Inorganic Chemistry

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7001 - 7003 Electrical Properties and Behaviors of Cuprous Oxide Cubes under High Pressure
Liu CL, Sui YM, Ren WB, Ma BH, Li Y, Su NN, Wang QL, Li YQ, Zhang JK, Han YH, Ma YZ, Gao CX
7004 - 7006 Hydrotris(triazolyl)borate Complexes as Functional Models for Cu Nitrite Reductase: The Electronic Influence of Distal Nitrogens
Kumar M, Dixon NA, Merkle AC, Zeller M, Lehnert N, Papish ET
7007 - 7009 Quaternary Tellurides with Different Valent Ge Centers: Cs2Ge3M6Te14 (M = Ga, In)
Zhang CY, Zhou LJ, Chen L
7010 - 7012 Diphenoxo-Bridged Ni(II)Ln(II) Dinuclear Complexes as Platforms for Heterotrimetallic (Ln(III)Ni(II))(2)Ru-III Systems with a High-Magnetic-Moment Ground State: Synthesis, Structure, and Magnetic Properties
Palacios MA, Mota AJ, Ruiz J, Hanninen MM, Sillanpaa R, Colacio E
7013 - 7015 Increased Antenna Effect of the Lanthanide Complexes by Control of a Number of Terdentate N-Donor Pyridine Ligands
Yip YW, Wen HL, Wong WT, Tanner PA, Wong KL
7016 - 7018 Cation Cation Interactions between Neptunyl(VI) Units
Wang S, Diwu J, Alekseev EV, Jouffret LJ, Depmeier W, Albrecht-Schmitt TE
7019 - 7021 Solid-State Aggregation of Metallacyclophane-Based (MnCuII)-Cu-II One-Dimensional Ladders
Ferrando-Soria J, Grancha T, Pasan J, Ruiz-Perez C, Canadillas-Delgado L, Journaux Y, Julve M, Cano J, Lloret F, Pardo E
7022 - 7024 Anion-Controlled Circular Dichroism Spectral Changes in Hg2+ Complexes with a Chiral Bidentate Ligand
Ikeda M, Kuwahara S, Lee SS, Habata Y
7025 - 7031 Revisiting the Polyoxometalate-Based Late-Transition-Metal-Oxo Complexes: The "Oxo Wall" Stands
O'Halloran KP, Zhao CC, Ando NS, Schultz AJ, Koetzle TF, Piccoli PMB, Hedman B, Hodgson KO, Bobyr E, Kirk ML, Knottenbelt S, Depperman EC, Stein B, Anderson TM, Cao R, Geletii YV, Hardcastle KI, Musaev DG, Neiwert WA, Fang XK, Morokuma K, Wu SX, Kogerler P, Hill CL
7032 - 7038 Excitonic Luminescence of Hemiporphyrazines
Huber SM, Seyfried MS, Linden A, Luedtke NW
7039 - 7049 Syntheses, Structures, and Luminescent Properties of Dipyridylamine-Functionalized Anthracene and Its Complexes
Tan RY, Wang ZB, Li Y, Kozera DJ, Lu ZH, Song DT
7050 - 7065 Lanthanide N,N-Dimethylaminodiboranates as a New Class of Highly Volatile Chemical Vapor Deposition Precursors
Daly SR, Kim DY, Girolami GS
7066 - 7074 Three Novel Isomeric Zinc Metal-Organic Frameworks from a Tetracarboxylate Linker
Hu YX, Ma HB, Zheng B, Zhang WW, Xiang SC, Zhai L, Wang LF, Chen BL, Ren XM, Bai JF
7075 - 7086 Rapid and Highly Sensitive Dual-Channel Detection of Cyanide by Bis-heteroleptic Ruthenium(II) Complexes
Khatua S, Samanta D, Bats JW, Schmittel M
7087 - 7093 Combined Experimental-Theoretical Characterization of the Hydrido-Cobaloxime [HCo(dmgH)(2)(PnBu(3))]
Bhattacharjee A, Chavarot-Kerlidou M, Andreiadis ES, Fontecave M, Field MJ, Artero V
7094 - 7102 Effect of Axial Ligand on the Electronic Configuration, Spin States, and Reactivity of Iron Oxophlorin
Gheidi M, Safari N, Zahedi M
7103 - 7111 Three-Dimensional Metal-Organic Framework with Highly Polar Pore Surface: H-2 and CO2 Storage Characteristics
Jayaramulu K, Reddy SK, Hazra A, Balasubramanian S, Maji TK
7112 - 7118 Case of a Strong Antiferromagnetic Exchange Coupling Induced by Spin Polarization of a Mn-Mn Partial Single Bond
Bolvin H, Wagner FR
7119 - 7124 Enhancement of Cytotoxicity by Combining Pyrenyl-Dendrimers and Arene Ruthenium Metallacages
