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10184 - 10186 A [(Mn3O)-O-III](7+) Single-Molecule Magnet: the Anisotropy Barrier Enhanced by Structural Distortion
Yang CI, Wernsdorfer W, Cheng KH, Nakano M, Lee GH, Tsai HL
10187 - 10189 Reductive Cleavage of O-, S-, and N-Organonitroso Compounds by Nickel(I) beta-Diketiminates
Melzer MM, Jarchow-Choy S, Kogut E, Warren TH
10190 - 10192 Anion-pi-pi Interactions in a Dinuclear M2L2 Metallocycle
Capo M, Benet-Buchholz J, Ballester P
10193 - 10195 Na3PbII[B(O3POH)(4)]: An Alkali-Metal Lead Borophosphate with Heterocubane-like Units Na3PbO4
Hoffmann S, Jeazet HBT, Menezes PW, Prots Y, Kniep R
10196 - 10198 Remarkably Bent, Ethane-Linked, Diiron(III) mu-Oxobisporphyrin: Synthesis, Structure, Conformational Switching, and Photocatalytic Oxidation
Ghosh SK, Patra R, Rath SP
10199 - 10201 Nickel Dithiolene Chelate Rings in a New Role as eta(5)-Coordinating Ligands: Synthesis, Structural Characterization, and Redox Reactivity of an "Fe2Ni" Bis-Double-Decker
Harrison DJ, De Crisci AG, Lough AJ, Kerr MJ, Fekl U
10202 - 10204 Control of 1D Wave versus 2D Honeycomb (CoCdCuI)-Cd-III-Cu-II Heterotrimetallic Architectures by Delta(L)-Lambda(L) Diastereoisomerism of L-Cysteinatocobalt(III) Building Units
Aridomi T, Lgashira-Kamiyama A, Konno T
10205 - 10207 An Arene-Stabilized Cobalt(I) Aryl: Reactions with CO and NO
Lei H, Ellis BD, Ni CB, Grandjean F, Long GJ, Power PP
10208 - 10210 Easily Prepared Chiral Scorpionates: Tris(2-oxazolinyl)boratoiridium(I) Compounds and Their Interactions with MeOTf
Baird B, Pawlikowski AV, Su J, Wiench JW, Pruski M, Sadow AD
10211 - 10213 Chiral-Layered Metal Phosphonate Formed via Spontaneous Resolution Showing Dehydration-Induced Antiferromagnetic to Ferromagnetic Transformation
Hou SZ, Cao DK, Li YZ, Zheng LM
10214 - 10216 Intermolecular Contact-Tuned Magnetic Nature in One-Dimensional 3d-5d Bimetallic Systems: From a Metamagnet to a Single-Chain Magnet
Choi SW, Kwak HY, Yoon JH, Kim HC, Koh EK, Hong CS
10217 - 10219 Effects of Chemically Induced Contraction of a Coordination Polyhedron on the Dynamical Magnetism of Bis(phthalocyaninato)disprosium, a Single-4f-Ionic Single-Molecule Magnet with a Kramers Ground State
Ishikawa N, Mizuno Y, Takamatsu S, Ishikawa T, Koshihara SY
10220 - 10222 Formation of a Bridging-Imido d(6) Rhodium Compound by Nitrene Capture. Insertion and Cycloaddition Reactions
Tejel C, Ciriano MA, Jimenez S, Passarelli V, Lopez JA
10223 - 10225 An Example of Node-Based Postassembly Elaboration of a Hydrogen-Sorbing, Metal-Organic Framework Material
Farha OK, Mulfort KL, Hupp JT
10226 - 10228 Molybdenum Tris(2,5-dimethylpyrrolide), a Rare Homoleptic Molybdenum(III) Monomer
Wampler KM, Schrock RR
10229 - 10231 Self-Assembly of a Chiral Carbonate- and Cytidine-Containing Dodecanuclear Copper(II) Complex: a Multiarm-Supplied Globular Capsule
