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8685 - 8687 Tuning of the Spin Distribution between Ligand- and Metal-Based Spin: Electron Paramagnetic Resonance of Mixed-Ligand Molybdenum Tris(dithiolene) Complex Anions
Fekl U, Sarkar B, Kaim W, Zimmer-De Iuliis M, Nguyen N
8688 - 8690 Hexanuclear Dysprosium(III) Compound Incorporating Vertex- and Edge-Sharing Dy-3 Triangles Exhibiting Single-Molecule-Magnet Behavior
Tian HQ, Guo YN, Zhao L, Tang JK, Liu ZL
8691 - 8693 Two New Methods of Synthesis for the Perbromate Ion: Chemistry and Determination by LC-MS/MS
Pisarenko AN, Young R, Quinones O, Vanderford BJ, Mawhinney DB
8694 - 8696 Spin Control in Oxamato-Based Manganese(II) Copper(II) Coordination Polymers with Brick-Wall Layer Architectures
Ferrando-Soria J, Pasan J, Ruiz-Perez C, Journaux Y, Julve M, Lloret F, Cano J, Pardo E
8697 - 8699 A 3,4-Connected Beryllium Phosphite Framework Containing 24-Ring Channels with a Very Low Density
Luo XC, Luo DB, Zeng HM, Gong MC, Chen YQ, Lin ZE
8700 - 8718 Probing the Nature of the Co-III Ion in Corrins: The Structural and Electronic Properties of Dicyano- and Aquacyanocobyrinic Acid Heptamethyl Ester and a Stable Yellow Dicyano- and Aquacyanocobyrinic Acid Heptamethyl Ester
Chemaly SM, Brown KL, Fernandes MA, Munro OQ, Grimmer C, Marques HM
8719 - 8727 Probing the Nature of the Co-III Ion in Corrins: A Comparison of the Thermodynamics and Kinetics of the Ligand Substitution Reactions of Aquacyanocobyrinic Acid Heptamethyl Ester and Stable Yellow Aquacyanocobyrinic Acid Heptamethyl Ester
Chemaly SM, Florczak M, Dirr H, Marques HM
8728 - 8740 The Cause for Tremendous Acceleration of Chloride Substitution via Base Catalysis in the Chloro Pentaammine Cobalt(III) Ion
Curchod BFE, Rotzinger FP
8741 - 8754 Theoretical Analysis of the Spin Hamiltonian Parameters in (CoS4)-S-(II) Complexes, Using Density Functional Theory and Correlated ab initio Methods
Maganas D, Sottini S, Kyritsis P, Groenen EJJ, Neese F
8755 - 8766 Spectroscopic and Computational Studies of Glutathionylcobalamin: Nature of Co-S Bonding and Comparison to Co-C Bonding in Coenzyme B-12
Conrad KS, Brunold TC
8767 - 8773 Structure and Magnetism of the Quasi-1-d K4Cu(MoO4)(3) and the Structure of K4Zn(MoO4)(3)
Menard MC, Ishii R, Nakatsuji S, Chan JY
8774 - 8781 Synthesis, Structure, Negative Thermal Expansion, and Photocatalytic Property of Mo Doped ZrV2O7
Sahoo PP, Sumithra S, Madras G, Row TNG
8782 - 8789 Reaction Mechanism of the Reverse Water-Gas Shift Reaction Using First-Row Middle Transition Metal Catalysts L' M (M = Fe, Mn, Co): A Computational Study
Liu C, Cundari TR, Wilson AK
8790 - 8796 Smart Heterostructures for Tailoring the Optical Properties of Photochromic Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Polyoxometalates
Dessapt R, Gabard M, Bujoli-Doeuff M, Deniard P, Jobic S
