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16313 - 16316 Sn6SiO8, a Tin(II) Silicate with a Zinc Blende Related Structure and High Thermal Stability
Parsons DS, Savva SN, Tang WC, Ingram A, Hriljac JA
16317 - 16321 Structures, Phase Behavior, and Fluorescent Properties of 3-Phenyl-1-(pyridin-2-yl)-1H-pyrazol-5-amine and Its ZnCl2 Complex
Hiscock LK, Joekar D, Balonova B, Piqueras MT, Schroeder ZW, Jarvis V, Maly KE, Blight BA, Dawe LN
16322 - 16325 New Robust Luminescent Supramolecular Assemblies Based on [Ln(Mo8O26)(2)](5-) (Ln = Eu, Sm) Polyoxometalates
Bolle P, Albrecht N, Amiaud T, Humbert B, Faulques E, Dessapt R, Serier-Brault H
16326 - 16329 Nitro-Substituted Ruthenium(II) Complex: A New Strategy for a G-Quadruplex DNA Fluorescent Probe
Liu XW, Liu NY, Deng YQ, Wang S, Liu T, Tang YC, Chen YD, Lu JL
16330 - 16345 Thermoluminescent Antimony-Supported Copper-lodo Cuboids: Approaching NIR Emission via High Crystallographic Symmetry
Taylor WV, Cammack CX, Shubert SA, Rose MJ
16346 - 16353 Crystal and Band-Gap Engineering of One-Dimensional Antimony/Bismuth-Based Organic-Inorganic Hybrids
Hu YQ, Hui HY, Lin WQ, Wen HQ, Yang DS, Feng GD
16354 - 16363 Excited State Dynamics of Bistridentate and Trisbidentate Ru-II Complexes of Quinoline-Pyrazole Ligands
Fredin LA, Wallenstein J, Sundin E, Jarenmark M, de Mattos DFB, Persson P, Abrahamsson M
16364 - 16371 Spectroscopic Characterization of Platinum(IV) Terpyridyl Complexes
Taylor SD, Shingade VM, Muvirimi R, Hicks SD, Krause JA, Connick WB
16372 - 16378 Proximity Enforced Agostic Interactions Involving Closed-Shell Coinage Metal Ions
Hupf E, Malaspina LA, Holsten S, Kleemiss F, Edwards AJ, Price JR, Kozich V, Heyne K, Mebs S, Grabowsky S, Beckmann J
16379 - 16386 High-Pressure Synthesis and Crystal Structure of MoC-Type Tungsten Nitride by Nitridation with Ammonium Chloride
Sasaki T, Ikoma T, Sago K, Liu Z, Niwa K, Ohsuna T, Hasegawa M
16387 - 16401 Highly Transparent Fluorotellurite Glass-Ceramics: Structural Investigations and Luminescence Properties
Laval JP, Duclere JR, Couderc V, Allix M, Genevois C, Sarou-Kanian V, Fayon F, Coulon PE, Chenu S, Colas M, Cornette J, Thomas P, Delaizir G
16402 - 16410 Photochemical Hydrogen Evolution from Neutral Water with a Cobalt Metallopeptide Catalyst
Chakraborty S, Edwards EH, Kandemir B, Bren KL
16411 - 16423 Comparative Experimental and Theoretical Study of the C and O K-Edge X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy in Three Highly Popular, Low Spin Organoiron Complexes: [Fe(CO)(5)], [(eta(5)-C5H5)Fe(CO)(mu-CO)](2), and [(eta(5)-C5H5)(2)Fe]
Carlotto S, Finetti P, de Simone M, Coreno M, Casella G, Sambi M, Casarin M
16424 - 16433 A Molybdenum Trioxide Hybrid Decorated by 3-(1,2,4-Triazol-4-yl)adamantane-1-carboxylic Acid: A Promising Reaction-Induced Self-Separating (RISS) Catalyst
