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7277 - 7290 New Approach for Catalytic Production of Ultralow-Sulfur Diesel Fuels Using Binary Composed Catalysts Consisting of Cobalt Nanoparticles
El Naggar AMA, El Sayed HA, Salem AA, AbdEl-Sattar NEA
7291 - 7298 Low-Temperature Rapid Synthesis and Performance of the MIL-100(Fe) Monolithic Adsorbent for Dehumidification
Luo YS, Tan BQ, Liang XH, Wang SF, Gao XN, Zhang ZG, Fang YT
7299 - 7309 Kinetics of Barium Sulfate Deposition and Crystallization Process in the Flowing Tube
Lu AYT, Harouaka K, Paudyal S, Ko S, Dai C, Gao SJ, Deng GN, Zhao Y, Wang X, Mateen S, Kan AT, Tomson MB
7310 - 7320 The Influence of Cu(II) Existence State on Characteristics, Reactivity, and Recyclability of Microscale Fe/Cu Bimetal
Yuan Y, An ZX, Zhang LCA, Zhang YH, Shi B, Xiong ZK, Lai B
7321 - 7326 An Electrochemical Flow-Through Cell for Rapid Reactions
Lehmann M, Scarborough CC, Godineau E, Battilocchio C
7327 - 7335 Carbon Nitride-Based Single-Atom Cu Catalysts for Highly Efficient Carboxylation of Alkynes with Atmospheric CO2
Yang P, Zuo SW, Zhang FT, Yu B, Guo SE, Yu XX, Zhao YF, Zhang J, Liu ZM
7336 - 7345 Hydrothermal Reactions of Biomass-Derived Platform Molecules: Distinct Effect of Aprotic and Protic Solvents on Primary Decomposition of Glucose and Fructose in Hot-Compressed Solvent/Water Mixtures
Song B, Wu ZL, Yu Y, Wu HW
7346 - 7354 Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Xylan from Coffee Parchment in Membrane Bioreactors
Acosta-Fernandez R, Poerio T, Nabarlatz D, Giorno L, Mazzei R
7355 - 7366 Ionic-Liquid-Based Bioisoprene Recovery Process Design
Chen YQ, Liu XY, Kontogeorgis GM, Woodley JM
7367 - 7374 Sustainable Production of Safe Plasticizers with Bio-Based Fumarates and 1,3-Dienes
Hu YC, Liu CW, Wang P, Li GY, Wang AQ, Cong Y, Liang XM, Li W, Zhang XL, Li N
7375 - 7382 Cu-Exchanged CHA-Type Zeolite from Organic Template-Free Synthesis: An Effective Catalyst for NH3-SCR
Wang Y, Nishitoba T, Wang YN, Meng XJ, Xiao FS, Zhang WP, Marler B, Gies H, De Vos D, Kolb U, Feyen M, McGuire R, Parvulescu AN, Muller U, Yokoi T
7383 - 7388 Reaction Mechanism Dominated by the Hard-Soft Acid-Base Theory for the Oxidation of CH2Cl2 and CH3Br over a Titanium Oxide-Supported Ru Catalyst
Lv LR, Wang S, Ding Y, Zhang L, Gao Y, Wang SD
7389 - 7397 Promoting Role of Oxygen Deficiency on a WO3-Supported Pt Catalyst for Glycerol Hydrogenolysis to 1,3-Propanediol
Niu YF, Zhao BB, Liang Y, Liu L, Dong JX
7398 - 7404 Dynamic Diffusion of Disperse Dye in a Polyethylene Terephthalate Film from an Infrared Spectroscopic Perspective
Yan LN, Hou L, Sun ST, Wu PY
7405 - 7415 Maldistribution Effects in an Industrial-Scale Trickle Bed Reactor
Jejurkar SY, Khanna A, Verma N
7416 - 7425 Catalytic Transfer Hydrogenation of Levulinic Acid to gamma-Valerolactone over Ni3P-CePO4 Catalysts
Yu ZQ, Meng FX, Wang Y, Sun ZC, Liu YY, Shi C, Wang W, Wang AJ
