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10857 - 10858 Synthesis and Size Control of Cobalt Phosphate Rosettes Using Surfactant-Templated Synthesis
Nelson JB, Davis AM, Wellman DM
10859 - 10861 Ag(I)-Mediated In situ Dehydrogenative Coupling of 3-Amino-1,2,4-triazole into 3,3'-Azobis(1,2,4-triazole) in Cd(II) Coordination Polymers
Yin PX, Cheng JK, Li ZJ, Zhang L, Qin YY, Zhang J, Yao YG
10862 - 10864 Unprecedent Isolation of a Mixture of Conformational and Linkage Isomers in a Thiosemicarbazone Cobalt Mesocate
Pedrido R, Romero MJ, Gonzalez-Noya AM, Bermejo MR, Martinez-Calvo M, Zaragoza G
10865 - 10867 Thermochromic Absorption and Photoluminescence in [Pt(ppy)(mu-Ph(2)pz)](2)
Rachford AA, Castellano FN
10868 - 10870 Using the Antenna Effect as a Spectroscopic Tool: Photophysics and Solution Thermodynamics of the Model Luminescent Hydroxypyridonate Complex [Eu-III(3,4,3-LI(1,2-HOPO))](-)
Abergel RJ, D'Aleo A, Leung CNP, Shuh DK, Raymond KN
10871 - 10873 New Reversible Crystal-to-Crystal Conversion of a Mixed-Ligand Lead(II) Coordination Polymer by De- and Rehydration
Sadeghzadeh H, Morsali A
10874 - 10876 Binding of 2-Hydroxypyridine-N-oxide on Dicopper(II) Centers: Insights into Tyrosinase Inhibition Mechanism by Transition-State Analogs
Peyroux E, Ghattas W, Hardre R, Giorgi M, Faure B, Simaan AJ, Belle C, Reglier M
10877 - 10879 Nitrate and Perchlorate Complexes of Uranium(IV)
Crawford MJ, Ellern A, Karaghiosoff K, Mayer P
10880 - 10882 Self-Assembly of a Pd-6-Molecular Double-Square and a Cu-3-Trigonalbipyramidal Cage via a New Tripodal Flexible Ligand
Bar AK, Chakrabarty R, Mukherjee PS
10883 - 10885 (I,0) Mixed-Valence State of a Diiron Complex with Pertinence to the [FeFe]-Hydrogenase Active Site: An IR, EPR, and Computational Study
Singh PS, Rudbeck HC, Huang P, Ezzaher S, Eriksson L, Stein M, Ott S, Lomoth R
10886 - 10888 Guest-Induced Irreversible Sliding in a Flexible 2D Rectangular Grid with Selective Sorption Characteristics
Gurunatha KL, Maji TK
10889 - 10891 A New Ni-12 Cluster Based on Polyoxometalate Ligands
Zhang HM, Li YG, Lu Y, Clerac R, Zhang ZM, Wu Q, Feng XJ, Wang EB
10892 - 10894 Structure Investigations of Dichloroaluminum Benzoates: An Unprecedented Example of a Monomeric Aluminum Complex with a Chelating Carboxylate Ligand
Florjanczyk Z, Bury W, Zygadlo-Monikowska E, Justyniak I, Balawender R, Lewinski J
10895 - 10897 A New 2D Hybrid Indate-Germanate Based on the Linkages of Ge4O10F2 Clusters and {In2O6} Dimers
Zhou J, Yu ZW, Fang WH, Deng F, Yang GY
10898 - 10900 Three-Dimensional Frameworks of Cubic (NH4)(5)Ga4SbS10, (NH4)(4)Ga4SbS9(OH) center dot H2O, and (NH4)(3)Ga4SbS9(OH2) center dot 2H(2)O
Mertz JL, Ding N, Kanatzidis MG
10901 - 10903 Catalytic Aerobic Oxidation by a Trianionic Pincer Cr-III/Cr-V Couple
O'Reilly M, Falkowski JM, Ramachandran V, Pati M, Abboud KA, Dalal NS, Gray TG, Veige AS
