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11451 - 11454 Structural Design of Two Fluorine-Beryllium Borates BaMBe2(BO3)(2)F-2 (M = Mg, Ca) Containing Flexible Two-Dimensional [Be3B3O6F3], Single Layers without Structural Instability Problems
Guo S, Liang XX, Xia MJ, Liu LJ, Fang Z, Huang Q, Wu RF, Wang XY, Lin ZS, Chen CT
11455 - 11457 Facile Bulk Synthesis of pi-Cubic SnS
Breternitz J, Gunder R, Hempel H, Binet S, Ahmet I, Schorr S
11458 - 11461 Ba5Zn4(BO3)(6): A Nonlinear-Optical Material with Reinforced Interlayer Connections and Large Second-Harmonic-Generation Response
Duan MH, Xia MJ, Li RK
11462 - 11465 Anion Engineering on Free-Standing Two-Dimensional MoS2 Nanosheets toward Hydrogen Evolution
Liu QL, Liu QC, Kong XK
11466 - 11469 Bulky beta-Diketones Enabling New Lewis Acidic Ligand Platforms
Akturk ES, Scappaticci SJ, Seals RN, Marshak MP
11470 - 11479 Supercubes, Supersquares, and Superrods of Face-Centered Cubes (FCC): Atomic and Electronic Requirements of [M-m(SR)(/)(PR'(3))(8)](q) Nanoclusters (M = Coinage Metals) and Their Implications with Respect to Nucleation and Growth of FCC Metals
Teo BK, Yang HY, Yan JZ, Zheng NF
11480 - 11489 A Modern Twist to a Classic Synthetic Route: Ph3Bi-Based Redox Transmetalation Protolysis (RTP) for the Preparation of Barium Metalorganic Species
Takahashi Y, O'Brien A, Deacon GB, Andrews PC, Wolf M, Torvisco A, Gillett-Kunnath MM, Ruhlandt-Senge K
11490 - 11502 Conformational Landscapes of Metal(II) Porphyrinato, Chlorinato, and Morpholinochlorinato Complexes
Sharma M, Ticho AL, Samankumara L, Zeller M, Bruckner C
11503 - 11512 Dysprosium Heteroleptic Corrole-Phthalocyanine Triple-Decker Complexes: Synthesis, Crystal Structure, and Electrochemical and Magnetic Properties
Lu GF, He C, Wang K, Sun JS, Qi DD, Gong L, Wang CM, Ou ZP, Yan S, Zeng SY, Zhu WH
11513 - 11523 Synthesis of a Cu-Filled Rh17S15 Framework: Microwave Polyol Process Versus High-Temperature Route
Roslova M, Golub P, Opherden L, Ovchinnikov A, Uhlarz M, Baranov AI, Prots Y, Isaeva A, Coduri M, Herrmannsdorfer T, Wosnitza J, Doert T, Ruck M
11524 - 11531 Mossbauer Spectroscopic Characterization of Iron(III)-Polysaccharide Coordination Complexes: Photochemistry, Biological, and Photoresponsive Materials Implications
Auerbach H, Giammanco GE, Schunemann V, Ostrowski AD, Carrano CJ
11532 - 11545 Versatile Synthetic Route for beta-Functionalized Chlorins and Porphyrins by Varying the Size of Michael Donors: Syntheses, Photophysical, and Electrochemical Redox Properties
Chaudhri N, Grover N, Sankar M
11546 - 11551 Rapid One-Pot Solvothermal Batch Synthesis of Porous Nanocrystal Assemblies Composed of Multiple Transition-Metal Elements
Ohtani M, Muraoka T, Okimoto Y, Kobiro K
11552 - 11564 Luminescent and Photoconductive Layered Lead Halide Perovskite Compounds Comprising Mixtures of Cesium and Guanidinium Cations
Nazarenko O, Kotyrba MR, Worle M, Cueryo-Reyes E, Yakunin S, Koyalenko MV
11565 - 11576 Tris-heteroleptic Iridium Complexes Based on Cyclometalated Ligands with Different Cores
Cudre Y, de Carvalho FF, Burgess GR, Male L, Pope SJA, Tavernelli I, Baranoff E
11577 - 11590 ICT-Isomerization-Induced Turn-On Fluorescence Probe with a Large Emission Shift for Mercury Ion: Application in Combinational Molecular Logic
