Inorganic Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry, Vol.57, No.7 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0020-1669 (Print) 

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3475 - 3485 Strategies To Assemble Catenanes with Multiple Interlocked Macrocycles
Ho YAY, Yee CC, Ng AWH, Hu KL
3486 - 3496 Coupling Metaloid-Directed Self-Assembly and Dynamic Covalent Systems as a Route to Large Organic Cages and Cyclophanes
Collins MS, Phan NM, Zakharov LN, Johnson DW
3497 - 3499 Rings and Things: The Magic of Building Self-Assembled Cages and Macrocycles
Hooley RJ
3500 - 3506 Modular [(Fe8M6II)-M-III](&ITn&IT+)(M-II = Pd, Co, Ni, Cu) Coordination Cages
Sanz S, O'Connor HM, Comar P, Baldansuren A, Pitak MB, Coles SJ, Weihe H, Chilton NF, McInnes EJL, Lusby PJ, Piligkos S, Brechin EK
3507 - 3515 Stepwise Construction of Heterobimetallic Cages by an Extended Molecular Library Approach
Hardy M, Struch N, Topic F, Schnakenburg G, Rissanen K, Lutzen A
3516 - 3520 Hierarchical Self-Assembly of an Alkynylplatinum(II) Bzimpy-Functionalized Metallacage via Pt center dot center dot center dot Pt and pi-pi Interactions
Zhang Y, Zhou QF, Huo GF, Yin GQ, Zhao XL, Jiang B, Tan HW, Li XP, Yang HB
3521 - 3528 Coordination-Driven Self-Assembly of Heterotrimetallic Barrel and Bimetallic Cages Using a Cobalt Sandwich-Based Tetratopic Donor
Singh N, Singh J, Kim D, Kim DH, Kim EH, Lah MS, Chi KW
3529 - 3539 Design of Zn-, Cu-, and Fe-Coordination Complexes Confined in a Self-Assembled Nanocage
Colomban C, Martin-Diaconescu V, Parella T, Goeb S, Garcia-Simon C, Lloret-Fillol J, Costas M, Ribas X
3540 - 3547 Self-Assembly of Pseudorotaxane Structures from a Dicopper(II) Molecular Cage and Dicarboxylate Axles
Amendola V, Miljkovic A, Legnani L, Toma L, Dondi D, Lazzaroni S
3548 - 3558 Self-Assembly of Tetrameric and Hexameric Terpyridine-Based Macrocycles Using Cd(II), Zn(II), and Fe(II)
Wang L, Zhang Z, Jiang X, Irvin JA, Liu CL, Wang M, Li XP
3559 - 3567 Self-Assembly and Catalytic Reactivity of BINOL-Bridged Bis(phenanthroline) Metallocages
Cheng KY, Wang SC, Chen YS, Chan YT
3568 - 3578 An Allosterically Regulated, Four-State Macrocycle
d'Aquino AI, Cheng HF, Barroso-Flores J, Kean ZS, Mendez-Arroyo J, McGuirk CM, Mirkin CA
3579 - 3586 Four-Component Catalytic Machinery: Reversible Three-State Control of Organocatalysis by Walking Back and Forth on a Track
Mittal N, Ozer MS, Schmittel M
3587 - 3595 Coordination-Driven Self-Assembly of Ruthenium Polypyridyl Nodes Resulting in Emergent Photophysical and Electrochemical Properties
Hauke CE, Oldacre AN, Fulong CRP, Friedman AE, Cook TR
3596 - 3601 Self-Assembly of a Tetraphenylethylene-Based Capsule Showing Both Aggregation- and Encapsulation-Induced Emission Properties
Zhang T, Zhang GL, Yan QQ, Zhou LP, Cai LX, Guo XQ, Sun QF
3602 - 3614 Metallosupramolecular Architectures Formed with Ferrocene-Linked Bis-Bidentate Ligands: Synthesis, Structures, and Electrochemical Studies
