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ISSN: 0020-1669 (Print) 

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12493 - 12496 The Chemistry Women Mentorship Network (ChemWMN): A Tool for Creating Critical Mass in Academic Chemistry
Cossairt BM, Dempsey JL, Young ER
12497 - 12500 Exploiting Aurophilic Interactions in a [2+2] Photocycloaddition: Single-Crystal Reactivity with Changes to Surface Morphology
Li CA, Campillo-Alvarado G, Swenson DC, MacGillivray LR
12501 - 12505 Assembly of Metal-Organic Frameworks of SiF62- in Situ Formed from Borosilicate Glass
Sun MY, Wang XZ, Chen ZY, Zhou XP, Li D
12506 - 12510 Synthesis of Water-Soluble Chiral DOTA Lanthanide Complexes with Predominantly Twisted Square Antiprism Isomers and Circularly Polarized Luminescence
Dai LX, Zhang JH, Chen YQ, Mackenzie LE, Pal R, Law GL
12511 - 12515 Transition-Metal-Ion (Fe, Co, Cr, Mn, Etc.) Doping of TiO2 Nanotubes: A General Approach
Zhang DN, Chen JH, Xiang QJ, Li YX, Liu MZ, Liao YL
12516 - 12520 White Light from Blue Fluorescence and Sensitized Yellow Long-Afterglow Phosphorescence of o-Terphenyl in Its pi-Acid center dot center dot center dot Base Adduct with Ag(3)Pz(3)
Zhan SZ, Ding F, Liu XW, Zhang GH, Zheng J, Li D
12521 - 12525 Synthesis and Photoelectric Properties of Metal-Organic Zeolites Built from TO4 and Organotin
Chen GH, He YP, Zhang SH, Liang FP, Zhang L, Zhang J
12526 - 12528 Selective Synthesis of 2,2,4,4-Tetrasilylpentasilane
Zhou XB, Chang N, Young J, Wang XH
12529 - 12533 Polyoxometalate-Supported Aminocatalyst for the Photocatalytic Direct Synthesis of Imines from Alkenes and Amines
Shi ZL, Li J, Han QX, Shi XY, Si C, Niu GQ, Ma PT, Li MX
12534 - 12537 Synthesis of a 6-nm-Long Transition-Metal-Rare-Earth-Containing Polyoxometalate
Han Q, Li Z, Liang XM, Ding Y, Zheng ST
12538 - 12541 Mixed-Valent (RuRuIV)-Ru-III Configuration in an Oxido-Carboxylato-Bridged Diastereomeric Pair
Bera SK, Hazari AS, Lahiri GK
12542 - 12546 Structure and Properties of a Five-Coordinate Nickel(II) Porphyrin
Gutzeit F, Dommaschk M, Levin N, Buchholz A, Schaub E, Plass W, Nather C, Herges R
12547 - 12554 Design and Development of a Heterogeneous Catalyst for the Michael Addition of Malononitrile to 2-Enoylpyridines: Influence of the Primary Amide Decorated Framework on Catalytic Activity and Selectivity
Markad D, Khullar S, Mandal SK
12555 - 12564 Zero-Field Slow Magnetic Relaxation and Hysteresis Loop in Four-Coordinate Co-II Single-Ion Magnets with Strong Easy-Axis Anisotropy
Cui HH, Lu F, Chen XT, Zhang YQ, Tong W, Xue ZL
12565 - 12572 Synthesis and Characterization of Alkoxide-Bridged Heterometallic Clusters of Cerium and Copper
Tsurugi H, Ikeda Y, Shinohara K, Shirase S, Toya N, Tanaka S, Mashima K
12573 - 12581 NH2-MIL-53(Al) Metal-Organic Framework as the Smart Platform for Simultaneous High-Performance Detection and Removal of Hg2+
Zhang L, Wang J, Du T, Zhang WT, Zhu WX, Yang CY, Yue TL, Sun J, Li T, Wang JL
12582 - 12589 Ionothermal Synthesis of Metal Chalcogenides M2Ag3Sb3S7 (M = Rb, Cs) Displaying Nonlinear Optical Activity in the Infrared Region
