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7986 - 7987 Extended calix[4]arene analogues by two P-Cu-I-P bridges and anion encapsulation
Meng XT, Li QS, Xu FB, Song HB, Anson CE, Zhang ZZ
7988 - 7990 New porphyrin-based metal-organic framework with high porosity: 2-D infinite 22.2-A square-grid coordination network
Ohmura T, Usuki A, Fukumori K, Ohta T, Ito M, Tatsumi K
7991 - 7993 Steric control of a bridging ligand for high-nuclearity metallamacrocycle formation: A highly puckered 60-membered icosanuclear metalladiazamacrocycle
Moon D, Lee K, John RP, Kim GH, Suh BJ, Lah MS
7994 - 7996 Cu(NO3)(2)center dot 3H(2)O-mediated synthesis of 4'-(2-pyridyl)-2,2': 6',2''-terpyridine (L2) from N-(2-pyridylmethyl) pyridine-2-methylketimine (L1). A C-C bond-forming reaction and the structure of {[Cu(L2)( OH)(NO3)][Cu(L2)(NO3)(2)]}center dot 2H(2)O
Padhi SK, Manivannan V
7997 - 7999 Synthesis of the first rNHC (remote N-heterocyclic carbene) complexes with no heteroatom in the carbene carbon-containing ring
Schuster O, Raubenheimer HG
8000 - 8002 Active-site models for iron hydrogenases: Reduction chemistry of dinuclear iron complexes
de Carcer IA, DiPasquale A, Rheingold AL, Heinekey DM
8003 - 8005 Self-assembly of the 2-His-1-carboxylate facial triad in mononuclear iron(II) and zinc(II) models of metalloenzyme active sites
Friese SJ, Kucera BE, Que L, Tolman WB
8006 - 8008 Mononitrosyl iron complexes supported by sterically hindered carboxylate ligands
Klein DP, Young VG, Tolman WB, Que L
8009 - 8011 Electrochemical generation of a nonheme oxoiron(IV) complex
Collins MJ, Ray K, Que L
8012 - 8025 Spectroscopic methods in bioinorganic chemistry: Blue to green to red copper sites
Solomon EI
8026 - 8035 Coordination modes in the formation of the ternary Am(III), Cm(III), and Eu(III) complexes with EDTA and NTA: TRLFS, C-13 NMR, EXAFS, and thermodynamics of the complexation
Mathur JN, Thakur P, Dodge CJ, Francis AJ, Choppin GR
8036 - 8040 Two-dimensional lanthanide heteropolyvanadates of manganese(IV) and nickel(IV) containing two types of heteropoly anions with 1 : 13 and 1 : 12 stoichiometry
Liu SX, Li DH, Xie LH, Cheng HY, Zhao XY, Su ZM
8041 - 8051 Neutral Ru-II-based emitting materials: A prototypical study on factors governing radiationless transition in phosphorescent metal complexes
Li EY, Cheng YM, Hsu CC, Chou PT, Lee GH
8052 - 8061 Synthesis, characterization, and solution properties of a novel cross-bridged cyclam manganese(IV) complex having two terminal hydroxo ligands
Yin GC, McCormick JM, Buchalova M, Danby AM, Rodgers K, Day VW, Smith K, Perkins CM, Kitko D, Carter JD, Scheper WM, Busch DH
8062 - 8069 Organic-inorganic hybrid compounds of Li with bisimidazole derivatives: Li ion binding study and topochemical properties
Hwang IC, Chandran RP, Singh NJ, Khandelwal M, Thangadurai TD, Lee JW, Chang JA, Kim KS
8070 - 8077 CH center dot center dot center dot pi interaction for rhenium-based rectangles: An interaction that is rarely designed into a host-guest pair
Manimaran B, Lai LJ, Thanasekaran P, Wu JY, Liao RT, Tseng TW, Liu YH, Lee GH, Peng SM, Lu KL
8078 - 8085 Novel Ti-O-Ti bonding species constructed in a metal-oxide cluster: Reaction products of bis(oxalato)oxotitanate(IV) with the dimeric, 1,2-dititanium(IV)-substituted keggin polyoxotungstate
Hayashi K, Murakami H, Nomiya K
8086 - 8097 Spectroscopic and potentiometric characterization of oxovanadium(IV) complexes formed by 3-hydroxy-4-pyridinones. Rationalization of the influence of basicity and electronic structure of the ligand on the properties of (VO)-O-IV species in aqueous solution
Rangel M, Leite A, Amorim MJ, Garribba E, Micera G, Lodyga-Chruscinska E
8098 - 8107 Cadmium(II) and copper(II) complexes with imidazole-containing tripodal polyamine ligands: pH and anion effects on carbon dioxide fixation and assembling
Kong LY, Zhu HF, Huang YQ, Okamura TA, Lu XH, Song Y, Liu GX, Sun WY, Ueyama N