Findlay JA, McAdam CJ, Sutton JJ, Preston D, Gordon KC, Crowley JD
3615 - 3625 Coordination-Driven Self-Assembly of Ionic Irregular Hexagonal Metallamacrocycles via an Organometallic Clip and Their Cytotoxicity Potency
Bhowmick S, Jana A, Singh K, Gupta P, Gangrade A, Mandal BB, Das N
3626 - 3633 Strategies toward the Enhanced Permeability and Retention Effect by Increasing the Molecular Weight of Arene Ruthenium Metallaassemblies
Mannancherril V, Therrien B
3634 - 3645 Multi-Stimuli-Responsive Metallogel Molded from a Pd2L4-Type Coordination Cage: Selective Removal of Anionic Dyes
Ganta S, Chand DK
3646 - 3655 Selective EPR Detection of Primary Amines in Water with a Calix[6]azacryptand-Based Copper(II) Funnel Complex
Inthasot A, Le Poul N, Luhmer M, Colasson B, Jabin I, Reinaud O
3656 - 3658 Women in Inorganic Chemistry: Synthetic Chemistry Addressing Challenges in Energy and the Environment
de Bettencourt-Dias A, Berben LA, Prieto AL
3659 - 3670 Viewpoint: Challenges in Colloidal Photocatalysis and Some Strategies for Addressing Them
Kodaimati MS, McClelland KP, He C, Lian SC, Jiang YS, Zhang ZY, Weiss EA
3671 - 3674 Negative Photochromism Based on Molecular Diffusion between Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Particles in the Solid State
Yamaguchi T, Maity A, Polshettiwar V, Ogawa M
3675 - 3678 Observation of an Unusual Uranyl Cation-Cation Interaction in the Strongly Fluorescent Layered Uranyl Phosphates Rb-6[(UO2)(7)O-4(PO4)(4)] and Cs-6[(UO2)(7)O-4(PO4)(4)]
Juillerat CA, Moore EE, Besmann T, zur Loye HC
3679 - 3682 Beyond Crystal Engineering: Significant Enhancement of C2H2/CO2 Separation by Constructing Composite Material
Wu HQ, Yan CS, Luo F, Krishna R
3683 - 3698 Magneto-Structural Properties and Theoretical Studies of a Family of Simple Heterodinuclear Phenoxide/Alkoxide Bridged Mn(III)Ln(III) Complexes: On the Nature of the Magnetic Exchange and Magnetic Anisotropy
Hanninen MM, Mota AJ, Sillanpaa R, Dey S, Velmurugan G, Rajaraman G, Colacio E
3699 - 3712 Pseudohalide Tectons within the Coordination Sphere of the Uranyl Ion: Experimental and Theoretical Study of C-H center dot center dot center dot O, C-H center dot center dot center dot S, and Chalcogenide Noncovalent Interactions
Nuzzo S, Twamley B, Platts JA, Baker RJ
3713 - 3719 Thioaluminogermanate M(AlS2)(GeS2)(4) (M = Na, Ag, Cu): Synthesis, Crystal Structures, Characterization, Ion-Exchange and Solid-State Al-27 and Na-23 NMR Spectroscopy
Alahmari F, Davaasuren B, Emwas AH, Rothenberger A
3720 - 3730 Preparation of Phosphorescent Iridium(III) Complexes with a Dianionic C,C,C,C-Tetradentate Ligand
Esteruelas MA, Lopez AM, Onate E, San-Torcuato A, Tsai JY, Xia CJ
3731 - 3741 Ratio-Controlled Precursors of Anderson-Evans Polyoxometalates: Synthesis, Structural Transformation, and Magnetic and Catalytic Properties of a Series of Triol Ligand-Decorated {M2Mo6} Clusters (M = Cu2+, Co2+, Ni2+, Zn2+)
Wang Y, Kong XP, Xu W, Jiang FR, Li B, Wu LX
