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1646 - 1647 Back-bonding manifestation on the stability of a pyridinethiolate surface modifier at a gold electrode
Diogenes ICN, Nart FC, Moreira IS
1648 - 1649 [Cd-2(H2O)(4)][Re6S8(CN)(6)]center dot 14H(2)O: A cyano-bridged cluster-cluster framework solid with accessible cubelike cavities
Shores MP, Beauvais LG, Long JR
1650 - 1658 Structural analysis of all the nickel 14-membered tetraaza macrocycles in the Cambridge structural database
Donnelly MA, Zimmer P
1659 - 1670 The reduction pathway of end-on coordinated dinitrogen. I. Vibrational spectra of Mo/W-N-2, -NNH, and -NNH2 complexes and quantum chemistry assisted normal coordinate analysis
Lehnert N, Tuczek F
1671 - 1682 The reduction pathway of end-on coordinated dinitrogen. II. Electronic structure and reactivity of Mo/W-N-2, -NNH, and -NNH2 complexes
Lehnert N, Tuczek F
1683 - 1696 Synthesis and physicochemical characterization of protonated and deprotonated forms in heteroleptic lanthanide(III) porphyrinate double-deckers. X-ray structure of (GdH)-H-III(oep)(tpp) at 298 and 21 K
Spyroulias GA, Raptopoulou CP, de Montauzon D, Mari A, Poilblanc R, Terzis A, Coutsolelos AG
1697 - 1707 Coenzyme B-12 axial-base chemical precedent studies. Adenosylcobinamide plus sterically hindered axial-base Co-C bond cleavage product and kinetic studies: Evidence for the dominance of axial-base transition-state effects and for Co-N(axial-base) distance-dependent, competing sigma and pi effects
Sirovatka JM, Finke RG
1708 - 1712 Kinetic studies of the alkylation of metal cyanide complexes: M(CO)(x)(L)(5-x)CN (M = Mn, Re) and CpM '(CO)(x)(L)(2-x)CN (M ' = Fe, Ru)
Cardoza LA, Angelici RJ
1713 - 1718 Aggregation of Fe(III)TPPS4 on biological structures is pH-dependent, suggesting oxo-bridging in the aggregates
Yushmanov VE
1719 - 1724 Design, synthesis, and crystal structure of a cis-configuration N2S2-coordinated palladium(II) complex: Role of the intra- and intermolecular aromatic-ring stacking interaction
Liu ZH, Duan CY, Hu J, You XZ
1725 - 1735 Synthesis and structures of oxyanion encapsulated copper(I)-dppm complexes (dppm = bis(diphenylphosphino)methane)
Bera JK, Nethaji M, Samuelson AG
1736 - 1744 Anti-inflammatory dinuclear copper(II) complexes with indomethacin. Synthesis, magnetism and EPR spectroscopy. Crystal structure of the N,N-dimethylformamide adduct
Weder JE, Hambley TW, Kennedy BJ, Lay PA, MacLachlan D, Bramley R, Delfs CD, Murray KS, Moubaraki B, Warwick B, Biffin JR, Regtop HL
1745 - 1753 One-pot synthesis, structure, and unusual luminescence of novel one-dimensional lanthanide(III) tetramethoxyborates
Gajadhar-Plummer AS, Kahwa IA, White AJP, Williams DJ
1754 - 1758 Stacking surface effect in the DNA intercalation of some polypyridine platinum(II) complexes
Cusumano M, Di Pietro ML, Giannetto A
1759 - 1766 Mono- and trinuclear nickel(II) complexes with sulfur-containing oxime ligands: Uncommon templated coupling of oxime with nitrile
Pavlishchuk VV, Kolotilov SV, Addison AW, Prushan MJ, Butcher RJ, Thompson LK
1767 - 1771 Y21I18C14B7: Synthesis, average structure, and structural misfit
Oeckler O, Duppel V, Mattausch H, Simon A
1772 - 1779 Nickel(II) and zinc(II) meso-tetracyclohexylporphyrins. Structural and electronic effects induced by meso-cyclohexyl substitution in metalloporphyrins
Veyrat M, Ramasseul R, Turowska-Tyrk I, Scheidt WR, Autret M, Kadish KM, Marchon JC
1780 - 1784 Estimation of electron transfer rate constant from static (optical and thermodynamic) measurements: A study of Ru(NH3)(5)pz(2+)+Fe(CN)(6)(3-)reversible arrow Ru(NH3)(5)pz(3+)+Fe(CN)(6)(4-) electron transfer reactions
Sanchez F, Perez-Tejeda P, Lopez-Lopez M
1785 - 1794 Difluoromethylcobalamin: Structural aspects of an old tree with a new branch
Wagner T, Afshar CE, Carrell HL, Glusker JP, Englert U, Hogenkamp HPC
1795 - 1799 Structure of the aqua ions and fluoride complexes of uranium(IV) and thorium(IV) in aqueous solution an EXAFS study
