Inorganic Chemistry

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2984 - 2985 [Zn-7{2-C5H4N)CH(OH)PO3}6(H2O)6]SO4 center dot 4H(2)O: A zinc phosphonate cluster with a drum-like cage structure
Cao DK, Li YZ, Zheng LM
2986 - 2988 Mica surfaces stabilize pentavalent uranium
Ilton ES, Haiduc A, Cahill CL, Felmy AR
2989 - 2991 Supramolecular recognition forces: An examination of weak metal-metal interactions in host-guest formation
Crowley JD, Steele IM, Bosnich B
2992 - 2994 Rb3In(H2O)Si5O13: A novel indium silicate with a CsSO4-topological-type structure
Hung LI, Wang SL, Chen CY, Chang BC, Lii KH
2995 - 2997 An unprecedented coordination mode of the tris(pyrazolyl)methane donor set in {[Ph-2(O)POCH2C(PZ)(3)Ag](2)(THF)(2)}(BF4)(2): k(2)-k(1) bimetallic, N-sigma/N-pi chelating
Reger DL, Semeniuc RF, Captain B, Smith MD
2998 - 3000 Metal-organic frameworks based on trigonal prismatic building blocks and the new "acs" topology
Sudik AC, Cote AP, Yaghi OM
3001 - 3003 Synthesis, crystal structure, and properties of MnNCN, the first carbodiimide of a magnetic transition metal
Liu XH, Krott M, Muller P, Hu CH, Lueken H, Dronskowski R
3004 - 3006 A surprisingly stable macrochelate formed from the reaction of cis dinuclear platinum antitumor compounds with reduced glutathione
Oehlsen ME, Hegmans A, Qu Y, Farrell N
3007 - 3009 On the existence and stability of branched selenium chains: Isomers of Me2Se3 and Et2Se3
Steudel R, Steudel Y
3010 - 3012 The first beta-diketiminate-Ag(I) complexes. Macrocyclic dinuclear and tetranuclear Ag(I)-complexes and linear coordination polymer Ag(I)-complex
Shimokawa C, Itoh S
3013 - 3015 Ni-Pt multilayered nanowire arrays with enhanced coercivity and high remanence ratio
Liang HP, Guo YG, Hu JS, Zhu CF, Wan LJ, Bai CL
3016 - 3030 Reduction pathway of end-on terminally coordinated dinitrogen. IV. Geometric, electronic, and vibrational structure of a W(IV) dialkylhydrazido complex and its two-electron-reduced derivative undergoing N-N cleavage upon protonation
Horn KH, Bores N, Lehnert N, Mersmann K, Nather C, Peters G, Tuczek F
3031 - 3045 Reduction pathway of end-on terminally coordinated dinitrogen. V. N-N bond cleavage in Mo/W hydrazidium complexes with diphosphine coligands. Comparison with triamidoamine systems
Mersmann K, Horn KH, Bores N, Lehnert N, Studt F, Paulat F, Peters G, Ivanovic-Burmazovic I, van Eldik R, Tuczek F
3046 - 3056 Concentration of carbon dioxide by electrochemically modulated complexation with a binuclear copper complex
Appel AM, Newell R, DuBois DL, DuBois MR
3057 - 3062 Metal-rich chalcogenides. synthesis, structure, and bonding of the layered Lu11Te4. Comparison with the similar SC8Te3 and Ti11Se4
Chen L, Xia SQ, Corbett JD
3063 - 3069 New materials derived from ybco: CrSr2RECu2O8 (RE = La, Pr, Nd, Eu, Gd, Tb, Dy, Y, Ho, Er, Lu)
Ruiz-Bustos R, Aguirre MH, Alario-Franco MA
3070 - 3079 A phenolate-induced trans influence: Crystallographic evidence for unusual asymmetric coordination of an alpha-diimine in ternary complexes of iron(III) possessing biologically relevant hetero-donor N-centered tripodal ligands
Shongwe MS, Kaschula CH, Adsetts MS, Ainscough EW, Brodie AM, Morris MJ
3080 - 3086 Synthesis and structure of K+[(PrN)-Pr-i=C=P](-), a 1-aza-3 lambda(3)-phospha-3-allenide
Becker G, Brombach H, Horner ST, Niecke E, Schwarz W, Streubel R, Wurthwein EU
