Inorganic Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry, Vol.59, No.14 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0020-1669 (Print) 

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9461 - 9464 4-Connected Cobalt-Based 3D Framework with a High Affinity for Acetylene
Wu NN, Li Q, Li J, Wu DP, Li YS
9465 - 9470 Colossal Dielectric Responses from the Wide Band Gap 2D-Semiconducting Amine Templated Hybrid Framework Materials
Rom T, Kumar N, Sharma M, Gaur A, Paul AK
9471 - 9475 Structure and Properties of (CH3NH3)(3)Tl2Cl9: A Thallium-Based Hybrid Perovskite-Like Compound
Castillo R, Cisterna J, Brito I, Conejeros S, Llanos J
9476 - 9480 Systematic Tuning of the Optical Properties of Discrete Complexes of Eu-II in Solution Using Counterions and Solvents
Basal LA, Kajjam AB, Bailey MD, Allen MJ
9481 - 9485 Efficient Synthesis and Multisite Reactivity of a Phosphinidene- Bridged Mo-Re Complex. A Platform Combining Nucleophilic and Electrophilic Features
Alvarez MA, Garcia ME, Garcia-Vivo D, Ruiz MA, Vega P
9486 - 9490 Original Oxo-Centered Frameworks in Bi-3(VO4)O-3 and Bi-3.5(AsO4)(OH)(0.5)O-3.5 by Supercritical Steam
Colmont M, Zadoya A, Daviero-Minaud S, Djelal N, Mentre O
9491 - 9495 CuO@CoFe Layered Double Hydroxide Core-Shell Heterostructure as an Efficient Water Oxidation Electrocatalyst under Mild Alkaline Conditions
Wang YT, Wang T, Zhang R, Liu Q, Luo YS, Cui GW, Lu SY, Wang JH, Ma YJ, Sun XP
9496 - 9510 Phenyl-Group Exchange in Triphenylphosphine Mediated by Cationic Gold-Platinum Complexes-A Gas-Phase Mimetic Approach
Koessler K, Scherer H, Butschke B
9511 - 9520 Quantitative Thermal Synthesis of Cu(I) Coordination Polymers That Exhibit Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence
Kobayashi A, Ehara T, Yoshida M, Kato M
9521 - 9537 Reactions of Alkynes with Quasi-Linear 3d Metal(I) Silylamides of Chromium to Cobalt: A Comparative Study
Muller I, Munz D, Werncke CG
9538 - 9550 EXAFS Study on the Coordination Chemistry of the Solvated Copper(II) Ion in a Series of Oxygen Donor Solvents
Persson I, Lundberg D, Bajnoczi EG, Klementiev K, Just J, Clauss KGVS
9551 - 9559 A Base-Stabilized Silylene-Promoted C(sp(3))-H Borylation and H-2 Activation
Khoo S, Siu CK, So CW
9560 - 9568 Pyrrophens: Pyrrole-Based Hexadentate Ligands Tailor-Made for Uranyl (UO22+) Coordination and Molecular Recognition
Mayhugh JT, Niklas JE, Forbes MG, Gorden JD, Gorden AEV
9569 - 9578 Finely Tuned Framework Isomers for Highly Efficient C2H2 and CO2 Separation
Liu S, Huang YH, Dong QB, Wang HJ, Duan JG
9579 - 9586 Two Nanometer-Sized High-Nuclearity Homometallic Bromide Clusters (M26Br38)(12-) (M = Cu, Ag): Syntheses, Crystal Structures, and Efficient Adsorption Properties
Zhu GH, Huang WM, Li YY, Wu XH, Niu YY, Zang SQ
9587 - 9593 Fundamental Study on Arsenic(III) Halides (AsX3; X = Br, I) toward the Construction of C-3-Symmetrical Monodentate Arsenic Ligands
Tanaka S, Konishi M, Imoto H, Nakamura Y, Ishida M, Furuta H, Naka K