Bhatta SR, Mondal B, Vijaykumar G, Thakur A
11591 - 11602 Crystal Structure, Stability, and Physical Properties of Metastable Electron-Poor Narrow-Gap AlGe Semiconductor
Viennois R, Esmilaire R, Perriere L, Haidoux A, Alleno E, Beaudhuin M
11603 - 11609 One-Dimensional Zinc-Based Coordination Polymer as a Higher Capacity Anode Material for Lithium Ion Batteries
Song YD, Yu LL, Gao Y, Shi CD, Cheng ML, Wang XM, Liu HJ, Liu Q
11610 - 11618 Synthesis and Crystal Structure of Suboxide Solid Solutions, Ti12-delta GaxBi3-xO10
Amano S, Yamane H
11619 - 11632 Evans-Showell-Type Polyoxometalates Constructing High Dimensional Inorganic Organic Hybrid Compounds with Copper Organic Coordination Complexes: Synthesis and Oxidation Catalysis
An HY, Hou YJ, Wang L, Zhang YM, Yang W, Chang SZ
11633 - 11639 Synthesis, Crystal Structure, and Magnetic Properties of the Highly Frustrated Orthorhombic Li4MgReO6
Milam-Guerrero J, Bloed CJ, Nguyen PHT, Tran GT, Martin WP, Papakostas DV, Toro J, Wilson MN, Carlo JP, Luke GM, Melot BC, Gu J, Derakhshan S
11640 - 11653 Evaluation of the Intramolecular Charge-Transfer Properties in Solvatochromic and Electrochromic Zinc Octa(carbazolyl)phthalocyanines
Majeed SA, Ghazal B, Nevonen DE, Goff PC, Blank DA, Nemykin VN, Makhseed S
11654 - 11667 Immobilized Cobalt Bis(benzenedithiolate) Complexes: Exceptionally Active Heterogeneous Electrocatalysts for Dihydrogen Production from Mildly Acidic Aqueous Solutions
Eady SC, Maclnnes MM, Lehnert N
11668 - 11675 Cobalt(II) Ions Connecting [Co-4(II)] Helicates into a 2-D Coordination Polymer Showing Slow Relaxation of the Magnetization
Cucos P, Sorace L, Maxim C, Shova S, Patroi D, Caneschi A, Andruh M
11676 - 11680 High-Pressure Synthesis of the Cobalt Pyrochlore Oxide Pb2Co2O7 with Large Cation Mixed Occupancy
Yang JY, Dai JH, Liu ZH, Yu RZ, Hojo H, Hu ZW, Pi TW, Soo Y, Jin CQ, Azuma M, Long YW
11681 - 11687 An Effective Route to Dinuclear Niobium and Tantalum Imido Complexes
Gomez M, Hernandez-Prieto C, Martin A, Mena M, Santamaria C
11688 - 11701 Enhanced Catalytic Activity of Iridium(III) Complexes by Facile Modification of C,N-Bidentate Chelating Pyridylideneamide Ligands
Navarro M, Smith CA, Albrecht M
11702 - 11709 Simple and Efficient Fabrication of Mayenite Electrides from a Solution-Derived Precursor
Jiang D, Zhao ZY, Mu SL, Phaneuf V, Tong JH
11710 - 11720 A Polyoxovanadate Resorcin[4]arene-Based Porous Metal Organic Framework as an Efficient Multifunctional Catalyst for the Cycloaddition of CO2 with Epoxides and the Selective Oxidation of Sulfides
Lu BB, Yang J, Liu YY, Ma JF
11721 - 11728 Substituent Effects on the Coordination Chemistry of Metal-Binding Pharmacophores
Craig WR, Baker TW, Marts AR, DeGenova DT, Martin DP, Reed GC, McCarrick RM, Crowder MW, Cohen SM, Tierney DL
11729 - 11737 Light-Induced Spin State Switching and Relaxation in Spin Pairs of Copper(II)-Nitroxide Based Molecular Magnets
Tumanov SV, Veber SL, Tolstikov SE, Artiukhova NA, Romanenko GV, Ovcharenko VI, Fedin MV
11738 - 11752 A Bispidol Chelator with a Phosphonate Pendant Arm: Synthesis, Cu(II) Complexation, and Cu-64 Labeling
Gillet R, Roux A, Brandel J, Huclier-Markai S, Camerel F, Jeannin O, Nonat AM, Charbonniere LJ