7426 - 7437 Designing Optimal Terpolymers for Enhanced Oil Recovery (Polymer Flooding)
Scott AJ, Penlidis A
7438 - 7446 Direct Transformation of Ethylene to Propylene by Cascade Catalytic Reactions under Very Mild Conditions
Beucher R, Cammarano C, Rodriguez-Castellon E, Hulea V
7447 - 7456 Preparation of Nitrogen-Doped Porous Carbon from Waste Polyurethane Foam by Hydrothermal Carbonization for H2S Adsorption
Chen WH, Zhang GC, Li D, Ma SG, Wang BD, Jiang X
7457 - 7465 Toward a New Direct Process: Synthesis of Methylmethoxysilanes from Dimethyl Carbonate and Pentacopper Silicide
Roberts JM, Pushkarev VV, Sturm JJ, Katsoulis DE
7466 - 7474 Catalytic Depolymerization of Enzymatic Hydrolysis Lignin into Monomers over an Unsupported Nickel Catalyst in Supercritical Ethanol
Sang YS, Chen MM, Yan F, Wu K, Bai YF, Liu QF, Chen H, Li YD
7475 - 7484 Strategy for Constructing Nitrogen-Doped Graphene Structure by Patching Reduced Graphene Oxide under Low Temperature and Its Application in Supercapacitors
Chen ZY, Tan XY, Yu CY, Zhong WB
7485 - 7494 Unusual Ringed/Dendritic Sector Faces in Poly(butylene succinate) Crystallized with Isomeric Polymer
Tseng YL, Chuan KN, Woo EM
7495 - 7501 Synergy between Composite Nanoparticles and Saponin beta-Escin to Produce Long-Lasting Foams
Yu K, Li B, Wang ZT, Zhang W, Wang DB, Xu HJ, Wang JF, Harbottle D
7502 - 7511 Radar Transparent, Impact-Resistant, and High-Temperature Capable Radome Composites Using Polyetherimide-Toughened Cyanate Ester Resins for High-Speed Aircrafts through Resin Film Infusion
Gopinathapanicker JC, Inamdar A, Anand A, Joshi M, Kandasubramanian B
7512 - 7519 Ultrasonic-Enhanced Fabrication of Metal Nanoparticles by Laser Ablation in Liquid
Hu X, Takada N, Machmudah S, Wahyudiono, Kanda H, Goto M
7520 - 7526 Structural Features of Zirconium-Based Metal-Organic Frameworks Affecting Radiolytic Stability
Hanna SL, Rademacher DX, Hanson DJ, Islamoglu T, Olszewski AK, Nenoff TM, Farha OK
7527 - 7537 Low-Cost Preparation of High-Surface-Area Nitrogen-Containing Activated Carbons from Biomass-Based Chars by Ammonia Activation
Zuo SL, Zhang WB, Wang YF, Xia HA
7538 - 7545 Novel Interlayer on the Separator with the Cr3C2 Compound as a Robust Polysulfide Anchor for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries
Liu XH, Feng GL, Li YC, Xu CL, Pan Q, Wu ZG, Zhong BH, Guo XD, Zhang SH, Xu XT
7546 - 7553 Facile Construction of a Superhydrophobic Surface on a Textile with Excellent Electrical Conductivity and Stretchability
Jia LC, Sun WJ, Xu L, Gao JF, Dai K, Yan DX, Li ZM
7554 - 7563 Core-Shell Structured Magnetic gamma-Fe2O3@PANI Nanocomposites for Enhanced As(V) Adsorption
Zhang Y, Jiang DB, Wang Y, Zhang TC, Xiang G, Zhang YX, Yuan SJ
7564 - 7574 UV-Nanoimprinting Lithography Photoresists with No Photoinitiator and Low Polymerization Shrinkage
Zhang ML, Jiang SL, Gao YJ, Nie J, Sun F
7575 - 7583 Facile Preparation of Lightweight and Robust Polybenzoxazine Foams