Armentano D, Marino N, Mastropietro TF, Martinez-Lillo J, Cano J, Julve M, Lloret F, De Munno G
10232 - 10245 One-Dimensional Iron(II) Compounds Exhibiting Spin Crossover and Liquid Crystalline Properties in the Room Temperature Region
Seredyuk M, Gaspar AB, Ksenofontov V, Galyametdinov Y, Verdaguer M, Villain F, Gutlich P
10246 - 10257 Bimetallic Coordination Polymers via Combination of Substitution-inert Building Blocks and Labile Connectors
Kondracka M, Englert U
10258 - 10268 Efficient Sensitization of Europlum, Ytterbium, and Neodymium Functionalized Tris-Dipicolinate Lanthanide Complexes through Tunable Charge-Transfer Excited States
D'Aleo A, Picot A, Beeby A, Williams JAG, Le Guennic B, Andraud C, Maury O
10269 - 10279 Design of Dipicolinic Acid Ligands for the Two-Photon Sensitized Luminescence of Europium Complexes with Optimized Cross-Sections
D'Aleo A, Picot A, Baldeck PL, Andraud C, Maury O
10280 - 10287 A Family of New Glutarate Compounds: Synthesis, Crystal Structures of: Co(H2O)(5)L(1), Na-2[CoL2] (2), Na-2[L(H2L)(4/2)] (3), {[Co-3(H2O)(6)L-2](HL)(2)} center dot 4H(2)O (4), {[Co-3(H2O)(6)L-2](HL)(2)} center dot 10H(2)O (5), {[Co-3(H2O)(6)L-2]L-2/2} center dot 4H(2)O (6), and Na-2{[Co-3(H2O)(2)]L-8/2] center dot 6H(2)O (7), and Magnetic Properties of 1 and 2 with H2L = HOOC-(CH2)(3)-COOH
Zheng YQ, Lin JL, Xu W, Xie HZ, Sun J, Wang XW
10288 - 10298 Optical Properties of the (CrF6)(3-) Complex in A(2)BMF(6):Cr3+ Elpasolite Crystals: Variation with M-F Bond Distance and Hydrostatic Pressure
Hernandez I, Rodriguez F, Tressaud A
10299 - 10307 Electronic Structure of Six-Coordinate Iron(III) Monoazaporphyrins
Nakamura K, Ikezaki A, Ohgo Y, Ikeue T, Neya S, Nakamura M
10308 - 10316 Spectroscopic Studies and Structures of trans-Ruthenium(II) and Ruthenium(III) Bis(cyanide) Complexes Supported by a Tetradentate Macrocyclic Tertiary Amine Ligand
Wong CY, Lee FW, Che CM, Cheng YF, Phillips DL, Zhu N
10317 - 10324 Metal-Dependent Assembly of a Helical-[Co3L3] Cluster versus a Meso-[Cu2L2] Cluster with O,N,N',O'-Schiff Base Ligand: Structures and Magnetic Properties
Pang YY, Cui SX, Li B, Zhang JP, Wang Y, Zhang H
10325 - 10329 Physical and Electrical Properties of Chemical Vapor Grown GaN Nano/Microstructures
Li JY, Liu J, Wang LS, Chang RPH
10330 - 10341 Ni(II) and hs-Fe(II) Complexes of a Paramagnetic Thiazyl Ligand, and Decomposition Products of the Iron Complex, Including an Fe(III) Tetramer
Hearns NGR, Fatila EM, Clerac R, Jennings M, Preuss KE
10342 - 10348 Metal Ion Complexing Properties of the Highly Preorganized Ligand 2,9-bis(Hydroxymethyl)-1,10-phenanthroline: A Crystallographic and Thermodynamic Study
Gephart RT, Williams NJ, Reibenspies JH, De Sousa AS, Hancock RD
10349 - 10356 Ag4L2 Nanocage as a Building Unit toward the Construction of Silver Metal Strings
Wu JY, Lin YF, Chuang CH, Tseng TW, Wen YS, Lu KL
10357 - 10365 Bioinorganic Chemistry Modeled with the TPSSh Density Functional
