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8693 - 8696 Solvent-Modulated Emission Properties in a Superhydrophobic Oligo(p-phenyleneethynylene)-Based 3D Porous Supramolecular Framework
Roy S, Suresh VM, Hazra A, Bandyopadhyay A, Laha S, Pati SK, Maji TK
8697 - 8700 Enantioselective Separation over a Chiral Biphenol-Based Metal-Organic Framework
Abbas A, Wang ZX, Li ZJ, Jiang H, Liu Y, Cui Y
8701 - 8704 Fighting at the Interface: Structural Evolution during Heteroepitaxial Growth of Cyanometallate Coordination Polymers
Li FQ, Zhang W, Carne-Sanchez A, Tsujimoto Y, Kitagawa S, Furukawa S, Hu M
8705 - 8708 Facile Preparation of Haggite by Reducing V2O5 in Guaiacol/ Methanol Solution
Yan F, Bai YF, Sang YS, Yu LH, Wu K, Cui K, Wen Z, Mai FH, Ma ZW, Chen H, Li YD
8709 - 8713 Interplay between Dopant Species and a Spin-Crossover Host Lattice during Light-Induced Excited-Spin-State Trapping Probed by Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
Tumanov SV, Veber SL, Greatorex S, Halcrow MA, Fedin MV
8714 - 8717 Monitoring Ultraviolet Radiation Dosage Based on a Luminescent Lanthanide Metal-Organic Framewor
Li XY, Wang YX, Xie J, Yin XM, Silver MA, Cai YW, Zhang HL, Chen LH, Bian GQ, Juan DW, Chai ZF, Wang S
8718 - 8721 Luminescence and Location of Gd3+ or Tb3+ Ions in Perovskite-Type LaScO3
Ueda K, Aoki T, Shimizu Y, Massuyeau F, Jobic S
8722 - 8725 Functionalizing a Metal-Organic Framework by a Photoassisted Multicomponent Postsynthetic Modification Approach Showing Highly Effective Hg(II) Removal
Yin WH, Xiong YY, Wu HQ, Tao Y, Yang LX, Li JQ, Tong XL, Luo F
8726 - 8729 Ionothermal Synthesis of Open-Framework Metal Phosphates Using a Multifunctional Ionic Liquid
Wang KC, Li T, Zeng HM, Zou GH, Zhang QH, Lin ZE
8730 - 8734 Ternary Mixed-Metal Cd4GeS6: Remarkable Nonlinear-Optical Properties Based on a Tetrahedral-Stacking Framework
Li MY, Li BX, Lin H, Shi YF, Ma ZJ, Wu LM, Wu XT, Zhu QL
8735 - 8747 Through-Space Paramagnetic NMR Effects in Host-Guest Complexes: Potential Ruthenium(III) Metallodrugs with Macrocyclic Carriers
Chyba J, Novak M, Munzarova P, Novotny J, Marek R
8748 - 8759 Interplay of Through-Bond Hyperfine and Substituent Effects on the NMR Chemical Shifts in Ru(III) Complexes
Jeremias L, Novotny J, Repisky M, Komorovsky S, Marek R
8760 - 8768 A High Voltage Cathode Material for Sodium Batteries: Na3V(PO4)(2)
Kovrugin VM, David R, Chotard JN, Recham N, Masquelier C
8769 - 8777 Aliphatic C-H Bond Halogenation by Iron(II)-alpha-Keto Acid Complexes and O-2 : Functional Mimicking of Nonheme Iron Halogenases
Jana RD, Sheet D, Chatterjee S, Paine TK
8778 - 8787 Metal-Substrate Cooperation Mechanism for Dehydrogenative Amidation Catalyzed by a PNN-Ru Catalyst
Li LF, Lei M, Liu L, Xie YM, Schaefer HF
8788 - 8795 How Does a Heme Carbene Differ from Diatomic Ligated (NO, CO, and CN-) Analogues in the Axial Bond?
