Inorganic Chemistry

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ISSN: 0020-1669 (Print) 

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7127 - 7130 An Azido-Cyanide Mixed-Bridged [Fe4Ni4] Single-Molecule Magnet
Yang J, Deng YF, Zhang XY, Chang XY, Zheng ZP, Zhang YZ
7131 - 7135 Intramolecular C-H Functionalization Followed by a [2(sigma)+2(pi)] Addition via an Intermediate Nickel-Nitridyl Complex
Ghannam J, Sun ZC, Cundari TR, Zeller M, Lugosan A, Stanek CM, Lee WT
7136 - 7140 The Structure of a Au7Cu12 Bimetal Nanocluster and Its Strong Emission
Song YB, Weng SY, Li H, Yu HZ, Zhu MZ
7141 - 7145 Self-Assembled Amphiphilic Janus Double Metallacycle
Wang WB, Zhou ZX, Zhou J, Shi BB, Song B, Li XP, Huang FH, Stang PJ
7146 - 7155 Glycans as Ligands in Bioinorganic Chemistry. Probing the Interaction of a Trinuclear Platinum Anticancer Complex with Defined Monosaccharide Fragments of Heparan Sulfate
Gorle AK, Rajaratnam P, Chang CW, von Itzstein M, Berners-Price SJ, Farrell NP
7156 - 7168 Influence of Sulfur Oxidation State and Substituents on Sulfur-Bridged Luminescent Copper(I) Complexes Showing Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence
Brown CM, Li CF, Carta V, Li WB, Xu Z, Stroppa PHF, Samuel IDW, Zysman-Colman E, Wolf MO
7169 - 7179 Structure of Electronically Reduced N-Donor Bidentate Ligands and Their Heteroleptic Four-Coordinate Zinc Complexes: A Survey of Density Functional Theory Results
Katari M, Carmichael D, Jacquemin D, Frison G
7180 - 7188 Influence of Conformational Change and Interligand Hydrogen Bonding in a Chiral Metal-Organic Cage
Sen SK, Natarajan R
7189 - 7199 Exchange Capability of Cationic Silver 4,4 '-Bipyrdine Materials for Potential Water Remediation: Structure, Stability, and Anion Exchange Properties
Citrak SC, Bdeir K, Delgado-Cunningham K, Popple D, Oliver SRJ
7200 - 7208 Versatile Route to trans-Platinum(II) Complexes via Manipulation of a Coordinated 3-(Pyridin-3-yl)propanoicAcid Ligand
Cabrera S, Navas F, Matesanz AI, Maroto M, Riedel T, Dyson PJ, Quiroga AG
7209 - 7219 An lonophore for High Lithium Loading and Selective Capture from Brine
Gohil H, Chatterjee S, Yadav S, Suresh E, Paital AR
7220 - 7228 Bioinspired Oxidation of Methane in the Confined Spaces of Molecular Cages
Ikbal SA, Colomban C, Zhang DW, Delecluse M, Brotin T, Dufaud V, Dutasta JP, Sorokin AB, Martinez A
7229 - 7235 Dual-Functionalized Mixed Keggin- and Lindqvist-Type Cu-24-Based POM@MOF for Visible-Light-Driven H-2 and O-2 Evolution
Shi DY, Zheng R, Liu CS, Chen DM, Zhao JW, Du M
7236 - 7242 A Chiral and Polar Single-Molecule Magnet: Synthesis, Structure, and Tracking of Its Formation Using Mass Spectrometry
Lang WJ, Kurmoo M, Zeng MH
7243 - 7254 Novel Heterometallic Uranyl-Transition Metal Materials: Structure, Topology, and Solid State Photoluminescence Properties
Gomez GE, Ridenour JA, Byrne NM, Sheychenko AP, Cahill CL
7255 - 7266 Structural Evolution and Compositional Modulation of ZIF-8-Derived Hybrids Comprised of Metallic Ni Nanoparticles and Silica as Interlayer
He WL, Guo XH, Zheng J, Xu JL, Hayat T, Alharbi NS, Zhang M
7267 - 7273 Amino-Polyalcohol-Solvothermal Synthesis of Titanium-Oxo Clusters: From Ti-6 to Ti-19 with Structural Diversity
Liu XX, Chen SM, Fang WH, Zhang L, Zhang J
7274 - 7284 Dual Catalytic Cycle of H-2 and H2O Oxidations by a Half-Sandwich Iridium Complex: A Theoretical Study
Ikeda K, Hori Y, Mahyuddin MH, Shiota Y, Staykov A, Matsumoto T, Yoshizawa K, Ogo S