9594 - 9604 Electronic Structures, Spectroscopy, and Electrochemistry of [M(diimine)(CN-BR3)(4)](2-) (M = Fe, Ru; R = Ph, C6F5) Complexes
Ngo DX, Del Ciello SA, Barth AT, Hadt RG, Grubbs RH, Gray HB, McNicholas BJ
9605 - 9617 Cationic Iridium Complexes with 3,4,5-Tripheny1-4H-1,2,4-Triazole Type Cyclometalating Ligands: Synthesis, Characterizations, and Their Use in Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cells
Meng XW, Chen MZ, Bai RB, He L
9618 - 9626 The Nature of the Mn(III) Color Centers in Elbaite Tourmalines
Kurtz DA, Rossman GR, Hunter BM
9627 - 9637 Mechanical Insights into the Enzymatic Cleavage of Double C-C Bond in Poly(cis-1,4-isoprene) by the Latex Clearing Protein
Zhang SQ, Liu YJ
9638 - 9647 Efficient Cs+-Sr2+ Separation over a Microporous Silver Selenidostannate Synthesized in Deep Eutectic Solvent
Ding D, Cheng L, Wang KY, Liu HW, Sun M, Wang C
9648 - 9666 Structural and Lattice-Dynamical Properties of Tb2O3 under Compression: A Comparative Study with Rare Earth and Related Sesquioxides
Ibanez J, Sans JA, Cuenca-Gotor V, Oliva R, Gomis O, Rodriguez-Hernandez P, Munoz A, Rodriguez-Mendoza U, Velazquez M, Veber P, Popescu C, Manjon FJ
9667 - 9682 Theoretical Characterization of Catalytically Active Species in Reductive Hydroxymethylation of Styrene with CO2 over a Bisphosphine-Ligated Copper Complex
Li WY, Chen LQ, Lin ZY, Man SY, Qin X, Lyu YJ, Li CQ, Leng G
9683 - 9692 Syntheses of Dianionic alpha-Iminopyridine Rare-Earth Metal Complexes and Their Catalytic Acitivities toward Dehydrogenative Coupling of Amines with Hydrosilanes
Zhang XL, Zhou SL, Fang XF, Zhang LJ, Tao GD, Wei Y, Zhu XC, Cui P, Wang SW
9693 - 9698 Structural Distortion and Dielectric Permittivities of KCoO2-Type Layered Nitrides Ca1-xSrxTiN2
Lu SL, Wang YH, Lu FQ, Feng J, Lin K, Xu DM, Avdeev MX, Liu LJ, Kuang XJ, Xing XR
9699 - 9709 Polymorphism and Molten Nitrate Salt-Assisted Single Crystal to Single Crystal Ion Exchange in the Cesium Ferrogermanate Zeotype: CsFeGeO4
Usman M, Kocevski V, Smith MD, Morrison G, Zhang WG, Besmann T, Halasyamani PS, zur Loye HC
9710 - 9717 The {Re-4} Tetrahedral Cyanometalate Cluster Anion [{Re-4(mu(3)-CCN)(4)}(CN)(12)](8-) with Inner (mu(3)-CCN)(3-) Ligands and Its Features in Coordination of Cu2+ Cations
Pronin AS, Gayfulin YM, Smolentsev AI, Kozlova SG, Yanshole VV, Mironov YV
9718 - 9727 Strategies for Enhancing Lithium-Ion Conductivity of Triple-Layered Ruddlesden-Popper Oxides: Case Study of Li2-xLa2 -yTi3-zNbzO10
Fanah SJ, Ramezanipour F
9728 - 9738 Complete Dehydrogenation of Hydrazine Borane on Manganese Oxide Nanorod-Supported Ni@Ir Core-Shell Nanoparticles
Yurderi M, Top T, Bulut A, Kanberoglu GS, Kaya M, Zahmakiran M
9739 - 9755 ESI-MS Study of the Interaction of Potential Oxidovanadium(IV) Drugs and Amavadin with Model Proteins
Ugone V, Sanna D, Sciortino G, Crans DC, Garribba E