8797 - 8807 Novel Small Stable Gold Nanoparticles Bearing Fluorescent Cysteine-Coumarin Probes as New Metal-Modulated Chemosensors
Oliveira E, Nunez C, Rodriguez-Gonzalez B, Capelo JL, Lodeiro C
8808 - 8816 Microwave-Assisted Construction of Ferromagnetic Coordination Polymers of [W-V(CN)(8)](3-) with Cu-II-pyrazole Synthons
Stefanczyk O, Korzeniak T, Nitek W, Rams M, Sieklucka B
8817 - 8825 Disproportionation of O-Methylhydroxylamine Catalyzed by Aquapentacyanoferrate(II)
Gutierrez MM, Olabe JA, Amorebieta VT
8826 - 8833 Why Vanadium Complexes Perform Poorly in Comparison to Related Molybdenum Complexes in the Catalytic Reduction of Dinitrogen to Ammonia (Schrock Cycle): A Theoretical Study
Guha AK, Phukan AK
8834 - 8849 Bioinspired Systems for Metal-Ion Sensing: New Emissive Peptide Probes Based on Benzo[d]oxazole Derivatives and Their Gold and Silica Nanoparticles
Oliveira E, Genovese D, Juris R, Zaccheroni N, Capelo JL, Raposo MMM, Costa SPG, Prodi L, Lodeiro C
8850 - 8860 Electrochemical, Spectroscopic, and Photophysical Properties of Structurally Diverse Polyazine-Bridged Ru(II),Pt(II) and Os(II),Ru(II), Pt(II) Supramolecular Motifs
Knoll JD, Arachchige SM, Wang GB, Rangan K, Miao R, Higgins SLH, Okyere B, Zhao MH, Croasdale P, Magruder K, Sinclair B, Wall C, Brewer KJ
8861 - 8868 Ca10Ge16B6O51 and Cd12Ge17B8O58: Two Types of New 3D Frameworks Based on BO4 Tetrahedra and 1D [Ge4O12](n) Chains
Xu X, Hu CL, Kong F, Zhang JH, Mao JG
8869 - 8878 Hydrolysis of Glycosides with Microgel Catalysts
Striegler S, Dittel M, Kanso R, Alonso NA, Duin EC
8879 - 8892 From Simple to Complex: Topological Evolution and Luminescence Variation in a Copper(I) Pyridylpyrazolate System Tuned via Second Ligating Spacers
Zhan SZ, Li M, Zhou XP, Ni J, Huang XC, Li D
8893 - 8901 Ni-5, Ni-8, and Ni-10 Clusters with 2,6-Diacetylpyridine-dioxime as a Ligand
Escuer A, Esteban J, Roubeau O
8902 - 8906 Model Study of CO Inhibition of [NiFe]hydrogenase
Matsumoto T, Kabe R, Nonaka K, Ando T, Yoon KS, Nakai H, Ogo S
8907 - 8917 Molecular Gallosilicates and Their Group 4 Multimetallic Derivatives
Solis-Ibarra D, Velasquez-Hernandez MD, Huerta-Lavorie R, Jancik V
8918 - 8925 Au(CN)(n) Complexes: Superhalogens with Pseudohalogen as Building Blocks
Samanta D, Wu MM, Jena P
8926 - 8936 Promising Fast Energy Transfer System via an Easy Synthesis: Bodipy-Porphyrin Dyads Connected via a Cyanuric Chloride Bridge, Their Synthesis, and Electrochemical and Photophysical Investigations
Lazarides T, Charalambidis G, Vuillamy A, Reglier M, Klontzas E, Froudakis G, Kuhri S, Guldi DM, Coutsolelos AG
8937 - 8945 Group 13 Lewis Acid Adducts of [PCl2N](3)
Tun ZM, Heston AJ, Panzner MJ, Medvetz DA, Wright BD, Savant D, Dudipala VR, Banerjee D, Rinaldi PL, Youngs WJ, Tessier CA
8946 - 8958 Gadolinium DOTA Chelates Featuring Alkyne Groups Directly Grafted on the Tetraaza Macrocyclic Ring: Synthesis, Relaxation Properties, "Click" Reaction, and High-Relaxivity Micelles
