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13355 - 13369 A Review of Porous Adsorbents for the Separation of Nitrogen from Natural Gas
Nandanwar SU, Corbin DR, Shiflett MB
13370 - 13379 Effect of Calcination Temperature on the Performance of the Ni@SiO2 Catalyst in Methane Dry Reforming
Han BL, Zhao L, Wang FG, Xu LL, Yu H, Cui Y, Zhang JM, Shi WD
13380 - 13387 Construction of a Graphene-Wrapped Pd/SiO2@TiO2 Core-Shell Sphere for Enhanced Photoassisted Electrocatalytic Methanol Oxidation Property
Zhang B, Yang F, Ruan XJ, Yang W, Liu B, Li YF
13388 - 13395 Molecular Modeling Study of the SO2 Deactivation of an Amine Resin and a Procedure To Avoid SO2 Deactivation Using a Polyethylene Glycol/Tertiary Amine System
Buijs W
13396 - 13405 Continuous Generation of HgCl2 by DBD Nonthermal Plasma. Part I: Influences of the DBD Reactor Structure and Operational Parameters
Liu J, Bai LY, Duan YF, Zhao SL, Huang TF, Luo ZK, Hua M
13406 - 13413 Continuous Generation of HgCl2 by Dielectric Barrier Discharge Nonthermal Plasma. Part II: Influences of the Cl Source
Liu J, Bai LY, Duan YF, Zhao SL, Huang TF, Luo ZK, Hua M
13414 - 13419 Moisture Damage and Its Relation to Surface Adsorption/Desorption of Rejuvenators
Fini EH, Samieadel A, Rajib A
13420 - 13427 Control of Framework Aluminum Distribution in MFI Channels on the Catalytic Performance in Alkylation of Benzene with Methanol
Wang YL, He X, Yang F, Su ZJ, Zhu XD
13428 - 13439 Kinetic Study of the Thermal Decomposition of Cellulose Nanocrystals with Different Crystal Structures and Morphologies
Merlini A, Claumann C, Zibetti AW, Coirolo A, Rieg T, Machado RAF
13440 - 13449 xNi/Ni0.05Ce0.20Zr0.75O2 Solid Solution over a CO2 Methanation Reaction
Traitangwong A, Guo XP, Meeyoo V, Li CS
13450 - 13459 Continuous Hydrogenation of Monomeric Sugars and Binary Sugar Mixtures on a Ruthenium Catalyst Supported by Carbon-Coated Open-Cell Aluminum Foam
Najarnezhadmashhadi A, Eranen K, Engblom S, Aho A, Murzin D, Salmi T
13460 - 13466 Selective Phenol Recovery by Catalytic Cracking of Thermal Decomposition Gas from Epoxy-Based Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Plastic
Oshima K, Fujii H, Morita K, Hosaka M, Muroi T, Satokawa S
13467 - 13476 In Situ XANES Characterization of V2O5/TiO2-SiO2-MoO3 Catalyst for Selective Catalytic Reduction of NO by NH3
Kuma R, Kitano T, Tsujiguchi T, Tanaka T
13477 - 13490 Liquid/Liquid Extraction Kinetics of Eu(III) and Am(III) by Extractants Designed for the Industrial Reprocessing of Nuclear Wastes
Vu TH, Simonin JP, Rollet AL, Egberink RJM, Verboom W, Gullo MC, Casnati A
13491 - 13501 Boosting Visible-Light Photodegradation over Ternary Strategy-Engineered Metal-Organic Frameworks
Jin WF, Wang YT, Zhao WY, Du XY, Tian Y, Ding T, Li XG
13502 - 13515 KMC Study on Byproduct Formation in the Process of Acetylene to Vinyl Acetate
Zhang MH, Fu ZZ, Yu YZ
13516 - 13527 Heterogeneous Catalytic Oxidation of Furfural with Hydrogen Peroxide over Sulfated Zirconia
Murzin DY, Bertrand E, Tolvanen P, Devyatkov S, Rahkila J, Eranen K, Warna J, Salmi T
