlantuono A, Retegan M, Glatzel P
12536 - 12544 Investigating the Formation of MoSe2 and TiSe2 Films from Artificially Layered Precursors
Miller AM, Hamann DM, Hadland EC, Johnson DC
12545 - 12551 Crystal Structure and Stoichiometric Composition of Potassium-Intercalated Tetracene
Hiley CI, Inglis KK, Zanella M, Zhang JL, Manning TD, Dyer MS, Knaflic T, Arcon D, Blanc F, Prassides K, Rosseinsky MJ
12552 - 12563 Structures and Free Energies of Cerium Ions in Acidic Electrolytes
Buchanan CA, Ko E, Cira S, Balasubramanian M, Goldsmith BR, Singh N
12564 - 12577 Effect of the Heteroaromatic Antenna on the Binding of Chiral Eu(III) Complexes to Bovine Serum Albumin
De Rosa C, Melchior A, Sanadar M, Tolazzi M, Giorgetti A, Ribeiro RP, Nardon C, Piccinelli F
12578 - 12585 CsHgNO3Cl2: A New Nitrate UV Birefringent Material Exhibiting an Optimized Layered Structure
Long Y, Dong XH, Huang L, Zeng HM, Lin ZE, Zou GH
12586 - 12594 Metal-Metal Cooperation in the Oxidation of a Flapping Platinum Butterfly by Haloforms: Experimental and Theoretical Evidence
Sicilia V, Arnal L, Fuertes S, Martin A, Baya M
12595 - 12607 Impact of Li Doping on the Structure and Phase Stability in AgNbO3
Farid U, Gibbs AS, Kennedy BJ
12608 - 12615 From pi Bonds without sigma Bonds to the Longest Metal-Metal Bond Ever: A Survey on Actinide-Actinide Bonding in Fullerenes
Jaros A, Foroutan-Nejad C, Straka M
12616 - 12624 The Influence of Redox-Active Linkers on the Stability and Physical Properties of a Highly Electroactive Porphyrin Nanoprism
Dutton KG, Rothschild DA, Pastore DB, Emge TJ, Lipke MC
12625 - 12631 Microwave Synthesis and Magnetocaloric Effect in AIFe(2)B(2)
Mann DK, Wang YX, Marks JD, Strouse GF, Shatruk M
12632 - 12642 Multiaction Platinum(IV) Prodrug Containing Thymidylate Synthase Inhibitor and Metabolic Modifier against Triple-Negative Breast Cancer
Muhammad N, Tan CP, Nawaz U, Wang J, Wang FX, Nasreen S, Ji LN, Mao ZW
12643 - 12649 Porphyrin Grafting on a Mercapto-Equipped Zr(IV)-Carboxylate Framework Enhances Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production
Diao YX, Xu NF, Li MQ, Zhu XJ, Xu ZT
12650 - 12658 Theoretical Insight into Thermodynamically Optimal U@C-84: Three-Electron Transfer Rather Than Four-Electron Transfer
Zhao YX, Yuan K, Han YB, Li MY, Ehara M, Zhao X
12659 - 12671 Why Do Relative Intensities of Charge Transfer and Intra-4f Transitions of Eu3+ Ion Invert in Yttrium Germanate Hosts? Unravelling the Underlying Intricacies from Experimental and Theoretical Investigations
Tyagi A, Nigam S, Sudarsan V, Majumder C, Vatsa RK, Tyagi AK
12672 - 12680 Synthesis of a Magnetic 2D Co@NC-600 Material by Designing a MOF Precursor for Efficient Catalytic Reduction of Water Pollutants
Wang DS, Zeng FM, Hu XL, Li C, Su ZM
12681 - 12689 Exploration of the Structural and Vibrational Properties of the Ternary Molybdate TI5BiHf(MoO4)(6) with Isolated MoO4 Units and TI+ Conductivity