Vanasschen C, Bouslimani N, Thonon D, Desreux JF
8959 - 8966 Carboxylate-Free Mn(2)(III)Ln(2)(III) (Ln = Lanthanide) and (Mn2Y2III)-Y-III Complexes from the Use of (2-Hydroxymethyl)pyridine: Analysis of Spin Frustration Effects
Papatriantafyllopoulou C, Abboud KA, Christou G
8967 - 8972 First Three-Dimensional Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Material Constructed From an "Inverted Keggin" Polyoxometalate and a Copper(I)-Organic Complex
Liu B, Yu ZT, Yang J, Hua W, Liu YY, Ma JF
8973 - 8983 Synthesis, Characterization, and Catalase Activity of a Water-Soluble diMn(III) Complex of a Sulphonato-Substituted Schiff Base Ligand: An Efficient Catalyst for H2O2 Disproportionation
Palopoli C, Bruzzo N, Hureau C, Ladeira S, Murgida D, Signorella S
8984 - 8996 Thermodynamic and Kinetic Studies on Novel Dinuclear Platinum(II) Complexes Containing Bidentate N,N-donor ligands
Hochreuther S, Puchta R, van Eldik R
8997 - 9003 1D+1D -> 1D Polyrotaxane, 2D+2D -> 3D Interpenetrated, and 3D Self-Penetrated Divalent Metal Terephthalate Bis(pyridylformyl)piperazine Coordination Polymers
Wang CY, Wilseck ZM, LaDuca RL
9004 - 9013 Experimental and Theoretical Studies of the Vibrational and Electronic Spectra of a Lanthanide Ion at a Site of T-h Symmetry: Pr3+ in Cs2NaPr(NO2)(6)
Li WY, Ning LX, Faucher MD, Tanner PA
9014 - 9023 Synthesis and Properties of Oxo-carboxylato- and Dioxo-Bridged Diosmium Complexes of Tris(2-pyridylmethyl)amine
Sugimoto H, Kitayama K, Ashikari K, Matsunami C, Ueda N, Umakoshi K, Hosokoshi Y, Sasaki Y, Itoh S
9024 - 9030 Iron(II) Binding to Amyloid-beta, the Alzheimer's Peptide
Bousejra-ElGarah F, Bijani C, Coppel Y, Faller P, Hureau C
9031 - 9038 Capture of the Complex [Ni(dto)(2)](2-) (dto(2-) = Dithiooxalato Ligand) in a Mo-12 Ring: Synthesis, Characterizations, and Application toward the Reduction of Protons
Hijazi A, Kemmegne-Mbouguen JC, Floquet S, Marrot J, Mayer CR, Artero V, Cadot E
9039 - 9044 Fast H/D Exchange of B,B',B''-Tribromoborazine in C6D6 in the Presence of Aluminum Tribromide: First Evidence for an Electrophilic Substitution Reaction of Borazines in Solution
Timoshkin AY, Kazakov IV, Lisovenko AS, Bodensteiner M, Scheer M
9045 - 9052 Triggered Dye Release via Photodissociation of Nitric Oxide from Designed Ruthenium Nitrosyls: Turn-ON Fluorescence Signaling of Nitric Oxide Delivery
Fry NL, Wei J, Mascharak PK
9053 - 9058 Water Exchange Reactivity and Stability of Cobalt Polyoxometalates under Catalytically Relevant pH Conditions: Insight into Water Oxidation Catalysis
Lieb D, Zahl A, Wilson EF, Streb C, Nye LC, Meyer K, Ivanovic-Burmazovic I
9059 - 9072 Influence of Crystallization State and Microstructure on the Chemical Durability of Cerium-Neodymium Mixed Oxides
Claparede L, Clavier N, Dacheux N, Moisy P, Podor R, Ravaux J
9073 - 9082 Homochiral Frameworks Formed by Reactions of Lanthanide Ions with a Chiral Antimony Tartrate Secondary Building Unit