7285 - 7294 Plasmonic Light Illumination Creates a Channel To Achieve Fast Degradation of Ti3C2TX Nanosheets
Li JB, Qin RZ, Yan L, Chi Z, Yu ZH, Li NT, Hu MJ, Chen HL, Shan GC
7295 - 7302 A Smart Photosensitizer-Cerium Oxide Nanoprobe for Highly Selective and Efficient Photodynamic Therapy
Fan YF, Li PY, Hu BB, Liu T, Huang Z, Shan CF, Cao J, Cheng B, Liu WS, Tang Y
7303 - 7309 In Situ Synthesis of Pt/TiO2 Nanosheets on Flexible Ti Mesh for Efficient and Cyclic Phenol Removal
Zhang Z, Li XL, Zhang RS, Zhang ZM, Yu JL
7310 - 7323 Elucidation of the Structure and Vibrational Spectroscopy of Synthetic Metaschoepite and Its Dehydration Product
Kirkegaard MC, Niedziela JL, Miskowiec A, Shields AE, Anderson BB
7324 - 7334 Cobalt Metallogel Interface for Selectively Sensing L-Tryptophan among Essential Amino Acids
Malviya N, Sonkar C, Ganguly R, Mukhopadhyay S
7335 - 7344 A Stereoselective Tyrosinase Model Compound Derived from an m-Xylyl-L-histidine Ligand
Lo Presti E, Perrone ML, Santagostini L, Casella L, Monzani E
7345 - 7356 Understanding the Reactivity of Mn-Oxo Porphyrins for Substrate Hydroxylation: Theoretical Predictions and Experimental Evidence Reconciled
Ricciarelli D, Phung QM, Belpassi L, Harvey JN, Belanzoni P
7357 - 7367 Rare Example of Stereoisomeric 2+2 Metallacycles of Porphyrins Featuring Chiral-at-Metal Octahedral Ruthenium Corners
Vidal A, Battistin F, Balducci G, Demitri N, Iengo E, Alessio E
7368 - 7373 PO23- and AsO3-: Pnictogenide Ligands in the Highly Charged Re-4 Cluster Anions [{Re-4(PO)(3)(PO2)}(CN)(12)](8-), [{Re4As2(AsO)(2)}(CN)(12)](8)(-), and [{Re-4(AsO)(4)}(CN)(12)](8-)
Pronin AS, Smolentsev AI, Kozlova SG, Novozhilov IN, Mironov YV
7374 - 7384 Assembling Bi2MoO6/Ru/g-C3N4 for Highly Effective Oxygen Generation from Water Splitting under Visible-Light Irradiation
Wu YH, Song MT, Chai ZL, Wang XJ
7385 - 7392 Stability Tuning of Vapor-Adsorbed State of Vapochromic Pt(II) Complex by Introduction of Chiral Moiety
Shigeta Y, Kobayashi A, Yoshida M, Kato M
7393 - 7408 Isomers of Coumarin-Based Cyclometalated Ir(III) Complexes with Easily Tuned Phosphorescent Color and Features for Highly Efficient Organic Light -Emitting Diodes
Feng Z, Yu Y, Yang XL, Zhong DK, Song DD, Yang H, Chen X, Zhou GJ, Wu ZX
7409 - 7415 Slow Magnetic Relaxation Triggered by a Structural Phase Transition in Long-Chain-Alkylated Cobalt(II) Single-Ion Magnets
Kobayashi F, Ohtani R, Nakamura M, Lindoy LF, Hayami S
7416 - 7425 Complexation of Lanthanides with N,N,N',N'-Tetramethylamide Derivatives of Bipyridinedicarboxylic Acid and Phenanthrolinedicarboxylic Acid: Thermodynamics and Coordination Modes
Chen BH, Liu J, Lv L, Yang L, Luo SZ, Yang YQ, Peng SM
7426 - 7432 A Small Lattice Change Induces Significant Dynamic Changes of CH3NH3+ Caged in Hybrid Perovskite Crystals: Toward Understanding the Interplay between Host Lattices and Guest Molecules
Wang JC, Zhang X, Graf R, Li Y, Yang G, Fu XB, Ma JQ, Yao YF
7433 - 7439 The df-d Dative Bonding in a Uranium-Cobalt Heterobimetallic Complex for Efficient Nitrogen Fixation
Lu JB, Ma XL, Wang JQ, Jiang YF, Li Y, Hu HS, Xiao H, Li J
7440 - 7452 Sr2LiScB4O10:Ce3+/Tb3+: A Green-Emitting Phosphor with High Energy Transfer Efficiency and Stability for LEDs and FEDs
Chen H, Wang YH
7453 - 7465 Effect of Redox Active Ligands on the Electrochemical Properties of Manganese Tricarbonyl Complexes
Matson BD, McLoughlin EA, Armstrong KC, Waymouth RM, Sarangi R
7466 - 7471 Assessing the Strength of Metal-Metal Interactions
