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9018 - 9020 Compound I of naked heme (Iron Protoporphyrin IX)
Crestoni ME, Fornarini S
9021 - 9023 A novel helical double-layered cobalt(II)-organic framework with tetranuclear [CO4(mu(3)-OH)(2)] clusters linked by an unsymmetrical pyridylbenzoate ligand
Luo J, Zhao Y, Xu H, Kinnibrugh TL, Yang D, Timofeeva TV, Daemen LL, Zhang J, Bao W, Thompson JD, Currier RP
9024 - 9026 Titanium-manganese compound with a chiral Mn3Ti center
Jerzykiewicz LB, Utko J, John L, Duczmal M, Sobota P
9027 - 9029 A pillared discrete bilayer formed from guanidinium and ferrocenedisulfonate ions: Synthesis, crystal structure, and initial electrochemical properties
Xie JL, Ma MT, Abrahams BF, Wedd AG
9030 - 9032 Metal-based netropsin mimics showing AT-selective DNA binding and DNA cleavage activity at red light
Patra AK, Bhowmick T, Ramakumar S, Chakravarty AR
9033 - 9035 Structure and magnetic ordering of KxH1-xNi(OH2)(4)[Ru-2(CO3)(4)]center dot zH(2)O
Kennon BS, Her JH, Stephens PW, Shum WW, Miller JS
9036 - 9038 New polypyridine Ligands functionalized with redox-active Fe(II) organometallic fragments
Paul F, Goeb S, Justaud F, Argouarch G, Toupet L, Ziessel RF, Lapinte C
9039 - 9041 Facile high-yield synthesis of pure, crystalline Mg(BH4)(2)
Zanella P, Crociani L, Masciocchi N, Giunchi G
9042 - 9044 Lron(III) complexes with a biologically relevant aroylhydrazone: Crystallographic evidence for coordination versatility
Matoga D, Szklarzewicz J, Stadnicka K, Shongwe MS
9045 - 9047 Molecules composed of two weakly magnetically coupled [Mn-4(III)] clusters
Sanudo EC, Cauchy T, Ruiz E, Laye RH, Roubeau O, Teat SJ, Aromi G
9048 - 9050 Strategy to tether organometallic ruthenium-arene anticancer compounds to recombinant human serum albumin
Ang WH, Daldini E, Juillerat-Jeanneret L, Dyson PJ
9051 - 9053 Photochemical synthesis of mer-[Re(bPY)(CO)(3)Cl]
Sato S, Morimoto T, Ishitani O
9054 - 9056 Uncommon ferromagnetic interactions in a homometallic Co(II) chain bridged by a single end-to-end azide
Yoo HS, Kim JI, Yang N, Koh EK, Park JG, Hong CS
9057 - 9059 Evidence of the facile hydride and enolate addition to the imine bond of an aluminum-salophen complex
Cametti M, Cort AD, Colapietro M, Portalone G, Russo L, Rissanen K
9060 - 9066 Volatile magnesium octahydrotriborate complexes as potential CVD precursors to MgB2-synthesis and characterization of Mg(B3H8)(2) and its etherates
Kim DY, Yang Y, Abelson JR, Girolami GS
9067 - 9082 Hydrothermal synthesis, structural chemistry, and magnetic properties of materials of the M-II/Triazolate/Anion family, where M-II = Mn, Fe, and Ni
Ouelleffe W, Prosvirin AV, Valeich J, Dunbar KR, Zubieta J
9083 - 9089 Temperature induced single-crystal-to-single-crystaI transformations and structure directed effects on magnetic properties
Legrand YM, van der Lee A, Masquelez N, Rabu P, Barboiu M
9090 - 9097 Ligand and counterion control of Ag(I) architectures: Assembly of a {Ag-8} ring cluster mediated by hydrophobic and Ag center dot center dot center dot Ag interactions
Fielden J, Long DL, Slawin AMZ, Kogerler P, Cronin L
9098 - 9110 Structural and kinetic study of reversible CO2 fixation by dicopper macrocyclic complexes. From intramolecular binding to self-assembly of molecular boxes
Company A, Jee JE, Ribas X, Lopez-Valbuena JM, Gomez L, Corbella M, Llobet A, Mahia J, Benet-Buchholz J, Costas M, van Eldik R
9111 - 9125 Magnetic circular dichroism of porphyrins containing M = Ca, Ni, and Zn. A Computational study based on time-dependent density functional theory
Peralta GA, Seth M, Ziegler T
9126 - 9138 Polypyridyl Ruthenium(II) complexes with tetrazolate-based chelating ligands. Synthesis, reactivity, and electrochemical and photophysical properties
