Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research

Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, Vol.60, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0888-5885 (Print) 

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1071 - 1095 Research Advances in the Synthesis, Application, Assembly, and Calculation of Janus Materials
Duan YP, Zhao X, Sun MM, Hao H
1096 - 1111 Limitations and Recent Advances in High Mass Loading Asymmetric Supercapacitors Based on Pseudocapacitive Materials
Mevada C, Mukhopadhyay M
1112 - 1136 Recent Developments in Polymer Nanocomposite-Based Electrochemical Sensors for Detecting Environmental Pollutants
Tajik S, Beitollahi H, Nejad FG, Dourandish Z, Khalilzadeh MA, Jang HW, Venditti RA, Varma RS, Shokouhimehr M
1137 - 1154 Recent Advances in the Rational Design of Thermal Conductive Polymer Composites
He XH, Wang YC
1155 - 1163 Aluminum Species and the Synthesis Mechanism of AlCl3-CuCl-Arene Solutions
Wu L, Zhang R, Zhang YN, Liu HY, Liu ZC, Xu CM, Meng XH
1164 - 1174 Improving CO2 Electroreduction Activity by Creating an Oxygen Vacancy-Rich Surface with One-Dimensional In-SnO2 Hollow Nanofiber Architecture
Sun SL, Cheng HY, Li XC, Wu XM, Zhen DX, Wang YQ, Jin R, He GH
1175 - 1184 Naturally Occurring Hydrate Formation and Dissociation in Marine Sediment: Experimental Validation
Palodkar AV, Jana AK
1185 - 1193 Self-Supported Nickel Phosphide Electrode for Efficient Alkaline Water-to-Hydrogen Conversion via Urea Electrolysis
Fei LS, Sun HN, Ran R, Zhou W, Shao ZP
1194 - 1199 Intensification of Biomass Thermal Deoxygenation via a Two-Stage Process
Eaton SJ, Wheeler MC
1200 - 1209 Descriptor-Guided Design and Experimental Synthesis of Metal-Doped TiO2 for Propane Dehydrogenation
Xiao LQ, Xie ZA, Song SJ, Zhao ZP, Ke M, Song WY, Zhao Z, Liu J
1210 - 1218 Propylene Oxide Cycloaddition with Carbon Dioxide and Homopolymerization: Application of Commercial Beta Zeolites
Duan RL, Hu CY, Zhou YC, Huang YZ, Sun ZQ, Zhang H, Pang X
1219 - 1230 Improving Ti Incorporation into the BEA Framework by Employing Ethoxylated Chlorotitanate as Ti Precursor: Postsynthesis, Characterization, and Incorporation Mechanism
Liang XH, Peng XX, Xia CJ, Yuan H, Zou K, Huang KM, Lin M, Zhu B, Luo YB, Shu XT
1231 - 1240 Enhanced Performance of Lithium-Sulfur Batteries with Co-Doped g-C3N4 Nanosheet-Based Separator
Luo M, Bai Y, Sun R, Wang ZH, Sun W, Lin P, Dai X, Sun KN
1241 - 1249 Lightweight and Flexible Phenolic Aerogels with Three-Dimensional Foam Reinforcement for Acoustic and Thermal Insulation
Wu KD, Dong W, Pan YK, Cao JX, Zhang YY, Long DH
1250 - 1258 Utilization of Promising Calcium Manganite Oxygen Carriers for Potential Thermochemical Energy Storage Application
Yilmaz D, Darwish E, Leion H
1259 - 1265 Porous Hydroxyapatite Foams: Excellent Carrier of Hydrated Salt with Adjustable Pores for Thermal Energy Storage
Wu YF, Wang CD, Li JH, Li YL
1266 - 1273 Amphiphilic Janus 3D MoS2/rGO Nanocomposite for Removing Oil from Wastewater
Thangavelu K, Aubry C, Zou LD
1274 - 1289 Extractive Dividing-Wall Column Distillation with a Novel Control Structure Integrating Pressure Swing and Pressure Compensation
Jing C, Zhu JX, Dang LP, Wei HY
1290 - 1301 Novel Eco-Efficient Process for Methyl Methacrylate Production
Moraru MD, Bildea CS, Kiss AA