Lysenko AB, Senchyk GA, Domasevitch KV, Henfling S, Erhart O, Krautscheid H, Neves P, Valente AA, Pillinger M, Goncalves IS
16434 - 16444 Purely Spectroscopic Determination of the Spin Hamiltonian Parameters in High-Spin Six-Coordinated Cobalt(II) Complexes with Large Zero-Field Splitting
Misochko EY, Akimov AV, Korchagin DV, Nehrkorn J, Ozerov M, Palii AV, Clemente-Juan JM, Aldoshin SM
16445 - 16457 Stereochemistry of Hexacoordinated Zn(II), Cu(II), Ni(II), and Co(II) Complexes with Iminodiacetamide Ligands
Juraj NP, Miletic GI, Peric B, Popovic Z, Smrecki N, Vianello R, Kirin SI
16458 - 16474 Photocatalytic H-2-Evolution by Homogeneous Molybdenum Sulfide Clusters Supported by Dithiocarbamate Ligands
Fontenot PR, Shan B, Wang B, Simpson S, Ragunathan G, Greene AF, Obanda A, Hunt LA, Hammer NI, Webster CE, Mague JT, Schmehl RH, Donahue JP
16475 - 16486 Pogo-Stick Iron and Cobalt Complexes: Synthesis, Structures, and Magnetic Properties
Peters M, Baabe D, Maekawa M, Bockfeld D, Zaretzke MK, Tamm M, Walter MD
16487 - 16499 Spectroscopic and Computational Comparisons of Thiolate-Ligated Ferric Nonheme Complexes to Cysteine Dioxygenase: Second Sphere Effects on Substrate (Analogue) Positioning
Fischer AA, Miller JR, Jodts RJ, Ekanayake DM, Lindeman SV, Brunold TC, Fiedler AT
16500 - 16509 Evaluation of the sigma-Donating and pi-Accepting Properties of N-Heterocyclic Boryl Anions
Romeo LJ, Kaur A, Wilson DJD, Martin CD, Dutton JL
16510 - 16517 Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer Kinetics for the Photoinduced Generation of a Cobalt(III)-Hydride Complex
Kurtz DA, Dempsey JL
16518 - 16523 A Calix[4]resorcinarene-Based [Co-12] Coordination Cage for Highly Efficient Cycloaddition of CO2 to Epoxides
Guo TT, Su XF, Xu XX, Yang J, Yan LK, Ma JF
16524 - 16536 Constructing Conductive Bridge Arrays between Ti3C2Tx MXene Nanosheets for High-Performance Lithium-Ion Batteries and Highly Efficient Hydrogen Evolution
Wang X, Wang SG, Qin JW, Xie X, Yang R, Cao MH
16537 - 16545 Light-Driven Water Oxidation with the Ir-blue Catalyst and the Ru(bpy)(3)(2+)/S2O82- Cycle: Photogeneration of Active Dimers, Electron-Transfer Kinetics, and Light Synchronization for Oxygen Evolution with High Quantum Efficiency
Volpe A, Tubaro C, Natali M, Sartorel A, Brudvig GW, Bonchio M
16546 - 16552 Phosphinate Apical Ligands: A Route to a Water-Stable Octahedral Molybdenum Cluster Complex
Kirakci K, Demel J, Hynek J, Zelenka J, Rumlova M, Ruml T, Lang K
16553 - 16558 Theoretical Analysis of Competing Pathways for Carbon-Hydrogen Activation of Cyclopentadienyl-Triphenylphosphine-Iridium in Benzene
Yang X, Hall MB
16559 - 16573 Synthesis and epsilon-Caprolactone Polymerization Activity of Electron-Deficient Gallium and Aluminum Species Containing a Charged Redox-Active dpp-Bian Ligand