Yang G, Li LH, Wu C, Humphrey MG, Zhang C
12590 - 12600 beta-Li2Zn5: A Low Symmetric Polar Intermetallic Compound
Oshchapovsky I, Lidin S, Pavlyuk V
12601 - 12608 Incorporation of Ni2+, Co2+, and Selenocysteine into the Auxiliary Fe-S Cluster of the Radical SAM Enzyme HydG
Rao GD, Alwan KB, Blackburn NJ, Britt RD
12609 - 12617 Metamagnetic Transitions versus Magnetocrystalline Anisotropy in Two Cobalt Arsenates with 1D Co2+ Chains
Leclercq B, Kabbour H, Damay F, Colin CV, Pautrat A, Arevalo-Lopez AM, Mentre O
12618 - 12627 Theoretical Design of Near-Infrared Al3+ Fluorescent Probes Based on Salicylaldehyde Acylhydrazone Schiff Base Derivatives
Pan X, Jiang JM, Li JF, Wu WP, Zhang JL
12628 - 12634 Structural Phase Transition, Optical and Electrical Property Evolutions of Thiospinel AgIn5S8 under High Pressure
Wen T, Zhang Q, Li NN, Wang YG, Zhang DZ, Wang L, Yang WG
12635 - 12645 Hydrogen Activation and Hydrogenolysis Facilitated By Late-Transition-Metal-Aluminum Heterobimetallic Complexes
Charles RM, Yokley TW, Schley ND, DeYonker NJ, Brewster TP
12646 - 12653 Two Emissive Long-Lived Excited States of an Imidazole-Functionalized Ruthenium Dipyridophenazine Complex
Isakov D, Giereth R, Nauroozi D, Tschierlei S, Rau S
12654 - 12661 Synthesis, Characterization, and Electrochemistry of the Homoleptic f Element Ketimide Complexes [Li](2)[M(N=(CBuPh)-Bu-t)(6)] (M = Ce, Th)
Assefa MK, Sergentu DC, Seaman LA, Wu G, Autschbach J, Hayton TW
12662 - 12668 Hybrid Uranyl-Phosphonate Coordination Nanocage
Adelani PO, Soriano JS, Galeas BE, Sigmon GE, Szymanowski JES, Burns PC
12669 - 12677 Mechanistic Study on the Decarboxylative sp(3) C-N Cross-Coupling between Alkyl Carboxylic Acids and Nitrogen Nucleophiles via Dual Copper and Photoredox Catalysis
Zhao X, Liu YH, Zhu RX, Liu CB, Zhang DJ
12678 - 12688 Clusters of Oxygen Interstitials in UO2+x and alpha-U4O9: Structure and Arrangements
Soulie A, Baldinozzi G, Garrido F, Crocombette JP
12689 - 12699 CNS and CNP Iron(II) Mono-Iron Hydrogenase (Hmd) Mimics: Role of Deprotonated Methylene(acyl) and the trans-Acyl Site in H-2 Heterolysis
Cho YI, Durgaprasad G, Rose MJ
12700 - 12706 Tetraphenylethylene-Decorated Metal-Organic Frameworks as Energy-Transfer Platform for the Detection of Nitro-Antibiotics and White-Light Emission
Zhao Y, Wang YJ, Wang N, Zheng P, Fu HR, Han ML, Ma LF, Wang LY
12707 - 12715 Thiazolothiazole-Based Luminescent Metal-Organic Frameworks with Ligand-to-Ligand Energy Transfer and Hg2+-Sensing Capabilities
Khatun A, Panda DK, Sayresmith N, Walter MG, Saha S
12716 - 12723 Critical Hammett Electron-Donating Ability of Substituent Groups for Efficient Water Oxidation Catalysis by Mononuclear Ruthenium Aquo Complexes
Watabe S, Tanahashi Y, Hirahara M, Yamazaki H, Takahashi K, Mohamed EA, Tsubonouchi Y, Zahran ZN, Saito K, Yu T, Yagi M
12724 - 12732 Single-Crystal alpha-Fe2O3 with Engineered Exposed (001) Facet for High-Rate, Long-Cycle-Life Lithium-Ion Battery Anode
He PG, Ding ZP, Zhao XD, Liu JH, Yang SL, Gao P, Fan LZ
