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Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, Vol.60, No.6 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0888-5885 (Print) 

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2353 - 2364 Surface Engineering Materials of Superhydrophobic Sponges for Oil/Water Separation: A Review
Sam EK, Liu J, Lv XM
2365 - 2373 Empirical Assessment and Reusability of an Eco-Friendly Amine-Functionalized SBA-15 Adsorbent for Aqueous Ivermectin
Diagboya PN, Mtunzi FM, During RA, Olu-Owolabi BI
2374 - 2387 Potentiometric Determination of the Al(III) Ion in Polluted Water and Pharmaceutical Samples by a Novel Mesoporous Copper Metal-Organic Framework-Modified Carbon Paste Electrode
Mahmoud NF, Fouad OA, Ali AE, Mohamed GG
2388 - 2399 Effect of Hydroxyl Groups on CuCoMg Nanosheets for Ethanol and Higher Alcohol Synthesis from Syngas
Sun K, Liu ZM, Song SF, Liu W, Wang P, Zhang T, Xue YB, Wang YY, Tan YS
2400 - 2409 Hetero-Metallic Active Sites in Omega (MAZ) Zeolite-Catalyzed Methane Partial Oxidation: A DFT Study
Wang LZ, Li Z, Wang ZX, Chen XY, Song WY, Zhao Z, Wei YC, Zhang X
2410 - 2417 Effect of the Valence State of Iron in the Precursors on the Fischer- Tropsch Synthesis Performance of an Fe/Fe Foam Catalyst
Xue YY, Liu ZC, Zhang YX, Duan SY, Chen JG
2418 - 2429 Side Products in the Water-Tolerant Synthesis of Poly(oxymethylene) Dimethyl Ethers: Formation Kinetics and Implications for Process Design
Voggenreiter J, Burger J
2430 - 2438 Study of the Product Distribution in the Epoxidation of Propylene over TS-1 Catalyst in a Trickle-Bed Reactor
Alvear M, Eranen K, Murzin DY, Salmi T
2439 - 2446 Ultrasonic Treatment: An Acid-Free Green Approach Toward Preparing High-Performance Activated Carbon from Lignin
Kim IT, Sinha TK, Lee J, Lee Y, Oh JS
2447 - 2454 Molecular Iodine Interactions with Fe, Ni, Cr, and Stainless Steel Alloys
Beck CL, Riley BJ, Chong S, Smith N, Seiner DR, Seiner BN, Engelhard MH, Clark SB
2455 - 2462 Artificial Nacre Nanocomposites Based on All-Inorganic Nanoarchitectures with High Mechanical Properties and Dye Separation Performance
Shu YQ, You TT, Xing C, Liang BL, Chen HX, Yin PG
2463 - 2471 Hierarchically Porous Boron Nitride/HKUST-1 Hybrid Materials: Synthesis, CO2 Adsorption Capacity, and CO2/N-2 and CO2/CH4 Selectivity
Jia JG, Wang YS, Feng YJ, Hu GQ, Lin J, Huang Y, Zhang YJ, Liu ZY, Tang CC, Yu C
2472 - 2480 Surface Coating of Aramid Fiber by a Graphene/Aramid Nanofiber Hybrid Material to Enhance Interfacial Adhesion with Rubber Matrix
Zhang B, Lian TZ, Shao XM, Tian M, Ning NY, Zhang LQ, Wang WC
2481 - 2491 Tunable OH- Transport and Alkaline Stability by Imidazolium-Based Groups of Poly(2,6-dimethyl-1,4-phenylene oxide) Anion Exchange Membranes: A Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Wu LX, Zhou XX, Zhang GX, Zhang N, Huang YD, Dai S, Shen YH
2492 - 2500 Fabrication of a Ceramic Membrane with Antifouling PTFE Coating for Gas-Absorption Desulfurization
Xu P, Jin ZH, Zhang TY, Chen XF, Qiu MH, Fan YQ
2501 - 2522 Operational Optimization of a Cyclic Gas Pipeline Network with Consideration of Thermal Hydraulics
Zheng TC, Feng HX, Wang BH, Zheng JQ, Liang YT, Ma YJ, Keene T, Li J
