Inorganic Chemistry

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3729 - 3732 Fluorescent Copper Probe Inhibiting A beta 1-16-Copper(II)-Catalyzed Intracellular Reactive Oxygen Species Production
Walke GR, Ranade DS, Ramteke SN, Rapole S, Satriano C, Rizzarelli E, Tomaselli GA, Sfrazzetto GT, Kulkarni PP
3733 - 3737 Covalent Metal Metal-Bonded Mn-4 Tetrahedron Inscribed within a Four-Coordinate Manganese Cubane Cluster, As Evidenced by Unexpected Temperature -Independent Diamagnetism
Vaddypally S, Jovinelli DJ, McKendry IG, Zdilla MJ
3738 - 3741 Uranyl-Peroxide Clusters Incorporating Iron Trimers and Bridging by Bisphosphonate-and Carboxylate-Containing Ligands
Qiu J, Dong SN, Szymanowski JES, Dobrowolska M, Burns PC
3742 - 3753 Syntheses, Photoluminescence, and Electroluminescence of a Series of Sublimable Bipolar Cationic Cuprous Complexes with Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence
Zhang FL, Guan YQ, Chen XL, Wang SS, Liang D, Feng YF, Chen SF, Li SZ, Li ZY, Zhang FQ, Lu CZ, Cao GX, Zhai B
3754 - 3762 A New Approach to Sensitize Antitumor Monofunctional Platinum(II) Complexes via Short Time Photo-Irradiation
Xue XL, Zhu CC, Chen HC, Bai Y, Shi XC, Jiao Y, Chen ZY, Miao YP, He WJ, Guo ZJ
3763 - 3772 Calixsmaragdyrin: A Versatile Ligand for Coordination Complexes
Chatterjee T, Molnar B, Theophall GG, Lee WZ, Lakshmi KV, Ravikanth M
3773 - 3780 Cu(II)-Based Paramagnetic Probe to Study RNA Protein Interactions by NMR
Seebald LM, DeMott CM, Ranganathan S, Okai PNA, Glazunova A, Chen A, Shekhtman A, Royzen M
3781 - 3793 Copper(I) Phosphine Polypyridyl Complexes: Synthesis, Characterization, DNA/HSA Binding Study, and Antiproliferative Activity
Villarreal W, Colina-Vegas L, Visbal G, Corona O, Correa RS, Ellena J, Cominetti MR, Batista AA, Navarro M
3794 - 3808 Low-Energy and Long-Lived Emission from Polypyridyl Ruthenium(II) Complexes Having A Stable-Radical Substituent
Ito A, Kobayashi N, Teki Y
3809 - 3819 Room-Temperature Magneto-dielectric Effect in LaGa0.7Fe0.3O3+gamma i; Origin and Impact of Excess Oxygen
Mohan H, Singh P, Saxena SK, Mishra V, Warshi MK, Kumar R, Rajput P, Sagdeo A, Choudhuri I, Pathak B, Sagdeo PR
3820 - 3833 N2O Formation via Reductive Disproportionation of NO by Mononuclear Copper Complexes: A Mechanistic DFT Study
Metz S
3834 - 3848 Structural Insights into the Nature of Fe-0 and Fe-I Low-Valent Species Obtained upon the Reduction of Iron Salts by Aryl Grignard Reagents
Clemancey M, Cantat T, Blondin G, Latour JM, Dorlet P, Lefevre G
3849 - 3860 Complexation of Chiral Zinc-Porphyrin Tweezer with Achiral Diamines: Induction and Two-Step Inversion of Interporphyrin Helicity Monitored by ECD
Saha B, Ikbal SA, Petrovic AG, Berova N, Rath SP
3861 - 3866 Three Oxidation States of Manganese in the Barium Hexaferrite BaFe12-xMnxO19
Nemrava S, Vinnik DA, Hu ZW, Valldor M, Kuo CY, Zherebtsov DA, Gudkova SA, Chen CT, Tjeng LH, Niewa R
3867 - 3874 Prediction of Stable Ground-State Lithium Polyhydrides under High Pressures
Chen YM, Geng HY, Yan XZ, Sun Y, Wu Q, Chen XR
3875 - 3888 What Can We Learn from a Biomimetic Model of Nature's Oxygen- Evolving Complex?