9756 - 9764 Mono- and Di-Sc-Substituted Keggin Polyoxometalates: Effective Lewis Acid Catalysts for Nerve Agent Simulant Hydrolysis and Mechanistic Insights
Zhang D, Zhang WQ, Lin ZG, Dong J, Zhen N, Chi YN, Hu CW
9765 - 9773 Highly Efficient Fixation of Carbon Dioxide at RT and Atmospheric Pressure Conditions: Influence of Polar Functionality on Selective Capture and Conversion of CO2
Das R, Nagaraja CM
9774 - 9782 A Density Functional Theory Study of the Hydrogen Absorption in High Entropy Alloy TiZrHfMoNb
Hu JT, Zhang JJ, Xiao HY, Xie L, Shen HH, Li PC, Zhang JW, Gong HF, Zu XT
9783 - 9797 Probing Mg Intercalation in the Tetragonal Tungsten Bronze Framework V4Nb18O55
Johnson ID, Nolis G, McColl K, Wu YA, Thornton D, Hu LH, Yoo HD, Freeland JW, Cora F, Cockcroft JK, Parkin IP, Klie RF, Cabana J, Darr JA
9798 - 9806 Original Network of Zigzag Chains in the beta Polymorph of Fe2WO6: Crystal Structure and Magnetic Ordering
Caubergh S, Matsubara N, Damay F, Maignan A, Fauth F, Manuel P, Khalyavin DD, Vertruyen B, Martin C
9807 - 9823 Luminescence of Lanthanide Complexes with Perfluorinated Alkoxide Ligands
Kotyk CM, Weber JE, Hyre AS, McNeely J, Monteiro JHSK, Domin M, Balaich GJ, Rheingold AL, de Bettencourt-Dias A, Doerrer LH
9824 - 9837 UiO-66-NH2 Metal-Organic Frameworks with Embedded MoS2 Nanoflakes for Visible-Light-Mediated H-2 and O-2 Evolution
Subudhi S, Swain G, Tripathy SP, Parida K
9838 - 9846 Multisite-Occupancy-Driven Efficient Multiple Energy Transfer: A Straightforward Strategy to Achieve Single-Composition White- Light Emission in Ce3+-, Tb3+-, and Mn2+-Doped Silicate Phosphors
Tong XB, Han J, Cai RH, Xu YT, Wu PP, Zhou H, Zhang XM
9847 - 9856 Molybdenum(VI) bis-imido Complexes of Dipyrromethene Ligands
Locher J, Watt FA, Neuba AG, Schoch R, Munz D, Hohloch S
9857 - 9865 A Zinc Metal-Organic Framework for Concurrent Adsorption and Detection of Uranium
Qin XD, Yang WT, Yang YH, Gu DX, Guo DY, Pan QH
9866 - 9880 Alternative Route Triggering Multistep Spin Crossover with Hysteresis in an Iron(II) Family Mediated by Flexible Anion Ordering
Hagiwara H, Minoura R, Udagawa T, Mibu K, Okabayashi J
9881 - 9888 Organic Functionalization of Uranyl Peroxide Clusters to Impact Solubility
Xu MY, Eckard P, Burns PC
9889 - 9899 Surfactant-Modified Hydrothermal Synthesis of Ca-Doped CuCoO2 Nanosheets with Abundant Active Sites for Enhanced Electrocatalytic Oxygen Evolution
Du ZJ, Qian JC, Bai JL, Li H, Wang MK, Zhao XJ, Xiong DH
9900 - 9918 Characterization and Decomposition of the Natural van der Waals SnSb2Te4 under Compression
Sans JA, Vilaplana R, da Silva EL, Popescu C, Cuenca-Gotor VP, Andrada-Chacon A, Sanchez-Benitez J, Gomis O, Pereira ALJ, Rodriguez-Hernandez P, Munoz A, Daisenberger D, Garcia-Domene B, Segura A, Errandonea D, Kumar RS, Oeckler O, Urban P, Contreras-Garcia J, Manjon FJ
9919 - 9926 Uranium-Incorporated Pyrochlore La-2(UxMgxZr1-2x)(2)O-7 Nuclear Waste Form: Structure and Phase Stability
Tang Z, Huang ZY, Han W, Qi JQ, Shi YL, Ma NN, Zhang YT, Guo XF, Lu TC