12733 - 12738 Superconductivity in LaRh2Ga2 with Noncentrosymmetric Structure
Nakayama Y, Muranaka T
12739 - 12747 Homo- and Heterosolvent Modifications of Hofmann-Type Flexible Two-Dimensional Layers for Colossal Interlayer Thermal Expansions
Ohtani R, Yanagisawa J, Matsunari H, Ohba M, Lindoy LF, Hayami S
12748 - 12755 Tuning the Connectivity, Rigidity, and Functionality of Two-Dimensional Zr-Based Metal-Organic Frameworks
Jia SP, Xiao X, Li QY, Li Y, Duan ZG, Li YY, Li XT, Lin ZH, Zhao YG, Huang W
12756 - 12774 The Influence of Redox-Innocent Donor Groups in Tetradentate Ligands Derived from o-Phenylenediamine: Electronic Structure Investigations with Nickel
Spielvogel KD, Coughlin EJ, Petras H, Luna JA, Benson A, Donahue CM, Kibasa A, Lee K, Salacinski R, Bart SC, Shaw SK, Shepherd JJ, Daly SR
12775 - 12785 Mononuclear Ni(II) Complexes with a S3O Coordination Sphere Based on a Tripodal Cysteine-Rich Ligand: pH Tuning of the Superoxide Dismutase Activity
Domergue J, Pecaut J, Proux O, Lebrun C, Gateau C, Le Goff A, Maldivi P, Duboc C, Delangle P
12786 - 12797 Ligand Excess "Inverse-Defected" Zr-6 Tetrahedral Tetracarboxylate Framework and Its Thermal Transformation
Nateghi B, Domasevitch KV, Bulanek R, Janiak C, Boldog I
12798 - 12808 Comparison of MRI Properties between Multimeric DOTAGA and DO3A Gadolinium-Dendron Conjugates
Ndiaye M, Malytskyi V, Vangijzegem T, Sauvage F, Wels M, Cadiou C, Moreau J, Henoumont C, Boutry S, Muller RN, Harakat D, De Smedt S, Laurent S, Chuburu F
12809 - 12814 Soft Magnetic Switching in a FeSr2YCu2O7.85 Superconductor with Unusually High Iron Valence
Lopez-Paz SA, de Irujo-Labalde XM, Sanchez-Marcos J, Ritter C, Moran E, Alario-Franco MA
12815 - 12824 Formation of a Ruthenium(V)-Imido Complex and the Reactivity in Substrate Oxidation in Water through the Nitrogen Non-Rebound Mechanism
Ishizuka T, Kogawa T, Makino M, Shiota Y, Ohara K, Kotani H, Nozawa S, Adachi S, Yamaguchi K, Yoshizawa K, Kojima T
12825 - 12831 alpha-Diimine-Niobium Complex-Catalyzed Deoxychlorination of Benzyl Ethers with Silicon Tetrachloride
Parker BF, Hosoya H, Arnold J, Tsurugi H, Mashima K
12832 - 12842 Stepwise Conversion from GeO2 to [MGe4S10]n(3n-) (M = Cu, Ag) Polymer via Isolatable [Ge2S6](4-) and [Ge4S10](4-) Anions by Virtue of Templating Technique
Wang KY, Zhang S, Liu HW, Cheng L, Wang C
12843 - 12853 The Behavior of Trispyrazolylborato-Metal(II)-Flavonolate Complexes as Functional Models for Bacterial Quercetinase-Assessment of the Metal Impact
Hoof S, Limberg C
12854 - 12858 Small Pore Aluminosilicate EMM-37: Synthesis and Structure Determination Using Continuous Rotation Electron Diffraction
Kapaca E, Burton A, Terefenko E, Vroman H, Weston SC, Kochersperger M, Afeworki M, Paur C, Koziol L, Rayikoyitch P, Xu HY, Zou XD, Willhammar T
12859 - 12866 LiBa(2)M(III)Q(4) (M-III = Al, Ga, In; Q = S, Se): A Series of Metal Chalcogenides with a Structural Transition
Abudurusuli A, Wu K, Li JJ, Yalikun A, Yang ZH, Pan SL
12867 - 12872 Origins of Iodine-Rich W6I12 Cluster Compounds and the Soluble Compound W6I22
Strobele M, Meyer HJ