11753 - 11761 Atomically Resolved Short-Range Order at the Nanoscale in the Ca-Mn-O System
Mazario-Fernandez A, Torres-Pardo A, Varela A, Parras M, Martinez JL, Fernandez-Diaz MT, Hernando M, Gonzalez-Calbet JM
11762 - 11767 A 3D Coordination Network Built from (Cu4Cl3)-Cl-II(H2O)(2) Linear Clusters and Tetrapyridyl Tetrahedral Silane Ligands: Reversible Iodine Uptake and Friedel-Crafts Alkylation Reactions
Deshmukh MS, Chaudhary A, Zolotarev PN, Boomishankar R
11768 - 11778 Three Cadmium Coordination Polymers with Carboxylate and Pyridine Mixed Ligands: Luminescent Sensors for Fe-III and Cr-VI Ions in an Aqueous Medium
Lin YN, Zhang XP, Chen WJ, Shi W, Cheng P
11779 - 11786 Cationic and Anionic Disorder in CZTSSe Kesterite Compounds: A Chemical Crystallography Study
Bais P, Caldes MT, Paris M, Guillot-Deudon C, Fertey P, Domenges B, Lafond A
11787 - 11797 The Combination of Superhalogens and Bronsted Acids HX (X = F, CI, Br): An Effective Strategy for Designing Strong Superacids
Zhou FQ, Xu WH, Li JF, Zhao RF, Yin B
11798 - 11803 Activation of C-H Bonds of Alkyl- and Arylnitriles by the TaCl5 PPh3 Lewis Pair
Rahman MM, Smith MD, Amaya JA, Makris TM, Peryshkov DV
11804 - 11809 Degradation of Paraoxon and the Chemical Warfare Agents VX, Tabun, and Soman by the Metal-Organic Frameworks UiO-66-NH2, MOF-808, NU-1000, and PCN-777
de Koning MC, van Grol M, Breijaert T
11810 - 11818 Group 10 Metal Benzene-1,2-dithiolate Derivatives in the Synthesis of Coordination Polymers Containing Potassium Countercations
Castillo O, Delgado E, Gomez-Garcia CJ, Hernandez D, Hernandez E, Martin A, Martinez JI, Zamora F
11819 - 11836 A Restricted Open Configuration Interaction with Singles Method To Calculate Valence-to-Core Resonant X-ray Emission Spectra: A Case Study
Maganas D, DeBeer S, Neese F
11837 - 11844 Luminescence Tuning, Thermal Quenching, and Electronic Structure of Narrow-Band Red-Emitting Nitride Phosphors
Cui DP, Song Z, Xia ZG, Liu QL
11845 - 11853 Insight into the Electrochemical Sodium Insertion of Vanadium Superstoichiometric NASICON Phosphate
Aragon MJ, Lavela P, Ortiz GF, Alcantara R, Tirado JL
11854 - 11861 A-Site Ordered Double Perovskite CaMnTi2O6 as a Multifunctional Piezoelectric and Ferroelectric-Photovoltaic Material
Gou GY, Charles N, Sho J, Rondinelli JM
11862 - 11875 Understanding the Coordination Modes of [Cu(acac)(2)(imidazole)(n=1,2)] Adducts by EPR, ENDOR, HYSCORE, and DFT Analysis
Ritterskamp N, Sharples K, Richards E, Folli A, Chiesa M, Platts JA, Murphy DM
11876 - 11882 Correlation between Dissolved Protons in Nickel-Doped BaZr0.1Ce0.7Y0.1Yb0.1O3-delta and Its Electrical Conductive Properties
Ishiyama T, Kishimoto H, Develos-Bagarinao K, Yamaji K, Yamaguchi T, Fujishiro Y
11883 - 11890 Quantum Chemical Insight into La2C96: Metal Carbide Fullerene La2C2@C-94 versus Dimetallofullerene La-2@C-96
Zhao RS, Yuan K, Zhao SD, Zhao X, Ehara M
11891 - 11899 A Water-Stable CI@Ag-14 Cluster Based Metal-Organic Open Framework for Dichromate Trapping and Bacterial Inhibition
Zhang SS, Wang X, Su HF, Feng L, Wang Z, Ding WQ, Blatov VA, Kurmoo M, Tung CH, Sun D, Zheng LS
11900 - 11910 Resonance Emission Enhancement (REE) for Narrow Band Red Emitting A(2)GeF(6):Mn4+ (A = Na, K, Rb, Cs) Phosphors Synthesized via a Precipitation-Cation Exchange Route