3742 - 3752 Anderson-Type Polyoxometalates Functionalized by Tetrathiafulvalene Groups: Synthesis, Electrochemical Studies, and NLO Properties
Boulmier A, Vacher A, Zang DJ, Yang S, Saad A, Marrot J, Oms O, Mialane P, Ledoux I, Ruhlmann L, Lorcy D, Dolbecq A
3753 - 3760 Anion-Controlled Cation-Exchange Process: Intercalating alpha-Titanium Phosphate through Direct Ion Exchange with Alkylammonium Salts
Wang CY, Cheng QY, Wang YJ
3761 - 3774 Slow Magnetic Relaxation in a Series of Mononuclear 8-Coordinate Fe(II) and Co(II) CompleXes
Jin XX, Chen XX, Xiang J, Chen YZ, Jia LH, Wang BW, Cheng SC, Zhou X, Leung CF, Gao S
3775 - 3781 MX-Chain Compounds with ReO4 Counterions: Exploration of the Robin-Day Class I-II Boundary
Kumagai S, Takaishi S, Gao MQ, Iguchi H, Breedlove BK, Yamashita M
3782 - 3797 Advancing Understanding of the+4 Metal Extractant Thenoyltrifluoroacetonate (TTA(-)); Synthesis and Structure of M(IV)TTA(4) (M-IV = Zr, Hf, Ce, Th, U, Np, Pu) and M-III(TTA)(4)(-) (M-III = Ce, Nd, Sm, Yb)
Cary SK, Livshits M, Cross JN, Ferrier MG, Mocko V, Stein BW, Kozimor SA, Scott BL, Rack JJ
3798 - 3804 Cs0.9Ni3.1Se3: A Ni-Based Quasi-One-Dimensional Conductor with Spin-Glass Behavior
Sun F, Guo ZN, Liu N, Wu D, Lin JW, Cheng EJ, Ying TP, Li SY, Yuan WX
3805 - 3817 Cooperative Au(I)center dot center dot center dot Au(I) Interactions and Hydrogen Bonding as Origin of a Luminescent Adeninate Hydrogel Formed by Ultrathin Molecular Nanowires
Blasco D, Lopez-de-Luzuriaga JM, Monge M, Olmos ME, Pascual D, Rodriguez-Castillo M
3818 - 3824 Rapid and Large-Scale Synthesis of IRMOF-3 by Electrochemistry Method with Enhanced Fluorescence Detection Performance for TNP
Wei JZ, Wang XL, Sun XJ, Hou Y, Zhang X, Yang DD, Dong H, Zhang FM
3825 - 3832 1,2,4-Triazines in the Synthesis of Bipyridine Bisphenolate ONNO Ligands and Their Highly Luminescent Tetradentate Pt(II) Complexes for Solution-Processable OLEDs
Pander P, Bulmer R, Martinscroft R, Thompson S, Lewis FW, Penfold TJ, Dias FB, Kozhevnikov VN
3833 - 3839 Ligand-Controlled Integration of Zn and Tb by Photoactive Terpyridyl-Functionalized Tricarboxylates as Highly Selective and Sensitive Sensors for Nitrofurans
Zhou ZH, Dong WW, Wu YP, Zhao J, Li DS, Wu T, Bu XH
3840 - 3854 Fabrication of a Co(OH)(2)/ZnCr LDH "p-n" Heterojunction Photocatalyst with Enhanced Separation of Charge Carriers for Efficient Visible-Light-Driven H-2 and O-2 Evolution
Sahoo DP, Nayak S, Reddy KH, Martha S, Parida K
3855 - 3864 Bifunctional Porphyrin-Based Nano-Metal-Organic Frameworks: Catalytic and Chemosensing Studies
Pereira CF, Figueira F, Mendes RF, Rocha J, Hupp JT, Farha OK, Simoes MMQ, Tome JPC, Paz FAA
3865 - 3872 Assembly of Multifold Helical Polyoxometalate-Based Metal-Organic Frameworks as Anode Materials in Lithium-Ion Batteries
Li MT, Yang XY, Li JS, Sheng N, Liu GD, Sha JQ, Lan YQ
3873 - 3882 RE3Mo14O30 and RE2Mo9O19, Two Reduced Rare-Earth Molybdates with Honeycomb-Related Structures (RE = La-Pr)
