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11261 - 11263 Trigonal Bi- and Monopyramidal Cobalt(II) Complexes of a Novel Guanidine-Based Tripodal Ligand
Searls CE, Kleespies ST, Eppright ML, Schwartz SC, Yap GPA, Scarrow RC
11264 - 11266 Tuning the Spin Ground State in Heterononanuclear Nickel(II)-Copper(II) Cylinders with a Triangular Metallacyclophane Core
Dul MC, Ferrando-Soria J, Pardo E, Lescouezec R, Journaux Y, Ruiz-Garcia R, Cano J, Julve M, Lloret F, Fabelo O, Pasan J, Ruiz-Perez C
11267 - 11269 Nitrile-Rich Coordination Polymer (1)(infinity){[Fe(CH3CN)(4)(pyrazine)](CIO4)(2)} Exhibiting a HS reversible arrow LS Transition
Bialonska A, Bronisz R, Darowska K, Drabent K, Kusz J, Siczek M, Weselski M, Zubko M, Zarowski A
11270 - 11275 Structure and Bonding of gamma-B-28: Is the High Pressure Form of Elemental Boron Ionic?
Haussermann U, Mikhaylushkin AS
11276 - 11286 Facile Synthesis and Characterization of Phosphorescent Pt(N boolean AND C boolean AND N)X Complexes
Wang ZX, Turner E, Mahoney V, Madakuni S, Groy T, Li JA
11287 - 11296 Kinetics and Mechanism of Peroxymonocarbonate Formation
Bakhmutova-Albert EV, Yao HR, Denevan DE, Richardson DE
11297 - 11308 Synthesis and Characterization of Luminescent Bis-Cyclometalated Platinum(IV) Complexes
Jenkins DM, Bernhard S
11309 - 11316 How Does the Synthesis Temperature Impact Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Molybdate Material Design?
Dessapt R, Kervern D, Bujoli-Doeuff M, Deniard P, Evain M, Jobic S
11317 - 11324 The Quantum Cutting of Tb3+ in Ca(6)Ln(2)Na(2)(PO4)(6)F-2 (Ln = Gd, La) under VUV-UV Excitation: with and without Gd3+
Xie MB, Tao Y, Huang Y, Liang HB, Su QA
11325 - 11332 One Pot Synthesis of Heterometallic 3d-3d Azide Coordination Architectures: Effect of the Single-Ion Anisotropy
Zhao JP, Hu BW, Zhang XF, Yang QA, El Fallah MS, Ribas J, Bu XH
11333 - 11345 Modulating the Light Switch by (MLCT)-M-3-(3)pi pi(star) State lnterconversion
Spencer BR, Kraft BJ, Hughes CG, Pink M, Zaleski JM
11346 - 11361 Influence of the Synthetic Conditions on the Structural Diversity of Extended Manganese-Oxalato-1,2-bis(4-pyridyl)ethylene Systems
Garcia-Couceiro U, Castillo O, Cepeda J, Lanchas M, Luque A, Perez-Yanez S, Roman P, Vallejo-Sanchez D
11362 - 11369 Relationship between Cation Arrangement and Photocatalytic Activity for Sr-Al-Nb-O Double Perovskite
Iwakura H, Einaga H, Teraoka Y
11370 - 11377 Polytypism, Disorder, and Anion Exchange Properties of Divalent Ion (Zn, Co) Containing Bayerite-Derived Layered Double Hydroxides
Britto S, Kamath PV
11378 - 11385 Establishment of Structure-Conductivity Relationship for Tris(2,2'-bipyridine) Ruthenium Ionic C-60 Salts
Hong J, Shores MP, Elliott CM
11386 - 11394 Substitution of the Terminal Chloride Ligands of [Re6S8Cl6](4-) with Triethylphosphine: Photophysical and Electrochemical Properties of a New Series of [Re6S8](2+) Based Clusters