Peng Q, Sage JT, Liu YL, Wang ZJ, Hu MY, Zhao JY, Alp EE, Scheidt WR, Li JF
8796 - 8805 Redox Interconversion between Cobalt(III) Thiolate and Cobalt(II) Disulfide Compounds
Jiang F, Siegler MA, Sun XB, Jiang L, Guerra CF, Bouwman E
8806 - 8820 Synthesis and Characterization of Tris (trimethylsilyl) siloxide Derivatives of Early Transition Metal Alkoxides That Thermally Convert to Varied Ceramic-Silica Architecture Materials
Boyle TJ, Sears JM, Perales D, Cramer RE, Lu P, Chan RO, Hernandez-Sanchez BA
8821 - 8830 Porous Cubic Cesium Salts of Silicododecatungstate(molybdate)/Borododecatungstate Blends: Synthesis and Molecular Adsorption Properties
Kotabe T, Ogasawara Y, Suzuki K, Uchida S, Mizuno N, Yamaguchi K
8831 - 8840 Self-Assembly of Ln(III)-Containing Tungstotellurates(VI): Correlation of Structure and Photoluminescence
Shang SX, Lin ZG, Yin AX, Yang S, Chi YN, Wang Y, Dong J, Liu B, Zhen N, Hill CL, Hu CW
8841 - 8849 Investigating the Luminescence Behaviors and Temperature Sensing Properties of Rare-Earth-Doped Ba2In2O5 Phosphors
Wang ZY, Jiao H, Fu ZL
8850 - 8856 Synthesis, Structures, and Photocurrent Responses of Polyoxo-Titanium Clusters with Oxime Ligands: From Ti-4 to Ti-18
Chen S, Fang WH, Zhang L, Zhang J
8857 - 8865 Two-Step Synthesis of VO2 (M) with Tuned Crystallinity
Guan S, Rougier A, Viraphong O, Denux D, Penin N, Gaudon M
8866 - 8873 Ratiometric Fluorescence Platform Based on Modified Silicon Quantum Dots and Its Logic Gate Performance
Li XQ, Zhou Z, Zhang CC, Zheng YH, Gao JW, Wang QM
8874 - 8880 Mechanistic Insights into the Coloration, Evolution, and Degradation of NiOx Electrochromic Anodes
Guo JJ, Wang M, Dong GB, Zhang ZB, Zhang QQ, Yu H, Xiao Y, Liu QR, Liu J, Diao XG
8881 - 8889 Nonradiative Decay and Stability of N-Heterocyclic Carbene Iridium(III) Complexes
Zhou XW, Powell BJ
8890 - 8902 Increase of Direct C-C Coupling Reaction Yield by Identifying Structural and Electronic Properties of High-Spin Iron Tetra-azamacrocyclic Complexes
Brewer SM, Wilson KR, Jones DG, Reinheimer EW, Archibald SJ, Prior TJ, Ayala MA, Foster AL, Hubin TJ, Green KN
8903 - 8908 Crystal Structure, Thermal Behavior, and Photocatalytic Activity of NaBiO3 center dot nH(2)O
Saiduzzaman M, Yanagida S, Takei T, Kumada N, Ogawa K, Moriyoshi C, Kuroiwa Y, Kawaguchi S
8909 - 8922 A DFT Mechanistic Study of the trans-[(OsO2)-O-VI(OH)(4)](2-) and [(OsO4)-O-VIII(OH)(n)](n-) (n = 1, 2 cis) Comproportionation Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer Reaction
van Niekerk DME, Gerber WJ
8923 - 8932 Oxidative Release of Copper from Pharmacologic Copper Bis(thiosemicarbazonato) Compounds
Sirois JJ, Padgitt-Cobb L, Gallegos MA, Beckman JS, Beaudry CM, Hurst JK
8933 - 8941 Oxidative Rearrangement Mechanism of Pentalenolactone F Catalyzed by Cytochrome P450 CYP161C2 (PntM)
Wang XY, Shi JY, Liu YJ
8942 - 8950 Solid-State Associative Reactions and the Coordination Compression Mechanism
Polrolniczak A, Sobczak S, Katrusiak A
8951 - 8955 A Bridging Peroxide Complex of Platinum(IV)
Hoseini SJ, Fath RH, Fard MA, Behnia A, Puddephatt RJ