9927 - 9937 Study on the Local Structure and Luminescence Properties of a Y2Mg2Al2Si2O12:Eu3+ Red Phosphor for White-Light-Emitting Diodes
Zhang XT, Shen TZ, Kan DX, Zhang D, Dong RJ, An ZC, Song YH, Zheng KY, Sheng Y, Shi Z, Zou HF
9938 - 9943 Redox-Inactive Metal Ions That Enhance the Nucleophilic Reactivity of an Alkylperoxocopper(II) Complex
Kim B, Kim S, Ohta T, Cho J
9944 - 9950 Sr5Ga8O3S14: A Nonlinear Optical Oxysulfide with Melilite-Derived Structure and Wide Band Gap
Wang RQ, Guo YW, Zhang X, Xiao Y, Yao JY, Huang FQ
9951 - 9961 Phosphorus Analogues of [Ni(bpy)(2)]: Synthesis and Application in Carbon-Halogen Bond Activation
Leitl J, Coburger P, Scott DJ, Ziegler CGP, Hierlmeier G, Wolf R, van Leest NP, de Bruin B, Horner G, Muller C
9962 - 9968 Synthesis, Crystal Structure and Green Luminescence in Zero-Dimensional Tin Halide (C8H14N2)(2)SnBr6
Su BB, Song GM, Molokeev MS, Lin ZS, Xia ZG
9969 - 9978 Polymorphous Indium Metal-Organic Frameworks Based on a Ferrocene Linker: Redox Activity, Porosity, and Structural Diversity
Benecke J, Grape ES, Fuss A, Wohlbrandt S, Engesser TA, Inge AK, Stock N, Reinsch H
9979 - 9989 Direct Mechanistic Evidence for a Nonheme Complex Reaction through a Multivariate XAS Analysis
Tavani F, Martini A, Capocasa G, Di Stefano S, Lanzalunga O, D'Angelo P
9990 - 9997 Synthesis and Characterization of SrFexMn1-x(O,F)(3-delta) Oxide (delta=0 and 0.5) and Oxyfluoride Perovskite Films
Wang JY, Lefler BM, May SJ
9998 - 10012 Ph2PCH2CH2B(C8H14) and Its Formaldehyde Adduct as Catalysts for the Reduction of CO2 with Hydroboranes
Ramos A, Antinolo A, Carrillo-Hermosilla F, Fernandez-Galan R
10013 - 10024 Effect of the Size and Shape on the Electrocatalytic Activity of Co3O4 Nanoparticles in the Oxygen Evolution Reaction
Saddeler S, Hagemann U, Schulz S
10025 - 10033 Anisotropic Triangular Lattice Realized in Rhenium Oxychlorides A(3)ReO(5)Cl(2) (A = Ba, Sr)
Hirai D, Yajima T, Nawa K, Kawamura M, Hiroi Z
10034 - 10041 A Uranium(VI)-Oxo-Imido Dimer Complex Derived from a Sterically Demanding Triamidoamine
Cobb PJ, Wooles AJ, Liddle ST
10042 - 10047 Epitaxial Stabilization of SrCu3O4 with Infinite CU3/2O2 Layers
Takatsu H, Ochi M, Yamashina N, Namba M, Kuroki K, Terashima T, Kageyama H
10048 - 10058 Redox Chemistry and Reversible Structural Changes in Rhombohedral VO2F Cathode during Li Intercalation
Kuhn A, Plews MR, Perez-Flores JC, Fauth F, Hoelzel M, Cabana J, Garcia-Alvarado F
10059 - 10070 Tuning Coordination Geometry of Nickel Ketoiminates and Its Influence on Thermal Characteristics for Chemical Vapor Deposition of Nanostructured NiO Electrocatalysts
Zywitzki D, Taffa DH, Lamkowski L, Winter M, Rogalla D, Wark M, Devi A
10071 - 10082 Paramagnetic Cobalt(II) Complexes with Cyclam Derivatives: Toward F-19 MRI Contrast Agents
Blahut J, Benda L, Kotek J, Pintacuda G, Hermann P
10083 - 10090 Developing the Pressure-Temperature-Magnetic Field Phase Diagram of Multiferroic [(CH3)(2)NH2]Mn(HCOO)(3)
