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1737 - 1745 Continuous Semi-Micro Reactor Prototype for the Electrochemical Reduction of CO2 into Formic Acid
Sinha R, Bisht A, Rarotra S, Mandal TK
1746 - 1752 Ethylene Oligomerization from Diluted Stream over Ni-Containing Heterogeneous Catalysts
Andrei RD, Borodina E, Minoux D, Nesterenko N, Dath JP, Cammarano C, Hulea V
1753 - 1763 Improvement of Anticorrosion Coating Properties in Bio-Based Polymer Epoxy Acrylate Incorporated with Nano Zinc Oxide Particles
Aung MM, Li WJ, Lim HN
1764 - 1771 A Stable Broad-Range Fluorescent pH Sensor Based on Eu3+ Post-Synthetic Modification of a Metal-Organic Framework
Liu TY, Yan B
1772 - 1780 Production of Organic Acids via Autofermentation of Microalgae: A Promising Approach for Sustainable Algal Biorefineries
Pendyala B, Hanifzadeh M, Abel GA, Viamajala S, Varanasi S
1781 - 1788 Operando Raman Spectroscopy of the Microwave-Enhanced Catalytic Dehydration of 2-Propanol by WO3
Tsubaki S, Matsuzawa T, Suzuki E, Fujii S, Wada Y
1789 - 1799 Novel Bimetallic Cu-Pd Nanoparticles as Highly Active Low-Temperature WGS Catalysts
Yun S, Guliants V
1800 - 1808 MOF-Derived Fe2O3/Nitrogen/Carbon Composite as a Stable Heterogeneous Electro-Fenton Catalyst
Lu JY, Yuan YR, Hu X, Liu WJ, Li CX, Liu HQ, Li WW
1809 - 1821 Preparation and Characterization of Magnetic Biochar Nanocomposites via a Modified Solvothermal Method and Their Use as Efficient Heterogeneous Fenton-like Catalysts
Tu YT, Peng ZP, Huang JC, Wu XN, Kong LJ, Liang ZX, Yang LX, Lin ZJ
1822 - 1828 Platinum Nanoparticle-Deposited Ti3C2Tx MXene for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction
Zhang XB, Shao BY, Sun ZM, Gao Z, Qin Y, Zhang C, Cui FM, Yang XJ
1829 - 1835 Reaction and Diffusion Kinetics during Hydrothermal Carbonization by Means of SEM-EDX Analysis
Tondl G, Hammerl C, Pfeifer C, Pum D
1836 - 1844 Investigation of Chain Microstructure of Polypropylene Polymerized by Ziegler-Natta Catalysts with Diester and Diether Compound as Internal Donor via Hydrogen Chain Transfer
Yin XM, Qin YW, Dong JY
1845 - 1854 Influence of the Microstructure of Ni-Co Bimetallic Catalyst on CO Methanation
Liu P, Zhao BR, Li S, Shi HF, Ma M, Lu JJ, Yang F, Deng XN, Jia XZ, Ma XX, Yan XL
1855 - 1861 In Situ Reactive Compatibilization of Polyamide 6 and Polycarbonate Blend by the Catalytic Effect of Phenol Novolac
Hirai T, Yagi K, Okamoto K, Onochi Y, Kawada J
1862 - 1874 A Simple Method for Safe Determination of the Activity of Palladium on Activated Carbon Catalysts in the Hydrogenation of Cinnamic Acid to Hydrocinnamic Acid
Mousavi S, Nazari B, Keshavarz MH, Bordbar AK
1875 - 1887 Comparative Study between Regression and Soft Computing Models to Maximize the Methane Storage Capacity of Anthracite-Based Adsorbents
Mirzaei S, Ahmadpour A, Shahsavand A, Rashidi H, Arami-Niya A
1888 - 1901 Effect of Octavinyl-Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane on the Cross-linking, Cure Kinetics, and Adhesion Properties of Natural Rubber/Textile Cord Composites
Yazici N, Dursun S, Yarici T, Kilic B, Mert O, Karaagac B, Ozkoc G, Kodal M
1902 - 1913 Pattern-Directed Phase Transitions and VOC Sensing of Liquid Crystal Films
Bolleddu R, Chakraborty S, Bhattacharjee M, Bhandaru N, Thakur S, Gooh-Pattader PS, Mukherjee R, Bandyopadhyay D
1914 - 1924 Comparative Study on the Properties of Epoxy Derived from Aromatic and Heteroaromatic Compounds: The Role of Hydrogen Bonding
Liu Y, Zhao J, Peng YY, Luo J, Cao LJ, Liu XQ
1925 - 1933 Highly Thermally Conductive Polyimide Composite Films with Excellent Thermal and Electrical Insulating Properties
He XH, Wang YC
1934 - 1943 Facile Fabrication of Multifunctional Poly(ethylene-co-octene)/Carbon Nanotube Foams Based on Tunable Conductive Network
Xu DW, Wang QQ, Feng D, Liu PJ
1944 - 1952 110th Anniversary: Particle Size Effect on Enhanced Graphitization and Electrical Conductivity of Suspended Gold/Carbon Composite Nanofibers
Mondal K, Maitra T, Srivastava AK, Pawar G, McMurtrey MD, Sharma A