Stagni S, Orselli E, Palazzi A, De Cola L, Zacchini S, Femoni C, Marcaccio M, Paolucci F, Zanarini S
9139 - 9145 Luminescent iridium phenanthroline crown ether complex for the detection of silver(I) ions in aqueous media
Schmittel M, Lin HW
9146 - 9154 A pnictogen of peculiar posture
Poduska A, Hoffmann R
9155 - 9159 Mo/Rh carboxylate: Heterometallic compound built of homometallic paddlewheel units
Li B, Zhang H, Huynh L, Shatruk M, Dikarev EV
9160 - 9171 Synthesis and characterization of a Mn-22 single-molecule magnet and a [Mn-22](n) single-chain magnet
Brockman JT, Stamatatos TC, Wernsdorfer W, Abboud KA, Christou G
9172 - 9181 Reactions of fac-[Re(CO)(3)(H2O)(3)](+) with nucleoside diphosphates and thiamine diphosphate in aqueous solution investigated by multinuclear NMR spectroscopy
Adams KM, Marzilli PA, Marzilli LG
9182 - 9191 1,2-hydroxypyridonates as contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging: TREN-1,2-HOPO
Jocher CJ, Moore EG, Xu JD, Avedano S, Botta M, Aime S, Raymond KN
9192 - 9200 Hydroxide-promoted core conversions of molybdenum-iron-sulfur edge-bridged double cubanes: Oxygen-ligated topological p(N) clusters
Hlavinka ML, Miyaji T, Staples RJ, Holm RH
9201 - 9212 Synthesis, photophysical, and anion-sensing properties of quinoxalinebis(sulfonamide) functionalized receptors and their metal complexes
Lin TP, Chen CY, Wen YS, Sun SS
9213 - 9220 Syntheses, structures, magnetism, and optical properties of lutetium-based interlanthanide selenides
Jin GB, Choi ES, Guertin RP, Brooks JS, Booth CH, Albrecht-Schmitt TE
9221 - 9233 Nickel-cysteine binding supported by phosphine chelates
Desrochers PJ, Duong DS, Marshall AS, Lelievre SA, Hong B, Brown JR, Tarkka RM, Manion JM, Holman G, Merkert JW, Vicic DA
9234 - 9244 Applications of bis(1-R-imidazol-2-yl)disulfides and diselenides as ligands for main-group and transition metals: kappa(2)-(N,N) coordination, S-S bond cleavage, and S-S/E-E (E = S, Se) bond metathesis reactions
Figueroa JS, Yurkerwich K, Melnick J, Buccella D, Parkin G
9245 - 9253 Reactivity and mechanism of stable Heterocyclic silylenes with carbon tetrachloride
Li RE, Sheu JH, Su MD
9254 - 9261 Spectroelectrochemistry and DFT analysis of a new {RuNO}(n) redox system with multifrequency EPR suggesting conformational isomerism in the {RuNO}(7) state
Singh P, Fiedler J, Zalis S, Duboc C, Niemeyer M, Lissner F, Schleid T, Kaim W
9262 - 9266 Dizinc enzyme model/complexometric indicator pairs in indicator displacement assays for inorganic phosphates under physiological conditions
Morgan BP, He S, Smith RC
9267 - 9277 Periodic trends within a series of five-coordinate thiolate-ligated [M-II((SN4)-N-Me2(tren))](+) (M = Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn) complexes, including a rare example of a stable Cu-II-thiolate
Brines LM, Shearer J, Fender JK, Schweitzer D, Shoner SC, Barnhart D, Kaminsky W, Lovell S, Kovacs JA
9278 - 9284 Diastereoselectivity in the self-assembly of As2L2Cl2 macrocycles is directed by the As-pi interaction
Cangelosi VM, Sather AC, Zakharov LN, Berryman OB, Johnson DW
9285 - 9293 Investigating the vanadium environments in hydroxylamido V(V) dipicolinate complexes using V-51 NMR Spectroscopy and density functional theory
Ooms KJ, Bolte SE, Smee JJ, Baruah B, Crans DC, Polenova T
9294 - 9302 Enhancement in electronic communication upon replacement of Mo-O by Mo-S bonds in tetranuclear clusters of the type [Mo-2](2)(mu-E-E)(2) (E = O or S)
Cotton FA, Li Z, Liu CY, Murillo CA
9303 - 9311 Revisiting the 1,2,4-triaza-3,5-diborolyl ligand: sigma and pi coordination modes in the alkali metal and rhodium complexes of a planar, 6-pi-electron B2N3- ring
Ly HV, Chow JH, Parvez M, McDonald R, Roesler R
9312 - 9322 Tuneable intramolecular intermetallic interactions as a new tool for programming linear heterometallic 4f-4f complexes