10904 - 10906 Systematic Method for the Incorporation of the {(eta(6)-Arene)Fe} Fragment into Carborane Cages via [(eta(6)-Arene)Fe](2+) Dications. A Series of [3-(eta(6)-Arene)-closo-3,1,2-FeC2B9H11] Complexes. Reliable Synthesis of Polymethylated [(eta(6)-Arene)(2)Fe](2+) Cations
Stibr B, Bakardjiev M, Holub J, Ruzicka A, Kvicalova M
10907 - 10909 Crown and Bowl-Shaped Clusters of Uranyl Polyhedra
Sigmon GE, Weaver B, Kubatko KA, Burns PC
10910 - 10912 {[Ga(en)(3)](2)(Ge2Te15)}(n): A Polymeric Semiconducting Polytelluride with Boat-Shaped Te-8(4-) Rings and Cross-Shaped Te-5(6-) Units
Zhang QC, Malliakas CD, Kanatzidis MG
10913 - 10925 Square Planar Bis{3,6-bis(trimethylsilyl)benzene-1,2-dithiolato}metal Complexes of Cr-II, Co-III, and Rh-II: An Experimental and Density Functional Theoretical Study
Benedito FL, Petrenko T, Bill E, Weyhermuller T, Wieghardt K
10926 - 10941 Characterization and Electronic Structures of Five Members of the Electron Transfer Series [Re(benzene-1,2-dithiolato)(3)](z) (z=1+,0,1-,2-,3-): A Spectroscopic and Density Functional Theoretical Study
Sproules S, Benedito FL, Bill E, Weyhermuller T, George SD, Wieghardt K
10942 - 10953 Reduction of Ferricytochrome c Catalyzed by Optically Active Chromium(III) Complexes
Scholten U, Diserens C, Stoeckli-Evans H, Bernauer K, Meyer M, Stuppfler L, Lucas D
10954 - 10971 Oxalate Bridged MM (MM = Mo-2, MoW, and W-2) Quadruply Bonded Complexes As Test Beds for Current Mixed Valence Theory: Looking beyond the Intervalence Charge Transfer Transition
Lear BJ, Chisholm MH
10972 - 10975 Measuring Self-Diffusion Coefficients up to 1500 K: A Powerful Tool to Investigate the Dynamics and the Local Structure of Inorganic Melts
Rollett AL, Sarou-Kanian V, Bessada C
10976 - 10987 Selective Chelation of Cd(II) and Pb(II) versus Ca(II) and Zn(II) by Using Octadentate Ligands Containing Pyridinecarboxylate and Pyridyl Pendants
Ferreiros-Martinez R, Esteban-Gomez D, Platas-Iglesias C, de Blas A, Rodriguez-Blas T
10988 - 10994 Oxidizing Ru(II) Complexes as Irreversible and Specific Photo-Cross-Linking Agents of Oligonucleotide Duplexes
Ghizdavu L, Pierard F, Rickling S, Aury S, Surin M, Beljonne D, Lazzaroni R, Murat P, Defrancq E, Moucheron C, Kirsch-De Mesmaeker A
10995 - 11001 Does Iodate Incorporate into Layered Uranyl Phosphates Under Hydrothermal Conditions?
Ling J, Wu SJ, Chen FR, Simonetti A, Shafer JT, Albrecht-Schmittt TE
11002 - 11016 Bismuth Aryloxides
Kou XD, Wang XY, Mendoza-Espinosa D, Zakharov LN, Rheingold AL, Watson WH, Brien KA, Jayarathna LK, Hanna TA
11017 - 11023 Kinetic Control of Intralayer Cobalt Coordination in Layered Hydroxides: (Co1-0.5xCoxtet)-Co-oct(OH)(2)(Cl)(x)(H2O)(n)
Neilson JR, Schwenzer B, Seshadri R, Morse DE
11024 - 11031 Do the Structural Changes Defined by the Electron Density Topology Necessarily Affect the Picture of the Bonding?
