Inorganic Chemistry

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7307 - + A Highly Selective and Robust Co(II)-Based Homogeneous Catalyst for Reduction of CO2 to CO in CH3CN/H(2)0 Solution Driven by Visible Light
Ouyang T, Hou C, Wang JW, Liu WJ, Zhong DC, Ke ZF, Lu TB
7312 - 7315 Binding Differences of Two Homochiral [Ru(bpy)(2)dppz](2+) Complexes with poly(U)-poly(A)*poly(U) Triplex RNA
Peng MN, Zhu ZY, Tan LF
7316 - 7319 Impact of Postsynthetic Modification on the Electrical and Magnetic Properties of Materials
Asha KS, Ahmed N, Nath R, Kuznetsov D, Mandal S
7320 - 7323 A Six-Coordinate Dysprosium Single-Ion Magnet with TrigonalPrismatic Geometry
Liu SS, Meng YS, Zhang YQ, Meng ZS, Lang K, Zhu ZL, Shang CF, Wang BW, Gao S
7324 - 7327 Rapid Static Sensitizer Regeneration Enabled by Ion Pairing
Casarin L, Swords WB, Caramori S, Bignozzi CA, Meyer GJ
7328 - 7331 Quest for the Ncb-type Metal Organic Framework Platform: A Bifunctional Ligand Approach Meets Net Topology Needs
Chen DM, Zhang NN, Tian JY, Liu CS, Du M
7332 - 7343 Thermal Expansion Behavior of M'[AuX2(CN)(2)]-Based Coordination Polymers (M = Ag, Cu; X = CN, CI, Br)
Ovens JS, Leznoff DB
7344 - 7353 Dual-Property Supramolecular H-Bonded 15-Crown-5 Ln(III) Chains: Joint Magneto-Luminescence and ab Initio Studies
Al Hareri M, Ali ZR, Regier J, Gavey EL, Carlos LD, Ferreira RAS, Pilkington M
7354 - 7359 Three-Dimensional Modeling of Quasicrystal Structures from X-ray Diffraction: An Icosahedral Al-Cu-Fe Alloy
Hong ST
7360 - 7372 alpha-Ag2-2xZnxWO4 (0 <= x <= 0.25) Solid Solutions: Structure, Morphology, and Optical Properties
Pereira PFS, Santos CC, Gouveia AF, Ferrer MM, Pinatti IM, Botelho G, Sambrano JR, Rosa ILV, Andres J, Longo E
7373 - 7383 Iron-Strapped Porphyrins with Carboxylic Acid Groups Hanging over the Coordination Site: Synthesis, X-ray Characterization, and Dioxygen Binding
Boitrel B, Hijazi I, Roisnel T, Ohora K, Hayashi T
7384 - 7396 Uranyl Carbonate Complexes in Aqueous Solution and Their Ligand NMR Chemical Shifts and O-17 Quadrupolar Relaxation Studied by ab Initio Molecular Dynamics
Marchenko A, Truflandier LA, Autschbach J
7397 - 7403 A Mg-CP with in Situ Encapsulated Photochromic Guest as Sensitive Fluorescence Sensor for Fe3+/Cr3+ Ions and Nitro-Explosives
Wu ZF, Gong LK, Huang XY
7404 - 7415 TQOPEN (N,N,N ',N '-Tetrakis(2-quinolylmethyl)-3-oxa-1,5-pentanediamine) Family as Heptadentate Fluorescent Cd2+ Sensors
Mikata Y, Kizu A, Nozaki K, Konno H, Ono H, Mizutani S, Sato S
7416 - 7432 Insight into the Am-O Phase Equilibria: A Thermodynamic Study Coupling High-Temperature XRD and CALPHAD Modeling
Epifano E, Gueneau C, Belin RC, Vauchy R, Lebreton F, Richaud JC, Joly A, Valot C, Martin PM
7433 - 7442 Concentration-Driven Selectivity of Energy Transfer Channels and Color Tunability in Ba3La(PO4)(3):Tb3+, Sm3+ for Warm White LEDs
Zhou WJ, Gu M, Ou YY, Zhang CH, Zhang XJ, Zhou L, Liang HB
7443 - 7448 Control of Interchain Antiferromagnetic Coupling in Porous Co(II)-Based Metal-Organic Frameworks by Tuning the Aromatic Linker Length: How Far Does Magnetic Interaction Propagate?
