Inorganic Chemistry

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14939 - 14980 Viewpoint: Atomic-Scale Design Protocols toward Energy, Electronic, Catalysis, and Sensing Applications
Belviso F, Claerbout VEP, Comas-Vives A, Dalal NS, Fan FR, Filippetti A, Fiorentini V, Foppa L, Franchini C, Geisler B, Ghiringhelli LM, Gross A, Hu SB, Iniguez J, Kauwe SK, Musfeldt JL, Nicolini P, Pentcheva R, Polcar T, Ren W, Ricci F, Ricci F, Sen HS, Skelton JM, Sparks TD, Stroppa A, Urru A, Vandichel M, Vavassori P, Wu H, Yang K, Zhao HJ, Puggioni D, Cortese R, Cammarata A
14981 - 14997 NO/H2S "Crosstalk" Reactions. The Role of Thionitrites (SNO-) and Perthionitrites (SSNO-)
Marcolongo JP, Venancio MF, Rocha WR, Doctorovich F, Olabe JA
14998 - 15003 Redox Tuning via Ligand-Induced Geometric Distortions at a YMn3O4 Cubane Model of the Biological Oxygen Evolving Complex
Lee HB, Agapie T
15004 - 15007 Impact of Nanostructuration on the Chemical Composition of Nickel Oxide Nanoparticles
Polteau B, Chevire F, Tessier F, Deniard P, Gautron E, Cario L, Jobic S
15008 - 15012 Ligand-Dependent Luminescence Properties of Lanthanide- Titanium Oxo Clusters
Chen R, Hong ZF, Zhao YR, Zheng H, Li GJ, Zhang QC, Kong XJ, Long LS, Zheng LS
15013 - 15016 Highly Dense Packing of Chromophoric Linkers Achievable in a Pyrene-Based Metal-Organic Framework for Photoelectric Response
Qin JH, Huang YD, Zhao Y, Yang XG, Li FF, Wang C, Ma LF
15017 - 15020 Chiral Separation of Styrene Oxides Supported by Enantiomeric Tetrahedral Neutral Pd(II) Cages
Rajasekar P, Pandey S, Ferrara JD, Del Campo M, Le Magueres P, Boomishankar R
15021 - 15024 Mechanochemical Synthesis of Mn3O4 Nanocrystals and Their Lithium Intercalation Capability
Becker D, Klos M, Kickelbick G
15025 - 15028 Tuning the Channel Size and Structure Flexibility of Metal-Organic Frameworks for the Selective Adsorption of Noble Gases
Yu L, Xiong SS, Lin YH, Li LY, Peng JJ, Liu W, Huang XX, Wang H, Li J
15029 - 15033 Rb10Zn4Sn4S17: A Chalcogenide with Large Laser Damage Threshold improved from the Mn-Based Analogue
Zhao J, Mei DJ, Yang Y, Cao WZ, Liu C, Wu YD, Lin ZS
15034 - 15038 Germanium Hydride Radical Trapped during the Photolysis/ Thermolysis of Diarylgermylene
Tao LZ, Lai TY, Power PP, Britt RD
15039 - 15044 Ditopic Chiral Pineno-Fused 2,2 ':6 ',2 ''-Terpyridine: Synthesis, Self-Assembly, and Optical Properties
Zhao FJ, Wang H, Li KH, Wang XD, Zhang N, Zhu XJ, Zhang WJ, Wang M, Hao XQ, Song MP, Li XP
15045 - 15059 Stability, Crystal Chemistry, and Magnetism of U2+xN21-xB6 and Nb3-yNi20+yB6 and the Role of Uranium in the Formation of the Quaternary U2-zNbzNi21B6 and U delta Nb3-delta Ni20B6 Systems
Provino A, Smetana V, Hackett TA, Paudyal D, Kashyap MK, Bernini C, Bhattacharyya A, Dhar SK, Pani M, Gatti F, Mudring AV, Manfrinetti P
15060 - 15077 Proton-Coupled Oxidation of Aldimines and Stabilization of H-Bonded Phenoxyl Radical-Phenol Skeletons
Samanta D, Saha P, Ghosh P