Ponec R, Gatti C
11032 - 11037 Synthesis and Optical Properties of Guanosine 5'-Monophosphate-Mediated CdS Nanostructures: An Analysis of their Structure, Morphology, and Electronic Properties
Kumar A, Kumar V
11038 - 11047 Reactivities of Fe(IV) Complexes with Oxo, Hydroxo, and Alkylperoxo Ligands: An Experimental and Computational Study
Fiedler AT, Que L
11048 - 11057 Synthesis, Structures, and Luminescent and Magnetic Properties of Ln-Ag Heterometal-Organic Frameworks
Zhao XQ, Zhao B, Wei S, Cheng P
11058 - 11066 Synthesis of Oxorhenium(V) Complexes with Diamido Amine Ancillary Ligands and Their Role in Oxygen Atom Transfer Catalysis
Feng YE, Aponte J, Houseworth PJ, Boyle PD, Ison EA
11067 - 11078 Self-Assembly of Metal-Organic Coordination Polymers Constructed from a Bent Dicarboxylate Ligand: Diversity of Coordination Modes, Structures, and Gas Adsorption
Yang WB, Lin X, Blake AJ, Wilson C, Hubberstey P, Champness NR, Schroder M
11079 - 11084 Phosphonoacetate as a Ligand for Constructing Layered and Framework Alkali Metal Uranyl Compounds
Alsobrook AN, Albrecht-Schmitt TE
11085 - 11091 Reactions of Pd(II) with Chelate-Tethered 2,6-Diaminopurine Derivatives: N3-Coordination and Reaction of the Purine System
Galindo MA, Amantia D, Martinez-Martinez A, Clegg W, Harrington RW, Martinez VM, Houlton A
11092 - 11097 Direct Synthesis, Crystal Structure, High-Field EPR, and Magnetic Studies on an Octanuclear Heterometallic Cu(II)/Cd Complex of Triethanolamine
Buvaylo EA, Kokozay VN, Vassilyeva OY, Skelton BW, Eremenko IL, Jezierska J, Ozarowski A
11098 - 11107 DNA-Cleavage Induced by New Macrocyclic Schiff base Dinuclear Cu(l) Complexes Containing Pyridyl Pendant Arms
Arbuse A, Font M, Martinez MA, Fontrodona X, Prieto MJ, Moreno V, Sala X, Llobet A
11108 - 11113 Synthesis, Structure, and Bonding in K12Au21Sn4. A Polar Intermetallic Compound with Dense Au-20 and Open AuSn4 Layers
Li B, Kim SJ, Miller GJ, Corbett JD
11114 - 11122 Multifaceted Coordination of Naphthyridine-Functionalized N-Heterocyclic Carbene: A Novel "Ir-III(C boolean AND N)(C boolean AND C)" Compound and Its Evaluation as Transfer Hydrogenation Catalyst
Sinha A, Rahaman SMW, Sarkar M, Saha B, Daw P, Bera JK
11123 - 11130 Theoretical Study of Structure and Electronic Absorption Spectra of Some Schiff Bases and Their Zinc Complexes
Vladimirova KG, Freidzon AY, Kotova OV, Vaschenko AA, Lepnev LS, Bagatur'yants AA, Vitukhnovskiy AG, Stepanov NF, Alfimov MV
11131 - 11141 Palladium Motion in Cyclomeric Compounds: A Theoretical Study
Mota AJ, Dedieu A
11142 - 11146 Luminescence Properties of Lanthanide and Transition Metal Ion-Doped Ba2LaNbO6: Detection of MnO68- and CrO69- Clusters
Tanner PA, Pan ZF
11147 - 11160 Synthesis of Copper(l) Complexes Containing Enantiopure Pybox Ligands. First Assays on Enantioselective Synthesis of Propargylamines Catalyzed by Isolated Copper(l) Complexes
Panera M, Diez J, Merino I, Rubio E, Gamasa MP
11161 - 11175 Controlling Electron Transfer through the Manipulation of Structure and Ligand-Based Torsional Motions: A Computational Exploration of Ruthenium Donor-Acceptor Systems using Density Functional Theory
Meylemans HA, Damrauer NH
11176 - 11186 Synthesis, Structure, and Photophysical Characterization of Blue-Green Luminescent Zinc Complexes Containing 2-Iminophenanthropyrrolyl Ligands
Gomes CSB, Gomes PT, Duarte MT, Di Paolo RE, Macanita AL, Calhorda MJ