Paul S, Cox N, Pantazis DA
3889 - 3900 Functionalized Lanthanide(III) Complexes Constructed from Azobenzene Derivative and beta-Diketone Ligands: Luminescent, Magnetic, and Reversible Trans-to-Cis Photoisomerization Properties
Lin LR, Tang HH, Wang YG, Wang X, Fang XM, Ma LH
3901 - 3908 Pressure-Stabilized Superconductive Ionic Tantalum Hydrides
Zhuang Q, Jin XL, Cui T, Ma YB, Lv QQ, Li Y, Zhang HD, Meng X, Bao K
3909 - 3915 Solvent-Controlled Doublet Emission of an Organometallic Gold(I) Complex with a Polychlorinated Diphenyl(4-pyridyl)methyl Radical Ligand: Dual Fluorescence and Enhanced Emission Efficiency
Ogino Y, Kusamoto T, Hattori Y, Shimada M, Tsuchiya M, Yamanoi Y, Nishibori E, Sugimoto K, Nishihara H
3916 - 3925 Mechanism of Reduction of Ferric Porphyrins by Sulfide: Identification of a Low Spin Fe-III-SH Intermediate
Mittra K, Singha A, Dey A
3926 - 3938 Experimental and DFT Investigations Reveal the Influence of the Outer Coordination Sphere on the Vibrational Spectra of Nickel-Substituted Rubredoxin, a Model Hydrogenase Enzyme
Slater JW, Marguet SC, Chino SL, Maugeri PT, Shafaat HS
3939 - 3945 A(3)Sr(2)P(7)O(21) (A = Rb, Cs): Two Polyphosphates Based on Different Types of P-O Chains and Ring Structures
Abudoureheman M, Han SJ, Wang Y, Lei BH, Yang ZH, Pan SL
3946 - 3960 Pentanuclear Lanthanide Mono-organophosphates: Synthesis, Structure, and Magnetism
Gupta SK, Langley SK, Sharma K, Murray KS, Murugavel R
3961 - 3969 Counterintuitive Adsorption of [PW11O39](7-) on Au(100)
Lang ZL, Aparicio-Angles X, Weinstock I, Clotet A, Poblet JM
3970 - 3975 Synthesis and Mechanical Character of Hexagonal Phase delta-WN
Wang CC, Tao Q, Dong SS, Wang X, Zhu PW
3976 - 3982 Coordination-Controlled One-Dimensional Molecular Chains in Hexapodal Adenine-Silver Ultrathin Films
Saravanan RK, Saha P, Venkatesh V, Gopakumar TG, Verma S
3983 - 3989 Effect of the Cation Distribution and Microstructure on the Magnetic Behavior of the CoMn2O4 Oxide
Popovic J, Juric M, Pajic D, Vrankic M, Zavasnik J, Habjanic J
3990 - 4001 Voltammetric and Spectroscopic Studies of alpha- and beta-[PW12O40](3-)Polyoxometalates in Neutral and Acidic Media: Structural Characterization as Their [(n-Bu4N)(3)][Pw(12)O(40)] Salts
Ueda T, Kodani K, Ota H, Shiro M, Guo SX, Boas JF, Bond AM
4002 - 4010 Structural Stability from Crystallographic Shear in TiO2-Nb2O5 Phases: Cation Ordering and Lithiation Behavior of TiNb24O62
Griffith KJ, Senyshyn A, Grey CP
4011 - 4020 Mo-Mo Quintuple Bond is Highly Reactive in H-H, C-H, and O-H sigma-Bond Cleavages Because of the Polarized Electronic Structure in Transition State
Chen Y, Sakaki S
4021 - 4027 A Family of Octahedral Magnetic Molecules Based on [Nb-IV(CN)(8)](4-)
Arczynski M, Rams M, Stanek J, Fitta M, Sieklucka B, Dunbar KR, Pinkowicz D
4028 - 4038 PARASHIFT Probes: Solution NMR and X-ray Structural Studies of Macrocyclic Ytterbium and Yttrium Complexes
Mason K, Rogers NJ, Suturina EA, Kuprov I, Aguilar JA, Batsanov AS, Yufit DS, Parker D
4039 - 4046 Temperature Sensing Using Thermal Population of Low-Lying Energy Levels with (Sm0.01Gd0.99)VO4
Cai JJ, Zhao L, Hu FF, Wei XT, Chen YH, Yin M, Duan CK
4047 - 4056 Oxidations at Sulfur Centers by Aqueous Hypochlorous Acid and Hypochlorite: CI+ Versus O Atom Transfer
Hu Y, Xie GY, Stanbury DM
4057 - 4064 Synthesis, Structures, and Proton Self-Exchange Reaction of mu(3)-Oxido/Hydroxido Bridged Trinuclear Uranyl(VI) Complexes with Tridentate Schiff-Base Ligands
Yoshimura T, Nakaguchi M, Morimoto K
4065 - 4071 Metallo-Organic Ligand Designing Road for Constructing the First-Generation Dendritic Metallotriangle