12873 - 12887 Electronic Structure, Vibrational Spectra, and Spin-Crossover Properties of Vacuum-Evaporable Iron(II) Bis(dihydrobis(pyrazolyl)borate) Complexes with Diimine Coligands. Origin of Giant Raman Features
Ossinger S, Naggert H, Bill E, Nather C, Tuczek F
12888 - 12894 Superconductivity at 4.8 K and Violation of Pauli Limit in La2IRu2 Comprising Ru Honeycomb Layer
Ishikawa H, Wedig U, Nuss J, Kremer RK, Dinnebier R, Blankenhorn M, Pakdaman M, Matsumoto Y, Takayama T, Kitagawa K, Takagi H
12895 - 12904 Self-Assembly of Nanoscale Lanthanoid-Containing Selenotungstates: Synthesis, Structures, and Magnetic Studies
Chen WC, Jiao CQ, Wang XL, Shao KZ, Su ZM
12905 - 12910 Synthesis of an Emissive Spectacle-Shaped Hexanuclear Rhenium(I) Complex
Yamazaki Y, Ishitani O
12911 - 12917 Na3Pt10Si5: A Non-Centrosymmetric Superconductor Having Rattling Na Atoms in the Tunnel Framework Structure
Yamada T, Hirai D, Hiroi Z, Yamane H
12918 - 12932 Spectroscopic X-ray and Mossbauer Characterization of M-6 and M-5 Iron(Molybdenum)-Carbonyl Carbide Clusters: High Carbide-Iron Covalency Enhances Local Iron Site Electron Density Despite Cluster Oxidation
McGale J, Cutsail GE, Joseph C, Rose MJ, DeBeer S
12933 - 12942 Directed Structural Transformations of Coordination Polymers Supported Single-Site Cu(II) Catalysts To Control the Site Selectivity of C-H Halogenation
Huang C, Zhu KF, Zhang YY, Shao ZC, Wang DD, Mi LW, Hou HW
12943 - 12953 Proton Conductivity and Sorption Study in Three Sulfonic Group Functionalized Mixed Ligand Coordination Polymers and the Impact of Structural Dynamicity on Their Property
Maity DK, Ghosh S, Otake K, Kitagawa H, Ghoshal D
12954 - 12963 Luminescent Gold(I) Complexes of 1-Pyridyl-3-anthracenylchalcone Inducing Apoptosis in Colon Carcinoma Cells and Antivascular Effects
Gonzalez JJ, Ortega E, Rothemund M, Gold M, Vicente C, de Haro C, Bautista D, Schobert R, Ruiz J
12964 - 12974 Hydrogen Bond-Enabled Heterolytic and Homolytic Peroxide Activation within Nonheme Copper(II)-Alkylperoxo Complexes
Oh H, Ching WM, Kim J, Lee WZ, Hong S
12975 - 12985 Catalytic Conversion of Atmospheric CO2 into Organic Carbonates by Nickel(II) Complexes of Diazepane-Based N-4 Ligands
Muthuramalingam S, Sankaralingam M, Velusamy M, Mayilmurugan R
12986 - 12997 Utilizing Charge Effects and Minimizing Intramolecular Proton Rearrangement to Improve the Overpotential of a Thiosemicarbazonato Zinc HER Catalyst
Cronin SP, Al Mamun A, Toda MJ, Mashuta MS, Losovyj Y, Kozlowski PM, Buchanan RM, Grapperhaus CA
12998 - 13006 Binary-Ternary Bi2S3-AgBiS2 Rod-to-Rod Transformation via Anisotropic Partial Cation Exchange Reaction
Wang JL, Li LJ, Yu HS, Guan F, Wang D
13007 - 13019 Elucidation of the Structure of a Thiol Functionalized Cu-tmpa Complex Anchored to Gold via a Self-Assembled Monolayer
Smits NWG, den Boer D, Wu LF, Hofmann JP, Hetterscheid DGH
13020 - 13029 One-Pot Synthesis of Layered Disodium Zirconium Phosphate: Crystal Structure and Application in the Remediation of Heavy-Metal-Contaminated Wastewater
Cheng Y, Chui SSY, Wang XDT, Jaenicke S, Chuah GK