Jensen KP
10366 - 10371 Synthesis and Electrochemical Reaction with Lithium of Mesoporous Iron Oxalate Nanoribbons
Aragon MJ, Leon B, Vicente CP, Tirado JL
10372 - 10377 Favorable Hydrogen Storage Properties of M(HBTC)(4,4'-bipy)center dot 3DMF (M = Ni and Co)
Li YQ, Xie L, Liu Y, Yang R, Li XG
10378 - 10388 Homogeneous Catalytic System for Photoinduced Hydrogen Production Utilizing Iridium and Rhodium Complexes
Cline ED, Adamson SE, Bernhard S
10389 - 10397 1-D Polymers with Alternate Cu-2 and Ln(2) Units (Ln = Gd, Er, Y) and Carboxylate Linkages
Calvo R, Rapp RE, Chagas E, Sartoris RP, Baggio R, Garland MT, Perec M
10398 - 10406 Structural Diversity in Neodymium Bipyrimidine Compounds with Near infrared Luminescence: from Mono- and Binuclear Complexes to Metal-Organic Frameworks
Zucchi G, Maury O, Thurey P, Ephritikhine M
10407 - 10418 Structural and Photophysical Characterization of Multichromophoric Pyridylporphyrin-Rhenium(I) Conjugates
Casanova M, Zangrando E, Iengo E, Alessio E, Indelli MT, Scandola F, Orlandi M
10419 - 10424 On the Strongly Correlated Electron Hydride Ce2Ni2MgH7.7
Chevalier B, Krolak AA, Bobet JL, Gaudin E, Weill F, Hermes W, Pottgen R
10425 - 10431 Effects of Nucleobase Metalation on Frontier Molecular Orbitals: Potential Implications for pi-Stacking Interactions with Tryptophan
Anzellotti AI, Bayse CA, Farrell NP
10432 - 10445 Excited State Dynamics of a Pt-II Diimine Complex bearing a Naphthalene-Diimide Electron Acceptor
Sazanovich IV, Alamiry MAH, Best J, Bennett RD, Bouganov OV, Davies ES, Grivin VP, Meijer AJHM, Plyusnin VF, Ronayne KL, Shelton AH, Tikhomirov SA, Towrie M, Weinstein JA
10446 - 10454 Synthesis and Characterization of Dicyclopalladated Complexes of Azobenzene Derivatives by Experimental and Computational Methods
Babic D, Curic M, Molcanov K, Ilc G, Plavec J
10455 - 10460 Crystal Structures, Phase-Transition, and Photoluminescence of Rare Earth Carbodiimides
Glaser J, Unverfehrt L, Bettentrup H, Heymann G, Huppertz H, Juestel T, Meyer HJ
10461 - 10468 Construction of Symmetric and Asymmetric Mo/S/Cu Clusters from a Cluster Precursor [Et4N](2)[(edt)(2)Mo2S2(mu-S)(2)] (edt = Ethanedithiolate)
Wei ZH, Li HX, Zhang WH, Ren ZG, Zhang Y, Lang JP, Abrahams BF
10469 - 10478 Copper beta-Octakis(trifluoromethyl)corroles: New Paradigms for Ligand Substituent Effects in Transition Metal Complexes
Thomas KE, Wasbotten IH, Ghosh A
10479 - 10490 A Dinuclear Ni(I) System Having a Diradical Ni2N2 Diamond Core Resting State: Synthetic, Structural, Spectroscopic Elucidation, and Reductive Bond Splitting Reactions
Adhikari D, Mossin S, Basuli F, Dible BR, Chipara M, Fan H, Huffman JC, Meyer K, Mindiola DJ
10491 - 10498 The Mn2+-Bicarbonate Complex in a Frozen Solution Revisited by Pulse W-Band ENDOR
Potapov A, Goldfarb D