Wu T, Chen YS, Chen MZ, Liu QQ, Xue XB, Shen YX, Wang J, Huang H, Chan YT, Wang PS
4072 - 4083 Exceptional Structural Compliance of the B12F122- Superweak Anion
Peryshkov DV, Strauss SH
4084 - 4092 Germanium Compounds Containing Ge=E Double Bonds (E = S, Se, Te) as Single-Source Precursors for Germanium Chalcogenide Materials
Kim HS, Jung EA, Han SH, Han JH, Park BK, Kim CG, Chung TM
4093 - 4103 Unusual Tri-, Hexa-, and Nonanuclear Cu(II) Cage Methylsilsesquioxanes: Synthesis, Structures, and Catalytic Activity in Oxidations with Peroxides
Bilyachenko AN, Kulakova AN, Levitsky MM, Petrov AA, Korlyukov AA, Shul'pina LS, Khrustalev VN, Dorovatovski PV, Vologzhanina AV, Tsareva US, Golub IE, Gulyaeva ES, Shubina ES, Shul'pin GB
4104 - 4111 Enhancement of Magnetocaloric Effect through Fixation of Carbon Dioxide: Molecular Assembly from Ln(4) to Ln(4) Cluster Pairs
Wu JF, Li XL, Zhao L, Guo M, Tang JK
4112 - 4120 Diverse Bonding Activations in the Reactivity of a Pentaphenylborole toward Sodium Phosphaethynolate: Heterocycle Synthesis and Mechanistic Studies
Li Y, Siwatch RK, Mondal T, Li YX, Ganguly R, Koley D, So CW
4121 - 4132 Synthesis and Photobiological Activity of Ru(II) Dyads Derived from Pyrrole-2-carboxylate Thionoesters
Smithen DA, Yin HM, Beh MHR, Hetu M, Cameron TS, McFarland SA, Thompson A
4133 - 4140 Preparation of Ammonium-Functionalized Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxanes with High Proportions of Cagelike Decamer and Their Facile Separation
Imai K, Kaneko Y
4141 - 4147 Two Finite Binuclear [M-2(mu(2)-OH)(COO)(2)] (M = Co, Ni) Based Highly Porous Metal Organic Frameworks with High Performance for Gas Sorption and Separation
Li JT, Luo XL, Zhao NA, Zhang LR, Huo QS, Liu YL
4148 - 4156 Assembly Mechanism of Zr-Containing and Other TM-Containing Polyoxometalates
Jimenez-Lozano P, Sole-Daura A, Wipff G, Poblet JM, Chaumont A, Carbo JJ
4157 - 4168 Reactions of Neutral Cobalt(II) Complexes of a Dianionic Tetrapodal Pentadentate Ligand: Cobalt(III) Amides from Imido Radicals
Nurdin L, Spasyuk DM, Piers WE, Maron L
4169 - 4175 Proton Conductance of a Superior Water-Stable Metal-Organic Framework and Its Composite Membrane with Poly(vinylidene fluoride)
Luo HB, Wang M, Liu SX, Xue C, Tian ZF, Zou Y, Ren XM
4176 - 4185 Dinuclear Rhenium Complex with a Proton Responsive Ligand as a Redox Catalyst for the Electrochemical CO2 Reduction
Wilting A, Stolper T, Mata RA, Siewert I
4186 - 4196 A Uranyl Peroxide Dimer in the Gas Phase
Dau PD, Dau PV, Rao LF, Kovacs A, Gibson JK
4197 - 4205 Ultrastable 1D Europium Complex for Simultaneous and Quantitative Sensing of Cr(III) and Cr(VI) Ions in Aqueous Solution with High Selectivity and Sensitivity
Liu JJ, Ji GF, Xiao JN, Liu Z
4206 - 4216 Three Unique Barium Manganese Vanadates from High-Temperature Hydrothermal Brines
Pellizzeri TMS, McMillen CD, Wen YM, Chumanov G, Kolis JW
4217 - 4228 Synthesis and Characterization of the High-Pressure Nickel Borate gamma-NiB4O7
Schmitt MK, Janka O, Niehaus O, Dresselhaus T, Pottgen R, Pielnhofer F, Weihrich R, Krzhizhanovskaya M, Filatov S, Bubnova R, Bayarjargal L, Winlder B, Glaum R, Huppertz H
4229 - 4237 Enhancement of the Thermoelectric Properties of FeGa3-type Structures with Group 6 Transition Metals: A Computational Exploration
Boucher B, Al Orabi RA, Fontaine B, Grin Y, Gautier R, Halet JF
4238 - 4243 Mixed-Lanthanide Porous Coordination Polymers Showing Range Tunable-Ratiometric Luminescence for O-2 Sensing
Ye JW, Lin JM, Mo ZW, He CT, Zhou HL, Zhang JP, Chen XM