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5708 - 5709 Paddle-wheel and trilobate isomers of the hexagonal prisms {Li[CE(Nt-Bu)(n-Bu)]}6 (E = S, O)
Chivers T, Downard A, Yap GPA
5710 - 5720 Highlights from recent work on metal-metal bonds
Cotton FA
5721 - 5726 Structural comparison of five-coordinate thiolate-ligated M-II = Fe-II, Co-II, Ni-II, and Zn-II ions wrapped in a chiral helical ligand
Shoner SC, Nienstedt AM, Ellison JJ, Kung IY, Barnhart D, Kovacs JA
5727 - 5732 Platinum(II) 1,5-COD oxo complexes
Shan H, James A, Sharp PR
5733 - 5742 Synthesis and characterization of rhodium complexes containing 2,4,6-tris(2-pyridyl)-1,3,5-triazine and its metal-promoted hydrolytic products : Potential uses of the new complexes in electrocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide
Paul P, Tyagi B, Bilakhiya AK, Bhadbhade MM, Suresh E, Ramachandraiah G
5743 - 5753 Determination of iron-ligand bond lengths in horse heart met-and deoxymyoglobin using multiple-scattering XAFS analyses
Rich AM, Armstrong RS, Ellis PJ, Freeman HC, Lay PA
5754 - 5763 The TiNiSi family of compounds : Structure and bonding
Landrum GA, Hoffmann R, Evers J, Boysen H
5764 - 5768 Structural properties of silver(I) and mercury(II) complexes of D-lactobionate : Self-assembled coordination polymers
Kim KM, Song SC, Lee SB, Kang HC, Sohn YS
5769 - 5775 EPR spectra from "EPR-silent" species : High-field EPR spectroscopy of aqueous chromium(II)
Telser J, Pardi LA, Krzystek J, Brunel LC
5776 - 5780 Cyanoisocyanoarene metal complexes as building blocks for coordination polymers : Structural nonrigidity of a metal-nitrile linkage
Mayr A, Mao LF
5781 - 5785 Solvent-dependent structures of Co(NO3)(2) with 1,2-bis(4-pyridyl)ethylene. Interconversion of molecular ladders versus mononuclear complexes
Jung OS, Park SH, Kim KM, Jang HG
5786 - 5792 Paramagnetic Rh(III) complexes from reactions of phosphines with hydride-bridged and nonbridged rhodium phthalocyanine dimers : Metal-to-ligand charge transfer induced by phosphines
Chen MJ, Utschig LM, Rathke JW
5793 - 5797 Syntheses and structures of mixed-metal sulfido clusters containing trimetallic M2M ' S-4 (M = Mo, W; M ' = Pd, Pt) and tetrametallic cubane-type Mo2Pd2S4 cores
Ikada T, Kuwata S, Mizobe Y, Hidai M
5798 - 5806 Synthesis and axial ligand substitution chemistry of Ru(TTP)(NO)X. Structures of Ru(TTP)(NO)X (X = ONO, OH)
Bohle DS, Hung CH, Smith BD
5807 - 5810 Concerning the resistivity anomaly in the layered pnictide oxide Na2Ti2Sb2O
de Biani FF, Alemany P, Canadell E
5811 - 5815 Characterization and crystal structure of nickel complexes of imine oximes containing tautomerized enolate ligands
Martin JD, Abboud KA, Dahmen KH
5816 - 5822 Variation in charge-transfer photochemistry clarified by a CASSCF/MR-CCI comparative study of the low-lying excited states of M(R)(CO)(3)(H-DAB) (M = Mn, R = H, methyl, ethyl, M = Re, R = H, DAB = 1,4-diaza-1,3-butadiene)
Guillaumont D, Wilms MP, Daniel C, Stufkens DJ
5823 - 5826 Indium tris(alkylthiolate) compounds
Suh S, Hoffman DM
5827 - 5833 Two new binary calcium-aluminum compounds : Ca13Al14, with a novel two-dimensional aluminum network, and Ca8Al3, an Fe3Al-type analogue
Huang BQ, Corbett JD
5834 - 5843 Topological analysis of the electron density distribution in the crystal of 8,9,10,12-tetrafluoro-o-carborane on the basis of the high-resolution X-ray diffraction data at 120 K
Lyssenko KA, Antipin MY, Lebedev VN
5844 - 5850 Syntheses, structures, and magnetic properties of metal(II) phosphates with M(OH)(PO4)(2) : Layers (M = Ni, Co, Mg)
Hamanaka N, Imoto H
5851 - 5855 Coordination chemistry of a tripodal S2ON ligand : Syntheses, structures, and reactivity of the molybdenum(VI) and nickel(II) complexes of bis(2-mercaptoethyl)-2-amino-4-methylphenol (H(3)btap) and comparison to (VO)-O-v(btap)