Zhang S, Zong JP, Ran QC, Gu Y
7584 - 7593 Nanostructured delta-MnO2/Cd(OH)(2) Heterojunction Constructed under Ambient Conditions as a Sustainable Cathode for Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production
Natarajan K, Saraf M, Gupta AK, Mobin SM
7594 - 7603 Preparation of Polypropylene Foams with Bimodal Cell Structure Using a Microporous Molecular Sieve as a Nucleating Agent
Qiu J, Wang YL, Xing HP, Li MG, Liu J, Wang J, Tang T
7604 - 7610 Hollow Polypyrrole Nanofiber-Based Self-Assembled Aerogel: Large-Scale Fabrication and Outstanding Performance in Electromagnetic Pollution Management
Xu C, Wu F, Xie AM, Duan LQ, Yang ZQ, Xia YL, Sun MX, Xiong ZM
7611 - 7623 Facile Fabrication of Lightweight Shape Memory Thermoplastic Polyurethane/Polylactide Foams by Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Foaming
Wang W, Liao X, Guo FM, Wang G, Yan ZH, Liu F, Li GX
7624 - 7632 Enhancing Poly(lactic acid) Microcellular Foams by Formation of Distinctive Crystalline Structures
Li RG, Ye L, Zhao XW, Coates P, Caton-Rose F
7633 - 7645 Synthesis of Ultralight and Porous Magnetic g-C3N4/g-Carbon Foams with Excellent Electromagnetic Wave (EMW) Absorption Performance and Their Application as a Reinforcing Agent for 3D Printing EMW Absorbers
Han H, Lou ZC, Wang P, Wang QY, Li R, Zhang Y, Li YJ
7646 - 7658 Natural Lipid Inspired Hydrogel-Organogel Bilayer Actuator with a Tough Interface and Multiresponsive, Rapid, and Reversible Behaviors
Xiao SW, He XM, Qian J, Wu XH, Huang GB, Jiang HJ, He ZC, Yang JT
7659 - 7669 Well-Designed CdS/TiO2/MS-SiO2 Z-Scheme Photocatalyst for Combating Poison with Poison
Wang J, Sun SJ, Ding H, Li W, Wang X
7670 - 7679 Production of 100% Cellulose Nanofibril Objects Using the Molded Cellulose Process: A Feasibility Study
Rol F, Billot M, Bolloli M, Beneventi D, Bras J
7680 - 7692 Advanced Process Control for Cost-Effective Glycol Loss Minimization in a Natural Gas Dehydration Plant under Upset Conditions
Haque ME, Palanki S, Xu Q
7693 - 7705 Multivariate Fault Detection and Diagnosis Based on Variable Grouping
Luo LJ, Wang JP, Tong CD, Zhu JW
7706 - 7721 A Multiscale Energy Systems Engineering Approach for Renewable Power Generation and Storage Optimization
Demirhan CD, Tso WW, Powell JB, Heuberger CF, Pistikopoulos EN
7722 - 7731 Integrated Multiproduct Facility for the Production of Chemicals, Food, and Utilities from Oranges
Criado A, Martin M
7732 - 7745 Multivariate Analysis of Industrial Biorefinery Processes: Strategy for Improved Process Understanding with Case Studies in Fatty Acid Production
Nachtergaele P, Thybaut J, De Meester S, Drijvers D, Saeys W, Dewulf J
7746 - 7754 Ultrafast and Stable Adsorption-Desorption Performance for Recovery of Valuable Rare-Earth Ions using High-Density Polyacrylic Acid Brush-Grafted Polypropylene Fibers Optimized by RSM Models
Li XJ, Zhou Q, Yang H