Szczepura LF, Cedeno DL, Johnson DB, McDonald R, Knott SA, Jeans KM, Durham JL
11395 - 11402 Insights into Metal Borohydride and Aluminohydride Bonding: X-Ray and Neutron Diffraction Structures and a DFT and Charge Density Study of [Na(15-crown-5)][EH4] (E = B, Al)
Sirsch P, Clark NLN, Onut L, Burchell RPL, Decken A, McGrady GS, Daoud-Aladine A, Gutmann MJ
11403 - 11414 Three-Dimensional Architectures Based on Lanthanide-Substituted Double-Keggin-Type Polyoxometalates and Lanthanide Cations or Lanthanide-Organic Complexes
An HY, Han ZB, Xu TQ
11415 - 11420 Anion-Directed Self-Assembly in Coordination Networks: Architectural Control via Cooperative Noncovalent Interactions
Notash B, Safari N, Khavasi HR
11421 - 11438 Electronic Structure and Spectro-Structural Correlations of (FeZnII)-Zn-III Biomimetics for Purple Acid Phosphatases: Relevance to DNA Cleavage and Cytotoxic Activity
Peralta RA, Bortoluzzi AJ, de Souza B, Jovito R, Xavier FR, Couto RAA, Casellato A, Nome F, Dick A, Gahan LR, Schenk G, Hanson GR, de Paula FCS, Pereira-Maia EC, Machado SD, Severino PC, Pich C, Bortolotto T, Terenzi H, Castellano EE, Neves A, Riley MJ
11439 - 11448 Thermodynamic, Electrochemical, High-Pressure Kinetic, and Mechanistic Studies of the Formation of Oxo Fe-IV-TAML Species in Water
Popescu DL, Vrabel M, Brausam A, Madsen P, Lente G, Fabian I, Ryabov AD, van Eldik R, Collins TJ
11449 - 11462 Hydrothermal Synthesis and Characterization of 2D M(II)-Quinate (M = Co,Zn) Metal-Organic Lattice Assemblies: Solid-State Solution Structure Correlation in M(II)-Hydroxycarboxylate Systems
Menelaou M, Konstantopai A, Lalioti N, Raptopoulou CP, Psycharis V, Terzis A, Mateescu C, Tsarhopoulos K, Rigas P, Salifoglou A
11463 - 11472 Stable and Tunable Phosphorescent Neutral Cyclometalated Au(III) Diaryl Complexes
Garg JA, Blacque O, Fox T, Venkatesan K
11473 - 11484 Non-Centrosymmetric Tetrameric Assemblies of Tetramethylammonium Halides with Uranyl Salophen Complexes in the Solid State
Cametti M, Ilander L, Valkonen A, Nieger M, Nissinen M, Nauha E, Rissanen K
11485 - 11492 Recognition of Hg2+ Using Diametrically Disubstituted Cyclam Unit
Mahato P, Ghosh A, Saha S, Mishra S, Mishra SK, Das A
11493 - 11498 Group 3 Metal Complexes of Radical-Anionic 2,2'-Bipyridyl Ligands
Williams BN, Huang WL, Miller KL, Diaconescu PL
11499 - 11504 Highly Uniform and Monodisperse Gd2O2S:Ln(3+) (Ln = Eu, Tb) Submicrospheres: Solvothermal Synthesis and Luminescence Properties
Song YH, You HP, Huang YJ, Yang M, Zheng YH, Zhang LH, Guo N
11505 - 11515 Rhombohedrally Distorted gamma-Brasses Cr1-xFexGa
Ko H, Gourdon O, Gout D, Mun ED, Thimmaiah S, Miller GJ
11516 - 11524 A "Push-Pull" Mechanism for Heterolytic O-O Bond Cleavage in Hydroperoxo Manganese Porphyrins
Jin N, Lahaye DE, Groves JT