15078 - 15087 Tuning the Chemical Environment within the UiO-66-NH2 Nanocages for Charge-Dependent Contaminant Uptake and Selectivity
Ibrahim AH, El-Mehalmey WA, Haikal RR, Safy MEA, Amin M, Shatla HR, Karakalos SG, Alkordi MH
15088 - 15100 Bonding Interactions in Uranyl alpha-Diimine Complexes: A Spectroscopic and Electrochemical Study of the Impacts of Ligand Electronics and Extended Conjugation
Niklas JE, Hunter KM, Gorden AEV
15101 - 15109 Solvothermal Syntheses and Characterizations of Four Quaternary Copper Sulfides BaCu3MS4 (M = In, Ga) and BaCu2MS4 (M = Sn, Ge)
Liu Y, Song XD, Zhang RC, Zhou FY, Zhang JW, Jiang XM, Ji M, An YL
15110 - 15117 Lithium-Templated Formation of Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxanes (POSS)
Prigyai N, Chanmungkalakul S, Eryithayasuporn V, Yodsin N, Jungsuttiwong S, Takeda N, Unno M, Boonmak J, Kiatkamjornwong S
15118 - 15125 Lanthanide Coordination Polymer-Based Composite Films for Selective and Highly Sensitive Detection of Cr2O72- in Aqueous Media
Chen W, Fan RQ, Fan JZ, Liu HY, Sun TC, Wang P, Yang YL
15126 - 15137 Speedy, Specific, Synchronous Sensing Platforms with Ruthenium Complexes for Multiplexed MicroRNA Detection
Li RT, Liang Z, Li MC, Tan Y, Xie BP, Duan WJ, Ning CT, Chen JX, Sun B
15138 - 15154 Using N-Terminal Coordination of Cu(II) and Ni(II) to Isolate the Coordination Environment of Cu(I) and Cu(II) Bound to His13 and His14 in Amyloid-beta(4-16)
Pushie MJ, Stefaniak E, Sendzikr MR, Sokaras D, Kro T, Haas KL
15155 - 15165 Synthesis of Pyridylimido Complexes of Tantalum and Niobium by Reductive Cleavage of the N=N Bond of 2,2 '-Azopyridine: Precursors for Early-Late Heterobimetallic Complexes
Kawakita K, Kalduchi Y, Beaumier EP, Tonks IA, Tsurugi H, Mashima K
15166 - 15174 Yttrium Manganese Oxide Phase Stability and Selectivity Using Lithium Carbonate Assisted Metathesis Reactions
Todd PK, Smith AMM, Neilson JR
15175 - 15188 Detrimental Effect and Neutralization of in Situ Produced Water on Zirconia Nanoparticles Obtained by a Nonaqueous Sol-Gel Method
Gambe J, Remondiere F, Jouin J, Portal L, Thomas P, Masson O
15189 - 15201 The Stability of the Complex and the Basicity of the Anion Impact the Selectivity and Affinity of Tripodal Gadolinium Complexes for Anions
Raju MVR, Wilharm RK, Dresel MJ, McGreal ME, Mansergh JP, Marting ST, Goodpaster JD, Pierre VC
15202 - 15206 Electronic Structure of Tetracyanonickelate(II)
Oppenheim JJ, McNicholas BJ, Miller J, Gray HB
15207 - 15215 Cs2MnF6 Red Phosphor with Ultrahigh Absorption Efficiency
Zhang JF, Liu LL, He S, Peng JQ, Du F, Yang FL, Ye XY
15216 - 15224 One-Dimensional Pnictogen Allotropes inside Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes
Hart M, Chen J, Michaelides A, Sella A, Shaffer MSP, Salzmann CG
15225 - 15235 Iron(II) Corrole Anions
Caulfield KP, Conradie J, Arman HD, Ghosh A, Tonzetich ZJ
