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2234 - 2236 [(Zr6B)Cl-12(MeCN)(6)][Ph4B]center dot 1.6MeCN: An easily-accessible starting material for zirconium cluster chemistry and [(Zr6B)Cl-12(Pyr(6))][Ph4B]center dot 2((PyrH)[Ph4B]}, a first reaction product
Rohm HW, Kockerling M
2237 - 2239 Photochemical mineralization of europium, titanium, and iron oxyhydroxide nanoparticies in the ferritin protein cage
Klem MT, Mosolf J, Young M, Douglas T
2240 - 2242 Metal-assisted in situ formation of a tridentate acetylacetone ligand for complexation of fac-Re(CO)(3)(+) for radiopharmaceutical applications
Benny PD, Fugate GA, Barden AO, Morley JE, Silva-Lopez E, Twamley B
2243 - 2245 Stereocontrol by a pair of epimeric sugar-derived ligands of the coordination sphere of copper(II) complexes
Cisnetti F, Guillot R, Therisod M, Desmadril M, Policar C
2246 - 2248 Water-soluble 3.,7-dimethyl-1,3,7-triaza-5-phosphabicyclo[3.3.1]nonane (dmoPTA) as a polydentate ligand: Synthesis of [RuClCp(PPh3)-mu-dmoPTA-1 kappa P : 2 kappa N-2,N'-Co(acac-kappa O-2,O')2]center dot H2O
Mena-Cruz A, Lorenzo-Luis P, Romerosa A, Serrano-Ruiz M
2249 - 2251 Synthesis and magnetic properties of a [Ni-II(TCNE)(NCMe)(2-delta)][BF4] magnet (T-c=40 k)
Pokhodnya KI, Dokukin V, Miller JS
2252 - 2254 A coumarin-derived fluorescence probe selective for magnesium
Ray D, Bharadwaj PK
2255 - 2257 Two cuprous cyanide polymorphs: Diamond net versus 3,4-connected net
Zhang XM, Oing YL, Wu HS
2258 - 2260 Phosphaguanidines as scaffolds for multimetallic complexes containing metal-functionalized phosphines
Grundy J, Mansfield NE, Coles MP, Hitchcock PB
2261 - 2263 Terminal hydride in [FeFe]-hydrogenase model has lower potential for H-2 production than the isomeric bridging hydride
Barton BE, Rauchfuss TB
2264 - 2266 Diruthenium(II,III) bis(tetramethyl-1,3-benzenedipropionate) as a novel catalyst for tert-butyl hydroperoxide oxygenation
Barker JE, Ren T
2267 - 2273 Phenomenally high molar extinction coefficient sensitizer with "Donor-Acceptor" ligands for dye-sensitized solar cell applications
Lee C, Yum JH, Choi H, Kang SO, Ko J, Humphry-Baker R, Gratzel M, Nazeeruddin MK
2274 - 2279 Theoretical study on (Al2O3)(n) (n=1-10 and 30) fullerenes and H-2 adsorption properties
Sun J, Lu WC, Zhang W, Zhao LZ, Li ZS, Sun CC
2280 - 2293 Molecular architectures for trimetallic d/f/d complexes: Structural and magnetic properties of a LnNi(2) core
Barta CA, Bayly SR, Read PW, Patrick BO, Thompson RC, Orvig C
2294 - 2302 Molecular architectures for trimetallic d/f/d complexes: Magnetic studies of a LnCu(2) core
Barta CA, Bayly SR, Read PW, Patrick BO, Thompson RC, Orvig C
2303 - 2311 Nickel and cobalt hexamethylentetramine complexes (NO3)(2)Me(H2O)(6)(HMTA)(2)center dot 4H(2)O(Me = CO2+, Ni2+): New molecular precursors for the preparation of metal dispersions
Afanasiev P, Chouzier S, Czeri T, Pilet G, Pichon C, Roy M, Vrinat M
2312 - 2324 Theoretical studies on structures and spectroscopic properties of photoelectrochemical cell ruthenium sensitizers, [Ru(H(m)tcterpy)(NCS)(3)](n-) (m=0, 1, 2, and 3; n=4, 3, 2, and 1)