8956 - 8963 Synthesis, Structural, Spectral, and Electrochemical Studies of Selenabenziporphyrin and Its Pd(II) Complex
Kumar S, Thorat KG, Lee WZ, Ravikanth M
8964 - 8977 Synthesis and Unprecedented Complexation Properties of beta-Cyclodextrin-Based Ligand for Lanthanide Ions
Champagne PL, Barbot C, Zhang P, Han XK, Gaamoussi I, Hubert-Roux M, Bertolesi GE, Gouhier G, Ling CC
8978 - 8987 Tunable Optical Properties and Enhanced Thermal Quenching of Non-Rare-Earth Double-Perovskite (Ba1-xSrx)(2) YSbO6:Mn4+ Red Phosphors Based on Composition Modulation
Zhong JS, Chen DQ, Yuan S, Liu MJ, Yuan YJ, Zhu YW, Li XY, Ji ZG
8988 - 8993 Evolution of Oxyhalide Crystals under Electron Beam Irradiation: An in Situ Method To Understand the Origin of Structural Instability
Wu SJ, Sun JG, Yang SZ, He QY, Zhang L, Sun LD
8994 - 9001 A Key Factor Dominating the Competition between Photolysis and Photoracemization of [Ru(bipy)(3)](2+) and [Ru(phen)(3)](2+) Complexes
Feng LX, Wang YK
9002 - 9011 Influence of Radicals on Magnetization Relaxation Dynamics of Pseudo-Octahedral Lanthanide Iminopyridyl Complexes
Das C, Upadhyay A, Shanmugam M
9012 - 9019 Evolution of the Local Structure within Chromophoric Mn-O-5 Trigonal Bipyramids in YMn1-xInxO3 with Composition
Mukherjee S, Ganegoda H, Kumar A, Pal S, Segre CU, Sarma DD
9020 - 9027 A Multifunctional Lanthanide Carbonate Cluster Based Metal-Organic Framework Exhibits High Proton Transport and Magnetic Entropy Change
Tang Q, Yang YL, Zhang N, Liu Z, Zhang SH, Tang FS, Hu JY, Zheng YZ, Liang FP
9028 - 9038 Synthesis and Characterization of Dinuclear Salan Rare-Earth Metal Complexes and Their Application in the Homo- and Copolymerization of Cyclic Esters
Ouyang H, Yuan D, Nie K, Zhang Y, Yao YM, Cui DM
9039 - 9047 Excited-State Electronic Asymmetry Prevents Photoswitching in Terthiophene Compounds
Strudwick BH, Zhang J, Hilbers MF, Buma WJ, Woutersen S, Liu SH, Hartl F
9048 - 9054 Improvement in Crystallinity and Porosity of Poorly Crystalline Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) through Their Induced Growth on a Well-Crystalline MOF Template
Ji H, Lee S, Park J, Kim T, Choi S, Oh M
9055 - 9066 Emission Tuning of Heteroleptic Arylborane-Ruthenium(II) Complexes by Ancillary Ligands: Observation of Strickler-Berg-Type Relation
Nakagawa A, Ito A, Sakuda E, Fujii S, Kitamura N
9067 - 9078 Structural Analysis and Conduction Mechanisms in Polycrystalline Zinc Hydroxide Nitrate
Ruiz CV, Rodriguez-Castellon E, Giraldo O
9079 - 9085 Syntheses and Crystal Structures of Phenyl-Lithium Derivatives
Bodach A, Hebestreit R, Bolte M, Fink L
9086 - 9095 Intergrowth between the Oxynitride Perovskite SrTaO2N and the Ruddlesden-Popper Phase Sr2TaO3N
Suemoto Y, Masubuchi Y, Nagamine Y, Matsutani A, Shibahara T, Yamazaki K, Kikkawa S
9096 - 9104 MOF-808: A Metal-Organic Framework with Intrinsic Peroxidase-Like Catalytic Activity at Neutral pH for Colorimetric Biosensing
Zheng HQ, Liu CY, Zeng XY, Chen J, Lu J, Lin RG, Cao R, Lin ZJ, Su JW