Lian HZ, Huang QM, Chen YQ, Li K, Liang SS, Shang MM, Liu MM, Lin J
11911 - 11916 Low-Temperature Solid-State Synthesis of High-Purity BiFeO3 Ceramic for Ferroic Thin-Film Deposition
Han H, Lee JH, Jang HM
11917 - 11928 Metal Complexes with a Hexadentate Macrocyclic Diamine-Tetracarbene Ligand
Lu TT, Yang CF, Zhang LY, Fei F, Chen XT, Xue ZL
11929 - 11937 Solvation Properties of the Actinide Ion Th(IV) in DMSO and DMSO:Water Mixtures through Polarizable Molecular Dynamics
Montagna M, Spezia R, Bodo E
11938 - 11945 Controlled Synthesis of MOF-Encapsulated NiPt Nanoparticles toward Efficient and Complete Hydrogen Evolution from Hydrazine Borane and Hydrazine
Zhang ZJ, Zhang SL, Yao QL, Chen XS, Lu ZH
11946 - 11955 Polarized Supramolecular Aggregates Based on Luminescent Perhalogenated Gold Derivatives
Gavara R, Pinto A, Donamaria R, Olmos ME, de Luzuriaga JML, Rodriguez L
11956 - 11970 Reactivity of Fe and Ru Complexes of Picolyl-Substituted N-Heterocyclic Carbene Ligand: Diverse Coordination Modes and Small Molecule Binding
Liang QM, Song DT
11971 - 11980 Rotating Magnetocaloric Effect in an Anisotropic Two-Dimensional Cu-II[W-V(CN)(8)](3-) Molecular Magnet with Topological Phase Transition: Experiment and Theory
Konieczny P, Pelka R, Czernia D, Podgajny R
11981 - 11989 Small-Scale Metal-Based Syntheses of Lanthanide Iodide, Amide, and Cyclopentadienyl Complexes as Analogues for Transuranic Reactions
Windorff CJ, Dumas MT, Ziller JW, Gaunt AJ, Kozimor SA, Evans WJ
11990 - 11997 Metastable Stacking-Polymorphism in Ge2Sb2Te5
He SX, Zhu LG, Zhou J, Sun Z
11998 - 12002 Polyoxometalates Templated Metal Ag-Carbene Frameworks Anodic Material for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Sha JQ, Zhu PP, Yang XY, Li XN, Li X, Yue MB, Zhou KF
12003 - 12011 Boron Difluoride Adducts of a Flexidentate Pyridine-Substituted Formazanate Ligand: Property Modulation via Protonation and Coordination Chemistry
Barbon SM, Buddingh JV, Maar RR, Gilroy JB
12012 - 12022 Correlating Bridging Ligand with Properties of Ligand-Templated [(Mn3X3)-X-II](3+) Clusters (X = Br-, Cl-, H-, MeO-)
Anderton KJ, Ermert DM, Quintero PA, Turvey MW, Fataftah MS, Abboud KA, Meisel MW, Cizmar E, Murray LJ
12023 - 12041 Latent Porosity in Alkali-Metal M2B12F12 Salts: Structures and Rapid Room-Temperature Hydration/Dehydration Cycles
Peryshkov DV, Bukovsky EV, Lacroix MR, Wu H, Zhou W, Jones WM, Lozinsek M, Folsom TC, Heyliger DL, Udovic TJ, Strauss SH
12042 - 12053 Photosensitization Behavior of 1011) Complexes in Selective Reduction of CO2 by Re(I)-Complex-Anchored TiO2 Hybrid Catalyst
Cheong HY, Kim SY, Cho YJ, Cho DW, Kim CH, Son HJ, Pac C, Kang SO
12054 - 12066 A Bimetallic Silver Neodymium Theranostic Nanoparticle with Multimodal NIR/MRI/CT Imaging and Combined Chemo-photothermal Therapy
Mishra SK, Kannan S
12067 - 12075 Gold(III) NHC Complexes for Catalyzing Dihydroalkoxylation and Hydroamination Reactions
Nair AG, McBurney RT, Gatus MRD, Binding SC, Messerle BA
12076 - 12076 Covalent Co-O-V and Sb-N Bonds Enable Polyoxovanadate Charge Control (vol 56, pg 7120, 2017)
Rasmussen M, Nather C, van Leusen J, Kogerler P, Zhechkov L, Heine T, Bensch W