Inorganic Chemistry

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7509 - 7510 Preface: Nanowires
Yang PD, Poeppelmeier K
7511 - 7521 Solution-liquid-solid growth of semiconductor nanowires
Wang FD, Dong AG, Sun JW, Tang R, Yu H, Buhro WE
7522 - 7534 Solution-based synthetic strategies for 1-D nanostructures
Wang X, Li YD
7535 - 7543 Solution-grown zinc oxide nanowires
Greene LE, Yuhas BD, Law M, Zitoun D, Yang PD
7544 - 7554 One-dimensional colloidal gold and silver nanostructures
Murphy CJ, Gole AM, Hunyadi SE, Orendorff CJ
7555 - 7565 Template-grown metal nanowires
Kline TR, Tian ML, Wang JG, Sen A, Chan MWH, Mallouk TE
7566 - 7568 Stability and porosity enhancement through concurrent ligand extension and secondary building unit stabilization
Sun DF, Ke YX, Mattox TM, Parkin S, Zhou HC
7569 - 7571 Ancillary ligand functionalization of cyanide-bridged S=6 (Fe4Ni4II)-Ni-III complexes for molecule-based electronics
Li DF, Parkin S, Clerac R, Holmes SM
7572 - 7574 Mechanistic studies of hangman salophen-mediated activation of O-O bonds
Liu SY, Soper JD, Yang JY, Rybak-Akimova EV, Nocera DG
7575 - 7577 Antiferromagnetic interaction achieved by a 3-D supramolecular Cu-II complex with pyrazino-fused TTF as the ligand, [CuCl2(BP-TTF)]
Ichikawa S, Kimura S, Mori H, Yoshida G, Tajima H
7578 - 7580 Chirality and magnetism in a novel series of isotypic borophosphates: M-II[BPO4(OH)(2)] (M-II = Mn, Fe, Co)
Huang YX, Ewald B, Schnelle W, Prots Y, Kniep R
7581 - 7583 Active-site models of bacterial nitric oxide reductase featuring tris-histidyl and glutamic acid mimics: Influence of a carboxylate ligand on Fe-B binding and the heme Fe/Fe-B redox potential
Collman JP, Yan YL, Lei JP, Dinolfo PH
7584 - 7586 1D helical polymeric chain with a pseudo-5(3) screw axis formed by cuprophilicity. Synthesis and crystal structure of copper(I) pivalate
Sugiura T, Yoshikawa H, Awaga K
7587 - 7589 Thermotropic mesomorphism of soft materials bearing carboxylate-supported mu(4)-oxo tetracupric clusters
Shakya R, Keyes PH, Heeg MJ, Moussawel A, Heiney PA, Verani CN
7590 - 7592 Coordination of fluoro ligands toward sodium ions makes the difference: Aqua sodium ions act as Bronsted acids in polymerization of vinyl ethers and styrenes
Chang CT, Chen CL, Liu YH, Peng SM, Chou PT, Liu ST
7593 - 7599 New members in the Nin+1(QO(3))(n)X-2 family: Unusual 3D network based on Ni4ClO3 cubane-like clusters in Ni-7(TeO3)(6)Cl-2
Jiang HL, Mao JG
7600 - 7611 Electronic structures and absorption spectra of linkage isomers of trithiocyanato (4,4',4''-tricarboxy-2,2': 6,2''-terpyridine) ruthenium(II) complexes: A DFT study
Ghosh S, Chaitanya GK, Bhanuprakash K, Nazeeruddin MK, Gratzel M, Reddy PY
7612 - 7620 Tuning the structural and magnetic properties of thermally robust coordination polymers
Masciocchi N, Galli S, Sironi A, Cariati E, Galindo MA, Barea E, Romero MA, Salas JM, Navarro JAR, Santoyo-Gonzalez F
7621 - 7627 Structural and magnetic properties of a complete halide series of Ni-II complexes with a pyridine-containing 14-membered macrocycle
Tamayo A, Escriche L, Lodeiro C, Ribas-Arino J, Ribas J, Covelo B, Casabo J
7628 - 7641 Evolution of the structural chemistry of vanadium organodiphosphonate networks and frameworks: Structural consequences of fluoride incorporation in the development of stable phases with void channels
Ouellette W, Yu MH, O'Connor CJ, Zubieta J
7642 - 7650 Assembling of dimeric entities of Cd(II) with 6-mercaptopurine to afford one-dimensional coordination polymers: Synthesis and scanning probe microscopy characterization