13030 - 13036 Assembly of Lanthanide-Containing Polyoxotantalate Clusters with Efficient Photoluminescence Properties
Liang ZJ, Wu HC, Singh V, Qiao YY, Li MM, Ma PT, Niu JY, Wang JP
13037 - 13048 Self-Supported Porous Ni-Fe-W Hydroxide Nanosheets on Carbon Fiber: A Highly Efficient Electrode for Oxygen Evolution Reaction
Xu J, Wang MS, Yang F, Ju XQ, Jia XL
13049 - 13057 Mild Hydrothermal Synthesis of the Complex Hafnium-Containing Fluorides Cs-2 [M(H2O)(6)][Hf F-2(12)] (M = Ni, Co, Zn), CuHfF6 (H2O)(4), and Cs2Hf3Mn3F20 Based on HfF7 and HfF6 Coordination Polyhedra
Ayer GB, Klepov VV, Smith MD, Loye HCZ
13058 - 13065 Multifunctional Polymolybdate-Based Metal-Organic Framework as an Efficient Catalyst for the CO2 Cycloaddition and as the Anode of a Lithium-Ion Battery
Xue YS, Cheng WW, Luo XM, Cao JP, Xu Y
13066 - 13076 Finely Tuned Structure and Catalytic Performance of Cerium Oxides by a Continuous Samarium Doping from 0 to 100%
Tao R, Xu JS, Zhong H, Wen W, Pan QF, Liu Y, Chen J
13077 - 13089 Preparation of Heterobimetallic Ketimido-Actinide-Molybdenum Complexes
Ayres AJ, Wooles AJ, Zegke M, Tuna F, Liddle ST
13090 - 13101 SMM Behavior Tuned by an Exchange Coupling LEGO Approach for Chimeric Compounds: First 2p-3d-4f Heterotrispin Complexes with Different Metal Ions Bridged by One Aminoxyl Group
Patrascu AA, Briganti M, Soriano S, Calancea S, Cassaro RAA, Totti F, Vaz MGF, Andruh M
13102 - 13107 Facile Synthesis of LiH-Stabilized Face-Centered-Cubic YH3 High-Pressure Phase by Ball Milling Process
Kataoka R, Kimura T, Sakaki K, Nozaki M, Kojima T, Ikeda K, Otomo T, Takeichi N, Kamegawa A
13108 - 13114 Particulate Oxynitride Photoanodes Assembled with Transparent Electron-Collecting Oxide Nanorod Arrays
Xiong FQ, Dong BB, Yu SW
13115 - 13128 Photochemical Origin of the Darkening of Copper Acetate and Resinate Pigments in Historical Paintings
Alter M, Binet L, Touati N, Lubin-Germain N, Le Ho AS, Mirambet F, Gourier D
13129 - 13141 Three-Coordinate Iron(0) Complexes with N-Heterocyclic Carbene and Vinyltrimethylsilane Ligation: Synthesis, Characterization, and Ligand Substitution Reactions
Cheng J, Chen Q, Leng XB, Ye SF, Deng L
13142 - 13149 Reactions of a Silicon-Based Cyclic Silylone with Chalcogens
Siemes LC, Keuter J, Hepp A, Lips F
13150 - 13160 Enhancing Cytotoxicity of a Monofunctional Platinum Complex via a Dual-DNA-Damage Approach
Guo Y, He YF, Wu SD, Zhang SR, Song DF, Zhu ZZ, Guo ZJ, Wang XY
13161 - 13169 Photoenergy Conversion Behaviors of Photoluminescence and Photocatalysis in Silver-Coated LiBaPO4:Eu2+
Huang YL, Qin J, Fan ZT, Wei DL, Seo HJ
13170 - 13183 Gadolinium Complexes of Highly Rigid, Open-Chain Ligands Containing a Cyclobutane Ring in the Backbone: Decreasing Ligand Denticity Might Enhance Kinetic Inertness
Porcar-Tost O, Olivares JA, Pallier A, Esteban-Gomez D, Illa O, Platas-Iglesias C, Toth E, Ortuno RM
13184 - 13194 Size-Exclusion Mechanism Driving Host-Guest Interactions between Octahedral Rhenium Clusters and Cyclodextrins
Ivanov AA, Falaise C, Laouer K, Hache F, Changenet P, Mironov YV, Landy D, Molard Y, Cordier S, Shestopalov MA, Haouas M, Cadot E