Moll H, Denecke MA, Jalilehvand F, Sandstrom M, Grenthe I
1800 - 1805 Substitution and reduction of platinum(IV) complexes by a nucleotide, guanosine 5 '-monophosphate
Choi S, Mahalingaiah S, Delaney S, Neale NR, Masood S
1806 - 1813 Cl-35 and Cl-37 magic-angle spinning NMR spectroscopy in the characterization of inorganic perchlorates
Skibsted J, Jakobsen HJ
1814 - 1824 Thermally activated site exchange and quantum exchange coupling processes in unsymmetrical trihydride osmium compounds
Castillo A, Barea G, Esteruelas MA, Lahoz FJ, Lledos A, Maseras F, Modrego J, Onate E, Oro LA, Ruiz N, Sola E
1825 - 1830 Tetracopper assembly complexes comprised of one dimetallic core and two monometallic auxiliaries: Intramolecular electron-transfer relevant to multicopper oxidases
Yamanaka S, Okawa H, Motoda K, Yonemura M, Fenton DE, Ebadi M, Lever ABP
1831 - 1833 Synthesis and X-ray powder structure of a new pillared layered cadmium phosphonate, giving evidence, that the intercalation of alkylamines into Cd(O3PR)center dot H2O is topotactic
Fredoueil F, Massiot D, Janvier P, Gingl F, Bujoli-Doeuff M, Evain M, Clearfield A, Bujoli B
1834 - 1841 [Co4O4](4+) cubane core as a Bronsted base: Preparation and properties of [Co4O3(OH)(O2CR)(2)(bpy)(2)](3+) and [Co4O2(OH)(2)(O2CR)(2)(bpy)(2)](4+) salts
Dimitrou K, Brown AD, Folting K, Christou G
1842 - 1846 Electrochemical detection of single-stranded DNA using polymer-modified electrodes
Ontko AC, Armistead PM, Kircus SR, Thorp HH
1847 - 1865 MCD C-term signs, saturation behavior, and determination of band polarizations in randomly oriented systems with spin S >= 1/2. Applications to S = 1/2 and S = 5/2
Neese F, Solomon EI
1866 - 1870 Conformation isomerism of nonagermanide ions. Crystal structures of brown and red [K-([2.2.2]crypt)](6)Ge9Ge9 center dot(ethylenediamine)(x) (x = 0.5, 1.5)
Fassler TF, Schutz U
1871 - 1878 Synthesis, structure, and properties of group 4 and 5 metal pyrazolato chloride complexes
Yelamos C, Heeg MJ, Winter CH
1879 - 1882 X-ray absorption spectroscopy of tricarbonatodioxouranate(V), [UO2(CO3)(3)](5-), in aqueous solution
Docrat TI, Mosselmans JFW, Charnock JM, Whiteley MW, Collison D, Livens FR, Jones C, Edmiston MJ
1883 - 1888 New linear coordination polymers based on copper(I) and 4,7-phenanthroline: Structure dependence on solvent and counteranion
Lopez S, Keller SW
1889 - 1893 Synthesis and structural analysis of BaCrS2
Fuentes O, Zheng C, Check CE, Zhang JH, Chacon G
1894 - 1899 Tuning of spin density wave strengths in quasi-one-dimensional halogen-bridged Ni-III complexes with strong electron correlations, [Ni-III(chxn)(2)X]Y-2
Yamashita M, Manabe T, Inoue K, Kawashima T, Okamoto H, Kitagawa H, Mitani T, Toriumi K, Miyamae H, Ikeda R
1900 - 1907 Alcohol and aldehyde adducts of zinc thiolates: Structural modeling of alcoholdehydrogenase
Muller B, Schneider A, Tesmer M, Vahrenkamp H
1908 - 1917 Computer-aided design (CAD) of synzymes: Use of molecular mechanics (MM) for the rational design of superoxide dismutase mimics
Riley DP, Henke SL, Lennon PJ, Aston K
1918 - 1928 Reactions of the dirhenium(II) complexes Re2X4(mu-dppm)(2) (X = Cl, Br ; dppm = Ph2PCH2PPh2) with isocyanides. 18. The isolation and characterization of isomers of the [Re2Cl2(mu-dppm)(2)(CO)(CNXyl)(3)](2+) cation and its monocationic and neutral congeners
Ding Y, Wu WG, Fanwick PE, Walton RA
1929 - 1936 Iron chemistry of a pentadentate ligand that generates a metastable Fe-III-OOH intermediate
Roelfes G, Lubben M, Chen K, Ho RYN, Meetsma A, Genseberger S, Hermant RM, Hage R, Mandal SK, Young VG, Zang Y, Kooijman H, Spek AL, Que L, Feringa BL
1937 - 1944 Barium templating Schiff-base lateral macrobicycles
Esteban D, Banobre D, Bastida R, de Blas A, Macias A, Rodriguez A, Rodriguez-Blas T, Fenton DE, Adams H, Mahia J
1945 - 1950 Sc5Ni2Te2: Synthesis, structure, and bonding of a metal-metal-bonded chain phase, a relative of Gd3MnI3
Maggard PA, Corbett JD