15236 - 15245 Synthesis, Crystal and Electronic Structures, and Electrical Properties of the Fifth Member of the Rb-2(Mo9S11)(Mo6nS6n+2 ) Series: Rb10Mo39S43, an Atypical Reduced Molybdenum Sulfide Containing Mo(9 )and Mo-30 Clusters
Gougeon P, Gall P, Huguenot A, Al Orabi RA, Gautier R
15246 - 15254 Morphology Control in AgCu Nanoalloy Synthesis by Molecular Cu(I) Precursors
Vykoukal V, Halasta V, Babiak M, Bursik J, Pinkas J
15255 - 15268 Effect of Carbon Insertion on the Structural and Magnetic Properties of NdScSi
Mahon T, Gaudin E, Villesuzanne A, Chevalier B, Tence S
15269 - 15282 Tetra-2,3-pyrazinoporphyrazines with Peripherally Appended Pyridine Rings. 20. Mono- and Pentanuclear Al-III and Ga-I(II) Complexes: Synthesis and Physicochemical and Photoactivity Studies
Saltini G, Cong L, Donzello MP, Ercolani C, Viola R, Pettiti I, Stuzhin PA, Kadish KM
15283 - 15290 Wurtzite CuNi2InS4 Nanocrystals: A Quaternary Chalcogenide Magnetic Semiconductor
Xu YL, Fu Q, Lei SJ, Xiong JS, Sun SQ, Bian QH, Xiao YH, Cheng BC
15291 - 15302 Synthesis of CuSbS2 Nanoplates and CuSbS2-Cu3SbS4 Nanocomposite: Effect of Sulfur Source on Different Phase Formation
Behera C, Samal R, Rout CS, Dhaka RS, Sahoo G, Samal SL
15303 - 15319 Binary Donor-Acceptor Adducts of Tetrathiafulvalene Donors with Cyclic Trimetallic Monovalent Coinage Metal Acceptors
Ghimire MM, Simon OC, Harris LM, Appiah A, Mitch RM, Nesterov VN, Macchioni A, Zuccaccia C, Rabaa H, Galassi R, Omary MA
15320 - 15329 Picosecond to Nanosecond Manipulation of Excited-State Lifetimes in Complexes with an Fe-II to Ti(IV )Metal-to-Metal Charge Transfer: The Role of Ferrocene Centered Excited States
Livshits MY, Turlington MD, Trindle CO, Wang L, Altun Z, Wagenknecht PS, Rack JJ
15330 - 15343 Regulation of Substituent Effects on Configurations and Magnetic Performances of Mononuclear Dy-III Single-Molecule Magnets
Zhang S, Mo WJ, Zhang JW, Zhang ZQ, Yin B, Hu DW, Chen SP
15344 - 15353 Spontaneous Polarization Effect and Photocatalytic Activity of Layered Compound of BiOIO3
Dong XD, Yao GY, Liu QL, Zhao QM, Zhao ZY
15354 - 15358 Epitaxial Growth of Single-Phase Magnesium Dihydride Thin Films
Shimizu R, Kakinokizono T, Gu I, Hitosugi T
15359 - 15370 Magnetic Molecular Conductors Based on Bis(ethylenedithio)tetrathiafulvalene (BEDT-TTF) and the Tris(chlorocyananilato)ferrate(III) Complex
Sahadevan SA, Abherve A, Monni N, Auban-Senzier P, Cano J, Lloret F, Julve M, Cui HB, Kato R, Canadell E, Mercuri ML, Avarvari N
15371 - 15384 Influence of Pyridine on the Multielectron Redox Cycle of Nickel Diethyldithiocarbamate
Richburg CS, Farnum BH
15385 - 15392 Homoleptic Group 13 Trimethylsilylchalcogenolato Metalates [M(ESiMe3)(4)](-) (M = Ga, In; E = S, Se): Metastable Precursors for Low-Temperature Syntheses of Chalcogenide-Based Materials
Guschlbauer J, Vollgraff T, Sundermeyer J
15393 - 15400 Pressure-Induced Transitions in the 1-Dimensional Vanadium Oxyhydrides Sr2VO3H and Sr3V2O5H2, and Comparison to 2-Dimensional SrVO2H
Yamamoto T, Morgan HWT, Zeng DH, Kawakami T, Patino MA, Hayward MA, Kageyama H, McGrady JE
