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Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, Vol.59, No.9 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0888-5885 (Print) 

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3633 - 3635 I&EC Research Special Issue on Fluidic Devices without Moving Parts
Nigam KDP, Ranade VV
3636 - 3643 Investigation of Mixing Performance of Two-Dimensional Micromixer Using Tesla Structures with Different Shapes of Obstacles
Hossain S, Fuwad A, Kim KY, Jeon TJ, Kim SM
3644 - 3654 Microfluidics on Porous Substrates Mediated by Capillarity-Driven Transport
Kar S, Das SS, Laha S, Chakraborty S
3655 - 3668 Mixing Performance in a Distributed-Feed Plate-Type Reactor with Multinozzle Injection for Fine Chemical Production Scale
Rojahn P, Russ O, Gossl L, Kroschel M, Herbstritt F, Heck J, Schael F
3669 - 3686 An Overview of Flow Features and Mixing in Micro T and Arrow Mixers
Camarri S, Mariotti A, Galletti C, Brunazzi E, Mauri R, Salvetti MV
3687 - 3701 Hydrodynamics and Heat Transfer of Circulating Two-Phase Taylor Flow in Microchannel Heat Pipe: Experimental Study and Mathematical Model
Abiev RS
3702 - 3716 Numerical Insights on Controlled Droplet Formation in a Microfluidic Flow-Focusing Device
Sontti SG, Atta A
3717 - 3729 Electroosmosis with Augmented Mixing in Rigid to Flexible Microchannels with Surface Patterns
Mitra S, Maity S, Sutradhar S, Bandyopadhyay D
3730 - 3735 On-demand Milifluidic Synthesis of Quantum Dots in Digital Droplet Reactors
Richard C, McGee R, Goenka A, Mukherjee P, Bhargava R
3736 - 3743 Regular Microstructured Elements for Intensification of Gas-Liquid Contacting Made by Selective Laser Melting
Grinschek F, Xie DX, Klumpp M, Kraut M, Hansjosten E, Dittmeyer R
3744 - 3756 Unbalanced Split and Recombine Micromixer with Three-Dimensional Steps
Raza W, Kim KY
3757 - 3771 Passage of a Taylor Bubble through a Stratified Liquid-Liquid Interface
Kumar R, Rohilla L, Das AK
3772 - 3783 Simple, Cost-Effective, and Continuous 3D Dielectrophoretic Microchip for Concentration and Separation of Bioparticles
Tajik P, Saidi MS, Kashaninejad N, Nguyen NT
3784 - 3793 Enhancing Miscible Fluid Mixing by Introducing Pseudo Turbulent Flow in Golden Ratio Spiral Microchannel
Kommalapati S, Agrawal A, Duryodhan VS
3794 - 3810 Microfluidic Devices and 3D Printing for Synthesis and Screening of Drugs and Tissue Engineering
Santana HS, Palma MSA, Lopes MGM, Souza J, Lima GAS, Taranto OP, Silva JL
3811 - 3819 Photo-Fenton Degradation of Carbofuran in Helical Tube Microreactor and Kinetic Modeling
Shinozawa Y, Heggo D, Ookawara S, Yoshikawa S
3820 - 3838 Gas-Liquid Flow Regime Prediction in Minichannels: A Dimensionless, Universally Applicable Approach
Haase S, Bauer T, Graf E
3839 - 3853 Surface Tension Driven Filling in a Soft Microchannel: Role of Streaming Potential
Gorthi SR, Gaikwad HS, Mondal PK, Biswas G
3854 - 3864 Mixing of Viscoelastic Fluid Flows in a Coiled Flow Inverter
Verma V, Topalovic A, Monechi G, Alsudani A, Nigam KDP, Padding JT
3865 - 3872 Shining Light on the Coiled-Flow Inverter-Continuous-Flow Photochemistry in a Static Mixer
Tiwari CP, Delgado-Licona F, Valencia-Llompart M, Nunez-Correa S, Nigam KDP, Montesinos-Castellanos A, Lopez-Guajardo EA, Aguirre-Soto A
3873 - 3886 Numerical Study of Gas-Liquid Two-Phase Flow Regimes for Upward Flow in a Helical Pipe
Mansour M, Landage A, Khot P, Nigam KDP, Janiga G, Thevenin D, Zahringer K