7755 - 7764 Solvent Selection for the Separation of Lignin-Derived Monomers Using the Conductor-like Screening Model for Real Solvents
Shen ZZ, Van Lehn RC
7765 - 7776 Artificial Neural Network Prediction of Metastable Zone Widths in Reactive Crystallization of Lithium Carbonate
Ma SY, Li C, Gao J, Yang H, Tang WW, Gong JB, Zhou F, Gao ZG
7777 - 7786 High-Performance n-Butanol Recovery from Aqueous Solution by Pervaporation with a PDMS Mixed Matrix Membrane Filled with Zeolite
Cheng C, Liu FF, Yang HK, Xiao KJ, Xue C, Yang ST
7787 - 7796 A Robust Polybenzoxazine/SiO2 Fabric with Superhydrophobicity for High-Flux Oil/Water Separation
Yao HJ, Lu X, Chen SW, Yu CY, He QS, Xin Z
7797 - 7804 Fabrication of Ag Nanosheet@TiO2 Antibacterial Membranes for Inulin Purification
Li SY, Zhu LF, Sun YQ, Wang L, Lu JH, Nie QH, Ma Y, Jing WH
7805 - 7815 Polysulfone Ultrafiltration Membrane Promoted by Brownmillerite SrCuxCo1-xO3-lambda-Deposited MCM-41 for Industrial Wastewater Decontamination: Catalytic Oxidation and Antifouling Properties
Liu W, Zhang YQ, Zhang LF, Guo JQ, Wei JH
7816 - 7824 Fabrication and Characterization of Anisotropic Porous Poly(styrene@acrylic acid) Monolith for Enhanced Ability of Heavy Metal Adsorption
Ai H, Quo LZ, Zhao LS, Li SS, Du KF
7825 - 7838 New Chemistry for Mixed Matrix Membranes: Growth of Continuous Multilayer UiO-66-NH2 on UiO-66-NH2-Based Polyacrylonitrile for Highly Efficient Separations
Aghili F, Ghoreyshi AA, Rahimpour A, Van der Bruggen B
7839 - 7848 Improvement of an Industrial Crystallization Process: The Production of Virginiamycin
Alvarenga RN, Bernardo A, Pessoa PA
7849 - 7856 Enhanced Dibenzothiophene Capture with Multimetal-Organic Frameworks in the Presence of Benzene and Octane
Gao Y, Wu JF, Xiong XQ, Yan N, Ma N, Dai W
7857 - 7865 Separation of CO2 and CH4 by Pressure Swing Adsorption Using a Molecular Trapdoor Chabazite Adsorbent for Natural Gas Purification
Shang J, Hanif A, Li G, Xiao GK, Liu JZ, Xiao P, Webley PA
7866 - 7874 Supramolecular Metal-Organic Framework for CO2/CH4 and CO2/N-2 Separation
Dai JJ, Xie DY, Liu Y, Zhang ZG, Yang YW, Yang QW, Ren QL, Bao ZB
7875 - 7887 Ultrafiltration of Beechwood Hydrolysate for Concentrating Hemicellulose Sugars and Removal of Lignin-Parameter Estimation Using Statistical Methods and Multiobjective Optimization
Nitzsche R, Grongroft A, Goj I, Kraume M
7888 - 7900 Hydrothermal Synthesis of Sub-20 nm Amine-Functionalized MIL-101(Cr) Nanoparticles with High Surface Area and Enhanced CO2 Uptake
Han G, Qian QH, Rodriguez KM, Smith ZP
7901 - 7912 Effect of Bulk Viscosity and Emulsion Droplet Size on the Separation Efficiency of Model Mineral Oil-in-Water (O/W) Emulsions under Ultrasonic Standing Wave Fields: A Theoretical and Experimental Investigation
Mettu S, Yao SY, Sun Q, Lawson SR, Scales PJ, Martins GJO, Ashokkumar M
7913 - 7925 Adsorption-Desorption Properties of Granular EP/HMO Composite and Its Application in Lithium Recovery from Brine