13195 - 13202 Active Sites in Single-Layer BiOX (X = Cl, Br, and I) Catalysts for the Hydrogen Evolution Reaction
Pan HX, Feng LP, Zeng W, Zhang QC, Zhang XD, Liu ZT
13203 - 13212 Ionothernnal Synthesis, Structures, and Magnetism of Three New Open Framework Iron Halide-Phosphates
Wang GM, Valldor M, Siebeneichler S, Wilk-Kozubek M, Smetana V, Mudring AV
13213 - 13220 Formation of Zn-Zn and Zn-Pd Bonded Complexes by Reactions of Terminal Zinc Hydrides with Pd(II) Species
Jiang SJ, Chen M, Xu X
13221 - 13228 Selective Oxidation of C-H Bonds through a Manganese(III) Hydroperoxo in Mn-II-Exchanged CFA-1
Stubbs AW, Dinc M
13229 - 13240 Predicting the Structure Stability of Layered Heteroanionic Materials Exhibiting Anion Order
Harada JK, Poeppelmeier KR, Rondinelli JM
13241 - 13249 Highly Active Mn3-xFexO4 Spinel with Defects for Toluene Mineralization: Insights into Regulation of the Oxygen Vacancy and Active Metals
Liu LZ, Sun JT, Ding JD, Zhang Y, Sun TH, Jia JP
13250 - 13257 Partial Congener Substitution Induced Centrosymmetric to Noncentrosymmetric Transformation Witnessed by K3Ga3(Ge7-xMx)Se-20 (M = Si, Sn) and Their Nonlinear Optical Properties
Li XH, Suen NT, Chi Y, Sun YL, Gong AH, Xue HG, Guo SP
13258 - 13267 Macropolyhedral Nickelaboranes from the Metal-Assisted Fusion of KB9H14
Londesborough MGS, Macias R, Kennedy JD, Clegg W, Bould J
13268 - 13275 Imidodiphosphonate Ligands for Enhanced Sensitization and Shielding of Visible and Near-Infrared Lanthanides
Davis D, Carrod AJ, Guo ZL, Kariuki BM, Zhang YZ, Pikramenou Z
13276 - 13284 Solution Behavior of Beryllium Halides in Dimethylformamide
Muller M, Buchner MR
13285 - 13292 Se-Assisted Performance Enhancement of Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)(4) Quantum-Dot Sensitized Solar Cells via a Simple Yet Versatile Synthesis
He MP, Kou DX, Zhou WH, Zhou ZJ, Meng YN, Wu SX
13293 - 13298 Early-Transition-Metal Complexes of Functionalized Nonagermanide Clusters: Synthesis and Characterization of [Cp-2(MeCN)Ti(eta(1)-Ge-9{Si(TMS)(3)}(3))] and K-3[Cp2Ti(eta(1)-Ge-9{Si(TMS)(3)}(2))(2)]
Geitner FS, Klein W, Storcheva O, Tilley TD, Fassler TF
13299 - 13313 Synthesis, Structural Characterization, and Coordination Chemistry of (Trineopentylphosphine)palladium(aryl)bromide Dimer Complexes ([(Np3P)Pd(Ar)Br](2))
Hu HY, Vasiliu M, Stein TH, Qu FR, Gerlach DL, Dixon DA, Shaughnessy KH
13314 - 13322 Mossbauer Spectral Study of the Low-Temperature Electronic and Magnetic Properties of alpha-FePO4 and the Mixed Valence Iron(II/III) Phosphate SrFe3(PO4)(3)
Grandjean F, Long GJ
13323 - 13336 A Modular Approach to Phosphorescent pi-Extended Heteroacenes
Hupf E, Tsuchiya Y, Moffat W, Xu LT, Hirai M, Zhou YQ, Ferguson MJ, McDonald R, Murai T, He G, Rivard E
13337 - 13345 Heterometallic Ru2Co2 [2 x 2] Grid with Localized Single Molecule Magnet Behavior
Wong JWL, Demeshko S, Dechert S, Meyer F
13346 - 13352 transoid and cisoid Conformations in Silver-Mediated Cytosine Base Pairs: Hydrogen Bonding Dictates Argentophilic Interactions in the Solid State