11187 - 11195 2-Thienylcarboxylato and 2-Thienylthiocarboxylato Ligands Bonded to MM Quadruple Bonds (M = Mo or W): A Comparison of Ground State, Spectroscopic and Photoexcited State Properties
Alberding BG, Chisholm MH, Chou YH, Ghosh Y, Gustafson TL, Liu Y, Turro C
11196 - 11208 Structures, Metal Ion Affinities, and Fluorescence Properties of Soluble Derivatives of Tris((6-phenyl-2-pyridyl)methyl)amine
Liang J, Zhang J, Zhu L, Duarandin A, Young VG, Geacintov N, Canary JW
11209 - 11214 Fe5O5[B6O10(OH)(3)] center dot nH(2)O: Wave-Layered Iron Borate and Frustrated Antiferromagnetism
Yang T, Sun JL, Li GB, Wang YX, Christensen J, He ZB, Christensen KE, Zou XD, Liao FH, Lin JH
11215 - 11225 Hydrogen-Bond Directed Cyanide-Bridged Molecular Magnets Derived from Polycyanidemetalates and Schiff Base Manganese(III) Compounds: Synthesis, Structures, and Magnetic Properties
Zhang DP, Wang HL, Chen YT, Ni ZH, Tian LJ, Jiang JZ
11226 - 11235 From Monomers to Geometry-Constrained Molecules: One Step Further Toward Cyanide Bridged Wires
Albores P, Slep LD, Eberlin LS, Corilo YE, Eberlin MN, Benitez G, Vela ME, Salvarezza RC, Baraldo LM
11236 - 11241 Six-Coordinate Nitro Complexes of Iron(III) Porphyrins with trans S-Donor Ligands. Oxo-Transfer Reactivity in the Solid State
Kurtikyan TS, Hovhannisyan AA, Iretskli AV, Ford PC
11242 - 11250 Circularly Polarized Luminescence of Eu(III) Complexes with Point- and Axis-Chiral Ligands Dependent on Coordination Structures
Harada T, Nakano Y, Fujiki M, Naito M, Kawai T, Hasegawa Y
11251 - 11258 Syntheses, Characterization, and Computational Study of WSF4 and WSF4 center dot CH3CN
Nieboer J, Hillary W, Yu X, Mercier HPA, Gerken M
11259 - 11264 Peculiar Binding Modes of a Ligand with Two Adjacent beta-Diiminato Binding Sites in Alkali and Alkaline-Earth Metal Chemistry
Piesik DFJ, Haack P, Harder S, Limberg C
11265 - 11276 Ligand-Based Modification of the Structures and Optical Properties of New Silver(I)-Rhenate(VII) Oxide/Organic Hybrid Solids
Lin HS, Wu XM, Maggard PA
11277 - 11282 Noncentrosymmetry in New Templated Gallium Fluorophosphates
Choyke SJ, Blau SM, Larner AA, Sarjeant AN, Yeon J, Halasyamani PS, Norquist AJ
11283 - 11289 Synthesis and Mossbauer Characterization of Octahedral Iron(II) Carbonyl Complexes FeI2(CO)(3)L and FeI2(CO)(2)L-2: Developing Models of the [Fe]-H(2)ase Active Site
Li B, Liu TB, Popescu CV, Bilko A, Darensbourg MY
11290 - 11296 An Efficient Method for the Preparation of Oxo Molybdenum Salalen Complexes and Their Unusual Use as Hydrosilylation Catalysts
Ziegler JE, Du GD, Fanwick PE, Abu-Omar MM
11297 - 11309 Copper(I)/O(2)Chemistry with Imidazole Containing Tripodal Tetradentate Ligands Leading to mu-1,2-Peroxo-Dicopper(II) Species
Lee Y, Park GY, Lucas HR, Vajda PL, Kamaraj K, Vance MA, Milligan AE, Woertink JS, Siegler MA, Sarjeant AAN, Zakharov LN, Rheingold AL, Solomon EI, Karlin KD
11310 - 11313 Water Exchange Mechanism in the First Excited State of Hydrated Uranyl(VI)
Wahlin P, Vallet V, Wahlgren U, Grenthe I
11314 - 11324 Molecular Conductors Based on the Mixed-Valence Polyoxometalates [SMo12O40](n-) (n=3 and 4) and the Organic Donors Bis(ethylenedithio)tetrathiafulvalene and Bis(ethylenedithio)tetraselenafulvalene
Coronado E, Curreli S, Gimenez-Saiz C, Gomez-Garcia CJ, Alberola A, Canadell E
11325 - 11334 Cu-II-Azide Polymers of Cu-3 and Cu-6 Building Units: Synthesis, Structures, and Magnetic Exchange Mechanism
