Inorganic Chemistry

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4868 - 4870 Homochiral 1D zinc-quitenine coordination polymer with a high dielectric constant
Tang YZ, Huang XF, Song YM, Chan PWH, Xiong RG
4871 - 4873 Diiron amido-imido complex [(Cp*Fe)(2)(mu(2)-NHPh)(mu(2)-NPh)]: Synthesis and a net hydrogen atom abstraction reaction to form a bis(imido) complex
Takemoto S, Ogura S, Yo H, Hosokoshi Y, Kamikawa K, Matsuzaka H
4874 - 4876 Crystal engineering in ionic liquids. The crystal structures of [Mppyr](3)[Ndl(6)] and [Bmpyr](4)[Ndl(6)][Tf2N]
Babai A, Mudring AV
4877 - 4879 One-dimensional ferromagnetic complexes built with Mn(III)3O units
Tao J, Zhang YZ, Bai YL, Sato O
4880 - 4882 Conformation-controlled luminescent properties of lanthanide clusters containing p-tert-butylsulfonylcalix[4]arene
Kajiwara T, Katagiri K, Hasegawa M, Ishii A, Ferbinteanu M, Takaishi S, Ito T, Yamashita M, Iki N
4883 - 4885 mu(1,1)-azide-bridged ferromagnetic Mn-III dimer with slow relaxation of magnetization
Ge CH, Cui AL, Ni ZH, Jiang YB, Zhang LF, Ribas J, Kou HZ
4886 - 4888 New epsilon-Bi2O3 metastable polymorph
Cornei N, Tancret N, Abraham F, Mentre O
4889 - 4891 Ferromagnetic coupling by orthogonal magnetic orbitals in a heterodinuclear (CuVIV)-V-II=O complex and in a homodinuclear (CuCuII)-Cu-II complex
Glaser T, Theil H, Liratzis I, Weyhermuller T, Bill E
4892 - 4894 Self-assembly of cis and trans forms of the copper(II) complex with 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate into discrete trimers in the solid state
Judas N, Raos N
4895 - 4901 Photochemical E-Z isomerization of meta-terphenyl-protected phosphaalkenes and structural characterizations
Gudimetla VB, Rheingold AL, Payton JL, Peng HL, Simpson MC, Protasiewicz JD
4902 - 4909 Iron(III)-nitro porphyrins: Theoretical exploration of a unique class of reactive molecules
Conradie J, Ghosh A
4910 - 4913 Theoretical evidence favoring true iron(V)-oxo corrole and corrolazine intermediates
Wasbotten I, Ghosh A
4914 - 4921 Biliverdine-based metalloradicals: Sterically enhanced noninnocence
Wasbotten I, Ghosh A
4922 - 4927 Synthesis of CdSe, ZnSe, and ZnxCd1-xSe nanocrystals and their silica sheathed core/shell structures
Ge JP, Xu S, Zhuang J, Wang X, Peng Q, Li YD
4928 - 4937 The vibrational spectra of the cyanide ligand revisited: Terminal cyanides
Kettle SFA, Aschero GL, Diana E, Rossetti R, Stanghellini PL
4938 - 4950 Chemistry of 2,2,6,6,-tetramethyl-3,5-heptanedione (Hthd) modification of zirconium and hafnium propoxide precursors
Spijksma GI, Bouwmeester HJM, Blank DHA, Fischer A, Henry M, Kessler VG
4951 - 4962 Equilibria and structure of the lanthanide(III)-2-hydroxy-1,3-diaminopropane-N,N,N',N'-tetraacetate complexes: Formation of alkoxo-bridged dimers in solid state and solution
Tircso G, Benyei A, Brucher E, Kis A, Kiraly R
4963 - 4973 Computational studies of nucleophilic attack and protonation of electron-deficient benzoheterocycle triosmium clusters
Nowroozi-Isfahani T, Musaev DG, Morokuma K, Rosenberg E
4974 - 4981 Density functional theory study of 10-atom germanium clusters: Effect of electron count on cluster geometry
King RB, Silaghi-Dumitrescu I, Uta MM
4982 - 4986 Molecular electrostatic potential approach to determining the steric effect of phosphine ligands in organometallic chemistry
Suresh CH
4987 - 4995 Transformation from a low-dimensional framework to a high-dimensional architecture based on different metal ions: Syntheses, structures, and photoluminescences
Gong Y, Tang W, Hou WB, Zha ZY, Hu CW
4996 - 5007 alpha- and beta-FOX-7, polymorphs of a high energy density material, studied by X-ray single crystal and powder investigations in the temperature range from 200 to 423 K
Evers J, Klapotke TM, Mayer P, Oehlinger G, Welch J
5008 - 5017 Preparation, properties, and reactivities of unprecedented oxo-sulfido Nb(IV) aqua ions and crystal structure of (Me2NH2)(6)[Nb-5(mu(3)-S)(2)(mu(3)-O)(2)(mu(2)-O)(2)(NCS)(14)]center dot 3.5H(2)O
Ooi BL, Sotofte I, Sokolov MN, Kozlova SG, Rasmussen SB, Nielsen LC, Henriksen J
5018 - 5026 Synthesis, structures, and magnetic properties of a series of cyano-bridged Fe-Mn bimetallic complexes
Jiang L, Feng XL, Lu TB, Gao S
5027 - 5033 Structural basis for the phase switching of bisaminecopper(II) cations at the thermal limits of lattice stability
Naumov P, Sakurai K, Asaka T, Belik AA, Adachi S, Takahashi J, Koshihara S
5034 - 5043 Novel biscapped and monocapped tris(dioxime) Mn(II) complexes: X-ray crystal structure of the first cationic tris(dioxime) Mn(II) complex [Mn(CDOH)(3)BPh]OH (CDOH2=1,2-cyclohexanedione dioxime)