Grossman V, Adichtchev SV, Atuchin VV, Bazarov BG, Bazarova JG, Kuratieva N, Oreshonkov AS, Pervukhina NV, Surovtsev NV
12690 - 12699 Self-Assembled Pt-8(II) Metallosupramolecular Tubular Cage as Dual Warhead Antibacterial Agent in Water
Bhattacharyya S, Venkateswarulu M, Sahoo J, Zangrando E, De M, Mukherjee PS
12700 - 12710 Nanostructured Iron Fluoride Derived from Fe-Based Metal-Organic Framework for Lithium Ion Battery Cathodes
Cheng QX, Pan YY, Chen YY, Zeb A, Lin XM, Yuan ZZ, Liu JC
12711 - 12721 Computational Studies on the Binding Preferences of Molybdenum(II) Phenanthroline Complexes with Duplex DNA. The Important Role of the Ancillary Ligands
Elleuchi S, de Luzuriaga IO, Sanchez-Gonzalez A, Lopez X, Jarraya K, Calhorda MJ, Gil A
12722 - 12732 Half-Sandwich Cyclopentadienylruthenium(II) Complexes: A New Antimalarial Chemotype
Milheiro SA, Goncalves J, Lopes RMRM, Madureira M, Lobo L, Lopes A, Nogueira F, Fontinha D, Prudencio M, Piedade MFM, Pinto SN, Florindo PR, Moreira R
12733 - 12747 Structural Diversity and Trends in Properties of an Array of Hydrogen-Rich Ammonium Metal Borohydrides
Grinderslev JB, Jepsen LH, Lee YS, Moller KT, Cho YW, Cerny R, Jensen TR
12748 - 12757 Electron-Precise Semiconducting ReGa2Ge: Extending the Irln(3) Structure Type to Group 7 of the Periodic Table
Likhanov MS, Verchenko VY, Gippius AA, Zhurenko SV, Tkachev AV, Wei Z, Dikarev EV, Kuznetsov AN, Shevelkov AV
12758 - 12767 Paramagnetic Shifts and Guest Exchange Kinetics in ConFe4-n Metal-Organic Capsules
Du K, Zemerov SD, Carroll PJ, Dmochowski IJ
12768 - 12777 Isolated Mixed-Valence Iron Vanadium Malate and Its Metal Hydrates (M = Fe2+, Cu2+, Zn2+) with Reversible and Irreversible Adsorptions for Oxygen
Jin WT, Yuan C, Deng L, An DL, Zhou ZH
12778 - 12787 MOF-Derived Hierarchical CoSe2 with Sheetlike Nanoarchitectures as an Efficient Bifunctional Electrocatalyst
Zhao AH, Xu GC, Li Y, Jiang JH, Wang C, Zhang XL, Zhang S, Zhang L
12788 - 12792 Decomposition of Bis(acetylacetonate)zinc(II) by Slow Electrons
Kopyra J, Rabilloud F, Abdoul-Carime H
12793 - 12801 Guest-Responsive Reversal in Structural Transformation after a [2+2] Topochemical Reaction in a 3D Pillared Layer MOF: Uncovering the Role of C-H center dot center dot center dot O Interaction
Hazra A, Maji TK
12802 - 12816 Dipyrrolyldiketonato Titanium(IV) Complexes from Monomeric to Multinuclear Architectures: Synthesis, Stability, and Liquid-Crystal Properties
Schmidt A, Heinrich B, Kirscher G, Chaumont A, Henry M, Kyritsakas N, Haketa Y, Maeda H, Mobian P
12817 - 12828 Steric Effects of HN(CH2CH2PR2)(2) on the Nuclearity of Copper Hydrides
Ekanayake DA, Chakraborty A, Krause JA, Guan HR
12829 - 12841 Terminal Phosphinidene Complex Adducts with Neutral and Anionic O-Donors and Halides and the Search for a Differentiating Bonding Descriptor