9105 - 9114 Syntheses and Structures of d(10) Coinage Metal Complexes of Electron-Accepting Phosphine Ligands Featuring a 3,3,4,4,5,5-Hexafluorocyclopentene Framework
Agou T, Wada N, Fujisawa K, Hosoya T, Mizuhata Y, Tokitoh N, Fukumoto H, Kubota T
9115 - 9121 Synthesis and Characterization of the Aurivillius Phase CoBi2O2F4
Vagourdi EM, Mullner S, Lemmens P, Kremer RK, Johnsson M
9122 - 9132 Crystal Chemistry of Vanadium-Bearing Ellestadite Waste Forms
Fang YA, Page SJ, Rees GJ, Avdeev M, Hanna JV, White TJ
9133 - 9141 Right Heterogeneous Microstructure for Achieving Excellent Thermoelectric Performance in Ca0.9R0.1MnO3-delta (R = Dy, Yb) Ceramics
Wang T, Nan PF, Wang HC, Su WB, Sotelo A, Zhai JZ, Wang X, Ran YZ, Chen TT, Wang CL
9142 - 9152 Unusual Water-Soluble Imino Phosphine Ligand: Enamine and Imine Derivatives of 1,3,5-Triaza-7-phosphaadamantane (PTA)
Enow RAE, Lee WC, Cournoyer TD, Sunderland TL, Frost BJ
9153 - 9159 An MOF-like Interpenetrated 2D Plus 2D to 3D Inorganic Grid Assembled by Linear Inorganic Pillars, Structures, and Properties in Supercapacitance
Xu NN, Qian LW, Li ZQ, Bian GQ, Zhu QY, Dai J
9160 - 9166 Capturing the Organic Species Derived from the C-C Cleavage and in Situ Oxidation of 1,2,3,4-Tetra(pyridin-4-yl)cyclobutane by [CuCN](n)-Based MOFs
Chen L, Li HX, Da M, Li HY, Lang JP
9167 - 9174 Mechanistic Role of Two-State Reactivity in a Molecular MoS2 Edge-Site Analogue for Hydrogen Evolution Electrocatalysis
Schaugaard R, Jarrold CC, Raghavachari K
9175 - 9181 Luminescent Vapochromism Due to a Change of the Ligand Field in a One-Dimensional Manganese(II) Coordination Polymer
Wu Y, Zhang X, Xu LJ, Yang M, Chen ZN
9182 - 9189 Hierarchical Assembly of a {Co-24} Cluster from Two Vertex-Fused {Co-13} Clusters and Their Single-Molecule Magnetism
Yao PF, Chen YK, Lai CF, Li HY, Bian HD, Liu HF, Yao D, Huang FP
9190 - 9204 Unraveling the Structure-Raman Spectra Relationships in V2O5 Polymorphs via a Comprehensive Experimental and DFT Study
Smirnov MB, Roginskii EM, Smirnov KS, Baddour-Hadjean R, Pereira-Ramos JP
9205 - 9214 Understanding the Nonplanarity in Aromatic Metallabenzenes: A sigma-Control Mechanism
Chen ZN, Fu G, Zhang IY, Xu X
9215 - 9222 A Nitrido-bridged Heterometallic Ruthenium(IV)/Iron(IV) Phthalocyanine Complex Supported by A Tripodal Oxygen Ligand, [Co(eta(5)-C5H5){P(O)(OEt)(2)}(3)](-): Synthesis, Structure, and Its Oxidation to Give Phthalocyanine Cation Radical and Hydroxyphthalocyanine Complexes
Cheung WM, Ng WM, Wong WH, Lee HK, Sung HHY, Williams ID, Leung WH
9223 - 9229 Fe-Based Superconductors of (Ln(0.5-x)Na(0.5+x))Fe2As2 (Ln = Ce, Pr)
Iyo A, Kawashima K, Ishida S, Fujihisa H, Gotoh Y, Yoshida Y, Eisaki H
9230 - 9240 Synthesis and Reactivity of Low-Valent f-Element Iodide Complexes with Neutral Iminophosphorane Ligands
Cheisson T, Ricard L, Heinemann FW, Meyer K, Auffrant A, Nocton G
9241 - 9250 Disorder-Induced Breaking of the Local Inversion Symmetry in Rhombohedral Pyrochlores M2La3Sb3O14 (M = Mg or Ca): A Structural and Spectroscopic Investigation
Piccinelli F, Carrasco I, Ma CG, Srivastava AM, Bettinelli M