1302 - 1315 Nonlinear System Identification for Aqueous PVA Degradation in a Continuous UV/H2O2 Tubular Photoreactor
Yi PL, Dhib R, Mehrvar M
1316 - 1325 A Non-Adiabatic Model for Jacketed Agitated Batch Reactors Experiencing Thermal Losses
Johnson M, Al-Dirawi KH, Bentham E, Mahmud T, Heggs PJ
1326 - 1340 A Mathematical Model for Prediction of Long-Term Degradation Effects in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Naeini M, Lai HX, Cotton JS, Adams TA
1341 - 1355 Validation of Differential Temperature Control for a Dividing Wall Distillation Column
Walk M, Hamacher J, Downs JJ, Miller SM, Owens S, Eldridge RB
1356 - 1365 Development of New Hydrophobic Deep Eutectic Solvents Based on Trioctylphosphine Oxide for Reactive Extraction of Carboxylic Acids
Asci YS, Lalikoglu M
1366 - 1374 Capture of Carbonyl Sulfide by Organic Liquid Mixtures: A Systematic DFT Investigation
Abduesslam M, Kayi H
1375 - 1386 Insights into the Mass Transfer Improvement of a Submerged Forward Osmosis System with Vibration-Induced Shear Enhancement
Chai M, Ye Y, Razmjou A, Chen V
1387 - 1395 Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework Membranes with a High H-2 Permeance Fabricated on a Macroporous Support with Novel Spherical Porous Hybrid Materials
Qin Y, Xu L, Liu LY, Ding ZW
1396 - 1404 Utilization of Two-Stage Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption Units for CHF3/CHClF2 Separation and Recovery
Fu Q, Qin HY, Chen X, Zhang DH, Wang M, Cui HY, Yu RJ, Zhao RR, Yang K, Lv JN, Li YJ, Zhang QC, Zhang H, Fu P
1405 - 1411 Film Formation and Mass Transfer Characteristics in a Horizontal Self-Cleaning Twin-Shaft Kneader with Highly Viscous Newtonian Fluids
Cheng WK, Wang JJ, Gu XP, Feng LF
1412 - 1422 Comparison of Pressure Drop under Different Modes of Oscillation in a Viscous Non-Newtonian Laminar Flow
Tian S, Chen FJ, Dang J
1423 - 1433 Gas-Liquid Swirling-Sparger Configured along a Toroidal Distributor for the Intensification of Gas-Liquid Contacting
Chang YL, Xu L, Li JP, Jiang X, Huang Y, Lv WJ, Wang HL
1434 - 1451 Tab Design Based on the Internal Distributed Properties in a Zinc-Nickel Single-Flow Battery
Zhou R, Yao SG, Zhao YH, Cheng J
1452 - 1462 Influence of Rotational and Translational Oscillations on the Drainage of Liquid in Floating Packed Beds
Zhang J, Larachi F, Taghavi SM
1463 - 1472 Effect of Nanopore Confinement on Fluid Phase Behavior and Production Performance in Shale Oil Reservoir
Song ZJ, Song YL, Guo J, Feng D, Dong JB
1473 - 1482 Techno-Economic and Life Cycle Assessment of Pyrolysis of Unsegregated Urban Municipal Solid Waste in India
Chhabra V, Parashar A, Shastri Y, Bhattacharya S
1483 - 1493 Molecular Mechanism and Absorption Performance Evaluation of CO2 Capture from the PCC Process by Monoethanolamine-Based Deep Eutectic Solvents
Zhang WX, Ma ZY, Liu XY, Liu YG, Hou ZK, Qi JG, Ma YX, Wang L, Wang YL
1494 - 1500 Composite Solid Electrolytes with NASICON-Type LATP and PVdF-HFP for Solid-State Lithium Batteries
Li Y, Wang H
1501 - 1502 Comment on "CFD Modeling of CO2 Absorption in Membrane Contactors Using Aqueous Solutions of Monoethanolamine-Ionic Liquids"
Deng BQ, Ye KY, Zhao BS
1503 - 1504 Response to "Comment on 'CFD Modeling of CO2 Absorption in Membrane Contactors Using Aqueous Solutions of Monoethanolamine-Ionic Liquids'"
Pahlavanzadeh H, Darabi M, Ghaleh VR, Bakhtiari O