8108 - 8119 Syntheses and X-ray crystal structures of zirconium(IV) and hafnium(IV) complexes containing monovacant Wells-Dawson and Keggin polyoxotungstates
Kato CN, Shinohara A, Hayashi K, Nomiya K
8120 - 8125 Two mixed-valence vanadium(III,IV) phosphonoacetates with 16-ring channels: H-2(DABCO)[(VO)-O-IV(H2O)V-III(OH)(O3PCH2CO2)(2)]center dot 2.5H(2)O and H-2(PIP)[(VO)-O-IV(H2O)V-III(OH)((OPCH2CO2)-P-3)(2)]center dot 2.5H(2)O
Zhang XM, Hou JJ, Zhang WX, Chen XM
8126 - 8135 Structural-electronic correlation in the first-order phase transition of [FeH2L2-Me](CIO4)(2) (H2L2-Me = bis[((2-methylimidazol-4-yl)methylidene)-3-aminopropyl]ethylenediamine)
Brefuel N, Imatomi S, Torigoe H, Hagiwara H, Shova S, Meunier JF, Bonhommeau SB, Tuchagues JP, Matsumoto N
8136 - 8143 Structural and electrochemical investigations of the high fluoride affinity of sterically hindered 1,8-bis(boryl)naphthalenes
Melaimi M, Sole S, Chiu CW, Wang HD, Gabbai P
8144 - 8155 Combined effects of diamines and carboxylate bridges on structural and magnetic properties of a series of polynuclear copper(II) complexes with 1,1-cyclobutanedicarboxylic acid
Baldoma R, Monfort M, Ribas J, Solans X, Maestro MA
8156 - 8164 Preparation and characterization of a family of Ru-2 compounds bearing iodo/ethynyl substituents on the periphery
Chen WZ, Ren T
8165 - 8174 Luminescent phosphine gold(I) thiolates: Correlation between crystal structure and photoluminescent properties in [R3PAu{SC(OMe)= NC6H4NO2-4}] (R = Et, Cy, Ph) and [(Ph2P-R-PPh2){AuSC(OMe)= NC(6)H4(N)O(2)-4}(2)] (R = CH2, (CH2)(2), (CH2)(3), (CH2)(4), Fc)
Ho SY, Cheng ECC, Tiekink ERT, Yam VWW
8175 - 8178 Mg5.23Sm0.77Sb4: an ordered superstructure derived from the Mg3Sb2 structure type
Gupta S, Ganguli AK, Corbett JD
8179 - 8187 Mono- and polynuclear complexes of the model nucleobase 1-methylcytosine. Synthesis and characterization of cis-[(PMe2Ph)(2)Pt{(1-MeCy(-H)}](3)(NO3)(3) and cis-[(PPh3)(2)Pt{1-MeCy(-H)}(1-MeCy)]NO3
Longato B, Montagner D, Zangrando E
8188 - 8193 Syntheses and structural properties of rare earth carbodiimides
Neukirch M, Tragl S, Meyer HJ
8194 - 8204 [CpNi(dithiolene)] (and diselenolene) neutral radical complexes
Nomura M, Cauchy T, Geoffroy M, Adkine P, Fourmigue M
8205 - 8210 BF2 complex of fluorinated dipyrrolyldiketone: A new class of efficient receptor for acetate anions
Maeda H, Ito Y
8211 - 8216 Oblate deltahedra in dimetallaboranes: Geometry and chemical bonding
King RB
8217 - 8226 Theoretical designs for neutral five-membered carbene analogues of the group 13 elements: A new target for synthesis
Chen CH, Su MD
8227 - 8238 Diverse structures and dimensionalities in hybrid frameworks of strontium and lanthanum with isomeric dihydroxybenzoates
Dan M, Cheetham AK, Rao CNR
8239 - 8250 Synthesis, crystal structure, and magnetic studies of one-dimensional cyano-bridged Ln(3+)-Cr3+ complexes with bpy as a blocking ligand
Estrader M, Ribas J, Tangoulis V, Solans X, Font-Bardia M, Maestro M, Diaz C
8251 - 8257 Structural polarity induced by cooperative hydrogen bonding and lone-pair alignment in the molecular uranyl iodate Na-2[UO2(IO3)(4)(H2O)]
Bray TH, Beitz JV, Bean AC, Yu YQ, Albrecht-Schmitt TE
8258 - 8263 Syntheses and structures of [M{In(SC{O}Ph)(4)}(2)] (M = Mg and Ca): Single molecular precursors to MIn2S4 materials
Tian L, Lye WH, Deivaraj TC, Vittal JJ
8264 - 8272 Syntheses, structures, physical properties, and theoretical studies of CeMxOS (M = Cu, Ag; x approximate to 0.8) and CeAgOS
Chan GH, Deng B, Bertoni M, Ireland JR, Hersam MC, Mason TO, Van Duyne RP, Ibers JA
8273 - 8282 Electronic transitions in [Re6S8X6](4-) (X = Cl, Br, I): Results from time-dependent density functional theory and solid-state calculations
Roy LE, Hughbanks T
8283 - 8287 Bimetallic clusters of iron with palladium and platinum. Synthesis and structures of Fe-2(CO)(9)[M(PBu3t)](2) (M = Pd or Pt) and Fe-2(CO)(8)[Pt(PBu3t)](2)(mu-H)(2)
Adams RD, Captain B, Pearl WC