13528 - 13538 Boosted Activity for Toluene Selective Photooxidation over Fe-Doped Bi2WO6
Deng XX, Tian S, Chai ZM, Bai ZJ, Tan YX, Chen L, Guo JK, Shen S, Cai MQ, Au CT, Yin SF
13539 - 13548 Quantitative Effects of Desorption Intensity on Structural Stability and Readsorption Performance of Lithium/Aluminum Layered Double Hydroxides in Cyclic Li+ Extraction from Brines with Ultrahigh Mg/Li Ratio
Hu FP, Lin S, Li P, Yu JG
13549 - 13555 Toward Uniform In Situ Carbon Coating on Nano-LiFePO4 via a Solid-State Reaction
Xi YM, Lu YC
13556 - 13563 Mussel-Inspired Biocompatible PAADOPA/PAAm Hydrogel Adhesive for Amoxicillin Delivery
Xu CY, Chen Y, Zheng ZY, Liu YC, Cao S, Xu YS
13564 - 13571 Direct Thermal Pyrolysis Enabling the Use of Cobalt Oxides Nanoparticles from Commercial Acetates as High-Capacity Anodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Gong F, Xia DW, Li MQ, Zhou Q, Wang DD, Zhang P, Zhang Y
13572 - 13577 Maillard Reaction-Controlled Synthesis of Ultrathin Silver Nanowires and Fabrication of Transparent Conductive Electrodes with Low Haze
Xiao D, Navik R, Gai YZ, Tan HJ, Zhao YP
13578 - 13587 Oxidized Carbonized Cellulose-Coated Filters for Environmental Contaminant Adsorption and Detection
Adolfsson KH, Melilli G, Hakkarainen M
13588 - 13594 100% Bio-Based Polyamide with Temperature/Ultrasound Dually Triggered Reversible Cross-Linking
Huang WJ, Zhai JL, Zhang CQ, Hu X, Zhu N, Chen KQ, Guo K
13595 - 13602 Improvement of Interfacial Adhesion between Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyhexanoate) and Silica Particles
Tamiya T, Hsu YI, Asoh TA, Uyama H
13603 - 13612 Density Functional Theory Study of Elemental Mercury Immobilization on CuSe(001) Surface: Reaction Pathway and Effect of Typical Flue Gas Components
Yang ZQ, Wang SC, Li HL, Yang JP, Zhao JX, Qu WQ, Shih KM
13613 - 13622 Structure and Performance of Carboxylic Styrene Butadiene Rubber/Citric Acid Composite Films
Zheng ZJ, Xu CH, Wu WC, Shen Q, Lin BF, Fu LH
13623 - 13630 Fabrication of Porous Carbon Nanosheets with the Engineered Graphitic Structure for Electrochemical Supercapacitors
Yang J, Liu SY, Wang M, Hu C, Qiu JS
13631 - 13641 Input Trajectory Design for the Enhancement of State Estimation through a Set-Theoretic Approach to Observability
Lopez E, Hahn J, Gomez LM, Alvarez H
13642 - 13656 Industrial Demand Side Management of a Steel Plant Considering Alternative Power Modes and Electrode Replacement
Castro PM, Ave GD, Engell S, Grossmann IE, Harjunkoski I
13657 - 13668 Equation-Oriented Optimization of a Distillation Column Considering Stage Hydraulics
Li F, Luo YQ, Yuan XG
13669 - 13681 Interval Pinch Analysis for Resource Conservation Networks with Epistemic Uncertainties
Bandyopadhyay S
13682 - 13695 Novel Harmless Utilization of Bayan Obo Tailings: Separation and Recovery of Iron and Rare Earth
Zhou Y, Xue XX, Yang H, Song SZ, Huang XW
13696 - 13705 Highly Efficient, Reversible, and Selective Absorption of SO2 in 1-Ethyl-3-methylimidazolium Chloride Plus Imidazole Deep Eutectic Solvents