Gao Q, Wang XQ, Jacobson AJ
9083 - 9089 Isolation of a Metastable Geometrical Isomer of a Hexacoordinated Dihydrophosphate: Elucidation of Its Enhanced Reactivity in Umpolung of a Hydrogen Atom of Water
Miyake H, Kano N, Kawashima T
9090 - 9096 Mechanochromic Luminescence Switch of Platinum(II) Complexes with 5-Trimethylsilylethynyl-2,2'-bipyridine
Ni J, Zhang X, Qiu N, Wu YH, Zhang LY, Zhang J, Chen ZN
9097 - 9105 Two- and Three-Dimensional Silver(I)-Organic Networks Generated from Mono- and Dicarboxylphenylethynes
Zhao Y, Zhang P, Li B, Meng XG, Zhang TL
9106 - 9113 Light-Driven Transformation of ZnS-Cyclohexylamine Nanocomposite into Zinc Hydroxysulfate: A Photochemical Route to Inorganic Nanosheets
Zou XX, Li GD, Zhao J, Wang PP, Wang YN, Zhou LJ, Su J, Li L, Chen JS
9114 - 9121 Metalloporphyrin Mixed-Valence pi-Cation Radicals: [Fe(oxoOEC(center dot/2))(Cl)](2)SbCl6, Structure, Magnetic Properties, and Near-IR Spectra
Li M, Neal TJ, Wyllie GRA, Oliver AG, Schulz CE, Scheidt WR
9122 - 9130 Multifunctional Magnetic Materials Obtained by Insertion of Spin-Crossover Fe-III Complexes into Chiral 3D Bimetallic Oxalate-Based Ferromagnets
Clemente-Leon M, Coronado E, Lopez-Jorda M, Waerenborgh JC
9131 - 9140 An Unusually Flexible Expanded Hexaamine Cage and Its Cu-II Complexes: Variable Coordination Modes and Incomplete Encapsulation
Qin CJ, James L, Chartres JD, Alcock LJ, Davis KJ, Willis AC, Sargeson AM, Bernhardt PV, Ralph SF
9141 - 9146 Synthesis and Structure of a Bismuth(III)/Chromium(VI) Oxo Cluster Containing a Bi4Cr4O12 Core
Wang GC, Yi XY, Williams ID, Leung WH
9147 - 9152 Isoreticular Expansion of Metal-Organic Frameworks with Triangular and Square Building Units and the Lowest Calculated Density for Porous Crystals
Furukawa H, Go YB, Ko N, Park YK, Uribe-Romo FJ, Kim J, O'Keeffe M, Yaghi OM
9153 - 9163 Crystal Water Molecules as Magnetic Tuners in Molecular Metamagnets Exhibiting Antiferro-Ferro-Paramagnetic Transitions
Herchel R, Tucek J, Travnicek Z, Petridis D, Zboril R
9164 - 9171 A Potent Ruthenium(II) Antitumor Complex Bearing a Lipophilic Levonorgestrel Group
Ruiz J, Rodriguez V, Cutillas N, Espinosa A, Hannon MJ
9172 - 9177 Three Banana-Shaped Arsenomolybdates Encapsulating a Hexanuclear Transition-Metal Central Magnetic Cluster: [(As2Fe5MMo22O85)-Fe-III-M-III(H2O)](n-) (M = Fe3+, n=14; M = Ni2+ and Mn2+, n=15)
Liu B, Li LL, Zhang YP, Ma Y, Hu HM, Xue GL
9178 - 9183 A Turn-on Fluorescent Iron Complex and Its Cellular Uptake
Chartres JD, Busby M, Riley MJ, Davis JJ, Bernhardt PV
9184 - 9190 Highly NIR-Emissive Lanthanide Polyselenides
Kornienko A, Moore BF, Kumar GA, Tan MC, Riman RE, Brik MG, Emge TJ, Brennan JG
9191 - 9199 Existence of Two Concomitant Magnetic Structures Below T-Neel for the Natrochalcite, NaFe2II(H3O2)(MoO4)(2)
Maalej W, Vilminot S, Andre G, Elaoud Z, Mhiri T, Kurmoo M