15401 - 15409 A Self-Doped Oxygen-Free High-Critical-Temperature (High-T-c) Superconductor: SmFFeAs
Lin D, Xu HS, Luo JJ, Huang HL, Lu YL, Tang KB
15410 - 15416 Antiferroelectric to Antiferroelectric-Relaxor Phase Transition in Calcium Strontium Sulfoaluminate
Wakamatsu T, Kawamura G, Abe T, Nakahira Y, Kawaguchi S, Moriyoshi C, Kuroiwa Y, Terasaki I, Taniguchi H
15417 - 15422 Not Non-Coordinating at All: Coordination Compounds of the Cyclodimethylsiloxanes D-n (D = Me2SiO; n=6, 7) and Group 2 Metal Cations
Dankert F, Weigend F, von Hanisch C
15423 - 15432 Heme-Cu Binucleating Ligand Supports Heme/O-2 and Fe-II-Cu-I/O-2 Reactivity Providing High- and Low-Spin Fe-III-Peroxo-Cu-II Complexes
Kim H, Sharma SK, Schaefer AW, Solomon EI, Karlin KD
15433 - 15442 Geometric and Electronic Engineering of Mn-Doped Cu(OH)(2) Hexagonal Nanorings for Superior Oxygen Evolution Reaction Electrocatalysis
Xu H, Shang HY, Di JW, Du YK
15443 - 15454 Supramolecular Anchoring of Octahedral Molybdenum Clusters onto Graphene and Their Synergies in Photocatalytic Water Reduction
Feliz M, Atienzar P, Amela-Cortes M, Dumait N, Lemoine P, Molard Y, Cordier S
15455 - 15465 Spectroscopic Evidence for Electronic Control of Heme Hydroxylation by IsdG
Conger MA, Cornetta AR, Liptak MD
15466 - 15478 Template-Free Synthesis of a Macrocyclic Bis(pyridine-dienamine) Proligand and Metal Complexes of Its Bis(pyridine-diimine) and Bis(pyridine-dienamido) Forms
Reinhart ED, Jordan RF
15479 - 15486 Investigating the Photochemistry of Spiropyran Metal Complexes with Online LED-NMR
Feuerstein TJ, Muller R, Barner-Kowollik C, Roesky PW
15487 - 15497 Unsymmetrical Bis-Alkynyl Complexes Based on Co(III)(cyclam): Synthesis, Ultrafast Charge Separation, and Analysis
Banziger SD, Li X, Valdiviezo J, Zeller M, Zhang P, Beratan DN, Rubtsov IV, Ren T
15498 - 15506 Near-Equilibrium Control of Li2TiO3 Nanoscale Layer Coated on LiNi0.8Co0.1Mn0.1O2 Cathode Materials for Enhanced Electrochemical Performance
Xiong F, Chen ZX, Huang C, Wang TZ, Zhang WX, Yang ZH, Chen F
15507 - 15519 Luminescence and Energy-Transfer Properties in Bi3+/Mn4+-Codoped Ba2GdNbO6 Double-Perovskite Phosphors for White-Light-Emitting Diodes
Huang DY, Dang PP, Lian HZ, Zeng QG, Lin J
15520 - 15528 Synthesis, Structures, and Solution Dynamics of Titanium and Zirconium Complexes Carrying a Bis(indolyl) and Two Diethylamido Ligands
Ohtao S, Takahashi S, Takenaka A, Akazawa Y, Miyamoto R, Okazaki M
15529 - 15535 Near-Room-Temperature Ferrimagnetic Ordering in a B-Site-Disordered 3d-5d-Hybridized Quadruple Perovskite Oxide, CaCu3Mn2Os2O12
Gao L, Wang X, Ye XB, Wang WP, Liu ZH, Qin SJ, Hu ZW, Lin HJ, Weng SC, Chen CT, Ohresser P, Baudelet F, Yu RC, Jin CQ, Long YW
15536 - 15551 Anticancer Activity of Alkynylgold(I) with P(NMe2)(3) Phosphane in Mouse Colon Tumors and Human Colon Carcinoma Caco-2 Cell Line
Abas E, Espallars N, Burbello G, Mesonero JE, Rodriguez-Dieguez A, Grasa L, Laguna M