Cornman CR, Jantzi KL, Wirgau JI, Stauffer TC, Kampf JW, Boyle PD
5856 - 5861 Controlled stoichiometric incorporation of Ti(IV) into a Zr(IV) pinacolate
Zechmann CA, Huffman JC, Folting K, Caulton KG
5862 - 5868 Mixed chloride/amine complexes of dimolybdenum(II). 1. Preparation, characterization, and crystal structure of Mo2Cl4(NHEt2)(4) : A quadruply-bonded dimolybdenum compound with diethylamine ligands
Cotton FA, Dikarev EV, Herrero S
5869 - 5874 Synthesis and characterization of three new layered phosphates, Na2MnP2O7, NaCsMnP2O7, and NaCsMn0.35Cu0.65P2O7
Huang Q, Hwu SJ
5875 - 5880 Chelate-ring-dependent shifts in redox isomerism for the Co(Me2N(CH2)(n)NMe2)(3,6-DBQ)(2) (n=1-3) series, where 3,6-DBQ is the semiquinonate or catecholate ligand derived from 3,6-di-tert-butyl-1,2-benzoquinone
Jung OS, Jo DH, Lee YA, Sohn YS, Pierpont CG
5881 - 5886 Na12K38Tl48Au2 : A metallic zintl phase with naked icosahedral fragments Tl-7(7-) and Tl-9(9-) plus Au-
Huang DP, Dong ZC, Corbett JD
5887 - 5894 A molecular mechanics (MM3(96)) force field for metal-amide complexes
Hay BP, Clement O, Sandrone G, Dixon DA
5895 - 5901 The structures of [24-pyrimidinium crown-6] [Au(CN)(2)](4)(NO3)(2)center dot 2H(2)O, [24-pyrimidinium crown-6][Au(CN)(2)](6)center dot 5H(2)O, and [16-pyrimidinium crown-4][Au(CN)(2)](4)center dot 6.5 H2O, in which aurophilic interactions produce trimers, tetramers, and chains of Au(CN)(2)(-) ions
Cramer RE, Smith DW, VanDoorne W
5902 - 5911 The Gallium(III) and Indium(III) complexes of tris(2-mercaptobenzyl)amine and tris(2-hydroxybenzyl)amine
Motekaitis RJ, Martell AE, Koch SA, Hwang JW, Quarless DA, Welch MJ
5912 - 5914 Metal coordinated HF - A unique case
Mazej Z, Borrmann H, Lutar K, Zemva B
5915 - 5924 Mechanism of complex formation of ruthenium(II) aquacomplexes with H2C=CH2, MeCN, Me2SO, and CO : Metal-water bond rupture as rate-determining step
Aebischer N, Churlaud R, Dolci L, Frey U, Merbach AE
5925 - 5932 Modulation of electronic coupling across dioxolene-bridged osmium and ruthenium dinuclear complexes
Keyes TE, Forster RJ, Jayaweera PM, Coates CG, McGarvey JJ, Vos JG
5933 - 5935 Photoinduced charge separation through a negatively charged bridge
Fanni S, Keyes TE, Campagna S, Vos JG
5936 - 5937 Vibronic averaging effect in ESEEM spectra of (NH4)(2)Mg(SO4)(2)center dot 6H(2)O single crystal doped with Jahn-Teller active Cu(H2O)(6) complexes
Goslar J, Hilczer W, Hoffmann SK
5938 - 5940 Relationship of hydride fluxionality in Ir(H)(2)L(phosphine)(2)(n+) to properties of L : An exceptional range of barrier heights
Cooper AC, Caulton KG
5941 - 5943 Polymeric helical motifs from the self-assembly of silver salts and pyridazine
Carlucci L, Ciani G, Proserpio DM, Sironi A
5944 - 5947 Intramolecular interactions leading to quasicubane cages. Crystal structure of [Mo-2(NO)(2)(CO)(4){mu-kappa(2);kappa(1)-S2C(H)PCy3}(2)]
Miguel D, Riera V, Wang M, Bois C, Halut S
5948 - 5951 Kinetics of 2-halopyridine substitution at pentaammineaquaruthenium(II)
Schmidt MH, Horton G, Tong I
5952 - 5955 An X-ray absorption spectroscopic structural investigation of the nickel site in Escherichia coli NikA protein
Allan CB, Wu LF, Gu ZJ, Choudhury SB, Al-Mjeni F, Sharma ML, Mandrand-Berthelot MA, Maroney MJ
5956 - 5959 Synthesis and crystal structures of magnesium and calcium triazenide complexes
Westhusin S, Gantzel P, Walsh PJ
5960 - 5963 A polymeric binary titanium(IV) sulfide and its conversion to molecular Lewis base adducts
Verma AK, Chou JH, Rauchfuss TB
5964 - 5964 Quantitative photochemistry of (eta(5)-C5H5)Fe(CO)(2)I in solution : Effective heterolytic Fe-I dissociation upon long-wavelength excitation (vol 37, pg 2282, 1998)
Borja CE, Jakubek V, Lees AJ