1953 - 1965 Optimal Filtering and Residual Analysis in Errors-in-Variables Model Identification
Mann V, Maurya D, Tangirala AK, Narasimhan S
1966 - 1978 Enhanced Energy Savings from Simultaneous Triple Esterification of C4-C6 Alcohols in a Single Reactive Distillation Column
Jang W, Namgung K, Lee H, Mo H, Lee JW
1979 - 1988 Novel Switch Stabilizing Model Predictive Control Strategy Applied in the Control of a Simulated Moving Bed for the Separation of Bi-Naphthol Enantiomers
Nogueira IBR, Martins MAF, Rodrigues AE, Loureiro JM, Ribeiro AM
1989 - 2004 Molecular Modeling of Coprocessing Biomass Fast Pyrolysis Oil in Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit
Al Jamri M, Li J, Smith R
2005 - 2012 Comparative Economic Analysis of Physical, Chemical, and Hybrid Absorption Processes for Carbon Capture
Xiang Z, Song Z, Gani RF, Zhou T
2013 - 2024 Flash Distillation Control Using a Feasible Operating Region: A Sliding Mode Control Approach
Cargua-Sagbay D, Palomo-Lema E, Camacho O, Alvarez H
2025 - 2035 Bayesian Network-Based Modeling and Operational Adjustment of Plantwide Flotation Industrial Process
Yan H, Wang FL, He DK, Zhao LP, Wang QK
2036 - 2048 Effective Derivation of Asymmetrical Temperature Control Schemes for Dividing-Wall Distillation Columns
Yuan Y, Huang KJ, Chen HS, Qjan X, Zang LJ, Zhang L
2049 - 2059 Optimization of Multilayer Standby Mechanisms in Continuous Chemical Processes
Chan SZ, Liu HY, Luo YK, Chang CT
2060 - 2067 Deep Eutectic Solvents Formed by N-Methylacetamide and Heterocyclic Weak Acids for Highly Efficient and Reversible Chemical Absorption of Ammonia
Li ZL, Zhong FY, Zhou LS, Tian ZQ, Huang K
2068 - 2082 Breakup, Coalescence, and Migration Regularity of Bubbles under Gas-Liquid Swirling Flow in Gas-Liquid Cylindrical Cyclone
Yang LL, Zou L, Ma Y, Wang J, Xu JY
2083 - 2092 Hollow Fiber-Type Facilitated Transport Membrane Composed of a Polymerized Ionic Liquid-Based Gel Layer with Amino Acidate as the CO2 Carrier
Kamio E, Tanaka M, Shirono Y, Keun Y, Moghadam F, Yoshioka T, Nakagawa K, Matsuyama H
2093 - 2103 Toward Rational Functionalization of Ionic Liquids for Enhanced Extractive Desulfurization: Computer-Aided Solvent Design and Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Wang JW, Song Z, Li XX, Cheng HY, Chen LF, Qi ZW
2104 - 2112 Cleaner Synthesis of Silylated Clay Minerals for the Durable Recovery of Ions (Co2+ and Sr2+) from Aqueous Solutions
Thiebault T, Brendle J, Auge G, Limousy L
2113 - 2122 Effect of Synergistic Interplay between Surface Charge, Crystalline Defects, and Pore Volume of MIL-100(Fe) on Adsorption of Aqueous Organic Dyes
Guo XZ, Han SS, Yang JM, Wang XM, Chen SS, Quan S
2123 - 2144 A Multiscale Approach for Gas Hydrates Considering Structure, Agglomeration, and Transportability under Multiphase Flow Conditions: II. Growth Kinetic Model
Bassani CL, Sum AK, Herri JM, Morales REM, Cameirao A
2145 - 2154 Predicting VLE and Odor Intensity of Mixtures Containing Fragrances with COSMO-SAC
Xavier VB, Staudt PB, Soares RD
2155 - 2162 Manganese-Promoted Fe3O4 Microsphere for Efficient Conversion of CO2 to Light Olefins
Jiang JD, Wen CY, Tian ZP, Wang YC, Zhai YP, Chen LG, Li YP, Liu QY, Wang CG, Ma LL
2163 - 2170 Investigation into Jet Motion and Fiber Properties Induced by Electric Fields in Melt Electrospinning
Li XQ, Zheng YS, Mu XQ, Xin BJ, Lin LT
2171 - 2180 Characteristics and Properties of Coke Formed by Low-Temperature Oxidation and Thermal Pyrolysis during in Situ Combustion
Li YB, Luo C, Lin X, Li K, Xiao ZR, Wang ZQ, Pu WF
2181 - 2191 Thermal Imaging To Visualize and Characterize Combustion Fronts in Porous Media
Yoo KHK, Sampaio LEB, Amanam U, Gerritsen M, Kovscek AR
2192 - 2202 Improvement of H2O2 Utilization by the Persistent Heterogeneous Fenton Reaction with the Fe3O4-Zeolite-Cyclodextrin Composite
Wang XP, Liu W, Qin JY, Lei LC
2203 - 2210 3D Graphene as an Unconventional Support Material for Ionic Liquid Membranes: Computational Insights into Gas Separations
Rahmani F, Nouranian S, Chiew YC