10499 - 10508 Magnetic Circular Dichroism Study of a Dicobalt(II) Methionine Aminopeptidase/Fumagillin Complex and Dicobalt II-II and II-III Model Complexes
Larrabee JA, Chyun SA, Volwiler AS
10509 - 10521 Essential Role of the Ancillary Ligand in the Color Tuning of Iridium Tetrazolate Complexes
Stagni S, Colella S, Palazzi A, Valenti G, Zacchini S, Paolucci F, Marcaccio M, Albuquerque RQ, De Cola L
10522 - 10532 Group IV Imino-Semiquinone Complexes Obtained by Oxidative Addition of Halogens
Blackmore KJ, Sly MB, Haneline MR, Ziller JW, Heyduk AF
10533 - 10541 Diamidodipyrrins: Versatile Bipyrrolic Ligands with Multiple Metal Binding Modes
Thoi VS, Stork JR, Niles ET, Depperman EC, Tierney DL, Cohen SM
10542 - 10553 Four-Coordinate Mo(II) as (silox)(2)Mo(PMe3)(2) and Its W(IV) Congener (silox)(2)HW(eta(2)-CH2PMe2)(PMe3) (silox = (Bu3SiO)-Bu-t)
Kuiper DS, Wolczanski PT, Lobkovsky EB, Cundari TR
10554 - 10564 Strong Intramolecular Si-N Interactions in the Chlorosilanes Cl3-nHnSiOCH2CH2NMe2 (n=1-3)
Hagemann M, Mix A, Berger RJF, Pape T, Mitzel NW
10565 - 10574 Stabilization of Copper(II) Thiosulfonate Coordination Complexes Through Cooperative Hydrogen Bonding Interactions
Fischmann AJ, Forsyth CM, Spiccia L
10575 - 10586 Chiral, Hemilabile Palladium(II) Complexes of Tridentate Oxazolidines, Including C-2-Symmetric "Pincers"
Strong ETJ, Cardile SA, Brazeau AL, Jennings MC, McDonald R, Jones ND
10587 - 10599 Mechanism of Pyridine-Ligand Exchanges at the Different Labile Sites of 3d Heterometallic and Mixed Valence mu(3)-oxo Trinuclear Clusters
Novitchi G, Riblet F, Scopelliti R, Helm L, Gulea A, Merbach AE
10600 - 10610 Self-Assembly of 2D -> 2D Interpenetrating Coordination Polymers Showing Polyrotaxane- and Polycatenane-like Various Ligands on Topological Structural Motifs: Influence of Diversity
Lan YQ, Li SL, Qin JS, Du DY, Wang XL, Su ZM, Fu Q
10611 - 10617 CsB3GeO7 and K2B2Ge3O10: Explorations of New Second-Order Nonlinear Optical Materials in the Borogermanate Systems
Kong F, Jiang HL, Hu T, Mao JG
10618 - 10625 Trithiatetrazocine Cations, [RCN4S3](+); Planar Sulfur-Nitrogen 10 pi Aromatics
Knapp C, Watson PG, Lork E, Friese DH, Mews R, Decken A
10626 - 10633 High Resolution Mass Spectrometry for Studying the Interactions of Cisplatin with Oligonucleotides
Egger AE, Hartinger CG, Ben Hamidane H, Tsybin YO, Keppler BK, Dyson PJ
10634 - 10643 Experimental and Theoretical Investigations of the Redox Behavior of the Heterodichalcogenido Ligands [((EPPr2)-Pr-i)((TePPr2)-Pr-i)N](-) (E = S, Se): Cyclic Cations and Acyclic Dichalcogenide Dimers
Robertson SD, Chivers T, Tuononen HM
10644 - 10655 Low-Temperature N-O Bond Cleavage of Nitrogen Monoxide in Heterometallic Carbonyl Complexes. An Experimental and Theoretical Study
Garcia ME, Melon S, Ruiz MA, Lopez R, Sordo T, Marchio L, Tiripicchio A
10656 - 10661 Ferromagnetic Interactions in Heterobimetallic Chains Formed through the Secondary Coordination of Dithiolene Complexes