3087 - 3093 Synthesis, crystal structure, magnetic properties, and electronic structure of the new ternary vanadate CuMnVO4
Yahia HB, Gaudin E, Darriet J, Banks M, Kremer RK, Villesuzanne A, Whangbo MH
3094 - 3102 Synthesis and spectroscopic and x-ray structural characterization of R2SnIV-oxydiacetate and -iminodiacetate complexes
Di Nicola C, Galindo A, Hanna JV, Marchetti F, Pettinari C, Pettinari R, Rivarola E, Skelton BW, White AH
3103 - 3111 Square planar vs tetrahedral geometry in four coordinate iron(II) complexes
Hawrelak EJ, Bernskoetter WH, Lobkovsky E, Yee GT, Bill E, Chirik PJ
3112 - 3120 Esterase-activated two-fluorophore system for ratiometric sensing of biological zinc(II)
Woodroofe CC, Won AC, Lippard SJ
3121 - 3126 Salt-inclusion synthesis of two new polar solids, Ba6Mn4Si12O34Cl3 and Ba6Fe5Si11O34Cl3
Mo XH, Ferguson E, Hwu SJ
3127 - 3136 Solution calorimetric and stopped-flow kinetic studies of the reaction of center dot Cr(CO)(3)C5Me5 with PhSe-SePh and PhTe-TePh. Experimental and theoretical estimates of the Se-Se, Te-Te, H-Se, and H-Te bond strengths
McDonough JE, Weir JJ, Carlson MJ, Hoff CD, Kryatova OP, Rybak-Akimova EV, Clough CR, Cummins CC
3137 - 3145 The gas phase structure of ethynylferrocene using microwave spectroscopy
Subramanian R, Karunatilaka C, Keck KS, Kukolich SG
3146 - 3150 Well-resolved, new water morphologies obtained by modification of the hydrophilic/hydrophobic character and shapes of the supporting layers
Zhang JP, Lin YY, Huang XC, Chen XM
3151 - 3155 Relationship between the ratio of ligand to metal and the coordinating ability of anions. Synthesis and structural properties of AgX-bearing bis(4-pyridyl)dimethylsilane (X- = NO2-, NO3-, CF3SO3-, and PF6(-))
Lee JW, Kim EA, Kim YJ, Lee YA, Pak Y, Jung OS
3156 - 3161 Coordination polymers of La(III) as bunched infinite nanotubes and their conversion into an open-framework structure
Ghosh SK, Bharadwaj PK
3162 - 3171 Dihydrogen complexes of rhodium: [RhH2(H-2)(x)(PR3)(2)](+)(R = Cy, Pr-i; x = 1, 2)
Ingleson MJ, Brayshaw SK, Mahon MF, Ruggiero GD, Weller AS
3172 - 3180 Rhenium(V) and technetium(V) complexes with phosphoraneimine and phosphoraneiminato ligands
Hecht M, Anaya SS, Hagenbach A, Abram U
3181 - 3189 High-nuclearity mixed-chelate ferric complexes from a new family of polynuclear precursors
Boskovic C, Gudel HU, Labat G, Neels A, Wernsdorfer W, Moubaraki B, Murray KS
3190 - 3193 Influence of Pt nanocrystallinity on electrochromism of TiO2
Park KW
3194 - 3202 Structural and magnetic diversity in tetraalkylammonium salts of anionic M[N(CN)(2)](3)(-) (M = Mn and Ni) three-dimensional coordination polymers
Schlueter JA, Manson JL, Geiser U
3203 - 3209 Nanophase iron phosphate, iron arsenate, iron vanadate, and iron molybdate minerals synthesized within the protein cage of ferritin
Polanams J, Ray AD, Watt RK
3210 - 3214 Sensitive oxidation state ambivalence in unsymmetrical three-center (M/Q/M) systems [(acac)(2)Ru(mu-Q)Ru(acac)(2)](n), Q=1,10-phenanthroline-5,6-dione or 1,10-phenanthroline-5,6-diimine (n = +, 0, -, 2-)
Ghumaan S, Sarkar B, Patra S, van Slageren J, Fiedler J, Kaim W, Lahiri GK
3215 - 3225 A new strategy for the improvement of photophysical properties in ruthenium(II) polypyridyl complexes. Synthesis and photophysical and electrochemical characterization of six mononuclear ruthenium(II) bisterpyridine-type complexes