Lai XR, Yuan YJ, Chen ZQ, Peng JH, Sun H, Zhong H
7926 - 7942 High-Pressure Density, Viscosity, and Modeling of Mixtures of a Poly(alpha-olefin) Base Oil Lubricant with Polymeric Additives
Dickmann JS, Avery K, Devlin MT, Kiran E
7943 - 7954 Hydrodynamics Characterization of the Impact of Free-Moving Particles in an Air-Lift Membrane Bioreactor
Bouayed N, Cavalier A, Lafforgue C, Dietrich N, Lee CH, Guigui C
7955 - 7964 Comparison of Slug Breakup for Confined Liquid-Liquid Flows in Serpentine Minigeometry
Verma RK, Ghosh S
7965 - 7981 Three-Dimensional VOF-DEM Model for Simulating Particle Dynamics in the Liquid Slugs of a Vertical Gas-Liquid-Solid Taylor Flow Microreactor
Ge LH, Peng ZB, Moreno-atanasio R, Doroodchi E, Evans GM
7982 - 7992 Refractive Index-Matched PIV Experiments and CFD Simulations of Mixing in a Complex Dynamic Geometry
Huang FL, Chen P, Wang JH, Li ZP, Gao ZM, Derksen JJ
7993 - 8003 Expanding SAFT-gamma Mie's Application to Dipolar Species: 2-Ketones, 3-Ketones, and Propanoate Esters
Hurter RM, Cripwell JT, Burger AJ
8004 - 8017 Correlations and Predictions for Viscosity of Binary Liquid Systems: New UNIFAC-VISCO Interaction Parameters for O, N, and S Containing Organic Liquids
Rocky MMH, Akhtar S
8018 - 8027 Attenuated Periodical Oscillation Characteristics in a Nanoscale Particle-Laden Laminar Flow
Geng JF, Tang JW, Wang YC, Huang ZX, Jing DW, Guo LJ
8028 - 8036 Molecular Insights into the Abnormal Wetting Behavior of Ionic Liquids Induced by the Solidified Ionic Layer
Wang CL, Qlan C, Li Z, Wei N, Zhang N, Wang YL, He HY
8037 - 8045 On the Reduction of Power Consumption in Vortexing Unbaffled Bioslurry Reactors
Scargiali F, Brucato A, Micale G, Tamburini A
8046 - 8065 Approximation of Scale-Up of Enzymatic Hydrolysis Process from Phenomenological-Based Semiphysical Model and Control Theory Tools
Acosta-Papas JC, Ruiz-Colorado AA
8066 - 8077 Fused Deposition Modeling 3D Printing of Novel Poly(vinyl alcohol)/Graphene Nanocomposite with Enhanced Mechanical and Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Properties
Yang L, Chen YH, Wang M, Shi SH, Jing JJ
8078 - 8085 Experimental and Theoretical Insights into the Effect of Syngas Components on Hg-0 Removal over CoMn2O4 Sorbent
Wang Z, Yang YJ, Liu J, Liu F, Yan XC
8086 - 8092 Thiourea-Based Extraction and Deposition of Gold for Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold Process
Son J, Hong YR, Yavuz CT, Han JI
8093 - 8111 Dispersion Characteristics in a Counter-Current Microstructured Slurry Bubble Column and Its Analysis Based on the Turbulence and Circulation
Prakash R, Majumder SK, Singh A
8112 - 8120 Pretreatment of Secondary Effluents in View of Optimal Ozone-Based AOP Removal of Trace Organic Contaminants: Bench-Scale Comparison of Efficiency and Energy Consumption
Liu Z, Demeestere K, Van Hulle S
8121 - 8123 General Techno-Economic Analysis of CO2 Electrolysis Systems (vol 57, pg 2165, 2018)
Jouny M, Luc W, Jiao F