9251 - 9259 Full Color Luminescence Tuning in Bi3+/Eu3+-Doped LiCa3MgV3O12 Garnet Phosphors Based on Local Lattice Distortion and Multiple Energy Transfers
Dang PP, Liang SS, Li GG, We Y, Cheng ZY, Lian HZ, Shang MM, Al Kheraif AA, Lin J
9260 - 9265 Nonequivalent Spin Exchanges of the Hexagonal Spin Lattice Affecting the Low-Temperature Magnetic Properties of RInO3 (R = Gd, Tb, Dy): Importance of Spin-Orbit Coupling for Spin Exchanges between Rare-Earth Cations with Nonzero Orbital Moments
Gordon EE, Cheng XY, Kim J, Cheong SW, Deng SQ, Whangbo MH
9266 - 9273 One-Pot Catalytic Cleavage of C = S Double Bonds by Pd Catalysts at Room Temperature
Zhu T, Wu XX, Yang XZ, Sharma BY, Li N, Huang JM, Wang WT, Xing W, Zhao ZW, Huang H
9274 - 9285 Element-Selective Molecular Charge Transport Characteristics of Binuclear Copper(II)-Lanthanide(III) Complexes
Schmitz S, Kovalchuk A, Martin-Rodriguez A, van Leusen J, Izarova NV, Bourone SDM, Ai Y, Ruiz E, Chiechi RC, Kogerler P, Monakhov KY
9286 - 9295 Retention of a Paramagnetic Ground State at Low Temperatures in a Family of Structurally Related U-IV Phosphates
Felder JB, Calder S, zur Loye HC
9296 - 9305 Complexity of Uranyl Peroxide Cluster Speciation from Alkali-Directed Oxidative Dissolution of Uranium Dioxide
Hickam S, Aksenov SM, Dembowski M, Perry SN, Traustason H, Russell M, Burns PC
9306 - 9315 Tuning the Electron-Phonon and Superconducting Coupling in InPb Bimetallic Alloys
Gandhi AC, Wu SY
9316 - 9326 Visible Photosensitization of trans-Styrylpyridine Coordinated to fac-[Re(CO)(3)(dcbH(2))](+) : New Insights
Matos LS, Amaral RC, Iha NYM
9327 - 9334 Synthesis, Structure, and Electrical Properties of the Single Crystal Ba(8)CU(16)AS(30)
Wei KY, Khabibullin AR, Hobbis D, Wong-Ng W, Chang TY, Wang SYG, Levin I, Chen YS, Woods LM, Nolas GS
9335 - 9347 Design of a Novel Series of Donor-Acceptor Frameworks via Superalkali-Superhalogen Assemblage to Improve the Nonlinear Optical Responses
Omidvar A
9348 - 9353 Synthesis and Characterization of Silylated Phosphonium [P(OSiMe3)(4)](+) and Phosphate [O-2 P(OSiMe3)(2)](-) Salts
Felgenhauer P, Labbow R, Schulz A, Villinger A
9354 - 9363 Facile Axial Ligand Substitution in Linear Mo(sic)Mo-Ni Complexes
Chipman JA, Berry JF
9364 - 9375 Dimolybdenum Paddlewheel as Scaffold for Heteromultimetallic Complexes: Synthesis and Photophysical Properties
Knoefel ND, Schweigert C, Feuerstein TJ, Schoo C, Reinfandt N, Unterreiner AN, Roesky PW
9376 - 9384 Mo6+ Cation Enrichment of the Structure Chemistry of Iodates: Syntheses, Structures, and Calculations of Ba(MoO2)(2)(IO3)(4)O, Ba-3[(MoO2)(2)(10(3))(4)O(OH)(4)]center dot 2H(2)O, and Sr[(MoO2)(6)(IO4) O-2(4)]center dot H2O
Li YH, Wu HP, Zhang BB, Yang ZH, Han GP, Pan SL
9385 - 9392 Structural Diversity and Electronic Properties of 3d Transition Metal Tetraphosphides, TMP4 (TM = V, Cr, Mn, and Fe)
Gong N, Deng CX, Wu LL, Wan B, Wang ZB, Li ZP, Gou HY, Gao FM
9393 - 9402 Multiparametric Study of the Synthesis of ThSiO4 under Hydrothermal Conditions
Estevenon P, Welcomme E, Szenknect S, Mesbah A, Moisy P, Poinssot C, Dacheux N
