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ISSN: 0888-5885 (Print) 

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21261 - 21274 Ultradeep Hydrodesulfurization of Diesel: Mechanisms, Catalyst Design Strategies, and Challenges
Weng XY, Cao LY, Zhang GH, Chen F, Zhao L, Zhang YH, Gao JS, Xu CM
21275 - 21285 One-Pot Synthesis of the Cu-SAPO-18 Catalyst Using Waste Mother Liquid and its Application in the SCR of NOx with NH3
Guo L, Ming SJ, Zhang ST, Liu Q, Pang L, Liu P, Chen Z, Li T
21286 - 21293 Performance of a Thermally Regenerative Battery with 3D-Printed Cu/C Composite Electrodes: Effect of Electrode Pore Size
Chen PY, Shi Y, Zhang L, Li J, Zhu X, Fu Q, Liao Q
21294 - 21304 Fast Pyrolysis of Pine Wood Pretreated by Large Pilot-Scale Thermomechanical Refining for Biochemical Production
Torr KM, Mercader FD, Murton KD, Harbers TJM, Cooke-Willis MH, van de Pas DJ, Suckling ID
21305 - 21311 Optimized Production of Glucose Syrup and Enzyme Membrane Reactor Using In Situ Product Recovery
Bueno-Zabala KA, Lopresto CG, Calabro V, Curcio S, Ruiz-Colorado AA, Chakraborty S
21312 - 21321 A Greener Alternative for the Synthesis of Methyl Pentenone Using Reusable Cation Exchange Resin
Kamal S, Mahajani S
21322 - 21332 Perovskite-Type LaCoO3 as an Efficient and Green Catalyst for Sustainable Partial Oxidation of Cyclohexane
Muhumuza E, Wu PP, Nan T, Zhao LM, Bai P, Mintova S, Yan ZF
21333 - 21346 Production of Environmentally Friendly Polyester by Hydrogenation of Poly(butylene terephthalate) over Rh-Pt Catalysts Supported on Carbon Black and Recovery by a Compressed CO2 Antisolvent Technique
Lende AB, Bhattacharjee S, Tan CS
21347 - 21358 Production of Cyanide Using Thermal Plasma: Thermodynamic Analysis and Process-Specific Energy Consumption
Henderson L, Shukla P, Rudolph V, Duckworth G
21359 - 21370 Alternative Kinetic Model of the Iodide-Iodate Reaction for Its Use in Micromixing Investigations
Martinez ANM, Haase AS, Assirelli M, van der Schaaf J
21371 - 21382 Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Aerogels Prepared by Direct Pyrolysis of Cellulose Aerogels Derived from Coir Fibers Using an Ammonia-Urea System and Their Electrocatalytic Performance toward the Oxygen Reduction Reaction
Fauziyah M, Widiyastuti W, Setyawan H
21383 - 21392 Surface Amination of Silica Nanoparticles Using Tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane
Wang JY, Yang L, Xie JR, Wang YC, Wang TJ
21393 - 21402 Parametric Study and Detailed Kinetic Understanding of CO2 Adsorption over High-Surface-Area Flowery Silica Nanomaterials
Kole K, Das S, Samanta A, Jana S
21403 - 21412 Multiuse Nanopore Platform with Disposable Paper Analytical Device for the Detection of Heavy Metal Ions
Heaton I, Platt M
21413 - 21428 Economic Control Structure Selection for Two-Layered Real-Time Optimization Systems
Bottari A, Zumoffen DAR, Marchetti AG
21429 - 21438 Simulation and Design of a Water-Gas Shift Catalytic Multitubular Reactor with Integrated Heat Exchange
Paixao VP, Franco LFM, D'Angelo JVH
21439 - 21457 Novel Quality-Relevant Process Monitoring based on Dynamic Locally Linear Embedding Concurrent Canonical Correlation Analysis
Wu P, Lou SW, Zhang XJ, He JJ, Gao JF
21458 - 21475 No More Than Three: Technoeconomic Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming Optimization of Mixed Suspension, Mixed Product Removal Crystallizer Cascades for Melitracen, an Antidepressant API
Diab S, Gerogiorgis DI
21476 - 21487 Thermal Energy Correction Based Model Predictive Control for Fluid Catalytic Cracking Riser
Huang M, Zheng Y, Li SY, Li MY
21488 - 21501 Simultaneous Optimization Method for Directly Integrating ORC with HEN to Achieve Exergy-Economy Multiobjective
Xu YY, Wang L, Chen YT, Ye S, Huang WG
21502 - 21509 Design of a Cross-linked PTHF-Based Network as an Oil/Organic Solvent Sorbent
Yati I, Karadag K, Sonmez HB
21510 - 21521 Superhydrophobic Copper Foam Modified with n-Dodecyl Mercaptan-CeO2 Nanosheets for Efficient Oil/Water Separation and Oil Spill Cleanup
Gao RX, Liu X, Zhang TC, Ouyang LK, Liang Y, Yuan SJ
21522 - 21529 Tuning Ionic Liquids with Functional Anions for SO2 Capture through Simultaneous Cooperation of N and O Chemical Active Sites with SO2
Cui GK, Lyu SZ, Zhang FT, Wang HY, Li ZY, Li YN, Wang JJ
21530 - 21547 Experimental Analysis of the Mass Transfer Coefficient and Interfacial Area in an Aerated Coaxial Mixing System Comprising a Non-Newtonian Solution
Jamshidzadeh M, Ein-Mozaffari F, Lohi A
21548 - 21566 Methodology to Predict Thermodynamic Data from Spectroscopic Analysis
ten Kate AJB, Gerretzen J, Van Manen HJ, Kontogeorgis GM, Bargeman G
21567 - 21578 Comparison of SAFT-VR-Mie and CP-PC-SAFT in Estimating the Phase Behavior of Acetone plus n-Alkane Systems
Polishuk I, Cea-Klapp E, Garrido JM
21579 - 21591 How to Detect Possible Pitfalls in ePC-SAFT Modeling. 2. Extension to Binary Mixtures of 96 Ionic Liquids with CO2, H2S, CO, O-2, CH4, N-2, and H-2
Sun YH, Laaksonen A, Lu XH, Ji XY
21592 - 21601 Preparation of ZrO2-Based Catalytic Fibers via the Assistance of Microfluidic Chips
Zhou YM, Yang WB, Wang XT, Wang SF, Wang YC, Zhang LJ, Zhang JW, Tao SY
21602 - 21614 Adaptive Transfer Learning of Cross-Spatiotemporal Canonical Correlation Analysis for Plant-Wide Process Monitoring
Cheng HC, Liu YQ, Huang DP, Pan YP, Wang QL
21615 - 21616 Production of Oxymethylene Dimethyl Ethers from Hydrogen and Carbon Dioxide-Part I: Modeling and Analysis for OME1 & Part II: Modeling and Analysis for OME3-5 (vol 58, 4881, 2019)
Burre J, Bongartz D, Mitsos A