Inorganic Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry, Vol.59, No.12 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0020-1669 (Print) 

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7895 - 7899 Sandwich-Type Heteropolyniobate Templated by Mixed Heteroanions
Liang ZJ, He YZ, Qiao YY, Ma PT, Niu JY, Wang JP
7900 - 7904 Double-Propeller-like Heterometallic 3d-4f Clusters Ln(18)Co(7)
Lun HJ, Du MH, Wang DH, Kong XJ, Long LS, Zheng LS
7905 - 7909 Second-Order Nonlinear-Optical-Active Selenide Borate YSeBO2: Featuring a [YSeBO2](n) Planar Belt
Lu ZT, Fan WJ, Wang ZQ, Gu N, Yue ZH, Xue HG, Guo SP
7910 - 7914 Reactions of Amidinate-Supported Silylene with Organoboron Dihalides
Li JC, Liu YS, Kundu S, Keil H, Zhu HP, Herbst-Irmer R, Stalke D, Roesky HW
7915 - 7918 Thermal Expansion of Incompressible U2S3-Type Nb(2)N(3 )Synthesized in a Diamond Anvil Cell
Asano S, Niwa K, Sasaki T, Gaida NA, Hasegawa M
7919 - 7923 Two Copper-Rich Open-Framework Chalcogenides Built from Unusual [Cu-5(SnxM1-x)Se-10] Clusters and [(SnxM1-x)(2)Se-6] Dimeric Linkers (M = In and Ga)
Han B, Wang J, Liu Y, Wang X, Xue CZ, Lv J, Wu Z, Zhou R, Xu DG, Li DS, Wu T
7924 - 7927 A Discrete Platinum(II) Amphiphile: Construction, Characterization, and Controllable Self-Assembly in Different Solvents
Zhang Y, Shi L, Zhang ZC, Zhao Q, Zhang YH, Yao Y
7928 - 7933 Alternating Copolymerization of CO2 and Cyclohexene Oxide Catalyzed by Cobalt-Lanthanide Mixed Multinuclear Complexes
Asaba H, Iwasaki T, Hatazawa M, Deng JY, Nagae H, Mashima K, Nozaki K
7934 - 7938 Template Synthesis of Well-Defined Rutile Nanoparticles by Solid-State Reaction at Room Temperature
Vibulyaseak K, Kudo A, Ogawa M
7939 - 7952 The Underlying Mechanism of HNO Production by the Myoglobin-Mediated Oxidation of Hydroxylamine
Alvarez L, Suarez SA, Gonzalez PJ, Brondino CD, Doctorovich F, Marti MA
7953 - 7959 Effect of Mechanochemical Recrystallization on the Thermal Hysteresis of 1D Fe-II-triazole Spin Crossover Polymers
Nieto-Castro D, Garces-Pineda FA, Moneo-Corcuera A, Pato-Doldan B, Gispert-Guirado F, Benet-Buchholz J, Galan-Mascaros JR
7960 - 7965 Understanding the Mechanism of Ferroelectric Phase Transition in RbHSO4: A High-Pressure Raman Investigation
Swain D, Bhadram VS, Pradhan GK, Narayana C
7966 - 7979 Spin Transition of an Iron(II) Organoborate Complex in Different Polymorphs and in Vacuum-Deposited Thin Films: Influence of Cooperativity
Ossinger S, Nather C, Buchholz A, Schmidtmann M, Mangelsen S, Beckhaus R, Plass W, Tuczek F
7980 - 7990 Counterion-Controlled Formation of Layered Honeycomb and Polythreading Uranyl Networks and the Highly Sensitive and Selective Detection of Fe3+ in Aqueous Media
Liang LL, Zhang RL, Zhao JS
7991 - 8001 Chiral Proline-Decorated Bifunctional Pd@NH2-UiO-66 Catalysts for Efficient Sequential Suzuki Coupling/Asymmetric Aldol Reactions
Cheng L, Zhao KY, Zhang QS, Li YM, Zhai QC, Chen JX, Lou YB
8002 - 8012 Moderate Pressure Stabilized Pentazolate Cyclo-N-5(-) Anion in Zn(N-5)(2) Salt
Liu Z, Li D, Tian FB, Duan DF, Li HD, Cui T
8013 - 8024 Synthesis of Double-Bridged Cofacial Nickel Porphyrin Dimers with 2,2 '-Bipyridyl Pillars and Their Restricted Coordination Space
