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ISSN: 0888-5885 (Print) 

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1393 - 1401 Form-Stable Phase-Change Composites Supported by a Biomass-Derived Carbon Scaffold with Multiple Energy Conversion Abilities
Umair MM, Zhang Y, Tehrim A, Zhang SF, Tang BT
1402 - 1412 Removal of Hydrogen Sulfide by Hydroxyl-Ferric Oxide in a Slurry Reactor at Low Temperature
Wang T, Hu B, Li JW, Nie LH, Tan JJ
1413 - 1421 Enhanced Higher Alcohol Synthesis from CO Hydrogenation on Zn-Modified MgAl-Mixed Oxide Supported KNiMoS-Based Catalysts
Zhang X, Luan XB, Dai XP, Ren ZT, Cui ML, Zhao HH, Nie F, Huang XL
1422 - 1435 Non-Noble Metal Ni Nanoparticles Supported on Highly Dispersed TiO2-Modified Activated Carbon as an Efficient and Recyclable Catalyst for the Hydrogenation of Halogenated Aromatic Nitro Compounds under Mild Conditions
Huang L, Lv Y, Liu S, Cui HS, Zhao ZY, Zhao H, Liu PL, Xiong W, Hao F, Luo HA
1436 - 1445 Ba-Doped Pd/Al2O3 for Continuous Snynthesis of Diphenylamine via Dehydrogenative Aromatization
Zeng YY, Wang BW, Li Y, Yan XL, Chen LG, Wang Y
1446 - 1456 Effect of Ce/Ca Ratio in Ni/CeO2-ZrO2-CaO Catalysts on High -Purity Hydrogen Production by Sorption -Enhanced Steam Reforming of Acetic Acid and Bio-Oil
Li DP, Xue HY, Hu RR
1457 - 1466 Kinetic-Parameter-Free Approach To Design Thermally Safe and Productive Operating Conditions for Isoperibolic Liquid-Liquid Semibatch Reactors
Guo ZC, Feng W, Chen LP, Chen WH
1467 - 1476 Comparative Study of NO Oxidation under a Low O-3/NO Molar Ratio Using 15% Mn/TiO2, 15% Co/TiO2, and 15% Mn Co(2:1)/TiO2 Catalysts
Si M, Shen BX, Zhang HH, Liu LJ, Zhou WJ, Liu Z, Pan YJ, Zhang X
1477 - 1486 Effect of Support on CO Oxidation Performance over the Pd/CeO2 and Pd/CeO2 Zro(2) Catalyst
Li H, Shen MQ, Wang JQ, Wang H, Wang J
1487 - 1494 Kinetic Analysis of Bio-Oil Aging by Using Pattern Search Method
Zhang SK, Li C, Guo XJ, Rahman MM, Zhang XG, Yu X, Cai JM
1495 - 1504 Analysis of Products Obtained from Slow Pyrolysis of Poly(ethylene terephthalate) by Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry Coupled to Electrospray Ionization (ESI) and Laser Desorption Ionization (LDI)
Dhahak A, Carre V, Aubriet F, Mauviel G, Burkle-Vitzthum V
1505 - 1516 Effect of Radical Species and Operating Parameters on the Degradation of Sulfapyridine Using a UV/Chlorine System
Liu HY, Zhang BJ, Li YJ, Fang A, Hou ZC, Tian SL, Gu JJ
1517 - 1525 High-Throughput Screening of Coke-Resistant Catalyst with Thermal Barcode
Wang M, Su M
1526 - 1533 Facile and Green Preparation of Superfast Responsive Macroporous Polyacrylamide Hydrogels by Frontal Polymerization of Polymerizable Deep Eutectic Monomers
Jiang Y, Li SF, Chen YP, Yan SL, Tao M, Wen P
1534 - 1548 Fundamental Influences of Crosslinking Structure on the Cell Morphology, Creep Property, Thermal Property, and Recycling Behavior of Microcellular EPDM Foams Blown with Compressed CO2