Forbes S, Kong T, Cava RJ
3883 - 3892 Preparation and Characterization of Organic-norganic Hybrid Macrocyclic Compounds: Cyclic Ladder-like Polyphenylsilsesquioxanes
Zhang WC, Wang XX, Wu YW, Qi Z, Yang RJ
3893 - 3902 Electron-Transfer-Enhanced Cation-Cation Interactions in Homo- and Heterobimetallic Actinide Complexes: A Relativistic Density Functional Theory Study
Zheng M, Chen FY, Tian JN, Pan QJ
3903 - 3912 Magnetic Anisotropy from Trigonal Prismatic to Trigonal Antiprismatic Co(II) Complexes: Experimental Observation and Theoretical Prediction
Zhang J, Li J, Yang L, Yuan C, Zhang YQ, Song Y
3913 - 3919 Columnar Liquid-Crystalline Macrocycles Synthesized via Metal Ion-Assisted Self-Assembly
Kawano S, Murai T, Harada T, Tanaka K
3920 - 3930 A Lanthanide Luminescent Cation Exchange Material Derived from a Flexible Tricarboxylic Acid 2,6-Bis(1,2,3-triazol-4-yl)pyridine (btp) Tecton
McCarney EP, Hawes CS, Kitchen JA, Byrne K, Schmitt W, Gunnlaugsson T
3931 - 3940 Diboryne Nanostructures Stabilized by Multitopic N-Heterocyclic Carbenes: A Computational Study
Fantuzzi F, Coutinho CB, Oliveira RR, Nascimento MAC
3941 - 3947 Alkylamine-Templated Niccolite Frameworks of [(GaMII)-M-III(HCOO)(6)](-) (M = Fe, Ni): Structure, Magnetism, and Dielectricity
Wang K, Xiong JB, Xia B, Wang QL, Tong YZ, Ma Y, Wang ZM, Gao S
3948 - 3955 Reactivity of Superheavy Elements Cn, Nh, and Fl and Their Lighter Homologues Hg, Tl, and Pb, Respectively, with a Gold Surface from Periodic DFT Calculations
Pershina V
3956 - 3962 Intermediate Band Material of Titanium-Doped Tin Disulfide for Wide Spectrum Solar Absorption
Hu KY, Wang D, Zhao W, Gu YH, Bu KJ, Pan J, Qin P, Zhang X, Huang FQ
3963 - 3982 Exploring Defect-Induced Emission in ZnAl2O4: An Exceptional Color-Tunable Phosphor Material with Diverse Lifetimes
Pathak N, Ghosh PS, Saxena S, Dutta D, Yadav AK, Bhattacharyya D, Jha SN, Kadam RM
3983 - 3992 At the Borderline between Metal-Metal Mixed Valency and a Radical Bridge Situation: Four Charge States of a Diruthenium Complex with a Redox-Active Bis(mer-tridentate) Ligand
Mondal S, Schwederski B, Frey W, Fiedler J, Zalis S, Kaim W
3993 - 4008 Computational Investigation of Carbene-Phosphinidenes: Correlation between P-31 Chemical Shifts and Bonding Features to Estimate the pi-Backdonation of Carbenes
Dutta S, Maity B, Thirumalai D, Koley D
4009 - 4022 Photoactivation of the Cytotoxic Properties of Platinum(II) Complexes through Ligand Photoswitching
Presa A, Vazquez G, Barrios LA, Roubeau O, Korrodi-Gregorio L, Perez-Tomas R, Gamez P
4023 - 4038 Redox-Active Metallodithiolene Groups Separated by Insulating Tetraphosphinobenzene Spacers
Arumugam K, Selvachandran M, Obanda A, Shaw MC, Chandrasekaran P, Good SLC, Mague JT, Sproules S, Donahue JP
4039 - 4049 AAuAl (A = Ca, Sc, and Ti): Peierls Distortion, Atomic Coloring, and Structural Competition
Pham J, Miller GJ
4050 - 4060 Green Approach To Synthesize Crystalline Nanoscale Zn-II-Coordination Polymers: Cell Growth Inhibition and Immunofluorescence Study