Hsieh WY, Liu S
5044 - 5056 Electronic structure, spectroscopic properties, and reactivity of molybdenum and tungsten nitrido and imido complexes with diphosphine coligands: Influence of the trans ligand
Mersmann K, Hauser A, Lehnert N, Tuczek F
5057 - 5065 Formation, spectral, electrochemical, and photochemical behavior of zinc N-confused porphyrin coordinated to imidazole functionalized fullerene dyads
D'Souza F, Smith PM, Rogers L, Zandler ME, Islam DMS, Araki Y, Ito O
5066 - 5072 Pressure-induced switch of the direction of the unique Jahn-Teller axis of the chromium(II) hexaqua cation in the deuterated ammonium chromium Tutton salt
Dobe C, Strassle T, Juranyi F, Tregenna-Piggott PLW
5073 - 5083 Unusual reaction between (nitrile)Pt complexes and pyrazoles: Substitution proceeds via metal-mediated nitrile-pyrazole coupling followed by elimination of the nitrile
Khripun AV, Kukushkin VY, Selivanov SI, Haukka M, Pombeiro AJL
5084 - 5091 The correlation of redox potential, HOMO energy, and oxidation state in metal sulfide clusters and its application to determine the redox level of the FeMo-co active-site cluster of nitrogenase
Dance I
5092 - 5102 Auto-assembling of ditopic macrocyclic lanthanide chelates with transition-metal ions. Rigid multimetallic high relaxivity contrast agents for magnetic resonance Imaging
Paris J, Gameiro C, Humblet V, Mohapatra PK, Jacques V, Desreux JF
5103 - 5108 Growth and optical properties of wurtzite-type CdS nanocrystals
Cao HQ, Wang GZ, Zhang SC, Zhang XR, Rabinovich D
5109 - 5118 Spin-gap formation and thermal structural studies in reduced hybrid layered vanadates
Yan BB, Luo JH, Dube P, Sefat AS, Greedan JE, Maggard PA
5119 - 5125 Hydrogen atom abstraction by a high-valent manganese(V)-oxo corrolazine
Lansky DE, Goldberg DP
5126 - 5135 Effects of coordinating metal ions on the mediated inhibition of trypsin by bis(benzimidazoles) and related compounds
Paul JJ, Kircus SR, Sorrell TN, Ropp PA, Thorp HH
5136 - 5144 Recognition of small polar molecules with an ionic crystal of alpha-Keggin-type polyoxometalate with a macrocation
Uchida S, Kawamoto R, Mizuno N
5145 - 5149 Synthesis and characterization of Ag nanoshells by a facile sacrificial template route through in situ replacement reaction
Chen M, Gao L
5150 - 5161 Synthesis, reactivity, and X-ray crystal structure of some mixed-ligand oxovanadium(V) complexes: First report of binuclear oxovanadium(V) complexes containing 4,4'-Bipyridine type bridge
Sutradhar M, Mukherjee G, Drew MGB, Ghosh S
5162 - 5166 Cluster-type basic lanthanide iodides [M-6(mu(6)-O)(mu(3)-OH)(8)(H2O)(24)]I-8(H2O)(8) (M = Nd, Eu, Tb, Dy)
Mudring AV, Timofte T, Babai A
5167 - 5171 Unusual In2N4 cores in complexes containing triazole-based chalcogen-phosphoranyl Ligands
Moya-Cabrera M, Jancik V, Castro RA, Herbst-Irmer R, Roesky HW
5172 - 5178 Ce53Fe12S90X3 (X = Cl, Br, I): The first rare-earth transition-metal sulfide halides
Mills AM, Ruck M
5179 - 5186 Molecular structures of tris(dipivaloylmethanato) complexes of the lanthanide metals, Ln(dpm)(3), studied by gas electron diffraction and density functional theory calculations: A comparison of the Ln-O bond distances and enthalpies in Ln(dpm)(3) complexes and the cubic sesquioxides, Ln(2)O(3)
Girichev GV, Giricheva NI, Haaland A, Kuzmina NP, Samdal S, Strenalyuk TN, Tverdova NV, Zaitseva IG
5187 - 5195 Construction of new heteroselenometallic clusters: Formation of crownlike [Et4N](4)[(mu(5)-WSe4)(CuI)(5)(mu-I)(2)] and octahedral polymeric [(mu(6)-WSe4)Cu6I4(py)(4)](n) from planar [Et4N](4)[(mu(4)-WSe4)Cu4I6] with additional faces
Zhang QF, Yu Z, Ding JH, Song YL, Rothenberger A, Fenske D, Leung WH
5196 - 5200 Facile route to alpha-FeOOH and alpha-Fe2O3 nanorods and magnetic property of alpha-Fe2O3 nanorods
Tang B, Wang GL, Zhuo LH, Ge JC, Cui LJ
5201 - 5209 Synthesis of acetimino complexes of Pt(II) and Pt(IV) and the first heteronuclear mu-acetimido complexes
Vicente J, Chicote MT, Guerrero R, Vicente-Hernandez I, Jones PG, Bautista D
5210 - 5214 Synthesis and reactivity of the ruthenium(II) dithiocarbonate complex [Ru(kappa(2)-S2C=O)(dppm)(2)] (dppm = bis(diphenylphosphino)methane)
Wilton-Ely JDET, Solanki D, Hogarth G
5215 - 5224 Synthesis and characterization of osmium(II) trispyrazolylborate complexes
Dickinson PW, Girolami GS
5225 - 5234 Scope and limitations of the base-catalyzed phospha-peterson P=C bond-forming reaction
Yam M, Chong JH, Tsang CW, Patrick BO, Lam AE, Gates DP