Amo-Ochoa P, Rodriguez-Tapiador MI, Castillo O, Olea D, Guijarro A, Alexandre SS, Gomez-Herrero J, Zamora F
7651 - 7664 Helices versus zigzag chains: One-dimensional coordination polymers of Ag-I and bis(4-pyridyl)amine
Cordes DB, Hanton LR, Spicer MD
7665 - 7670 An unprecedented asymmetric end-on azido-bridged copper(II) imino nitroxide complex: Structure, magnetic properties, and density functional theory analysis
Li LC, Liao DZ, Jiang ZH, Mouesca JM, Rey P
7671 - 7680 Toward rational construction of gold, gold-silver, and gold-mercury string complexes: Syntheses, structures, and properties of [Au(Tab)(2)](2)L-2 (L = I and PF6), {[(Tab)(2)M][Au(CN)(2)]}(2) (M = Au and Ag), and {[Hg(Tab) (2)][Au(CN)(2)](2)} [Tab=4-(trimethylammonio)benzenethiolate]
Chen JX, Zhang WH, Tang XY, Ren ZG, Li HX, Zhang Y, Lang JP
7681 - 7688 Structural diversity in 4,4'-trimethylenedipyridine-zinc phosphite hybrids: Incorporation of neutral guest molecules in hybrid materials
Hu LM, Fan J, Slebodnick C, Hanson BE
7689 - 7697 Dimethylammonium trichlorocuprate(II): Structural transition, low-temperature crystal structure, and unusual two-magnetic chain structure dictated by nonbonding chloride-chloride contacts
Willett RD, Twamley B, Montfrooij W, Granroth GE, Nagler SE, Hall DW, Park JH, Watson BC, Meisel MW, Talham DR
7698 - 7704 Ferromagnetic exchange interactions for Cu-6(12+) and Mn-6(12+) hexagons sandwiched by two B-alpha-[XW9O33](9-) (X = As-III and Sb-III) ligands in D-3d-symmetric polyoxotungstates
Yamase T, Fukaya K, Nojiri H, Ohshima Y
7705 - 7708 Hydrothermal synthesis and structural characterizations of two new germanates with a novel topological framework and unusual Ge-4(OH)(4) cubane
Xu Y, Cheng LY, You WS
7709 - 7721 Trigonal-bipyramidal geometry induced by an external water ligand in a sterically hindered iron salen complex, related to the active site of protocatechuate 3,4-dioxygenase
Kurahashi T, Oda K, Sugimoto M, Ogura T, Fujii H
7722 - 7735 Tuning of inter- versus intrachain magnetic interactions in cyano-bridged Ni-II/M-III (M = Cr, Fe, Co) chain complexes
Atanasov M, Comba P, Forster S, Linti G, Malcherek T, Miletich R, Prikhod'ko AI, Wadepohl H
7736 - 7747 EPR investigation and spectral simulations of iron-catecholate complexes and iron-peptide models of marine adhesive cross-links
Weisser JT, Nilges MJ, Sever MJ, Wilker JJ
7748 - 7757 Hybrid inorganic-metalorganic compounds containing copper(II)-monosubstituted Keggin polyanions and polymeric copper(I) complexes.
San Felices L, Vitoria P, Gutierrez-Zorrilla JM, Lezama L, Reinoso S
7758 - 7769 Crystal retro-engineering: Structural impact on silver(I) complexes with changing complexity of tris(pyrazolyl) methane ligands
Reger DL, Semeniuc RF, Little CA, Smith MD
7770 - 7776 Gold(I) and silver(I) mixed-metal trinuclear complexes: Dimeric products from the reaction of gold(I) carbeniates or benzylimidazolates with silver(I) 3,5-diphenylpyrazolate
Mohamed AA, Galassi R, Papa F, Burini A, Fackler JP
7777 - 7787 2-Aminopyrrolines: New chiral amidinate ligands with a rigid well-defined molecular structure and their coordination to Ti-IV
Ward BD, Risler H, Weitershaus K, Bellemin-Laponnaz S, Wadepohl H, Gade LH
7788 - 7798 Influence of solvent and weak C-H center dot center dot center dot O contacts in the self-assembled [Pt2M4{C equivalent to C(3-OMe)C6H4}(8)] (M = Cu, Ag) clusters and their role in the luminescence behavior
Gil B, Fornies J, Gomez J, Lalinde E, Martin A, Moreno MT
7799 - 7805 Substituent effects in five oxo-centered trinuclear rhodium(III) clusters
Houston JR, Olmstead MM, Casey WH
7806 - 7814 Lanthanide triple-stranded helicates: Controlling the yield of the heterobimetallic species