Mukherjee S, Ganguly S, Manna K, Mondal S, Mahapatra S, Das D
4061 - 4069 Rhodamine Salicylaldehyde Hydrazone Dy(III) Complexes: Fluorescence and Magnetism
Liu MJ, Yuan J, Tao J, Zhang YQ, Liu CM, Kou HZ
4070 - 4076 Humidity Sensitive Structural Dynamics and Solvatomagnetic Effects in a 3D Co(II)-Based Coordination Polymer
Wang LF, Qiu JZ, Wu SG, Chen YC, Li CJ, Li QW, Liu JL, Tong ML
4077 - 4087 From Isolated Anions to Polymer Structures through Linking with I-2: Synthesis, Structure, and Properties of Two Complex Bismuth(III) Iodine Iodides
Shestimerova TA, Yelavik NA, Mironov AV, Kuznetsov AN, Bykov MA, Grigorieva AV, Utochnikova VV, Lepnev LS, Shevelkov AV
4088 - 4097 Polymerization of Isoprene Promoted by Aminophosphine(ory)-Fused Bipyridine Cobalt Complexes: Precise Control of Molecular Weight and cis-1,4-alt-3,4 Sequence
Zhao JY, Chen HF, Li WX, Jia XY, Zhang XQ, Gong DR
4098 - 4103 Uniform Tellurium Doping in Black Phosphorus Single Crystals by Chemical Vapor Transport
Zhang ZM, Khurram M, Sun ZJ, Yan QF
4104 - 4108 Synthesis of Gadolinium Scandate from a Hydroxide Hydrogel
Paull RJ, Mansley ZR, Ly T, Marks LD, Poeppelmeier KR
4109 - 4116 Polyoxometalate-Based Metal-Organic Frameworks for Selective Oxidation of Aryl Alkenes to Aldehydes
Ma YY, Peng HY, Liu JN, Wang YH, Hao XL, Feng XJ, Khan SU, Tan HQ, Li YG
4117 - 4124 8H-10H Stacking Periodicity Control in Twinned Hexagonal Perovskite Dielectrics
Cao WW, Yang XY, Lu FQ, Zhu WF, Liu LJ, Kuang XJ, Allix M
4125 - 4134 Uranyl/12-crown-4 Ether Complexes and Derivatives: Structural Characterization and Isomeric Differentiation
Jian JW, Hu SX, Li WL, van Stipdonk MJ, Martens J, Berden G, Oomens J, Li J, Gibson JK
4135 - 4145 Cyclic Distannene or Bis(stannylene) with a Ferrocenyl Backbone: Synthesis, Structure, and Coordination Chemistry
Henoch J, Auch A, Diab F, Eichele K, Schubert H, Sirsch P, Block T, Pottgen R, Wesemann L
4146 - 4154 Consequence of Optimal Bonding on Disordered Structure and Improved Luminescence Properties in T-Phase (Ba,Ca)(2)SiO4:Eu2+ Phosphor
He LZ, Song Z, Jia XH, Xia ZG, Liu QL
4155 - 4163 A Springloaded Metal-Ligand Mesocate Allows Access to Trapped Intermediates of Self-Assembly
Bogie PM, Holloway LR, Lyon Y, Onishi NC, Beran GJO, Julian RR, Hooley RJ
4164 - 4170 High-Pressure Metathesis of the M1-xPO3+4xN1-4x (x approximate to 0.05) and M0.75PO4 (M = Zr, Hf) Orthophosphates
Kloss SD, Weis A, Wandelt S, Schnick W
4171 - 4180 Comprehensively Understanding Isomorphism and Photoluminescent Nature of Two-Dimensional Coordination Polymers of Cd(II) and Mn(II) with 1,1 '-Ethynebenzene-3,3 ',5,5 '-tetracarboxylic Ligand
Zhai L, Yang ZX, Zhang WW, Zuo JL, Ren XM
4181 - 4188 Structural and Electrochemical Evaluation of Three- and Two-Dimensional Organohalide Perovskites and Their Influence on the Reversibility of Lithium Intercalation
Ramirez D, Suto Y, Rosero-Navarro NC, Miura A, Tadanaga K, Jaramillo F