Satake A, Katagami Y, Odaka Y, Kuramochi Y, Harada S, Kouchi T, Kamebuchi H, Tadokoro M
8025 - 8033 Cyanide-Bridged Fe-Co Polynuclear Clusters Based on Four-Coordinate Cobalt(II)
Cheng Y, Chen ZY, Xie KP, Deng YF, Jiang YX, Liu Q, Zhang YZ
8034 - 8043 Model Complexes Elucidate the Role of the Proximal Hydrogen-Bonding Network in Cytochrome P450s
Hunt AP, Samanta S, Dent MR, Milbauer MW, Burstyn JN, Lehnert N
8044 - 8053 Synergistic Influence of d(0) (Nb5+) and d(10) (Cd2+) Cations in Stabilizing Noncentrosymmetric Dion-Jacobson Layered Perovskites, A ' Cd2Nb3O10 (A ' = Rb, Cs)
Atri S, Meenakshi P, Uma S
8054 - 8060 Co-3(SeO3)(SO4)(OH)(2): A Selenite-Sulfate Compound with a Distorted Kagome Lattice
Zhang MS, Song YJ, Zhao ZY, Li JY, Zhang WW, Xie YX, Huang X, Huang XY, He ZZ
8061 - 8069 Buffer pK(a) Impacts the Mechanism of Hydrogen Evolution Catalyzed by a Cobalt Porphyrin-Peptide
Alvarez-Hernandez JL, Sopchak AE, Bren KL
8070 - 8080 Structural Diversity in 2,2 '-[Naphthalene-1,8:4,5-bis(dicarboximide)-N,N'-diyl]-bis(ethylammonium) Iodoplumbates
Tremblay MH, Zeidell AM, Rigin S, Tyznik C, Bacsa J, Zhang YD, Al Kurdi K, Jurchescu OD, Timofeeva TV, Barlow S, Marder SR
8081 - 8098 Polyiodine-Modified 1,3,5-Benzenetricarboxylic Acid Framework Zn(II)/Cd(II) Complexes as Highly Selective Fluorescence Sensors for Thiamine Hydrochloride, NACs, and Fe3+/Zn2+
Liu CH, Guan QL, Yang XD, Bai FY, Sun LX, Xing YH
8099 - 8107 How to Stabilize a Heptagon-Containing C-80 Cage by Endohedral Derivation
Zhao RS, Liu ZZ, Zhao X
8108 - 8120 Convenient Route to Heterometallic Group 4-Zinc Precursors for Binary Oxide Nanomaterials
Petrus R, Chomiak K, Utko J, Wilk-Kozubek M, Lis T, Cybinska J, Sobota P
8121 - 8126 High-pressure Synthesis of Ba2CoO2Ag2Te2 with Extended CoO2 Planes
Matsumoto Y, Nambu Y, Honda T, Ikeda K, Otomo T, Kageyama H
8127 - 8133 Antiferromagnetism of Double Molybdate LiFe(MoO4)(2)
Liu MF, Zhang Y, Zou T, Garlea OV, Charlton T, Wang Y, Liu F, Xie YL, Li X, Yang L, Li BW, Wang XZ, Dong S, Liu JM
8134 - 8145 Uranyl Speciation on the Surface of Amidoximated Polyacrylonitrile Mats
Kravchuk DV, Diaz AB, Carolan ME, Mpundu EA, Cwiertny DM, Forbes TZ
8146 - 8160 Computational Study of an Iron(II) Polypyridine Electrocatalyst for CO2 Reduction: Key Roles for Intramolecular Interactions in CO2 Binding and Proton Transfer
Loipersberger M, Zee DZ, Panetier JA, Chang CJ, Long JR, Head-Gordon M
8161 - 8172 Cobalt(II) Bipyrazolate Metal-Organic Frameworks as Heterogeneous Catalysts in Cumene Aerobic Oxidation: A Tag-Dependent Selectivity
Nowacka A, Vismara R, Mercuri G, Moroni M, Palomino M, Domasevitch KV, Di Nicola C, Pettinari C, Giambastiani G, Xamena FXLI, Galli S, Rossin A
8173 - 8183 Effect of Composition on the Optical and Photocatalytic Properties of Visible Light Responsive Materials Bi26-xMgxO40
Shtarev DS, Kevorkyants R, Molokeev MS, Shtareva AV
8184 - 8195 Unexpected Trends in the Stability and Dissociation Kinetics of Lanthanide(III) Complexes with Cyclen-Based Ligands across the Lanthanide Series
Garda Z, Nagy V, Rodriguez-Rodriguez A, Pujales-Paradela R, Patinec V, Angelovski G, Toth E, Kalman FK, Esteban-Gomez D, Tripier R, Platas-Iglesias C, Tircso G
8196 - 8202 Crystal Structure and Electronic Properties of New Compound Zr6.5Pt6Se19