Mistry L, Waddell PG, Wright NG, Horrocks BR, Houlton A
13353 - 13359 One-Pot and Postsynthetic Phenol-Thermal Synthesis toward Highly Stable Titanium-Oxo Clusters
Fan X, Hao F, Gao MY, Zhang L, Zhang J
13360 - 13369 Dual-Emissive Metal-Organic Framework as a Fluorescent "Switch" for Ratiometric Sensing of Hypochlorite and Ascorbic Acid
Zeng YN, Zheng HQ, Gu JF, Cao GJ, Zhuang WE, Lin JD, Cao R, Lin ZJ
13370 - 13375 Bifurcated Hydrogen-Bond-Stabilized Boron Analogues of Carboxylic Acids
Guo R, Huang X, Zhao MH, Lei YS, Ke ZF, Kong LB
13376 - 13381 Metal-Organic Pt(II) Hexagonal-Prism Macrocycles and Their Photophysical Properties
Tang JH, Ni RD, He YQ, Vanderlinden RT, Li YR, Shi BB, Li ZY, Wang H, Li XP, Sun Y, Zhong YW, Stang PJ
13382 - 13393 Kinetic Studies on the Oxoiron(IV) Complex with Tetradentate Aminopyridine Ligand PDP*: Restoration of Catalytic Activity by Reduction with H2O2
Piquette MC, Kryatov SV, Rybak-Akimova EV
13394 - 13402 Copper-Doped Carbon Dots for Optical Bioimaging and Photodynamic Therapy
Wang JM, Xu MS, Wang D, Li ZZ, Primo FL, Tedesco AC, Bi H
13403 - 13410 Broadband White Emission in Cs2AgIn1-xBixCl6 Phosphors
Gray MB, Majher JD, Strom TA, Woodward PM
13411 - 13417 Cation Modulation on the Crystal Structure and Band Gap of Fluorooxoborates A(3)B(3)O(3)F(6) (A = Alkali and Mixed Alkali Metal)
Zhang WY, Wei ZL, Yang ZH, Pan SL
13418 - 13425 Boron-Transition-Metal Triple-Bond FB MF2 Complexes
Xu B, Li WJ, Yu WJ, Pu Z, Tan ZY, Cheng JJ, Wang XF, Andrews L
13426 - 13439 (Benz)Imidazolin-2-iminato Aluminum, Zinc, and Magnesium Complexes and Their Applications in Ring Opening Polymerization of epsilon-Caprolactone
Liu H, Khononov M, Fridman N, Tamm M, Eisen MS
13440 - 13445 Two Kinds of Metastable Structures in an Epitaxial Lanthanum Cobalt Oxide Thin Film
Guan XX, Shen X, Wang WP, Wang W, Lan QQ, Zhang J, Zhang JN, Yang HW, Yao Y, Li JJ, Gu CZ, Sun JR, Yu RC
13446 - 13456 Dynamics of Dinitrosyl Iron Complex (DNIC) Formation with Low Molecular Weight Thiols
Truzzi DR, Augusto O, Iretskii AV, Ford PC
13457 - 13463 Apatite Thermochemistry: The Simple Salt Approximation
Glasser L
13464 - 13470 Lead-Free Hybrid Metal Halides with a Green-Emissive [MnBr4] Unit as a Selective Turn-On Fluorescent Sensor for Acetone
Li MZ, Zhou J, Molokeev MS, Jiang XX, Lin ZS, Zhao J, Xia ZG
13471 - 13480 O-1(2) Generating Luminescent Lanthanide Complexes with 1,8-Naphthalimide-Based Sensitizers
Johnson KR, de Bettencourt-Dias A
13481 - 13491 From Nonluminescence to Bright Blue Emission: Boron-Induced Highly Efficient Ce3+-Doped Hydroxyapatite Phosphor
Zhang XJ, Zhang JL, Ma WT, Liao SZ, Zhang XG, Wang ZL, Yu LP, Lian SX
13492 - 13501 H-2 Activation and Direct Access to Terminal Nitride and cyclo-P-3 Complexes by an Acceptor-Free Rhenium(II) beta-Diketiminate
Lohrey TD, Rao GD, Britt RD, Bergman RG, Arnold J
13502 - 13503 Copper(II) Complexes of L-Arginine as Netropsin Mimics Showing DNA Cleavage Activity in Red Light (vol 48, pg 2932, 2009)
Patra AK, Bhowmick T, Roy S, Ramakumar S, Chakravarty AR