Pitto-Barry A, Zava O, Dyson PJ, Deschenaux R, Therrien B
7125 - 7133 Heteropolytopic Arsanylarylthiolato Ligands: Cis-Trans Isomerism of Nickel(II), Palladium(II), and Platinum(II) Complexes of 1-AsPh2-2-SHC6H4
Hildebrand A, Sarosi I, Lonnecke P, Silaghi-Dumitrescu L, Sarosi MB, Silaghi-Dumitrescu I, Hey-Hawkins E
7134 - 7143 Lanthanide Amido Complexes Incorporating Amino-Coordinate-Lithium Bridged Bis(indolyl) Ligands: Synthesis, Characterization, and Catalysis for Hydrophosphonylation of Aldehydes and Aldimines
Zhu XC, Wang SW, Zhou SL, Wei Y, Zhang LJ, Wang FH, Feng ZJ, Guo LP, Mu XL
7144 - 7152 Chiral Conducting Salts of Nickel Dithiolene Complexes
Lieffrig J, Jeannin O, Auban-Senzier P, Fourmigue M
7153 - 7163 Novel Oximato-Bridged Platinum(II) Di- and Trimer(s): Synthetic, Structural, and in Vitro Anticancer Activity Studies
Scaffidi-Domianello YY, Legin AA, Jakupec MA, Roller A, Kukushkin VY, Galanski M, Keppler BK
7164 - 7173 Nanostructured Ti1-xSxO2-yNy Heterojunctions for Efficient Visible-Light-Induced Photocatalysis
Etacheri V, Seery MK, Hinder SJ, Pillai SC
7174 - 7184 Selective Recognition of Cyanide Anion via Formation of Multipoint NH and Phenyl CH Hydrogen Bonding with Acyclic Ruthenium Bipyridine Imidazole Receptors in Water
Mo HJ, Shen Y, Ye BH
7185 - 7191 (UO2)(2)[UO4(trz)(2)](OH)(2): A U(VI) Coordination Intermediate between a Tetraoxido Core and a Uranyl Ion with Cation-Cation Interactions
Weng ZH, Wang SA, Ling J, Morrison JM, Burns PC
7192 - 7201 Oxygen Reduction Reactions of Monometallic Rhodium Hydride Complexes
Teets TS, Nocera DG
7202 - 7209 Novel Red-Emitting Ba2Tb(BO3)(2)Cl:Eu Phosphor with Efficient Energy Transfer for Potential Application in White Light-Emitting Diodes
Xia ZG, Zhuang JQ, Liao LB
7210 - 7217 Relaxometric Investigations and MRI Evaluation of a Liposome-Loaded pH-Responsive Gadolinium(III) Complex
Gianolio E, Porto S, Napolitano R, Baroni S, Giovenzana GB, Aime S
7218 - 7231 Investigating Magnetostructural Correlations in the Pseudooctahedral trans-[Ni-II{(OPPh2)(EPPh2)N}(2)(sol)(2)] Complexes (E = S, Se; sol = DMF, THF) by Magnetometry, HFEPR, and ab Initio Quantum Chemistry
Maganas D, Krzystek J, Ferentinos E, Whyte AM, Robertson N, Psycharis V, Terzis A, Neese F, Kyritsis P
7232 - 7236 Neutron Diffraction Study of Unusual Phase Separation in the Antiperovskite Nitride Mn3ZnN
Sun Y, Wang C, Huang QZ, Guo YF, Chu LH, Arai M, Yamaura K
7237 - 7249 Successive Heterolytic Cleavages of H-2 Achieve N-2 Splitting on Silica-Supported Tantalum Hydrides: A DFT Proposed Mechanism
Solans-Monfort X, Chow C, Goure E, Kaya Y, Basset JM, Taoufik M, Quadrelli EA, Eisenstein O
7250 - 7256 Single Electron Transfer-Mediated Selective endo- and exocyclic Bond Cleavage Processes in Azaphosphiridine Chromium(0) Complexes: A Computational Study
Espinosa A, Gomez C, Streubel R
7257 - 7270 Aerobic and Hydrolytic Decomposition of Pseudotetrahedral Nickel Phenolate Complexes
Deb T, Rohde GT, Young VG, Jensen MP
7271 - 7283 New Monodentate Amidine Superbasic Ligands with a Single Configuration in fac-[Re(CO)(3)(5,5'- or 6,6'-Me(2)bipyridine)(amidine)]BF4 Complexes
Abhayawardhana P, Marzilli PA, Perera T, Fronczek FR, Marzilli LG
7284 - 7295 Reactions of the Tetrafluoroborate Complex [Mo2Cp2(kappa(2)-F2BF2)(mu-PPh2)(2)(CO)]BF4 with Mono- and Bidentate Ligands Having E-H bonds (E = O, S, Se, N, P)