Dodonov VA, Morozov AG, Rumyantsev RV, Fukin GK, Skatova AA, Roesky PW, Fedushkin IL
16574 - 16580 MOF-253-Supported Ru Complex for Photocatalytic CO2 Reduction by Coupling with Semidehydrogenation of 1,2,3,4-Tetrahydroisoquinoline (THIQ)
Deng XY, Qin YH, Hao MM, Li ZH
16581 - 16591 A Thiophene-2-carboxamide-Functionalized Zr(IV) Organic Framework as a Prolific and Recyclable Heterogeneous Catalyst for Regioselective Ring Opening of Epoxides
Das A, Anbu N, Reinsch H, Dhakshinamoorthy A, Biswas S
16592 - 16608 Constructive Interfacial Charge Carrier Separation of a p-CaFe2O4@n-ZnFe2O4 Heterojunction Architect Photocatalyst toward Photodegradation of Antibiotics
Behera A, Kandi D, Martha S, Parida K
16609 - 16617 Magnetic and Electrocatalytic Properties of Nanoscale Cobalt Boride, Co3B
Zieschang AM, Bocarsly JD, Schuch J, Reichel CV, Kaiser B, Jaegermann W, Seshadri R, Albert B
16618 - 16628 Gd- and Eu-Loaded Iron Oxide@Silica Core-Shell Nanocomposites as Trimodal Contrast Agents for Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Optical Imaging
Pinho SLC, Sereno J, Abrunhosa AJ, Delville MH, Rocha J, Carlos LD, Geraldes CFGC
16629 - 16641 Structural, Electrochemical, and Magnetic Studies of Bulky Uranium(III) and Uranium(IV) Metallocenes
Boreen MA, Lussier DJ, Skeel BA, Lohrey TD, Watt FA, Shuh DK, Long JR, Hohloch S, Arnold J
16642 - 16659 Explaining How alpha-Hydroxamate Ligands Control the Formation of Cu(II)-, Ni(II)-, and Zn(II)-Containing Metallacrowns
Ostrowska M, Toporivska Y, Golenya IA, Shova S, Fritsky IO, Pecoraro VL, Gumienna-Kontecka E
16660 - 16666 Synthetic, Structural, and Computational Studies on Heavier Tetragen and Chalcogen Triazenide Complexes
Flanagan KR, Parish JD, Fox MA, Johnson AL
16667 - 16675 Reduced Phosphomolybdate Hybrids as Efficient Visible-Light Photocatalysts for Cr(VI) Reduction
Hou L, Zhang YQ, Ma YY, Wang YL, Hu ZF, Gao YZ, Han ZG
16676 - 16688 Synthesis and Cytotoxicity of Water-Soluble Dual- and Triple-Action Satraplatin Derivatives: Replacement of Equatorial Chlorides of Satraplatin by Acetates
Karmakar S, Poetsch I, Kowol CR, Heffeter P, Gibson D
16689 - 16702 Hydroxytricyanoborate Anion: Synthetic Aspects and Structural, Chemical, and Spectroscopic Properties
Ribbeck T, Kerpen C, Schmidle C, Keppner F, Sprenger JAP, Arrowsmith M, Braunschweig H, Ignat'ev NV, Finze M
16703 - 16711 Bis(ethylenedithio)tetrathiafulvalene Cation Radical Salts Composed of Nonuniform Silver(I) Complex Polyanions
Yoshida Y, Maesato M, Nakamura Y, Ishikawa M, Yamochi H, Saito G, Kishida H, Kitagawa H
16712 - 16721 Photo- and Thermoswitchable Half-Sandwich Nickel(II) Complex: [Ni(eta(5)-C5H5)(IMes)(eta(1)-NO2)]
Kutniewska SE, Kaminski R, Buchowicz W, Jarzembska KN
16722 - 16726 Th@T-d(19151)-C-76: A Highly Symmetric Fullerene Cage Stabilized by a Tetravalent Actinide Metal Ion