Li MX, Zhou X, Xia BH, Zhang HX, Pan QJ, Liu T, Fu HG, Sun CC
2325 - 2333 Cobalt(II)/nickel(II)-centered Keggin-type heteropolymolybdates: Syntheses, crystal structures, magnetic and electrochemical properties
Gao GG, Xu L, Wang WJ, Qu XS, Liu H, Yang YY
2334 - 2337 Structure and magnetic properties of the hybrid system copper(II) mu(2)-2,2'-bipyridine-3-carboxylate-N,N': O-mu(2)-phosphate-O,O'
Moreno Y, Cardenas G, Tissot A, Pena O, Pivan JY, Baggio R
2338 - 2346 Homoleptic, four-coordinate azadipyrromethene complexes of d(10) zinc and mercury
Teets TS, Partyka DV, Updegraff JB, Gray TG
2347 - 2355 Effect of pi-conjugated length of bridging ligand on the optoelectronic properties of platinum(II) dimers
Shi LL, Liao Y, Yang GC, Su ZM, Zhao SS
2356 - 2361 La6Br10Fe: A La6Fe octahedron with a mixed M6X12/M6X8 type environment
Zheng C, Mattausch H, Hoch C, Simon A
2362 - 2367 Characterization and properties of novel infrared nonlinear optical crystal CsGe(BrxCl1-x)(3)
Lin ZG, Tang LC, Chou CP
2368 - 2379 Structural characterization, solution studies, and DFT calculations on a series of binuclear gold(III) oxo complexes: Relationships to biological properties
Gabbiani C, Casini A, Messori L, Guerri A, Cinellu MA, Mlnghetti G, Corsini M, Rosani C, Zanello P, Arca M
2380 - 2388 Refining the active site structure of iron-iron hydrogenase using computational infrared spectroscopy
Tye JW, Darensbourg MY, Hall MB
2389 - 2395 Wavelength-dependent photofragmentation of a mixed-ligand cyclometalated Platinum(II) coordination compound in a molecular beam
Ow FP, Djurovich PI, Thompson ME, Zink JI
2396 - 2403 Imidazole-substituted oxoverdazyl radical as a mediator of intramolecular and intermolecular exchange interaction
Norel L, Pointillart F, Train C, Chamoreau LM, Boubekeur K, Journaux Y, Brieger A, Brook DJR
2404 - 2410 Characterization of the piezochromic behavior of some members of the CuMo1-xWxO4 series
Gaudon M, Thiry AE, Largeteau A, Deniard P, Jobic S, Majimel J, Demourgues A
2411 - 2415 Photoregulated fluorescence switching in axially coordinated tin(IV) porphyrinic dithienylethene
Kim HJ, Jang JH, Choi H, Lee T, Ko J, Yoon M, Kim HJ
2416 - 2427 Reactivity and spectroscopy of the {Ru(DMAP)(5)) fragment: An {Ru(NH3)(5)} analogue
Rossi MB, Piro OE, Castellano EE, Albores P, Baraldo LM
2428 - 2441 Identification of bismuth-thiolate-carboxylate clusters by electrospray ionization mass spectrometry
Phillips HA, Burford N
2442 - 2448 Self-assembly of organic-inorganic hybrid materials constructed from eight-connected coordination polymer hosts with nanotube channels and polyoxometalate guests as templates
Wang XL, Bi YF, Chen BK, Lin HY, Liu GC
2449 - 2463 Combined ligand field and density functional theory analysis of the magnetic anisotropy in oligonuclear complexes based on Fe-III-CN-M-II exchange-coupled pairs
Atanasov M, Comba P, Daul CA
2464 - 2471 Modulated misfit structure of the thermoelectric [Bi0.84CaO2](2)[CoO2](1.69) cobalt oxide
Muguerra H, Grebille D, Guilmeau E, Cloots R