Zheng H, Pan G, Huang PK, Xu DH, Zhai WT
1549 - 1558 High Peel Strength and Flexible Aligned Carbon Nanotubes/Etched Al Foil Composites with Boosted Supercapacitor and Thermal Dissipation Performances
Du J, Kang L, Zhong QF, Zhou HT, Yang JH, Chen D, Luo YT, Chen KB, Li WX, Xiao J
1559 - 1567 Killing Oral Bacteria Using Metal-Organic Frameworks
Cao P, Wu XJ, Zhang WB, Zhao L, Sun WZ, Tang ZS
1568 - 1577 General Synthesis of MxS (M = Co, Cu) Hollow Spheres with Enhanced Sodium-Ion Storage Property in Ether-Based Electrolyte
Xu Q, Chen T, Wu ZG, Liu YH, Qiu L, Yang ZG, Wang D, Xiang W, Zhong BH, Guo XD
1578 - 1583 Tunable Fluorescence and Room-Temperature Phosphorescence from Multiresponsive Pure Organic Copolymers
Gu F, Ding BB, Ma X, Tian H
1584 - 1595 Integrated Design and Operation Optimization of Hydrogen Commingled with Natural Gas in Pipeline Networks
Ogbe E, Mukherjee U, Fowler M, Almansoori A, Elkamel A
1596 - 1606 Optimal Design and Energy-Saving Investigation of the Triple CO2 Feeds for Methanol Production System by Combining Steam and Dry Methane Reforming
Wang H, Su Y, Wang D, Jin SM, Wei SA, Shen WF
1607 - 1618 Hamiltonian Monte Carlo-Based D-Vine Copula Regression Model for Soft Sensor Modeling of Complex Chemical Processes
Ni JN, Zhou Y, Li SJ
1619 - 1630 Novel Pattern-Matching Integrated KCVA with Adaptive Rank-Order Morphological Filter and Its Application to Fault Diagnosis
Xu Y, Fan CH, Zhu QX, Rajabifard A, Chen NC, Chen YQ, He YL
1631 - 1645 Mathematical Modeling of Microalgal Internal Metabolic Behaviors under Heterotrophic Conditions and Its Application
Ryu KH, Kim B, Heo S, Chang YK, Lee JH
1646 - 1655 Solvation Dynamics in the Cybotactic Region of Gas-Expanded Liquids: A Decade Later
Popov AV, Hernandez R
1656 - 1667 Separation Strategies of Hydrogenation and Oxidation Products from Miscanthus for Bio-Ethylene Glycol Production
Ai S, Huang CD, Huang YC, Yu WG, Mao ZJ
1668 - 1681 Externally Heat-Integrated Multiple Diabatic Distillation Columns (EHIm(x)DC): Basic Concept and General Characteristics
Fang J, Li ZY, Huang GM, Li H, Li CL
1682 - 1692 Temperature- and Pressure-Dependent Adsorption Equilibria and Diffusivities of Propylene and Propane in Pure-Silica Si-CHA Zeolite
Maghsoudi H, Abdi H, Aidani A
1693 - 1701 Extension of the COSMO-UNIFAC Thermodynamic Model
Zhu RS, Taheri M, Zhang J, Lei ZG
1702 - 1711 Highly Active Heterogeneous Fenton-like System Based on Cobalt Ferrite
Agu UA, Mendieta SN, Gerbaldo MV, Crivello ME, Casuscelli SG
1712 - 1722 Interactions between Quartz Sand and Wood Doped with either K or Na Salts under Steam Gasification and Combustion Atmospheres
He ZM, Saw WL, van Eyk PJ, Nathan GJ, Ashman PJ
1723 - 1729 Carbon Dots and a CdTe Quantum Dot Hybrid-Based Fluorometric Probe for Spermine Detection
Fu YZ, Wu SL, Zhou HK, Zhao SJ, Lan MH, Huang JF, Song XZ
1730 - 1735 Pilot Plant Study on the Polymerization of Isobutene Using Silica-Supported Methylaluminoxane
Elkins K, Sawyer J, Lewis SP, Jadhav P