9403 - 9411 Quaternary Chalcogenide Semiconductors with 2D Structures: Rb2ZnBi2Se5 and Cs6Cd2Bi8Te (17)
Zhao J, Hao SQ, Islam SM, Chen HJ, Ma SL, Wolverton C, Kanatzidis MG
9412 - 9424 ZnGaNO Photocatalyst Particles Prepared from Methane-Based Nitridation Using Zn/Ga/CO3 LDH as Precursor
Hu YL, Ou SH, Huang JL, Ji HY, Xiang SW, Zhu YQ, Chen ZB, Gong C, Sun L, Lian JQ, Sun DY, Fu YS, Ma TM
9425 - 9438 Catalytic Nitrene Homocoupling by an Iron(11) Bis(alkoxide) Complex: Bulking Up the Alkoxide Enables a Wider Range of Substrates and Provides Insight into the Reaction Mechanism
Yousif M, Wannipurage D, Huizenga CD, Washnock-Schmid E, Peraino NJ, Ozarowski A, Stoian SA, Lord RL, Groysman S
9439 - 9445 Multinuclear Cu(I) Clusters Featuring a New Triply Bridging Coordination Mode of Phosphaamidinate Ligands
Rathnayaka SC, Lindeman SV, Mankad NP
9446 - 9452 K2ZnGe3S8: A Congruent-Melting Infrared Nonlinear-Optical Material with a Large Band Gap
Luo XY, Liang F, Zhou ML, Guo YW, Li Z, Lin ZS, Yao JY, Wu YC
9453 - 9467 Pentavalent Curium, Berkelium, and Californium in Nitrate Complexes: Extending Actinide Chemistry and Oxidation States
Kovacs A, Dau PD, Marcalo J, Gibson JK
9468 - 9477 Homoleptic Platinum Azo-iminate Complexes via Hydrogenative Cleavage of Formazans
Mu G, Cong L, Wen ZL, Wu JIC, Kadish KM, Teets TS
9478 - 9488 Cooperativity in Spin Crossover Systems. An Atomistic Perspective on the Devil's Staircase
Vela S, Paulsen H
9489 - 9494 Nickel-4 '-(3,5-dicarboxyphenyl)-2,2 ',6 ',2 ''-terpyridine Framework: Efficient Separation of Ethylene from Acetylene/Ethylene Mixtures with a High Productivity
Wang HH, Liu QY, Li LB, Krishna R, Wang YL, Peng XW, He CT, Lin RB, Chen BL
9495 - 9503 Comprehensive Study on Reactions of Group 13 Diyls with Tetraorganodipentelanes
Ganesamoorthy C, Kruger J, Glockler E, Helling C, John L, Frank W, Wolper C, Schulz S
9504 - 9514 Mixed-Valent Cyanoplatinates Featuring Neptunyl-Neptunyl Cation-Cation Interactions
Smith PA, Hickam SM, Szymanowski JES, Burns PC
9515 - 9530 Probing the Valence Electronic Structure of Low-Spin Ferrous and Ferric Complexes Using 2p3d Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering (RIXS)
Hahn AW, Van Kuiken BE, Chilkuri VG, Levin N, Bill E, Weyhermuller T, Nicolaou A, Miyawaki J, Harada Y, DeBeer S
9531 - 9537 Synthesis, Crystal Structure, and Optical Gap of Two-Dimensional Halide Solid Solutions CsPb2 (Cl1-xBrx)(5)
Chen YB, Molokeev MS, Atuchin VV, Reshak AH, Auluck S, Alahmed ZA, Xia ZG
9538 - 9543 Metal-Binding Isosteres as New Scaffolds for Metalloenzyme Inhibitors
Dick BL, Cohen SM
9544 - 9553 Backbone Dehydrogenation in Pyrrole-Based Pincer Ligands
Krishnan VM, Davis I, Baker TM, Curran DJ, Arman HD, Neidig ML, Liu AM, Tonzetich ZJ
9554 - 9563 Asymmetric Cationic Phosphines: Synthesis, Coordination Chemistry, and Reactivity
Kariuki BM, Newman PD
9564 - 9575 Electrocatalytic CO2 Reduction with Cis and Trans Conformers of a Rigid Dinuclear Rhenium Complex: Comparing the Monometallic and Cooperative Bimetallic Pathways
Yang WW, Roy SS, Pitts WC, Nelson RL, Fronczek FR, Jurss JW