2472 - 2476 Crystal growth, structure, and physical properties of SmCu4Ga8
Cho JY, Capan CD, Young DP, Chan JY
2477 - 2484 Hydrogen storage in mesoporous titanium oxide-alkali fulleride composites
Hu X, Trudeau M, Antonelli DM
2485 - 2493 Chiral tetranuclear mu(3)-alkoxo-bridged Copper(II) complex with 2+4 cubane-like Cu4O4 core framework and ferromagnetic ground state
Burkhardt A, Spielberg ET, Gorls H, Plass W
2494 - 2506 On the performance of ligand field molecular mechanics for model complexes containing the peroxido-bridged [Cu2O2](2+) center
Diedrich C, Deeth RJ
2507 - 2513 Highly efficient sensitized red emission from europium (III) in Ir-Eu bimetallic complexes by (MLCT)-M-3 energy transfer
Chen FF, Bian ZQ, Liu ZW, Nie DB, Chen ZQ, Huang CH
2514 - 2525 Simplified speciation and improved phosphodiesterolytic activity of hydroxo complexes of trivalent lanthanides in aqueous DMSO
Sanchez-Lombardo I, Yatsimirsky AK
2526 - 2533 Incorporation of substitutionally labile [V-III(CN)(6)](3-) into Prussian blue type magnetic materials
Nelson KJ, Miller JS
2534 - 2542 Tris(phosphino)borato silver(I) complexes as precursors for metallic silver aerosol-assisted chemical vapor deposition
McCain MN, Schneider S, Salata MR, Marks TJ
2543 - 2551 Structural, photophysical, and catalytic properties of Au(I) complexes with 4-substituted pyridines
Lin JCY, Tang SS, Vasam CS, You WC, Ho TW, Huang CH, Sun BJ, Huang CY, Lee CS, Hwang WS, Chang AHH, Lin IJB
2552 - 2561 Spin-crossover behavior in cyanide-bridged Iron(II)-Gold(I) bimetallic 2D hofmann-like metal-organic frameworks
Agusti G, Munoz MC, Gaspar AB, Real JA
2562 - 2568 Four isomorphous phosphates AM(3)P(4)O(14) (A = Sr, Ba; M = Co, Mn) with antiferromagnetic-antiferromagnetic-ferromagnetic trimerized chains, showing 1/3 quantum magnetization plateaus only in the manganese(II) system
Yang T, Zhang Y, Yang SH, Li GB, Xiong M, Liao FH, Lin JH
2569 - 2575 An experimental and theoretical study of 4f hybridization across the La1-xCexIn3 series
Gout D, Gourdon O, Bauer ED, Ronning F, Thompon JD, Proffen T
2576 - 2580 Metal effects on electronic structures of directly linked tribenzotetraazachlorin-fullerene conjugates
Fukuda T, Masuda S, Hashimoto N, Kobayashi N
2581 - 2584 Thermochemistry of Gd2BaCuO5 and LuBa2Cu3Ox
Matskevich NI, Wolf T, Pochivalov YI
2585 - 2592 Synthesis, characterization, and reaction of aluminum halide amides supported by a bulky beta-diketiminato ligand
Yang Y, Schulz T, John M, Ringe A, Roesky HW, Stalke D, Magull J, Ye HQ
2593 - 2600 Assessment of macrocyclic triamine ligands as synthons for organometallic Tc-99m radiopharmaceuticals
Suzuki K, Shimmura N, Thipyapong K, Uehara T, Akizawa H, Arano Y
2601 - 2607 Convenient route leading to neutral fac-M(CO)(3)(NNO) complexes (M = Re, Tc-99m) coupled to amine pharmacophores
Chlotellis A, Tsoukalas C, Pelecanou M, Raptopoulou C, Terzis A, Papadopoulos M, Papadopouloui-Daifoti Z, Pirmettis L