Cimadevilla F, Garcia ME, Garcia-Vivo D, Ruiz MA, Graiff C, Tiripicchio A
7296 - 7305 Effect of the Axial Ligand on the Reactivity of the Oxoiron(IV) Porphyrin pi-Cation Radical Complex: Higher Stabilization of the Product State Relative to the Reactant State
Takahashi A, Yamaki D, Ikemura K, Kurahashi T, Ogura T, Hada M, Fujii H
7306 - 7316 Cationic Cryptand Complexes of Tin(II)
Avery JC, Hanson MA, Herber RH, Bladek KJ, Rupar PA, Nowik I, Huang YN, Baines KM
7317 - 7323 Exploration of Mid-Temperature Alkali-Metal-Ion Extraction Route Using PTFE (AEP): Transformation of alpha-NaFeO2-Type Layered Oxides into Rutile-Type Binary Oxides
Ozawa TC, Sasaki T
7324 - 7331 Photoinduced Water Oxidation by a Tetraruthenium Polyoxometalate Catalyst: Ion-pairing and Primary Processes with Ru(bpy)(3)(2+) Photosensitizer
Natali M, Orlandi M, Berardi S, Campagna S, Bonchio M, Sartorel A, Scandola F
7332 - 7339 Nickel(II) 3,4;9,10-Perylenediimide bis-Phosphonate Pentahydrate: A Metal-Organic Ferromagnetic Dye
Bellitto C, Righini G, Gomez-Garcia CJ, Caminiti R, Carbone M, Matassa R, Bauer EM
7340 - 7345 Mechanistic Insight from Activation Parameters for the Reaction of a Ruthenium Hydride Complex with CO2 in Conventional Solvents and an Ionic Liquid
Kern S, van Eldik R
7346 - 7353 Zinc Thiolate Reactivity toward Nitrogen Oxides: Insights into the Interaction of Zn2+ with S-Nitrosothiols and Implications for Nitric Oxide Synthase
Kozhukh J, Lippard SJ
7354 - 7361 Aerobic Oxidation Reactions Catalyzed by Vanadium Complexes of Bis(Phenolate) Ligands
Zhang GQ, Scott BL, Wu RL, Silks LA, Hanson SK
7362 - 7369 Time Resolved Infrared Spectroscopy: Kinetic Studies of Weakly Binding Ligands in an Iron-Iron Hydrogenase Model Compound
Muhammad S, Moncho S, Brothers EN, Darensbourg MY, Darensbourg DJ, Bengali AA
7370 - 7376 Room-Temperature Synthesis, Hydrothermal Recrystallization, and Properties of Metastable Stoichionnetric FeSe
Nitsche F, Goltz T, Klauss HH, Isaeva A, Muller U, Schnelle W, Simon P, Doert T, Ruck M
7377 - 7383 Molecular Vibration Spectroscopy Studies on Novel Trinuclear Rhodium-7-Hydride Complexes of the General Type {[Rh(PP*)X](3)(mu(2)-X)(3)(mu(3)-X)]center dot(BF4)(2) (X = H, D)
Kohrt C, Hansen S, Drexler HJ, Rosenthal U, Schulz A, Heller D
7384 - 7391 QTAIM Analysis of the Bonding in Mo-Mo Bonded Dimolybdenum Complexes
Van der Maelen JF, Cabeza JA
7392 - 7403 Intensely Luminescent Homoleptic Alkynyl Decanuclear Gold(I) Clusters and Their Cationic Octanuclear Phosphine Derivatives
Koshevoy IO, Chang YC, Karttunen AJ, Selivanov SI, Janis J, Haukka M, Pakkanen T, Tunik SP, Chou PT
7404 - 7409 [C7H10N][In3Se5]: A Layered Selenide with Two Indium Coordination Environments
Ewing SJ, Powell AV, Vaqueiro P
7410 - 7414 Oxozinc Carboxylate Complexes: A New Synthetic Approach and the Carboxylate Ligand Effect on the Noncovalent-Interactions-Driven Self-Assembly
Bury W, Justyniak I, Prochowicz D, Rola-Noworyta A, Lewinski J
7415 - 7424 OMS, OM(eta(2)-SO), and OM(eta(2)-SO)(eta(2)-SO2) Molecules (M = Ti, Zr, Hf): Infrared Spectra and Density Functional Calculations
Liu X, Wang XF, Wang Q, Andrews L
7425 - 7430 Solvothermal Synthesis, Crystal Growth, and Structure Determination of Sodium and Potassium Guanidinate
Sawinski PK, Dronskowski R
7431 - 7431 Steric Modifications Tune the Regioselectivity of the Alkane Oxidation Catalyzed by Non-Heme Iron Complexes (vol 50, pg 12651, 2011)
He Y, Gorden JD, Goldsmith CR