Wu HL, Zhai HF, Li S, Sorolla M, McCandless GT, Petit DP, Chan JLY, Lv B
8203 - 8212 Thiolate-Bridged Dicobalt Complexes Bearing Hydrazine, Hydrazido, and Diazenido Ligands: Synthesis, Structural Characterization, and Interconversion
Li JZ, Yang DW, Tong P, Wang CL, Wang BM, Qu JP
8213 - 8219 A 2-Fold Interpenetrated Nitrogen-Rich Metal-Organic Framework for Rapid and Selective Adsorption of Congo Red
Mao YL, Wang Q, Yu LB, Qian H, Deng SJ, Xiao WM, Zhao D, Chen C
8220 - 8230 Room-Temperature Phosphorescence and Efficient Singlet Oxygen Production by Cyclometalated Pt(II) Complexes with Aromatic Alkynyl Ligands
Lazaro A, Cunha C, Bosque R, Pina J, Ward JS, Truong KN, Rissanen K, Lima JC, Crespo M, de Melo JSS, Rodriguez L
8231 - 8239 Hydration of Oxometallate Ions in Aqueous Solution
Smiechowski M, Persson I
8240 - 8250 Analyzing and Tuning the Chalcogen-Amine-Thiol Complexes for Tailoring of Chalcogenide Syntheses
Deshmukh SD, Easterling LF, Manheim JM, LiBretto NJ, Weideman KG, Miller JT, Kenttamaa HI, Agrawal R
8251 - 8258 Unraveling the Effect on Luminescent Properties by Postsynthetic Covalent and Noncovalent Grafting of gfp Chromophore Analogues in Nanoscale MOF-808
Singh A, Karmakar S, Abraham IM, Rambabu D, Dave D, Manjithaya R, Maji TK
8259 - 8271 Energy Migration Processes in Re(I) MLCT Complexes Featuring a Chromophoric Ancillary Ligand
Wells KA, Yarnell JE, Palmer JR, Lee TS, Papa CM, Castellano FN
8272 - 8283 Ruthenium 4d-to-2p X-ray Emission Spectroscopy: A Simultaneous Probe of the Metal and the Bound Ligands
Levin N, Peredkov S, Weyhermuller T, Rudiger O, Pereira NB, Grotzsch D, Kalinko A, DeBeer S
8284 - 8290 Scandium Tetrahedron Supported by H Anion and CN Pentaanion inside Fullerene C-80
Zhao C, Tan K, Nie MZ, Lu YX, Zhang J, Wang CR, Lu X, Wang TS
8291 - 8297 Supramolecular Co-assembly of the Ti8L12 Cube with [Ti(DMF)(6)] Species and Ti-12-Oxo Cluster
Zhu BC, Hong L, Yi XF, Zhang J, Zhang L
8298 - 8307 Phase Transformation of a K2GeF6 Polymorph for Phosphors Driven by a Simple Precipitation-Dissolution Equilibrium and Ion Exchange
Lang TC, Fang SQ, Han T, Wang MG, Yang DL, Wang J, Cao SX, Peng LL, Liu BT, Cai MS, Zhong Y, Korepanov VI, Yakovlev AN
8308 - 8319 Dinitrosyliron Complex [(PMDTA)Fe(NO)(2)]: Intermediate for Nitric Oxide Monooxygenation Activity in Nonheme Iron Complex
Lu S, Chiou TW, Li WL, Wang CC, Wang YM, Lee WZ, Lu TT, Liaw WF
8320 - 8333 Iron(II) Spin Crossover Complexes Based on a Redox Active Equatorial Schiff-Base-Like Ligand
Schonfeld S, Dankhoff K, Baabe D, Zaretzke MK, Broring M, Schotz K, Kohler A, Horner G, Weber B
8334 - 8344 Harnessing the Untapped Catalytic Potential of a CoFe2O4/Mn-BDC Hybrid MOF Composite for Obtaining a Multitude of 1,4-Disubstituted 1,2,3-Triazole Scaffolds
Yadav S, Sharma S, Dutta S, Sharma A, Adholeya A, Sharma RK
8345 - 8352 A(6)Sb(4)F(12)(SO4)(3) (A = Rb, Cs): Two Novel Antimony Fluoride Sulfates with Unique Crown-like Clusters
Dong XH, Long Y, Zhao XY, Huang L, Zeng HM, Lin ZE, Wang X, Zou GH
8353 - 8360 Unveiling a Photoinduced Hydrogen Evolution Reaction Mechanism via the Concerted Formation of Uranyl Peroxide
Petrus E, Segado M, Bandeira NAG, Bo C