3887 - 3903 Thermal-Hydraulic Performance of an Annular Pipe with Square Wire Coil Inserts Using Computational Fluid Dynamics
Hinge SP, Patwardhan AW
3904 - 3915 Performance Evaluation of Liquid Mixing in a T-Junction Passive Micromixer with a Twisted Tape Insert
Kurnia JC, Sasmito AP
3916 - 3921 Deformation-Based Droplet Separation in Microfluidics
Chang YJ, Chen XY, Zhou YT, Wan JD
3922 - 3933 Enhancement of Heat Transfer in Laminar Flows Using a Toroidal Helical Pipe
Zhang CG, Nandakumar K
3934 - 3942 Process Intensification of Continuous Antisolvent Crystallization Using a Coiled Flow Inverter
Benitez-Chapa AG, Nigam KDP, Alvarez AJ
3943 - 3961 Passive Mixer cum Reactor Using Threaded Inserts: Investigations of Flow, Mixing, and Heat Transfer Characteristics
Khalde CM, Ramanan V, Sangwai JS, Ranade VV
3962 - 3971 Tuning of Particle Size in a Helical Coil Reactor
Pal SK, Dhasmana P, Nigam KDP, Singh V
3972 - 3984 Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Characteristics for Newtonian and Non-Newtonian Fluids in a Tube-in-Tube Helical Coil Heat Exchanger
Kushwaha N, Kumawat TC, Nigam KDP, Kumar V
3985 - 3995 Hydrodynamics and Local Turbulent Mixing of Submerged, Parallel Liquid Jets: Experiments and CFD Simulations
Jiang SX, Wang JJ, Feng LF, Coppens MO
3996 - 4006 Fluidic Oscillator as a Continuous Crystallizer: Feasibility Evaluation
Pandit AV, Ranade VV
4007 - 4019 Handling of Solids and Flow Characterization in a Baffleless Oscillatory Flow Coil Reactor
Doyle BJ, Gutmann B, Bittel M, Hubler T, Macchi A, Roberge DM
4020 - 4032 Prediction of Droplet Size Distribution for High Pressure Homogenizers with Heterogeneous Turbulent Dissipation Rate
Guan XP, Yang N, Nigam KDP
4033 - 4047 Experimental and Numerical Characterization of Transport Phenomena in a Falling Film Microreactor with Gas-Liquid Reaction
Steinfeldt N, Kockmann N
4048 - 4057 Liquid-Liquid Mass Transfer Enhancement in Milliscale Packed Beds
Du CC, Wang PC, Hu YP, Zhang JS, Luo GS
4058 - 4070 Hybrid Treatment Strategies Based on Hydrodynamic Cavitation, Advanced Oxidation Processes, and Aerobic Oxidation for Efficient Removal of Naproxen
Thanekar P, Garg S, Gogate PR
4071 - 4078 Influence of Wettability on Bubble Formation from Submerged Orifices
Hecht KJ, Velagala S, Easo DA, Saleem MA, Krause U
4079 - 4092 High-Pressure Rheology of Methane Hydrate Sediment Slurry Using a Modified Couette Geometry
Nair VC, Prasad SK, Kumar R, Sangwai JS
4093 - 4107 Droplet Retention Time and Pressure Drop in SiSiC Open-Cell Foams Used as Droplet Separation Devices: A Numerical Approach
Hemandez JNC, Lecrivain G, Schubert M, Hampel U
4108 - 4118 Integral Method of Analysis for Combined Concentration Polarization and Pore Flow Model for Prediction of the Performance of a Nanofiltration Membrane
Bhattacharjee S, Dutta M, De S
4119 - 4133 Multiphase Viscoplastic Flows in a Nonuniform Hele-Shaw Cell: A Fluidic Device to Control Interfacial Patterns
Eslami A, Basak R, Taghavi SM
4134 - 4149 Formulation of Nanoparticles Using Mixing-Induced Nanoprecipitation for Drug Delivery
Liu Y, Yang GZ, Zou D, Hui Y, Nigam K, Middelberg APJ, Zhao CX
4150 - 4160 CFD-DEM Simulation of Large-Scale Dilute-Phase Pneumatic Conveying System
Kuang SB, Li K, Yu AB
4161 - 4176 Computational Fluid Dynamics Study of Biomass Cook Stove-Part 1: Hydrodynamics and Homogeneous Combustion
Husain Z, Tiwari SS, Pandit AB, Joshi JB