Li ZL, Zhou LS, Wei YH, Peng HL, Huang K
13706 - 13715 Ceramic/Metal-Supported, Tubular, Molten Carbonate Membranes for High-Temperature CO2 Separations
Yang LQ, Ricote S, Lundin STB, Way JD
13716 - 13723 Gallate-Based Metal-Organic Frameworks for Highly Efficient Removal of Trace Propyne from Propylene
Li Z, Li LY, Guo LD, Wang JW, Yang QW, Zhang ZG, Yang YW, Bao ZB, Ren QL
13724 - 13734 Single- and Multicomponent Fixed Bed Adsorption of CO2, CH4, and N-2 in Binder-Free Beads of 4A Zeolite
Zafanelli LFAS, Henrique A, Karimi M, Rodrigues AE, Silva JAC
13735 - 13743 Novel Chiral Drug Recovery and Enantioseparation Method: Hollow Fiber Membrane Extraction and In Situ Coupling of Back-Extraction with Crystallization
Zeng LL, Liu Q, Yi Q, Tang KW, Van der Bruggen B
13744 - 13754 High n-Hexane Adsorption Capacity of Composite Adsorbents Based on MOFs and Graphene with Various Morphologies
Sun YF, Ma M, Jiang L, Sun XH, Que ML, Tao CB, Wu ZT
13755 - 13761 Pyrolysis End-Doping to Optimize Transport Properties of Carbon Molecular Sieve Hollow Fiber Membranes
Kamath MG, Itta AK, Hays SS, Sanyal O, Liu ZY, Koros WJ
13762 - 13772 Toluene Abatement by Simultaneous Adsorption and Oxidation over Mixed-Metal Oxides
Adebayo BO, Krishnamurthy A, Rownaghi AA, Rezaei F
13773 - 13782 Greatly Enhanced Gas Selectivity in Mixed-Matrix Membranes through Size-Controlled Hyper-cross-linked Polymer Additives
Hou RJ, O'Loughlin R, Ackroyd J, Liu Q, Doherty CM, Wang HT, Hill MR, Smith SJD
13783 - 13798 Experimental and Theoretical Investigations of Waxy Crude Oil in Steady and Transient Pipe Flows
Wang YC, Magda J, Venkatesan R, Sambath K, Deo M
13799 - 13809 Crystallization Kinetics and Mechanism of Magnesium Ammonium Phosphate Hexahydrate: Experimental Investigation and Chemical Potential Gradient Model Analysis and Prediction
Ge K, Ji YH, Tang S
13810 - 13819 Experimental Investigation of Spout Deflection in a Rectangular Spouted Bed by the PIV Method
Yue YH, Wang S, Bahl P, de Silva C, Shen YS
13820 - 13830 Analysis of the Effect of a Magnetic Field Applied to a Process of Adsorption of Water Contaminants Using Adsorbents of Different Magnetic Orderings
Vazquez OFG, Virgen MRM, Gonzalez MSE, Montoya VH, Tovar-Gomez R, Valle CJD
13831 - 13840 Synthesis of Trimetallic Prussian Blue Analogues and Catalytic Application for the Epoxidation of Styrene
Guo SY, Wang H, Tricard S, Zheng PZ, Sun AQ, Fang J, Zhao JH
13841 - 13847 Comparison of Hydrodynamic Cavitation Devices Based on Linear and Swirling Flows: Degradation of Dichloroaniline in Water
Sarvothaman VP, Simpson A, Ranade VV
13848 - 13851 Pilot-Scale Cyclohexanone Production through Phenol Hydrogenation over Pd/CN in a Continuous Ceramic Membrane Reactor
Jiang H, Qu ZY, Liu YF, Liu XL, Wang GL, Wang YM, Xu L, Ding KH, Xing WH, Chen RZ
13852 - 13852 Fabrication of Ag+, Cu2+, and Zn2+ Ternary Ion-Exchanged Zeolite as an Antimicrobial Agent in Powder Coating (vol 59, pg 751, 2020)
Cui JX, Yeasmin R, Shao YY, Zhang HP, Zhang H, Zhu J