Mukherjee S, Gole B, Chakrabarty R, Mukherjee PS
11335 - 11341 Copper(I), Silver(I), and Palladium(II) Complexes of a Thiaoxamacrocycle Displaying Unusual Topologies
Lee SY, Park S, Lee SS
11342 - 11351 Study of the Influence of the Bridge on the Magnetic Coupling in Cobalt(II) Complexes
Fabelo O, Canadillas-Delgadot L, Pasan J, Delgado FS, Lloret F, Cano J, Julve M, Ruiz-Perez C
11352 - 11361 Thioester Hydrolysis Reactivity of an Fe(III)Zn(II) Complex
Danford JJ, Dobrowolski P, Berreau LM
11362 - 11375 Luminescent Copper(I) Halide Butterfly Dimers Coordinated to [Au(CH(3)imCH(2)py)(2)]BF4 and [Au(CH(3)imCH(2)quin)(2)]BF4
Catalano VJ, Moore AL, Shearer J, Kim J
11376 - 11381 Synthetic and Structural Studies on L-Cysteinyl Group-Containing Diiron/Triiron Azadithiolates as Active Site Models of [FeFe]-Hydrogenases
Song LC, Yan J, Li YL, Wang DF, Hu QM
11382 - 11387 Visible-Light Excitable Europium(III) Complexes with 2,7-Positional Substituted Carbazole Group-Containing Ligands
He P, Wang HH, Liu SG, Shi JX, Wang G, Gong ML
11388 - 11393 Syntheses, Structures, and Magnetic Properties of Tetramanganese(III) and Hexamanganese(III) Complexes Containing Derivative of Biguanidate Ligand: Ferromagnetic Interaction via Imino Nitrogen
Igashira-Kamiyama A, Kajiwara T, Nakano M, Konno T, Ito T
11394 - 11398 Organoplatinum Complex Promoted the Asymmetric Endo Stereochemically Controlled Diels-Alder Reaction between 3-Diphenylphosphinofuran and Diphenylvinylphosphine
Liu FL, Pullarkat SA, Tan KW, Li YX, Leung PH
11399 - 11406 Photogeneration of Nitrosyl Linkage Isomers in Octahedrally Coordinated Platinum Complexes in the Red Spectral Range
Schaniel D, Woike T, Behrnd NR, Hauser J, Kramer KW, Todorova T, Delley B
11407 - 11414 Probing the Excited State Properties of the Highly Phosphorescent Pt(dpyb)Cl Compound by High-Resolution Optical Spectroscopy
Rausch AF, Murphy L, Williams JAG, Yersin H
11415 - 11424 Structure and Reactivity of New Iridium Complexes with Bis(Oxazoline)-Phosphonito Ligands
Peloso R, Pattacini R, Cazin CSJ, Braunstein P
11425 - 11433 Investigation of the Effect of Oxy Bridging Groups in Dinuclear Zn(II) Complexes that Catalyze the Cleavage of a Simple Phosphate Diester RNA Analogue
Mohamed MF, Neverov AA, Brown RS
11434 - 11443 Density Functional Theory Study of the Mechanisms of Oxidation of Ethylene by Chromyl Chloride
Tia R, Adei E
11444 - 11450 Varied Reactions of [M(L)](3) with HgCl2, FeBr2, CeCl3, AgOTf; Ligand Transfer, Nucleophilic Attack with Recombination and/or Fragmentation [M = Li or Na; L = N(SiMe3){C(H)N}(3)SiMe3]
Boesveld WM, Hitchcock PB, Lappert MF
11451 - 11458 Vibrioferrin, an Unusual Marine Siderophore: Iron Binding, Photochemistry, and Biological Implications
Amin SA, Green DH, Kupper FC, Carrano CJ
11459 - 11465 Heavy Alkali Metal Amides: Role of Secondary Interactions in Metal Stabilization
Torvisco A, Decker K, Uhlig F, Ruhlandt-Senge K
11466 - 11473 Ferric Stability Constants of Representative Marine Siderophores: Marinobactins, Aquachelins, and Petrobactin
Zhang GP, Amin SA, Kupper FC, Holt PD, Carrano CJ, Butler A
11474 - 11482 Synthesis, Structure, and Stability of Adducts between Phosphide and Amide Anions and the Lewis Acids Borane, Tris(pentafluorophenyl)borane, and Tris(pentafluorophenyl)alane
Fuller AM, Mountford AJ, Scott ML, Coles SJ, Horton PN, Hughes DL, Hursthouse MB, Lancaster SJ