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ISSN: 0888-5885 (Print) 

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15393 - 15423 CO2 Hydrogenation to Methanol and Methane over Carbon-Supported Catalysts
Furimsky E
15424 - 15446 Two-Dimensional Nanomaterials for Anticorrosive Polymeric Coatings: A Review
Huang HW, Sheng XX, Tian YQ, Zhang L, Chen Y, Zhang XY
15447 - 15453 Single-Stream H2O2 Membraneless Microfluidic Fuel Cell and Its Application as a Self-Powered Electrochemical Sensor
Liu ZF, Ye DD, Wang SL, Zhu X, Chen R, Liao Q
15454 - 15463 Surface Potential/Wettability and Interface Charge Transfer Engineering of Copper-Oxide (Cu-MOx, M = W, Ti, and Ce) Hybrids for Efficient Wastewater Treatment through Adsorption-Photocatalysis Synergy
Zhang MM, Xiong JY, Yang H, Wen ZP, Chen R, Cheng G
15464 - 15477 (+)-Limonene Functionalization: Syntheses, Optimization, and Scale-up Procedures for Sustainable Polymer Building Blocks
Causero A, Troll C, Rieger B
15478 - 15488 Promotional Effect of S Doping on V2O5-WO3/TiO2 Catalysts for Low-Temperature NOx Reduction with NH3
Wu ZH, Chen H, Wan ZD, Zhang SL, Zeng YQ, Guo HW, Zhong Q, Li XH, Han JY, Rong WL
15489 - 15496 Preparation of Liquid-Phase Reduction Method-Based Pt/TiO2 Catalyst and Reaction Characteristics during HCHO Room-Temperature Oxidation
Eom H, Hwang IH, Lee DY, Lee SM, Kim SS
15497 - 15505 Stabilizer-Free Dispersion Copolymerization Monitoring by In-Line NIR Spectroscopy
Torraga MGF, Giudici R
15506 - 15514 CO2 Reforming of Methane over a Highly Dispersed Ni/Mg-Al-O Catalyst Prepared by a Facile and Green Method
Guo Y, Li YF, Ning YX, Liu QK, Tian L, Zhang RD, Fu Q, Wang ZJ
15515 - 15530 Highly Efficient Ru Supported on Carbon Nanosphere Nanoparticles for Ciprofloxacin Removal: Effects of Operating Parameters, Degradation Pathways, and Kinetic Study
Serra-Perez E, Ferronato C, Giroir-Fendler A, Alvarez-Torrellas S, Ovejero G, Garcia J
15531 - 15541 Thermodynamic Investigation of Process Enhancement in Chemical Looping Reforming of Methane through Modified Ca-Fe Oxygen Carrier Utilization
Shah V, Joshi R, Fan LS
15542 - 15555 Formulation of an Encapsulated Surfactant System, ESS, via beta-CD Host-Guest Interactions to Inhibit Surfactant Adsorption onto Solid Surfaces
Romero-Zeron L, Wadhwani D, Sethiya R
15556 - 15564 Self-Reducing Prussian Blue on Ti3C2Tx MXene Nanosheets as a Dual-Functional Nanohybrid for Hydrogen Peroxide and Pesticide Sensing
He Y, Zhou XT, Zhou LY, Zhang XN, Ma L, Jiang YJ, Gao J
15565 - 15575 Preparation of Highly Efficient Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Polylactic Acid/Graphene Nanocomposites for Fused Deposition Modeling Three-Dimensional Printing
Shi SH, Peng ZL, Jing JJ, Yang L, Chen YH, Kotsilkova R, Ivanov E
15576 - 15585 Preparation of ZIF-8 Membranes on Porous ZnO Hollow Fibers by a Facile ZnO-Induced Method
Wang Y, Chen HH, Wang XB, Meng B, Yang NT, Tan XY, Liu SM
15586 - 15597 Impacts of Carbonaceous Particulates on Extrudate Semicrystalline Polyethylene Terephthalate Foams: Nonisothermal Crystallization, Rheology, and Infrared Attenuation Studies
Pan JJ, Zhang D, Wu M, Ruan SL, Castro JM, Lee LJ, Chen F
15598 - 15613 Step-Growth Polyesters with Biobased (R)-1,3-Butanediol