Jeannin O, Clerac R, Cauchy T, Fourmigue M
10662 - 10673 Dinuclear Copper(I) and Copper(I)/Silver(I) Complexes with Condensed Dithiolato Ligands
Vicente J, Gonzalez-Herrero P, Garcia-Sanchez Y, Bautista D
10674 - 10681 Slow Magnetic Relaxation of a Ferromagnetic Ni-5(II) Cluster with an S=5 Ground State
Bouldalis AK, Pissas M, Raptopoulou CP, Psycharis V, Abarca B, Ballesteros R
10682 - 10691 Mono(cycloheptatrienyl) Tantalum Chemistry: Synthesis and Characterization of New Tantalum Halide, Hydride, and Alkyl Species
Noh W, Girolami GS
10692 - 10699 Self-Assembly of Triple Helical and meso-Helical Cylindrical Arrays Tunable by Bis-Tripodal Coordination Converters
Jiang JJ, Zheng SR, Liu Y, Pan M, Wang W, Su CY
10700 - 10707 Influence of Ligand Electronic Effects on the Structure of Monovalent Cobalt Complexes
DuPont JA, Yap GPA, Riordan CG
10708 - 10717 Stepwise Modification of Titanium Alkoxy Chloride Compounds by Pyridine Carbinol
Boyle TJ, Ottley LAM, Rodriguez MA, Sewell RM, Alam TM, McIntyre SK
10718 - 10722 Manganese(III) Corrole-Oxidant Adduct as the Active Intermediate in Catalytic Hydrogen Atom Transfer
Zdilla MJ, Abu-Omar MM
10723 - 10728 Submicrosized Rods, Cables, and Tubes of ZnE (E = S, Se, Te): Exterior-Interior Boron-Chalcogen Conversions and Optical Properties
Huang YZ, Chen L, Wu LM
10729 - 10738 Factors Influencing Tetranuclear [2 x 2] Grid vs Dinuclear Side-by-Side Structures for Silver(I) Complexes of Pyridazine-Based Bis-Bidentate Ligands
Price JR, White NG, Perez-Velasco A, Jameson GB, Hunter CA, Brooker S
10739 - 10743 Interaction of Uranium(VI) with Phthalic Acid
Vazquez GJ, Dodge CJ, Francis AJ
10744 - 10752 Conformation Changes and Luminescent Properties of Au-Ln (Ln = Nd, Eu, Er, Yb) Arrays with 5-Ethynyl-2,2'-Bipyridine
Xu HB, Zhang LY, Ni J, Chao HY, Chen ZN
10753 - 10757 La8Br7Ni4: Ribbons of Ni Hexagons in Condensed La-6 Trigonal Prisms
Zheng C, Mattausch H, Hoch C, Simon A
10758 - 10764 CuO Particles from Ionic Liquid/Water Mixtures: Evidence for Growth via Cu(OH)(2) Nanorod Assembly and Fusion
Taubert A, Uhlmann A, Hedderich A, Kirchhoff K
10765 - 10770 Use of Ge-73 NMR Spectroscopy for the Study of Electronic Interactions
Yoder CH, Agee TM, Schaeffer CD, Carroll MJ, Fleisher AJ, DeToma AS
10771 - 10778 Functional Evaluation of Iron Oxypyriporphyrin in Protein Heme Pocket
Neya S, Suzuki M, Ode H, Hoshino T, Furutani Y, Kandori H, Hori H, Imai K, Komatsu T
10779 - 10787 Synthesis and Characterization of a Dinuclear Iron(II) Spin Crossover Complex with Wide Hysteresis
Weber B, Kaps ES, Obel J, Achterhold K, Parak FG
10788 - 10795 Mechanisms of Zn-II-Activated Magnetic Resonance Imaging Agents
Major JL, Boiteau RM, Meade TJ
10796 - 10796 Synthesis and Platinum Coordination Chemistry of the Perfluoroalkyl Acceptor Pincer Ligand 1,3-(CH2P(CF3)(2))(2)C6H4 (vol 46, pg 11334, 2007)
Adams JJ, Lau A, Arulsamy N, Roddick DM