Clune A, Harms N, O'Neal KR, Hughey K, Smith KA, Obeysekera D, Haddock J, Dalal NS, Yang JJ, Liu ZX, Musfeldt JL
10091 - 10098 Magnetic Network on Demand: Pressure Tunes Square Lattice Coordination Polymers Based on {[Cu(pyrazine)(2)](2+)}(n)
Scatena R, Montisci F, Lanza A, Casati NPM, Macchi P
10099 - 10112 Microwave-Assisted Neat Synthesis of a Ferrocene Appended Phenolphthalein Diyne: A Designed Synthetic Scaffold for Hg2+ Ion
Pal A, Das KM, Goswami B, Thakur A
10113 - 10122 Theoretical Investigations of Lu2C84: Unexpected Impact of Metal Electronic Configuration toward the Metal-Metal sigma-Bond in Fullerene
Zheng H, Dang HP, Zhao YX, Gu YX, Li MY, Li QZ, Zhao X
10123 - 10128 Formation of Alkynylgermyl-Substituted Germylenes via a Catenation of Ge Atoms
Liu CH, Zhu KK, Han WC, Liu X, Zhang ZF, Su MD, Wu D, Li Y
10129 - 10137 Vapor-Phase Infiltration inside a Microporous Porphyrinic Metal- Organic Framework for Postsynthesis Modification
De S, Quan GC, Gikonyo B, Martineau-Corcos C, Bousige C, Veyre L, Devic T, Marichy C, Fateeva A
10138 - 10145 Probing the Electronic Structure of a Thorium Nitride Complex by Solid-State N-15 NMR Spectroscopy
Sergentu DC, Kent GT, Staun SL, Yu XJ, Cho H, Autschbach J, Hayton TW
10146 - 10152 A Bis-organosilyl-Functionalized Wells-Dawson Polyoxometalate as a Platform for Facile Amine Postfunctionalization
Anyushin AV, Vanhaecht S, Parac-Vogt TN
10153 - 10162 Redox Communication between Two Diarylamido/Bis(phosphine) (PNP)M Moieties Bridged by Ynediyl Linkers (M = Ni, Pd, Pt)
Yu CH, Yang X, Ji XZ, Wang CH, Lai QH, Bhuvanesh N, Ozerov OV
10163 - 10171 Odd-Even Effect on the Spin-Crossover Temperature in Iron(II) Complex Series Involving an Alkylated or Acyloxylated Tripodal Ligand
Kashiro A, Kohno W, Ishida T
10172 - 10184 Investigation of the Cs-2(Mo,Te)O-4 Solid Solution and Implications on the Joint Oxyde-Gaine System in Fast Neutron Reactors
Epifano E, Volfi A, Abbink M, Nieuwland H, van Eijck L, Wallez G, Banerjee D, Martin PM, Smith AL
10185 - 10196 Zwitterionic Ru(III) Complexes: Stability of Metal-Ligand Bond and Host-Guest Binding with Cucurbit[7]uril
Malali S, Chyba J, Knor M, Horni M, Necas M, Novotny J, Marek R
10197 - 10207 Enhancing Hydrogen Evolution Reaction Activities of 2H-Phase VS2 Layers with Palladium Nanoparticles
Karthick K, Bijoy TK, Sivakumaran A, Basha ABM, Murugan P, Kundu S
10208 - 10222 Frustrated and Allowed Structural Transitions at the Limits of the BaAl4 Type: The (3+2)D Modulated Structure of Dy(Cu(0.18)G(0.82))(3.71)
Warden HEM, Lee SB, Fredrickson DC
10223 - 10233 Electronic State of the His/Tyr-Ligated Heme of BthA by Mossbauer and DFT Analysis
Weitz AC, Biswas S, Rizzolo K, Elliott S, Bominaar EL, Hendrich MP
10234 - 10242 Highly Active Manganese-Based CO2 Reduction Catalysts with Bulky NHC Ligands: A Mechanistic Study
Yang Y, Zhang ZY, Chang XY, Zhang YQ, Liao RZ, Duan LL
10243 - 10252 Structural Effect on Proton Conduction in Two Highly Stable Disubstituted Ferrocenyl Carboxylate Frameworks