Lim KS, Lee WR, Lee HG, Kang DW, Song JH, Hilgar J, Rinehart JD, Moon D, Hong CS
7449 - 7453 Crystal Structures of CaB3N3 at High Pressures
Zhang M, Guo YN, Zhu L, Feng XL, Redfern SAT, Chen JH, Liu HY, Tse JS
7454 - 7469 Octahedral Gyroscope-like Molecules Consisting of Rhenium Rotators within Cage-like Dibridgehead Diphosphine Stators: Syntheses, Substitution Reactions, Structures, and Dynamic Properties
Hess GD, Fiedler T, Hampel F, Gladysz JA
7470 - 7481 Charge Transfer Properties of Triarylamine Integrated Dimolybdenum Dyads
Chen L, Mallick S, Tan YN, Meng M, Liu CY
7482 - 7493 Novel Kiteplatin Pyrophosphate Derivatives with Improved Efficacy
Curci A, Gandin V, Marzano C, Hoeschele JD, Natile G, Margiotta N
7494 - 7500 Bonding Properties of Aluminum Nitride at High Pressure
Liu Z, Li D, Wei SL, Wang WJ, Tian FB, Bao K, Duan DF, Yu HY, Liu BB, Cui TA
7501 - 7511 Redox Induced Configurational Isomerization of Bisphosphine-Tricarbonyliron(I) Complexes and the Difference a Ferrocene Makes
Ringenberg MR, Wittkamp F, Apfel UP, Kaim WG
7512 - 7518 Fluorescent and Electrochemical Supramolecular Coordination Polymer Hydrogels Formed from Ion-Tuned Self-Assembly of Small Bis-Terpyridine Monomer
Yu XD, Wang ZY, Li YJ, Geng LJ, Ren JJ, Feng GL
7519 - 7532 Ruthenium Complexes are pH-Activated Metallo Prodrugs (pHAMPs) with Light-Triggered Selective Toxicity Toward Cancer Cells
Qu FR, Park S, Martinez K, Gray JL, Thowfeik FS, Lundeen JA, Kuhn AE, Charboneau DJ, Gerlach DL, Lockart MM, Law JA, Jernigan KL, Chambers N, Zeller M, Piro NA, Kassel WS, Schmehl RH, Paul JJ, Merino EJ, Kim Y, Papish ET
7533 - 7544 Blue-to-Green Emitting Neutral Ir(III) Complexes Bearing Pentafluorosulfanyl Groups: A Combined Experimental and Theoretical Study
Pal AK, Henwood AF, Cordes DB, Slawin AMZ, Samuel IDW, Zysman-Colman E
7545 - 7549 Ground-State Crystal Structure of Strontium Peroxide Predicted from First Principles
Wang YC, Wang S, Zhang YW, Lv J, Chen Y, Zheng WT, Ma YM
7550 - 7557 Molecular Precursors for ZnO Nanoparticles: Field-Assisted Synthesis, Electrophoretic Deposition, and Field-Effect Transistor Device Performance
Hoffmann RC, Sanctis S, Schneider JJ
7558 - 7565 Anticancer Activity of Polyoxometalate-Bisphosphonate Complexes: Synthesis, Characterization, In Vitro and In Vivo Results
Boulmier A, Feng XX, Oms O, Mialane P, Riviere E, Shin CJ, Yao JQ, Kubo T, Furuta T, Oldfield E, Dolbecq A
7566 - 7573 Estimation of the Thermochemical Radii and Ionic Volumes of Complex Ions
Simoes MC, Hughes KJ, Ingham DB, Ma L, Pourkashanian M
7574 - 7574 Bond Fission and Non-Radiative Decay in Iridium(III) Complexes (vol 55, pg 5266, 2016)
Zhou XW, Burn PL, Powell BJ
7575 - 7575 Structures, Interconversions, and Spectroscopy of Iron Carbonyl Clusters with an Interstitial Carbide: Localized Metal Center Reduction by Overall Cluster Oxidation (vol 56, pg 5998, 2017)
Kuppuswamy S, Wofford JD, Joseph C, Xie ZL, Ali AK, Lynch VM, Lindahl PA, Rose MJ