Levi E, Aurbach D, Gatti C
7472 - 7479 Difference in the Formation of Two Structural Types of V-Shaped M-3(II) Clusters: Diffraction, Mass Spectrometry, and Magnetism
Wang J, Wu YF, Kurmoo M, Zeng MH
7480 - 7487 A Stable Mesoporous Zr-Based Metal Organic Framework for Highly Efficient CO2 Conversion
Sun XD, Gu JM, Yuan Y, Yu CY, Li JT, Shan HY, Li GH, Liu YL
7488 - 7498 Cu(II) Binding to the N-Terminal Model Peptide of the Human Ctr2 Transporter at Lysosomal and Extracellular pH
Wezynfeld NE, Vileno B, Faller P
7499 - 7510 Tailoring the Chemical Composition of LiMPO4 (M = Mg, Co, Ni) Orthophosphates To Design New Inorganic Pigments from Magenta to Yellow Hue
Serment B, Corucho L, Demourgues A, Hadziioannou G, Brochon C, Cloutet E, Gaudon M
7511 - 7526 Rhodium Complexes of Carbaporphyrins, Carbachlorins, adj-Dicarbaporphyrins, and an adj-Dicarbachlorin
Lash TD, Darrow WT, Latham AN, Sahota N, Ferrence GM
7527 - 7536 Modeling Strain Distribution at the Atomic Level in Doped Ceria Films with Extended X-ray Absorption Fine Structure Spectroscopy
Kraynis O, Timoshenko J, Huang JH, Singh H, Wachtel E, Frenkel AI, Lubomirsky I
7537 - 7544 Nitrite Reduction by Trinuclear Copper Pyrazolate Complexes: An Example of a Catalytic, Synthetic Polynuclear NO Releasing System
Shi K, Mathivathanan L, Boudalis AK, Turek P, Chakraborty I, Raptis RG
7545 - 7553 Stereoelectronic Profiling of Expanded-Ring N-Heterocyclic Carbenes
Kumar A, Yuan D, Huynh HV
7554 - 7563 Ternary Complex Formation and Extraction Modeling in Malonate-Buffered Trivalent Actinide-Lanthanide Separations
Lapka JL, Wahu S, Sinkov S, Nash KL
7564 - 7570 Effects of Rb Intercalation on NbSe2: Phase Formation, Structure, and Physical Properties
Fan X, Chen HX, Deng J, Sun XN, Zhao LL, Chen L, Jin SF, Wang G, Chen XL
7571 - 7583 Lanthanide Complexes with H-1 paraCEST and F-19 Response for Magnetic Resonance Imaging Applications
Pujales-Paradela R, Savic T, Perez-Lourido P, Esteban-Gomez D, Angelovski G, Botta M, Platas-Iglesias C
7584 - 7592 Directed Hydroxylation of sp(2) and sp(3) C-H Bonds Using Stoichiometric Amounts of Cu and H2O2
Trammell R, D'Amore L, Cordova A, Polunin P, Xie N, Siegler MA, Belanzoni P, Swart M, Garcia-Bosch I
7593 - 7601 Synthesis and Structural Dynamics of Five-Coordinate Rh(III) and Ir(III) PNP and PONOP Pincer Complexes
Hood TM, Leforestier B, Gyton MR, Chaplin AB
7602 - 7614 Ti2C MXene Modified with Ceramic Oxide and Noble Metal Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Morphostructural Properties, and High Photocatalytic Activity
Wojciechowski T, Rozmyslowska-Wojciechowska A, Matyszczak G, Wrzecionek M, Olszyna A, Peter A, Mihaly-Cozmuta A, Nicula C, Mihaly-Cozmuta L, Podsiadlo S, Basiak D, Ziemkowska W, Jastrzebska A
7615 - 7627 Arousing the Reactive Fe Sites in Pyrite (FeS2) via Integration of Electronic Structure Reconfiguration and in Situ Electrochemical Topotactic Transformation for Highly Efficient Oxygen Evolution Reaction
Tan Z, Sharma L, Kakkar R, Meng T, Jiang Y, Cao MH
7628 - 7633 Doping-Induced Polymorph and Carrier Polarity Changes in Thermoelectric Ag(Bi,Sb)Se-2 Solid Solution
Sudo K, Goto Y, Sogabe R, Hoshi K, Miura A, Moriyoshi C, Kuroiwa Y, Mizuguchi Y
7634 - 7644 A Two-Coordinate Iron(II) Imido Complex with NHC Ligation: Synthesis, Characterization, and Its Diversified Reactivity of Nitrene Transfer and C-H Bond Activation
Cheng J, Liu J, Leng XB, Lohmiller T, Schnegg A, Bill E, Ye SF, Deng L