Abrahamsson M, Wolpher H, Johansson O, Larsson J, Kritikos M, Eriksson L, Norrby PO, Bergquist J, Sun LC, Akermark B, Hammarstrom L
3226 - 3232 Homodinuclear iron thiolate nitrosyl compounds [(ON)Fe(S,S-C6H4)(2)Fe(NO)(2)](-)and [(ON)Fe(SO2,S-C6H4)(S,S-C6H4)Fe(NO)(2)](-) with {Fe(NO)}(7)-{Fe(NO)(2)}(9) electronic coupling: New members of a class of dinitrosyl iron complexes
Chen HW, Lin CW, Chen CC, Yang LB, Chiang MH, Liaw WF
3233 - 3240 Structural variability and dynamics in carboxylato- and carbamatomagneshim bromides. Relationship to the carboxylate shift
Caudle MT, Brennessel WN, Young VG
3241 - 3248 New members of an old family: Isolation of IC(O)Cl and IC(O)Br and evidence for the formation of weakly bound Br-center dot center dot center dot center dot CO
Romano RM, Della Vedova CO, Downs AJ, Tobon YA, Willner H
3249 - 3260 Coordination behavior toward copper(II) and zinc(II) ions of three ligands joining 3-hydroxy-2-pyridinone and polyaza fragments
Ambrosi G, Formica M, Fusi V, Giorgi L, Guerri A, Lucarini S, Micheloni M, Paoli P, Rossi P, Zappia G
3261 - 3269 Mixed-metal cluster chemistry. 28. Core enlargement of tungsten-iridium clusters with alkynyl, ethyndlyl, and butadiyndlyl reagents
Dalton GT, Viau L, Waterman SM, Humphrey MG, Bruce MI, Low PJ, Roberts RL, Willis AC, Koutsantonis GA, Skelton BW, White AH
3270 - 3274 Synthesis, structures, and magnetic properties of tri- and dinuclear copper(II)-gadolinium(III) complexes of linear oligooxime ligands
Akine S, Matsumoto T, Taniguchi T, Nabeshima T
3275 - 3282 Auration, argentation, and mercuration reactions of an iridaphosphirene
Brym M, Jones C, Wilton-Ely JDET
3283 - 3289 Characterization of the low-energy electronic excited states of benzoyl-substituted ruthenocenes
Sanderson CT, Quinlan JA, Conover RC, Johnson MK, Murphy M, Dluhy RA, Kutal C
3290 - 3298 Platinum(II) and palladium(II) complexes of bisphosphine ligands bearing o-N,N-dimethylanilinyl substituents: A hint of catalytic olefin hydration
Jones ND, Meessen P, Losehand U, Patrick BO, James BR
3299 - 3310 Sparkle model for the calculation of lanthanide complexes: AM1 parameters for Eu(III), Gd(III), and Tb(III)
Freire RO, Rocha GB, Simas AM
3311 - 3320 Copper-zinc superoxide dismutase: Theoretical insights into the catalytic mechanism
Pelmenschikov V, Siegbahn PEM
3321 - 3329 Zinc complex chemistry of N,N,O ligands providing a hydrophobic cavity
Gross F, Vahrenkamp H
3330 - 3336 Syntheses, crystal structures, and magnetic properties of novel manganese(II) complexes with flexible tripodal ligand 1,3,5-tris(imidazol-1-ylmethyl)-2,4,6-trimethylbenzene
Zhao W, Song Y, Okamura TA, Fan J, Sun WY, Ueyama N
3337 - 3346 Synthesis, structural characterization, and magnetic studies of polynuclear iron complexes with a new disubstituted pyridine ligand
Burkill HA, Robertson NR, Vilar R, White AJP, Williams DJ
3347 - 3355 Redox-active dithiafulvenyldiphenylphosphine as a mono- or bidentate ligand: Intramolecular coupling reaction in the coordination sphere of a metal carbonyl fragment
Guerro M, Roisnel T, Pellon P, Lorcy D
3356 - 3366 Gas-phase reactivity of heterobinuclear oxometalate anions [CrMoO6(OR)](-), [CrWO6(OR)](-), and [MoWO6(OR)](-) (R = H, Bu-n)
Waters T, O'Hair RAJ, Wedd AG