Ferao AE, Alcaraz AG, Noguera SZ, Streubel R
12842 - 12849 Three Zr(IV)-Substituted Polyoxotungstate Aggregates: Structural Transformation from Tungstoantimonate to Tungstophosphate Induced by pH
Li HL, Lian C, Yin DP, Yang GY
12850 - 12857 Point Chirality Controlled Diastereoselective Self-Assembly and Circularly Polarized Luminescence in Quadruple-Stranded Europium(III) Helicates
Zhou YY, Yao Y, Cheng ZY, Gao T, Li HF, Yan PF
12858 - 12866 Structural Diversity in Layered Hybrid Perovskites, A(2)PbBr(4) or AA'PbBr4, Templated by Small Disc-Shaped Amines
Guo YY, Yang LJ, Biberger S, McNulty JA, Li T, Schotz K, Panzer F, Lightfoot P
12867 - 12875 Self-assembled Tetranuclear Eu-III Complexes with D-2- and C-2h-Symmetrical Square Scaffold
Tan YB, Yamada M, Katao S, Nishikawa Y, Asanoma F, Yuasa J, Kawai T
12876 - 12883 Two 2D Layered P4Mo6 Clusters with Potential Bifunctional Properties: Proton Conduction and CO2 Photoreduction
Du ZY, Chen Z, Kang RK, Han YM, Ding J, Cao JP, Jiang W, Fang M, Mei H, Xu Y
12884 - 12894 Low-Symmetry Self-Assembled Coordination Complexes with Exclusive Diastereoselectivity: Experimental and Computational Studies
Mishra SS, Kompella SVK, Krishnaswamy S, Balasubramanian S, Chand DK
12895 - 12902 [BMIm](2)[Mn(CO)(3)(GeI3)(3)]: Carbonyl Compound with an {MnGe3} Cluster Unit
Wolf S, Wei SX, Klopper W, Dehnen S, Feldmann C
12903 - 12912 Ligand-Mediated Spin-State Changes in a Cobalt-Dipyrrin-Bisphenol Complex
van Leest NP, Stroek W, Siegler MA, van der Vlugt JI, de Bruin B
12913 - 12919 Hydride-Reduced Eu2SrFe2O6: A T-to-T' Conversion Enabling Fe2+ in Square-Planar Coordination
Lopez-Paz SA, Nakano K, Sanchez-Marcos J, Tassel C, Alario-Franco MA, Kageyama H
12920 - 12927 Ultraviolet-A Persistent Luminescence of a Bi3+-Activated LiScGeO4 Material
Zhou ZH, Xiong PX, Liu HL, Peng MY
12928 - 12940 Bimetallic Paddlewheel-type Dirhodium(II,II) Acetate and Formamidinate Complexes: Synthesis, Structure, Electrochemistry, and Hydroformylation Activity
de Doncker S, Casimiro A, Kotze IA, Ngubane S, Smith GS
12941 - 12946 Flower-like Hollow MoSe2 Nanospheres as Efficient Earth-Abundant Electrocatalysts for Nitrogen Reduction Reaction under Ambient Conditions
Yang LX, Wang H, Wang X, Luo WH, Wu C, Wang CA, Xu C
12947 - 12953 Enhanced Photocatalytic Performance of Nanosized Mixed-Ligand Metal Organic Frameworks through Sequential Energy and Electron Transfer Process
Kim M, Oh JS, Kim BH, Kim AY, Park KC, Mun J, Gupta G, Lee CY
12954 - 12959 Li7GeS5Br-An Argyrodite Li-Ion Conductor Prepared by Mechanochemical Synthesis
Strauss F, Zinkevich T, Indris S, Brezesinski T
12960 - 12960 2,2 '-Bipyridyl as a Redox-Active Borylene Abstraction Agent (vol 59, pg 10866, 2020)
Liu SY, Legare MA, Seufert J, Prieschl D, Rempel A, Englert L, Dellermann T, Paprocki V, Stoy A, Braunschweig H