11525 - 11531 Diruthenium Compounds Bearing Equatorial Fc-containing Ligands: Synthesis and Electronic Structure
Boyd DA, Cao Z, Song Y, Wang TW, Fanwick PE, Crutchley RJ, Ren T
11532 - 11540 Single-Source Materials for Metal-Doped Titanium Oxide: Syntheses, Structures, and Properties of a Series of Heterometallic Transition-Metal Titanium Oxo Cages
Eslava S, McPartlin M, Thomson RI, Rawson JM, Wright DS
11541 - 11549 Defective Dicubane-like Tetranuclear Nickel(II) Cyanate and Azide Nanoscale Magnets
Serna Z, De la Pinta N, Urtiaga MK, Lezama L, Madariaga G, Clemente-Juan JM, Coronado E, Cortes R
11550 - 11555 Synthesis of Triple-Stranded Complexes Using Bis(dipyrromethene) Ligands
Zhang Z, Dolphin D
11556 - 11572 Multiple Silicon-Hydrogen Bond Activations at Adjacent Rhodium and Iridium Centers
Mobarok MH, Oke O, Ferguson MJ, McDonald R, Cowie M
11573 - 11580 A Series of New Ternary and Quaternary Compounds in the Li-I-Ga-III-Te-IV-O System
Kong F, Xu XA, Mao JG
11581 - 11586 New Three-Dimensional Porous Metal Organic Framework with Tetrazole Functionalized Aromatic Carboxylic Acid: Synthesis, Structure, and Gas Adsorption Properties
Zhang SM, Chang Z, Hu TL, Bu XH
11587 - 11594 A Family of 3d-4f Octa-Nuclear [Mn(4)(III)Ln(4)(III)] Wheels (Ln = Sm, Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, and Y): Synthesis, Structure, and Magnetism
Li MY, Lan YH, Ako AM, Wernsdorfer W, Anson CE, Buth G, Powell AK, Wang ZM, Gao S
11595 - 11605 Chemistry of the Oxophosphinidene Ligand. 2. Reactivity of the Anionic Complexes [MCp{P(O)R-star}(CO)(2)](-) (M = Mo, W; R-star=2,4,6-(C6H2Bu3)-Bu-t) Toward Electrophiles Based on Elements Different from Carbon
Alonso M, Alvarez MA, Garcia ME, Ruiz MA, Hamidov H, Jeffery JC
11606 - 11618 High-Nuclearity Pt-Tl-Fe Complexes: Structural, Electrochemistry, and Spectroelectrochemistry Studies
Diez A, Fernandez J, Lalinde E, Moreno MT, Sanchez S
11619 - 11626 Ordered Mesoporous MFe2O4 (M = Co, Cu, Mg, Ni, Zn) Thin Films with Nanocrystalline Walls, Uniform 16 nm Diameter Pores and High Thermal Stability: Template-Directed Synthesis and Characterization of Redox Active Trevorite
Haetge J, Suchomski C, Brezesinski T
11627 - 11636 Syntheses and Crystal Structures of a Series of Alkaline Earth Vanadium Selenites and Tellurites
Zhang SY, Hu CL, Sun CF, Mao JG
11637 - 11642 Functional Mesoporous Metal-Organic Frameworks for the Capture of Heavy Metal Ions and Size-Selective Catalysis
Fang QR, Yuan DQ, Sculley J, Li JR, Han ZB, Zhou HC
11643 - 11643 Catenation of Loop-Containing 2D Layers with a 3D pcu Skeleton into a New Type of Entangled Framework Having Polyrotaxane and Polycatenane Character (vol 47, pg 5555, 2008)
Qin C, Wang XL, Wang EB, Su ZM
11644 - 11644 Extended Organics-Inorganic Hybrids Based on Dawson and Double-Dawson-Type Polyoxometalates (vol 47, pg 7615, 2008)
Zhang ZM, Li YG, Wang YH, Qi YF, Wang EB