15552 - 15561 Endohedral Cluster Superconductors in the Mo-Ga-Sn System Explored by the Joint Flux Technique
Verchenko VY, Zubtsovskii AO, Wei Z, Tsirlin AA, Marcin M, Sobolev AV, Presniakov IA, Dikarev EV, Shevelkov AV
15562 - 15572 An Electron-Poor Dioxa-[2.1.1]-(2,6)-pyridinophane Ligand and Its Application in Cu-Catalyzed Olefin Aziridination
Yang F, Ruan JH, Zavalij PY, Vedernikov AN
15573 - 15579 Role of TM-TM Connection Induced by Opposite d-Electron States on the Hardness of Transition-Metal (TM = Cr, W) Mononitrides
Feng XK, Bao K, Tao Q, Li L, Shao ZJ, Yu HY, Xu CH, Ma SL, Lian M, Zhao XB, Ge YF, Li D, Duan DF, Zhu PW, Cui T
15580 - 15589 Copper(2+) Binding to alpha-Synuclein. Histidine50 Can Form a Ternary Complex with Cu2+ at the N-Terminus but Not a Macrochelate
Tian Y, Stanyon HF, Barritt JD, Mayet U, Patel P, Karamani E, Fusco G, Viles JH
15590 - 15601 Construction of Heterogenous S-C-S MoS2/SnS2/r-GO Heterojunction for Efficient CO2 Photoreduction
Yin SK, Li JZ, Sun LL, Li X, Shen D, Song XH, Huo PW, Wang HQ, Yang YS
15602 - 15609 Lead-Free Broadband Orange-Emitting Zero-Dimensional Hybrid (PMA)(3)InBr6 with Direct Band Gap
Chen D, Hao SQ, Zhou GJ, Deng CK, Liu QL, Ma SL, Wolverton C, Zhao J, Xia ZG
15610 - 15617 (CuxZn1-x)(0.456)In1.084Ge0.46O3 ( 0 <= x <= 1): A Complex, Ordered, Anion-Deficient Fluorite with Unusual Site-Specific Cation Mixing
Flynn S, Adekoya AJ, Saeed S, Zhang C, Dravid VP, Gonzalez GB, Poeppelmeier KR
15618 - 15628 Complexation of Light Trivalent Lanthanides with N-(2-Hydroxyethyl)ethylenediamine-N,N ',N '-triacetic Acid in Aqueous Solutions: Thermodynamic Analysis and Coordination Modes
Li XL, Zhang ZC, Liu BJ, Mu WJ, Yang YC, Martin LR, Luo SZ, Rao LF
15629 - 15636 Superconductivity in a Scandium Borocarbide with a Layered Crystal Structure
Ninomiya H, Oka K, Hase I, Kawashima K, Fujihisa H, Gotoh Y, Ishida S, Ogino H, Iyo A, Yoshida Y, Eisaki H
15637 - 15643 A Double-Walled Porous Metal-Organic Framework as a Highly Efficient Catalyst for Chemical Fixation of CO2 with Epoxides
Zhu QQ, Zhang WW, Zhang HW, Yuan Y, Yuan RR, Sun FX, He HM
15644 - 15651 Structural Instability Driven by Li/Na Competition in Na(Li Ir-1/3(2/3))O-2 Cathode Material for Li-Ion and Na-Ion Batteries
Perez AJ, Rousse G, Tarascon JM
15652 - 15658 Side-On OMoF2(eta(2)-SO) and OWF2(eta(2)-SO) Complexes Featuring Peroxo-Like Sulfur Monoxide Ligand
Wei R, Chen XT, Gong Y
15659 - 15670 ATP7B Binds Ruthenium(II) p-Cymene Half-Sandwich Complexes: Role of Steric Hindrance and Ru-I Coordination in Rescuing the Sequestration
Purkait K, Ruturaj, Mukherjee A, Gupta A
15671 - 15686 Effect of beta-Ketoiminato Ancillary Ligand Modification on Emissive Properties of New Iridium Complexes
Witkowska E, Orwat B, Oh MJ, Wiosna-Salyga G, Glowacki I, Kownacki I, Jankowska K, Kubicki M, Gierczyk B, Dutkiewicz M, Grzelak I, Hoffmann M, Nawrocik J, Krajewski G, Ulanski J, Ledwon P, Lapkowski M