DeRosa CA, Kua XQ, Bates FS, Hillmyer MA
15614 - 15623 Co-Loaded N-Doped Biochar as a High-Performance Oxygen Reduction Reaction Electrocatalyst by Combined Pyrolysis of Biomass
Ye YY, Qian TT, Jiang H
15624 - 15633 Enhanced Interfacial Compatibility and Dynamic Fatigue Crack Propagation Behavior of Natural Rubber/Silicone Rubber Composites
Han QY, Zhang LQ, Wu YP
15634 - 15655 Dynamic Surrogate Modeling for Multistep-ahead Prediction of Multivariate Nonlinear Chemical Processes
Shokry A, Baraldi P, Zio E, Espuna A
15656 - 15670 Least Squares Sparse Principal Component Analysis and Parallel Coordinates for Real-Time Process Monitoring
Gajjar S, Kulahci M, Palazoglu A
15671 - 15681 A Modified SQP-based Model Predictive Control Algorithm: Application to Supercritical Coal-fired Power Plant Cycling
He X, Lima FV
15682 - 15696 Distributed Operating Performance Assessment of the Plant-Wide Process Based on Data-Driven Hybrid Characteristics Decomposition
Zhong LS, Chang YQ, Wang FL, Gao SH
15697 - 15706 Novel Nonlinear Autoregression with External Input Integrating PCA-WD and Its Application to a Dynamic Soft Sensor
Zhang BL, Han YM, Yu B, Geng ZQ
15707 - 15717 Promising Thiolanium Ionic Liquid for Extraction of Aromatics from Aliphatics: Experiments and Modeling
Lubben MJ, Canales RI, Lyu Y, Held C, Gonzalez-Miquel M, Stadtherr MA, Brennecke JF
15718 - 15731 Heterometallic Metal Organic Frameworks for Air Separation: A Computational Study
Gopalsamy K, Babarao R
15732 - 15741 Site Trials of Ventilation Air Methane Enrichment with Two-Stage Vacuum, Temperature, and Vacuum Swing Adsorption
Bae JS, Su S, Yu XX, Yin JJ, Villella A, Jara M, Loney M
15742 - 15751 Monte Carlo Simulations of Adsorption of Thiophene/Benzene in NaX and NaY Zeolites from Model Fuel
Xu YY, Zhong ZP, Lu SJ, Zeng YP
15752 - 15757 Cubic-Plus-Chain III: Modeling Polymer-Solvent Phase Behavior with the Chain-Modified Cubic Equation of State
Sisco CJ, Alajmi MM, Abutaqiya MIL, Vargas FM, Chapman WG
15758 - 15767 Mechanism and Control of the Trailing Edge in Intermittent Slot Die Coating
Tan PH, Diao SM, Huang TL, Yang ZM, Zhou HM, Zhang Y
15768 - 15783 Comparative Effectiveness of Thermal Stability and Rheological Properties of Nanofluid of SiO2-TiO2 Nanocomposites for Oil Field Applications
Kumar RS, Narukulla R, Sharma T
15784 - 15790 Novel Mechanism of Microbially Induced Carbon Steel Corrosion at an Aqueous/Non-aqueous Interface
Miller RB, Sadek A, Crouch AL, Floyd JG, Drake CA, Stevenson BS, Crookes-Goodson W, Monty CN, Senko JM
15791 - 15795 Gas-Solid Two-Phase Flow Synthesis Equipment: A New Method for Continuous, Large-Scale Preparation of Metal-Organic Frameworks with No Solvent
Zhao J, Peng RF
15796 - 15804 Dielectric Properties of CF3SO2F/N-2 and CF3SO2F/CO2 Mixtures as a Substitute to SF6
Hu SZ, Wang Y, Zhou WJ, Qiu R, Luo YB, Wang BS
15805 - 15806 Operational Optimization of Onboard Reliquefaction System for Liquefied Natural Gas Carriers (vol 59, pg 10976, 2020)
Kim SE, Hwang H, Kim Y, Park S, Nam K, Park J, Lee IB
15807 - 15807 RETRACTION: Optimization of a Carbon Dioxide-Assisted Nanoparticle Deposition Process Using Sequential Experimental Design with Adaptive Design Space (Retraction of Vol 51, Pg 4363, 2012)
Casciato MJ, Kim S, Lu JC, Hess DW, Grover MA