Jensen TB, Scopelliti R, Bunzli JCG
7815 - 7820 Polyester-based carborane-containing dendrons
Galie KM, Mollard A, Zharov I
7821 - 7827 Synthesis, crystal structures, and magnetic properties of cyano-bridged honeycomblike layers M-V-Cu-II (M = Mo, W) chelated by a macrocyclic ligand
Lim JH, Kang JS, Kim HC, Koh EK, Hong CS
7828 - 7834 Iron complexes of N-confused pyriporphyrin: NMR studies
Mysliborski R, Rachlewicz K, Latos-Grazynski L
7835 - 7842 Synthesis and characterization of novel fluorophosphazene-derived cobaltacyclopentadienyl metallacycles: Reagents for assembly of aryl-bridged fluorophosphazenes
Kumar MS, Upreti S, Elias AJ
7843 - 7855 Pt-195 NMR study of the speciation and preferential extraction of Pt(IV)-mixed halide complexes by diethylenetriamine-modified silica-based anion exchangers
Kramer J, Koch KR
7856 - 7863 Gas-phase reactions of atomic lanthanide cations with sulfur hexafluoride: Periodicity in reactivity
Cheng P, Bohme DK
7864 - 7868 Prediction of second-order optical nonlinearity of trisorganotin-substituted beta-Keggin polyoxotungstate
Guan W, Yang GC, Yan LK, Su ZM
7869 - 7876 Nitrite impurities are responsible for the reaction observed between vitamin B-12 and nitric oxide in acidic aqueous solution
Roncaroli F, Shubina TE, Clark T, van Eldik R
7877 - 7890 Electronic structure of mononuclear bis(1,2-diaryl-1,2-ethylenedithiolato)iron complexes containing a fifth cyanide or phosphite ligand: A combined experimental and computational study
Patra AK, Bill E, Bothe E, Chlopek K, Neese F, Weyhermuller T, Stobie K, Ward MD, McCleverty JA, Wieghardt K
7891 - 7902 Potentiometric titration of metal ions in ethanol
Gibson GTT, Mohamed MF, Neverov AA, Brown RS
7903 - 7914 Coordination chemistry of amine bis(phenolate) cobalt(II), nickel(II), and copper(II) complexes
Rodriguez L, Labisbal E, Sousa-Pedrares A, Garcia-Vazquez JA, Romero J, Duran ML, Real JA, Sousa A
7915 - 7921 The solution structures and dynamics and the solid-state structures of substituted cyclopentadienyltitanium(IV) trifluorides
Perdih F, Pevec A, Petricek S, Petric A, Lah N, Kogej K, Demsar A
7922 - 7928 Phosphine-mediated dehalogenation reactions of trichloro(N-silyl)phosphoranimines
Huynh K, Rivard E, LeBlanc W, Blackstone V, Lough AJ, Manners I
7929 - 7934 Osmium(VII) fluorine compounds
Shorafa H, Seppelt K
7935 - 7942 Influence of the reaction conditions on the self-assembly of lead(II) 5-sulfosalicylate coordination polymers with chelating amine ligands
Fan SR, Zhu LG
7943 - 7946 KCaEr2CuS5: A new pentanary rare-earth layered chalcogenide without substitutional disorder
Zeng HY, Mattausch H, Simon A, Zheng FK, Dong ZC, Guo GC, Huang JS
7947 - 7954 Prediction of pK(a) values of nido-carboranes by density functional theory methods
Farras P, Teixidor F, Branchadell V
7955 - 7961 2,2'-Dipyridylketone (dpk) as ancillary acceptor and reporter ligand in complexes [(dpk)(Cl)Ru(mu-tppz)Ru(Cl)(dpk)](n+) where tppz=2,3,5,6-tetrakis(2-pyridyl)pyrazine
Ghumaan S, Sarkar B, Chanda N, Sieger M, Fiedler J, Kaim W, Lahiri GK
7962 - 7967 Distinct water-exchange mechanisms for trinuclear transition-metal clusters
Houston JR, Richens DT, Casey WH
7968 - 7972 Condensation of [Si3O9](6-) anions in the solid state to the dimeric cyclotrisilicate anion [Si6O17](10-)
Hoffmann S, Fassler TF
7973 - 7980 Cu-2{[18]ane-N-6} complexes: Structures, magnetism, and phosphate monoester binding
Barker JE, Liu Y, Yee GT, Chen WZ, Wang GB, Rivera VM, Ren T
7981 - 7984 Are the NF4+ cations in NF4BF4 really nontetrahedral?
Haiges R, Gerken M, Iuga A, Bau R, Christe KO