Dalla-Favera N, Hamacek J, Borkovec M, Jeannerat D, Ercolani G, Piguet C
9323 - 9331 Amine nitrosation via NO reduction of the polyamine copper(II) complex Cu(DAC)(2+)
Khin C, Lim MD, Tsuge K, Iretskii A, Wu G, Ford PC
9332 - 9336 Strength of the Zn-N coordination bond in zinc porphyrins on the basis of experimental thermochemistry
Patino R, Campos M, Torres LA
9337 - 9350 Charge separation in a ruthenium-quencher conjugate bound to DNA
Augustyn KE, Stemp EDA, Barton JK
9351 - 9363 Comparisons of phosphorus ligation properties in P(CH2NR)(3)p
Thirupathi N, Stricklen PM, Liu XD, Oshel R, Guzei I, Ellern A, Verkade JG
9364 - 9371 Iron(III) complexes with a tripodal N3O ligand containing an internal base as a model for catechol intradiol-cleaving dioxygenases
Li F, Wang M, Li P, Zhang TT, Sun LC
9372 - 9378 Reactivity of the "yl"-bond in Uranyl(VI) complexes. 1. Rates and mechanisms for the exchange between the trans-dioxo oxygen atoms in (UO2)(2)(OH)(2)(2+) and mononuclear UO2(OH)(n)(2-n) complexes with solvent water
Szabo Z, Grenthe I
9379 - 9388 Controlled syntheses, characterization, and reactivity of neutral and anionic lanthanide Amides supported by methylene-linked bis(phenolate) ligands
Xu XP, Zhang ZJ, Yao YM, Zhang Y, Shen Q
9389 - 9399 Interaction of tertiary phosphines with lignin-type, alpha,beta-unsaturated aldehydes in water
Moiseev DV, Patrick BO, James BR, Hu TQ
9400 - 9404 Labeling of the neuropeptide enkephalin with functionalized Tris (pyrazolyl)borate complexes: Solid-phase synthesis and characterization of p-[Enk-OH]COC(6)H(4)TpPtMe(3) and p-[Enk-OH]COC(6)H(4)Tp(Me)Re(CO)(3)
Kuchta MC, Gross A, Pinto A, Metzler-Nolte N
9405 - 9414 Synthesis, characterization, and reactivity of ruthenium Diene/Diamine complexes including catalytic hydrogenation of ketones
Morilla ME, Rodriguez P, Belderrain TR, Graiff C, Tiripicchio A, Nicasio MC, Perez PJ
9415 - 9424 Trapping of anionic organic radicals by (Tp(Me2))(2)Ln (Ln = Sm, Eu)
Domingos A, Lopes I, Waerenborgh JC, Marques N, Lin GY, Zhang XW, Takats J, McDonald R, Hillier AC, Sella A, Elsegood MRJ, Day VW
9425 - 9437 Syntheses, solution multi-NMR characterization, and reactivities of [C6F5Xe](+) salts of weakly coordinating borate anions, [BY4](-) (Y = CF3, C6F5, CN, or OTeF5)
Koppe K, Bilir V, Frohn HJ, Mercier HPA, Schrobilgen GJ
9438 - 9449 Sensitization of Europium(III) luminescence by benzophenone-containing ligands: Regioisomers, rearrangements and chelate ring size, and their influence on quantum yields
Wilkinson AJ, Maffeo D, Beeby A, Foster CE, Williams JAG
9450 - 9462 Synthesis, structure, spectral and electrochemical properties, and catalytic use of cobalt(III)-Oxo cubane clusters
Chakrabarty R, Bora SJ, Das BK
9463 - 9472 Structurally diverse aggregating condensations of Ti(IV) catecholates
Wallace WA, Potvin PG
9473 - 9480 Aerosol assisted chemical vapor deposition of In2O3 films from Me3In and donor functionalized alcohols
Basharat S, Carmalt CJ, Barnett SA, Tocher DA, Davies HO
9481 - 9487 Synthesis and structure of new compounds with Zn-Ga bonds: Insertion of the gallium(I) bisimidinate Ga(DDP) into Zn-X (X = CH3, Cl) and the homoleptic complex cation [Zn(GaCp*)(4)](2+)
Kempter A, Gemel C, Cadenbach T, Fischer RA
9488 - 9494 Novel stereochemistry, reactivity, and stability of an arsenic heterocycle in a metal-promoted asymmetric cycloaddition reaction
Ma MT, Pullarkat SA, Li YX, Leung PH
9495 - 9502 High-temperature single-site ethylene polymerization behavior of titanate complexes supported by 1,3-bis(3,5-dialkylpyrazol-1-yl)propan-2-olate ligation
Eaves R, Parkin S, Ladipo FT
9503 - 9508 In situ ligand reactions under hydrothermal conditions afford a novel zinc-substituted polyoxovanadate dimer
Zheng ST, Wang MH, Yang GY