2523 - 2535 New Problem Representation for the Simultaneous Resolution of Batching and Scheduling in Multiproduct Batch Plants
Ackermann S, Fumero Y, Montagna JM
2536 - 2546 Integration of Material and Process Design for Kinetic Adsorption Separation
Sen T, Kawajiri Y, Realff MJ
2547 - 2562 Model Predictive Control Embedding a Parallel Hybrid Modeling Strategy
Ghosh D, Moreira J, Mhaskar P
2563 - 2577 Valve Stiction Detection and Quantification Using a K-Means Clustering Based Moving Window Approach
Zheng D, Sun X, Damarla SK, Shah A, Amalraj J, Huang B
2578 - 2587 Operational Limits in Processes with Water, Salt, and Short-Chain Alcohol Mixtures as Aqueous Two-Phase Systems and Problems in Its Simulation
Gomis A, Garcia-Cano J, Font A, Gomis V
2588 - 2599 Evaluation of Flowsheet Design Approaches to Improve Energy Efficiency in Multistage Membrane Processes to Recover Helium
Quader MA, Rufford TE, Smart S
2600 - 2612 Direct Tray and Point Efficiency Measurements Including Weeping Effects through a Convenient Add-On for Air-Water Simulators
Marchini S, Vishwakarma V, Schubert M, Brunazzi E, Hampel U
2613 - 2624 Highly Efficient Europium(III) Uptake with an Extraction Chromatographic Resin Containing a Unique Multiple Diglycolamide Ligand with a Tetraaza-12-crown-4 Scaffold
Banerjee P, Ansari SA, Mohapatra PK, Egberink RJM, Ramasubramanium S, Patil CB, Huskens J, Verboom W
2625 - 2633 Pore-Scale Movability Evaluation for Tight Oil Enhanced Oil Recovery Methods Based on Miniature Core Test and Digital Core Construction
Liu YS, Dong XH, Chen ZX, Hou YN, Luo QL, Chen SS
2634 - 2641 Toward a Better Air-Assisted Flare Design for Purge Flow Conditions: Experimental and Computational Investigation of Radial Slot Flow into a Crossflow Environment
Alhameedi HA, Hassan AA, Smith JD, Al-Dahhan M
2642 - 2651 Experimental Investigation of Segregation for Nonspherical Particles in a Fluidized Bed Solids Mixer
Verma SK, Yogi J, Anand A
2652 - 2662 A Residual Entropy Scaling Approach for Viscosity Based on the GERG-2008 Equation of State
Mairhofer J
2663 - 2676 Mixing Performance of Planar Oscillatory Flow Reactors with Liquid Solutions and Solid Suspensions
Cruz PC, Silva CR, Rocha FA, Ferreira AM
2677 - 2685 Effects of Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Graphene Nanoflakes on Methane Dissolution Rates in Water under Vapor-Liquid-Hydrate Equilibrium Conditions
McElligott A, Meunier JL, Servio P
2686 - 2697 Prediction of Gas-Liquid Two-phase Flow Rates through a Vertical Pipe Based on Thermal Diffusion
Guo W, Wang L, Liu CP
2698 - 2709 Catalytic Performance and Mechanism of Meso-Microporous Material beta-SBA-15-Supported FeZr Catalysts for CO2 Desorption in CO2-Loaded Aqueous Amine Solution
Huang YF, Zhang XW, Luo X, Gao HX, Bairq ZAS, Tontiwachwuthikul P, Liang ZW
2710 - 2718 Design of Hierarchically Structured Porous Boron/Nitrogen-Codoped Carbon Materials with Excellent Performance for CO2 Capture
Li JH, Zhang W, Bao A
2719 - 2727 Adsorption of NOx with NH3 on gamma-Al2O3 and Its Effects on the Adsorption of As2O3 Based on DFT
Hu PB, Wang SJ, Zhuo YQ
2728 - 2735 Peroxide-Cured Isobutylene-Isoprene Rubber Composite: Methacrylate Coagent and Enhanced Mechanical Properties by In Situ Formed Methacrylate Domains
Sun Y, Fan CK, Zhao YH, Jia L