2608 - 2612 Migratory insertion, of the R2P group into a nitrogen-nitrogen bond - A novel type of rearrangement in phosphorus-nitrogen ligand chemistry. 3. The rearrangement of triphosphinohydrazide ligand-N(PPh2)-N(PPh2)(2) to triphosphazenide anion {[(Ph2P-N](2)PPh2}(-) the coordination sphere of divalent cobalt and nickel
Sushev VV, Belina NV, Fukin GK, Kurskiy YA, Kornev AN, Abakumov GA
2613 - 2624 Complexities in the ring-opening polymerization of lactide by chiral salen aluminum initiators
Chisholm MH, Gallucci JC, Quisenberry KT, Zhou ZP
2625 - 2633 Crystal structures and thermal and electrical properties of the new silver (poly)Chalcogenide halides Ag23Te12Cl and Ag23Te12Br
Lange S, Bawohl M, Nilges T
2634 - 2640 Evolution of the crystal structure of RVO3 (R = La, Ce, Pr, Nd, Tb, Ho, Er, Tm, Yb, Lu, Y) perovskites from neutron powder diffraction
Martinez-Lope MJ, Alonso JA, Retuerto M, Fernandez-Diaz MT
2641 - 2648 Inosylyl(3'-> 5')inosine (Ipl(-)). Acid-base and metal ion-binding properties of a dinucleoside monophosphate in aqueous solution
Knobloch B, Okruszek A, Sigel H
2649 - 2660 Probing variable amine/amide ligation in (NiN2S2)-N-II complexes using sulfur K-Edge and nickel L-edge X-ray absorption spectroscopies: Implications for the active site of nickel superoxide dismutase
Shearer J, Dehestani A, Abanda F
2661 - 2667 Structure and electrons in mayenite electrides
Palacios L, Cabeza A, Bruque S, Garcia-Granda S, Aranda MAG
2668 - 2673 High-pressure studies of (Mg0.9Fe0.1)(2)SiO4 olivine using Raman spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, and Mossbauer spectroscopy
Rouquette J, Kantor I, McCammon CA, Dmitriev V, Dubrovinsky LS
2674 - 2687 Computational study of the factors controlling enantioselectivity in ruthenium(II) hydrogenation catalysts
Di Tommaso D, French SA, Zanotti-Gerosa A, Hancock F, Palin EJ, Catlow CRA
2688 - 2695 Role of the phosphine ligands on the stabilization of monoadducts of the model nucleobases 1-methylcytosine and 9-methylguanine in platinum(II) complexes
Montagner D, Zangrando E, Longato B
2696 - 2705 Silver delafossite oxides
Sheets WC, Stampler ES, Bertoni MI, Sasaki M, Marks TJ, Mason TO, Poeppelmeier KR
2706 - 2709 Ab initio study on the electronic, magnetic, and mechanical properties of CaCu3V4O12
Xiang HP, Wu ZJ
2710 - 2718 Spontaneous resolution of a racemic nickel(II) complex and helicity induction via hydrogen bonding: The effect of chiral building blocks on the helicity of one-dimensional chains
Ou GC, Jiang L, Feng XL, Lu TB
2719 - 2727 Synthesis and characterization of a novel macrocyclic chelator with 3-hydroxy-4-pyrone chelating arms and its complexes with medicinally important metals
Yang CT, Sreerama SG, Hsieh WY, Liu S
2728 - 2739 Dual shell-like magnetic clusters containing Ni-II and Ln(III) (Ln = La, Pr, and Nd) ions
Kong XJ, Ren YP, Long LS, Zheng ZP, Nichol G, Huang RB, Zheng LS
2740 - 2746 Oxidation of an o-iminobenzosemiquinone radical ligand by molecular bromine: Structural, spectroscopic, and reactivity studies of a Copper(II) o-iminobenzoquinone complex
Mukherjee C, Weyhermuller T, Bothe E, Chaudhuri P