8361 - 8368 The 50-Fold Enhanced Proton Conductivity Brought by Aqueous-Phase Single-Crystal-to-Single-Crystal Central Metal Exchange
Wang HF, Wu Q, Ding XY, Shao ZC, Xu WJ, Zhao YJ, Xie Q, Meng XR, Hou HW
8369 - 8379 Actinyl-Modified g-C3N4 as CO2 Activation Materials for Chemical Conversion and Environmental Remedy via an Artificial Photosynthetic Route
Bacha RUS, Li L, Guo YR, Jing LQ, Pan QJ
8380 - 8386 Nonlinear-Optical Response in Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework Glass
Ali MA, Liu XF, Li Y, Ren JJ, Qiu JR
8387 - 8395 Photoinduced Defect and Surface Chemistry of Niobium Tellurium Oxides ANbTeO(6) (A = K, Rb, Cs) with Defect-Pyrochlore Structure
Weiss M, Wirth B, Marschall R
8396 - 8403 Li4Ca2B8O16: A Borate with a Unique Fundamental Building Block and a Short Cutoff Edge
Ren P, Yang Y, Wen M, Li H, Yang ZH, Pan SL
8404 - 8411 Asymmetric Induction with a Chiral Amine Catalyzed by a Ru-PNP Pincer Complex: Insight from Theoretical Investigation
Liu YQ, Yue X, Li LF, Li ZW, Zhang L, Pu M, Yang ZY, Wang C, Xiao JL, Lei M
8412 - 8423 Bimetallic Zinc Catalysts for Ring-Opening Copolymerization Processes
de la Cruz-Martinez F, Buchaca MMD, Martinez J, Tejeda J, Fernandez-Baeza J, Alonso-Moreno C, Rodriguez AM, Castro-Osma JA, Lara-Sanchez A
8424 - 8431 Minerals to Functional Materials: Characterization of Structural Phase Transitions and Raman Analysis of a Superionic Phase in Na6Co(So(4))(4)
Dutta A, Swain D, Sunil J, Narayana C, Row TNG
8432 - 8443 Cross-Bridged Cyclam with Phosphonate and Phosphinate Pendant Arms: Chelators for Copper Radioisotopes with Fast Complexation
Pazderova L, David T, Hlinova V, Plutnar J, Kotek J, Lubal P, Kubicek V, Hermann P
8444 - 8450 Control of the Porosity in Manganese Trimer-Based Metal-Organic Frameworks by Linker Functionalization
Mian MR, Afrin U, Fataftah MS, Idrees KB, Islamoglu T, Freedman DE, Farha OK
8451 - 8460 Stereoelectronic Profiling of Acyclic Diamino Carbenes (ADCs)
Singh C, Kumar A, Huynh HV
8461 - 8467 Cation-Directed Synthetic Strategy Using 4f Tungstoantimonates as Nonlacunary Precursors for the Generation of 3d-4f Clusters
Tanuhadi E, Al-Sayed E, Novitchi G, Roller A, Giester G, Rompel A
8468 - 8480 Unexpected Thymine Oxidation and Collision-Induced Thymine-Pt-guanine Cross-Linking on 5 '-TpG and 5 '-GpT by a Photoactivatable Diazido Pt(IV) Anticancer Complex
Zhang JS, Zeng WJ, Wu K, Ye J, Cheng YY, Cheng Y, Zou T, Peng N, Wu XQ, Zhao Y, Wang FY
8481 - 8486 Effective Trapping of Polysulfides Using Functionalized Thin-Walled Porous Carbon Nanotubes as Sulfur Hosts for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries
Liang WH, Tang YK, Liu L, Zhu CX, Sheng R
8487 - 8497 Selective Metal-Ligand Bond-Breaking Driven by Weak Intermolecular Interactions: From Metamagnetic Mn(III)-Monomer to Hexacyanoferrate(II)-Bridged Metamagnetic Mn2Fe Trimer
Goswami S, Singha S, Saha I, Chatterjee A, Dey SK, Garcia CJG, Frontera A, Kumar S, Saha R
8498 - 8504 Synthesis of Enantiopure Lanthanide Complexes Supported by Hexadentate N,N '-Bis(methylbipyridyl)bipyrrolidine and Their Circularly Polarized Luminescence
Schnable D, Freedman K, Ayers KM, Schley ND, Kol M, Ung G