Qin Y, Wang XY, Xie WP, Li ZF, Li G
10253 - 10261 Surfactant-Free Approach for Engineering an Ultrathin Ti-Doped Ni(OH)(2) Nanosheet on Carbon Cloth: Experimental and Theoretical Insight into Boosted Alkaline Water Oxidation Activity
Lin C, Xia NN, Zhou S, Tian JY, Li HQ
10262 - 10274 Differences in Stability, Cytotoxicity, and Mechanism of Action of Ru(II) and Pt(II) Complexes of a Bidentate N,O Donor Ligand
Maji M, Acharya S, Maji S, Purkait K, Gupta A, Mukherjee A
10275 - 10284 Amino-Functionalized Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticle-Encapsulated Octahedral Organoruthenium Complex as an Efficient Platform for Combatting Cancer
Martinez-Carmona M, Ho QP, Morand J, Garcia A, Ortega E, Erthal LCS, Ruiz-Hernandez E, Santana MD, Ruiz J, Vallet-Regi M, Gun'ko YK
10285 - 10303 Exploring the In Vivo and In Vitro Anticancer Activity of Rhenium Isonitrile Complexes
Marker SC, King AP, Granja S, Vaughn B, Woods JJ, Boros E, Wilson JJ
10304 - 10310 Antineoplastic Mitoxantrone Monitor: A Sandwiched Mixed Matrix Membrane (MMM) Based on a Luminescent MOF-Hydrogel Hybrid
Lian X, Zhang Y, Wang JM, Yan B
10311 - 10327 Formation of Heteropolynuclear Lanthanide Complexes Using Macrocyclic Phosphonated Cyclam-Based Ligands
Knighton RC, Soro LK, Troadec T, Mazan V, Nonat AM, Elhabiri M, Saffon-Merceron N, Djenad S, Tripier R, Charbonniere LJ
10328 - 10342 {040/110} Facet Isotype Heterojunctions with Monoclinic Scheelite BiVO4
Baral B, Parida K
10343 - 10352 Redox-Controlled Reactivity at Boron: Parallels to Frustrated Lewis/ Radical Pair Chemistry
Wong A, Chu JX, Wu G, Telser J, Dobrovetsky R, Menard G
10353 - 10360 Ring-Opening Alternating Copolymerization of O-Carboxyanhydrides of Lactic Acid and Malic Acid Using Hafnium Alkoxide Initiators with Different Stereo Selectivities and Activities
Jia ZW, Chen SC, Jiang JX, Mao XY, Pan XB, Wu JC
10361 - 10367 A(H3C3N3O3)(NO3) (A = K, Rb): Alkali-Metal Nitrate Isocyanurates with Strong Optical Anisotropy
Hao X, Luo M, Lin CS, Peng G, Yan T, Lin DH, Cao LL, Long XF, Yang GS, Ye N
10368 - 10373 Tailoring the Pore Environment of a Robust Ga-MOF by Deformed [Ga3O(COO)(6)] Cluster for Boosting C2H2 Uptake and Separation
Li YT, Zhang JW, Lv HJ, Hu MC, Li SN, Jiang YC, Zhai QG
10374 - 10374 Uniform, Binary Functionalization of a Metal-Organic Framework Material (vol 58, pg 8906, 2019)
Samarakoon KP, Satterfield CS, McCoy MC, Pivaral-Urbina DA, Islamoglu T, Day VW, Gadzikwa T
10375 - 10376 NH2-MIL-53(Al) Metal-Organic Framework as the Smart Platform for Simultaneous High-Performance Detection and Removal of Hg2+ (vol 58, pg 12573, 2019)
Zhang L, Wang J, Du T, Zhang WT, Zhu WX, Yang CY, Yue TL, Sun J, Li T, Wang JL
10377 - 10377 General Layer-by-Layer Assembly of Multilayered Photoanodes: Triggering Tandem Charge Transport toward Photoelectrochemical Water Oxidation (vol 59, pg 7325, 2020)
Hou S, Wei ZQ, Dai XC, Huang MH, Xiao FX