8288 - 8296 Chromogenic indicator for anion reporting based on an N-substituted oxoporphyrinogen
Hill JP, Schumacher AL, D'Souza F, Labuta J, Redshaw C, Elsegood MRJ, Aoyagi M, Nakanishi T, Ariga K
8297 - 8307 Influence of Hartree-Fock exchange on the calculated Mossbauer isomer shifts and quadrupole splittings in ferrocene derivatives using density functional theory
Nemykin VN, Hadt RG
8308 - 8317 Mono- and dinuclear oxovanadium(V)calixarene complexes and their activity as oxidation catalysts
Hoppe E, Limberg C, Ziemer B
8318 - 8325 Structural diversity within analogous compounds: Syntheses and studies of M(SCH2CH2NH2)Cl (M = Zn, Cd, Hg)
Fleischer H, Hardt S, Schollmeyer D
8326 - 8341 Synthesis, photophysical, photochemical, and redox properties of nitrospiropyrans substituted with Ru or Os tris(bipyridine) complexes
Jukes RTF, Bozic B, Hartl F, Belser P, De Cola L
8342 - 8354 Syntheses, characterization, and catalytic ability in alkane oxygenation of chloro(dimethyl sulfoxide)ruthenium(II) complexes with tris(2-pyridylmethyl)amine and its derivatives
Yamaguchi M, Kousaka H, Izawa S, Ichii Y, Kumano T, Masui D, Yamagishi T
8355 - 8364 Substituent effects on Gd(III)-based MRI contrast agents: Optimizing the stability and selectivity of the complex and the number of coordinated water molecules
Pierre VC, Botta M, Aime S, Raymond KN
8365 - 8371 Dioxotungsten 1,2-benzenedithiolate complex stabilized by NH center dot center dot center dot S hydrogen bonds
Baba K, Okamura T, Yamamoto H, Yamamoto T, Ohama M, Ueyama N
8372 - 8381 Characterization of the particulate methane monooxygenase metal centers in multiple redox states by X-ray absorption spectroscopy
Lieberman RL, Kondapalli KC, Shrestha DB, Hakemian AS, Smith SM, Telser J, Kuzelka J, Gupta R, Borovik AS, Lippard SJ, Hoffman BM, Rosenzweig AC, Stemmler TL
8382 - 8393 Nanocluster formation and stabilization fundamental studies: Investigating "solvent-only" stabilization en route to discovering stabilization by the traditionally weakly coordinating anion BF4- plus high dielectric constant solvents
Ott LS, Finke RG
8394 - 8402 Crystal growth and structure determination of oxygen-deficient Sr6Co5O15
Sun JL, Li GB, Li ZF, You LP, Lin JH
8403 - 8407 Hollow PbWO4 nanospindles via a facile sonochemical route
Geng J, Zhu JJ, Lu DJ, Chen HY
8408 - 8413 Neutron diffraction studies of U4O9: Comparison with EXAFS results
Garrido F, Hannon AC, Ibberson RM, Nowicki L, Willis BTM
8414 - 8422 Synthesis, structure, and biological activity of ferrocenyl carbohydrate conjugates
Ferreira CL, Ewart CB, Barta CA, Little S, Yardley V, Martins C, Polishchuk E, Smith PJ, Moss JR, Merkel M, Adam MJ, Orvig C
8423 - 8429 Preferred bonding motif for indium aminoethanethiolate complexes: Structural characterization of (Me2NCH2CH2S)(2)InX/SR (X = Cl, I; R=4-MeC6H4, 4-MeOC6H4)
Briand GG, Cooper BFT, MacDonald DBS, Martin CD, Schatte G
8430 - 8441 Steric effects in the aerobic oxidation of pi-allylnickel(II) complexes with N-heterocyclic carbenes
Dible BR, Sigman MS
8442 - 8446 Molecular structures of Arachno-heteroboranes with decaborane frameworks: Two C-s-symmetrical azacarba- and carbathiaboranes
Hnyk D, Holub J, Hayes SA, Robinson MF, Wann DA, Robertson HE, Rankin DWH
8447 - 8451 Syntheses, spectroscopies and structures of molybdenum(VI) complexes with homocitrate
Zhou ZH, Hou SY, Cao ZX, Tsai KR, Chow YL
8452 - 8458 Organically directed iron sulfate chains: Structural diversity based on hydrogen bonding interactions
Fu YL, Xu ZW, Ren JL, Wu HS, Yuan R
8459 - 8459 High-frequency and -field EPR investigation of a manganese(III) N-confused porphyrin complex, [Mn(NCTPP)(py)(2)] (vol 44, pg 4451, 2005)
Harvey JD, Ziegler CJ, Telser J, Ozarowski A, Krzystek J
8460 - 8460 New luminescent europium(III) chelates for DNA labeling (vol 45, pg 4095, 2006)
Nishioka T, Yuan JL, Yamamoto Y, Sumitomo K, Wang Z, Hashino K, Hosoya C, Ikawa K, Wang GL, Matsumoto K