Jin MH, Zhuang JX, Wang YF, Yang W, Liu XY, Chen N
16727 - 16735 Synthesis of 2D Hexagonal Hematite Nanosheets and the Crystal Growth Mechanism
Zong MR, Zhang X, Wang YN, Huang XP, Zhou JB, Wang ZM, De Yoreo JJ, Lu XC, Rosso KM
16736 - 16742 Bis(2-pyridyl) and Tris(2-pyridyl) Compounds of Gallium and Indium via a Redox-Transmetalation Route
Zeckert K, Fuhrmann D
16743 - 16751 Nonenzymatic Glucose Sensing and Magnetic Property Based On the Composite Formed by Encapsulating Ag Nanoparticles in Cluster-Based Co-MOF
Liu Y, Shi WJ, Lu YK, Liu G, Hou L, Wang YY
16752 - 16760 Ferroelectric BaTaO2N Crystals Grown in a BaCN2 Flux
Hosono A, Masubuchi Y, Yasui S, Takesada M, Endo T, Higuchi M, Itoh M, Kikkawa S
16761 - 16770 Hydrogen Atom Abstraction by High-Valent Fe(OH) versus Mn(OH) Porphyrinoid Complexes: Mechanistic Insights from Experimental and Computational Studies
Zaragoza JPT, Cummins DC, Mubarak MQE, Siegler MA, de Visser SP, Goldberg DP
16771 - 16784 Enhancement of the Antioxidant Activity and Neurotherapeutic Features through Pyridol Addition to Tetraazamacrocyclic Molecules
Johnston HM, Pota K, Barnett MM, Kinsinger O, Braden P, Schwartz TM, Hoffer E, Sadagopan N, Nguyen N, Yu Y, Gonzalez P, Tircso G, Wu HL, Akkaraju G, Chumley MJ, Green KN
16785 - 16791 Precise and Wide-Ranged Band-Gap Tuning of Ti-6-Core-Based Titanium Oxo Clusters by the Type and Number of Chromophore Ligands
Yu YZ, Zhang YR, Geng CH, Sun L, Guo Y, Feng YR, Wang YX, Zhang XM
16792 - 16799 Topology-Guided Design for Sc-soc-MOFs and Their Enhanced Storage and Separation for CO2 and C-2-Hydrocarbons
Zhang JW, Qu P, Hu MC, Li SN, Jiang YC, Zhai QG
16800 - 16817 Quantifying Entatic States in Photophysical Processes: Applications to Copper Photosensitizers
Stroscio GD, Ribson RD, Hadt RG
16818 - 16822 Low Thermal Expansion Modulated by Off-Stoichiometric Effect in Nonstoichiometric Laves Phase Hf0.87Ta0.13Fe2+x Compounds
Li LF, Tong P, Tong W, Jiang WB, Ding YW, Jin H, Lin JC, Yang C, Zhu F, Zhang XK, Zhu XB, Song WH, Sun YP
16823 - 16830 Polymorphism and Temperature-Induced Phase Transitions of Na2CoP2O7
Avdeev M, Wang CW, Barpanda P, Fujii K, Yashima M
16831 - 16837 Flux Crystal Growth of Lanthanide Tungsten Oxychlorides, La8.64W6O30.45Cl, Ce8.64W5.74O30Cl, and Ln(8.33)W(6)O(30)Cl (Ln = Pr, Nd): Structural Stability in the Presence of Extreme Cation and Anion Disorder
Carone D, Klepov VV, Smith MD, zur Loye HC
16838 - 16848 High-Valent d(7) Ni-III versus d(8) Cu-III Oxidants in PCET
Unjaroen D, Gericke R, Lovisari M, Neils D, Mondal P, Pirovano P, Twamley B, Farquhar ER, McDonald AR
16849 - 16857 Secondary Coordination Sphere Design to Modify Transport of Protons and CO2
Loewen ND, Berben LA
16858 - 16858 RETRACTION: Superconductivity in LaRh2Ga2 with Noncentrosymmetric Structure (Retraction of Vol 58, Pg 12733, 2019)
Nakayama Y, Muranaka T