2747 - 2754 Design and synthesis of a caged Zn2+ probe, 8-benzenesulfonyloxy-5-N,N-dimethylaminosulfonylquinolin-2-ylmethyl-pend ant 1,4,7,10-tetraazacyclododecane, and its hydrolytic uncaging upon complexation with Zn2+
Aoki S, Sakurama K, Ohshima R, Matsuo N, Yamada Y, Takasawa R, Tanuma SI, Talkeda K, Kimura E
2755 - 2763 A highly modular and convergent approach for the synthesis of stimulant-responsive heteroligated cofacial porphyrin tweezer complexes
Oliveri CG, Nguyen ST, Mirkin CA
2764 - 2776 Bi-, tetra-, and hexanuclear Au-I and binuclear Ag-I complexes and Ag-I coordination polymers containing phenylaminobis(phosphonite), PhN{P(OC6H4OMe-o)(2)}(2), and pyridyl ligands
Ganesamoorthy C, Balakrishna MS, Mague JT, Tuononen HM
2777 - 2785 Phosphonate- and ester-substituted 2-cyanoethylene-1,1-dithiolate clusters of zinc: Aerial CO2 fixation and unusual binding patterns
Sarkar B, Liaw BJ, Fang CS, Liu CW
2786 - 2797 Comparing main group and transition-metal square-planar complexes of the diselenoimidodiphosphinate anion: A solid-state NMR investigation of M[N((Pr2PSe)-Pr-i)(2)](2) (M = Se, Te; Pd, Pt)
Demko BA, Wasylishen RE
2798 - 2804 Synthesis, characterization and Stat3 inhibitory properties of the prototypical platinum(IV) anticancer drug, [PtCl3(NO2)(NH3)(2)] (CPA-7)
Littlefield SL, Baird MC
2805 - 2810 Visible light-driven electron transfer and hydrogen generation catalyzed by bioinspired [2Fe2S] complexes
Na Y, Wang M, Pan JX, Zhang P, Akermark B, Sun LC
2811 - 2819 Preparation, characterization, and photophysical properties of Pt-M (M = Ru, Re) heteronuclear complexes with 1,10-phenanthrolineethynyl ligands
Fan Y, Zhang LY, Dai FR, Shi LX, Chen ZN
2820 - 2830 Conformer distribution in (cis-1,4-DACH)bis(guanosine-5'-phosphate)platinum(II) adducts: A reliable model for DNA adducts of antitumoral cisplatin
Ranaldo R, Margiotta N, Intini FP, Pacifico C, Natile G
2831 - 2836 Polyols as scaffolds in the development of ion-selective polymer-supported reagents: The effect of auxiliary groups on the mechanism of metal ion complexation
Alexandratos SD, Zhu XP
2837 - 2848 Zinc, cadmium, and mercury 1,2-benzenedithiolates with intramolecular NH center dot center dot center dot S hydrogen bonds
Baba K, Okamura TA, Yamamoto H, Yamamoto T, Ueyama N
2849 - 2857 A [4Fe-4S] cluster dimer bridged by bis(2,2': 6',2''-terpyridine-4'-thiolato)iron(II)
van der Geer EPL, van Koten G, Gebbink RJMK, Hessen B
2858 - 2863 Size matters: Room temperature P-C bond formation through C-H activation in m-terphenyldiiodophosphines
Diaz AA, Buster B, Schomlsch D, Khan MA, Baum JC, Wehmschulte RJ
2864 - 2870 Unexpected C-H activation of Ru(II)-dithiomaltol complexes upon oxidation
Backlund M, Ziller J, Farmer PJ
2871 - 2889 Stereochemistry and spin state in four-coordinate transition metal compounds
Cirera J, Ruiz E, Alvarez S
2890 - 2896 Rhenium complexes with triazine derivatives formed from semicarbazones and thiosemicarbazones
Lopez-Torres E, Abram U
2897 - 2908 Tuning the redox properties of manganese(II) and its implications to the electrochemistry of manganese and iron superoxide dismutases
Sjodin M, Gatjens J, Tabares LC, Thuery P, Pecoraro VL, Un S