8505 - 8513 Trigonal Prismatic Cobalt(II) Single-Ion Magnets: Manipulating the Magnetic Relaxation Through Symmetry Control
Yao BL, Singh MK, Deng YF, Wang YN, Dunbar KR, Zhang YZ
8514 - 8521 Structural Evolution of Ferroelectric and Ferroelastic Barium Sodium Niobate Tungsten Bronze
Aamlid SS, Selbach SM, Grande T
8522 - 8531 CoP Microscale Prism-like Superstructure Arrays on Ni Foam as an Efficient Bifunctional Electrocatalyst for Overall Water Splitting
Cao S, You N, Wei L, Huang C, Fan XM, Shi K, Yang ZH, Zhang WX
8532 - 8542 Synthesis, Photophysics, and Reverse Saturable Absorption of transBis-cyclometalated Iridium(111) Complexes (CANAC)Ir(R-tpy)(+) (tpy=2,2 ':6 ',2 ''-Terpyridine) with Broadband Excited -State Absorption
Liu BQ, Jabed MA, Kilina S, Sun WF
8543 - 8551 Electronic Structures of the Vanadium-Intercalated and Substitutionally Doped Transition-Metal Dichalcogenides TixVySe2
Shkvarin AS, Yarmoshenko YM, Merentsov AI, Shkvarina EG, Gubkin AF, Pis I, Nappini S, Bondino F, Bobrikov IA, Titov AN
8552 - 8561 Dynamer and Metallodynamer Interconversion: An Alternative View to Metal Ion Complexation
Brzechwa-Chodzynska A, Zielinski M, Gilski M, Harrowfield JM, Stefankiewicz AR
8562 - 8579 Old Dog, New Tricks: Innocent, Five-coordinate Cyanocobalt Corroles
Osterloh WR, Desbois N, Quesneau V, Brandes S, Fleurat-Lessard P, Fang YY, Blondeau-Patissier V, Paolesse R, Gros CP, Kadish KM
8580 - 8588 Uranium Metallocene Azides, Isocyanates, and Their Borane-Capped Lewis Adducts
Boreen MA, McCabe KN, Lohrey TD, Watt FA, Maron L, Hohloch S, Arnold J
8589 - 8602 Oxidation as an Early Stage in the Multistep Thermal Decomposition of Uranium(IV) Oxalate into U3O8
Desfougeres L, Welcomme E, Ollivier M, Martin PM, Hennuyer J, Hunault MOJY, Podor R, Clavier N, Favergeon L
8603 - 8608 Large Linear Negative Thermal Expansion in NiAs-type Magnetic Intermetallic Cr-Te-Se Compounds
Xu JW, Zheng XQ, Yang SX, Xi L, Wang SG, Zhang L, Yang WY, Yang JB, Ma XB, Chen DF, He LH, Deng SH, Zhang JY, Wu YF, Shen BG
8609 - 8619 Characterization of a Mixed-Valence Ru(II)/Ru(III) Ion-Pair Complex. Unexpected High-Frequency Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Evidence for Ru(III)-Ru(III) Dimer Coupling
Impert O, Kozakiewicz A, Wrzeszcz G, Katafias A, Bienko A, van Eldik R, Ozarowski A
8620 - 8628 Synthesis and Characterization of SF4 Adducts with Polycyclic Amines
Kostiuk N, Goettel JT, Gerken M
8629 - 8634 Coordination of Uranyl to the Redox-Active Calix[4]pyrrole Ligand
Kent GT, Murillo J, Wu G, Fortier S, Hayton TW
8635 - 8636 Two Acentric Mononuclear Molecular Complexes with Unusual Magnetic and Ferroelectric Properties (vol 51,pg 4832, 2012)
Zhao FH, Che YX, Zheng JM, Grandjean F, Long GJ
8637 - 8637 Spectroscopic and Computational Studies of Spin States of Iron(IV) Nitrido and Imido Complexes (vol 56, pg 4751, 2017)
Bucinsky L, Breza M, Lee WT, Hickey AK, Dickie DA, Nieto I, DeGayner JA, Harris TD, Meyer K, Krzystek J, Ozarowski A, Nehrkorn J, Schnegg A, Holldack K, Herber RH, Telser J, Smith JM
8638 - 8638 Standard Reduction Potentials for Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Couples in Acetonitrile and N,N-Dimethylformamide (vol 54, pg 11883, 2015)
Pegis ML, Roberts JAS, Wasylenko DJ, Mader EA, Appel AM, Mayer JM