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ISSN: 0888-5885 (Print) 

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6767 - 6772 CO2 Capture and Utilization Editorial
Fernandez JR, Garcia S, Sanz-Perez ES
6773 - 6794 CO2 Absorption Using Membrane Contactors: Recent Progress and Future Perspective
Chuah CY, Kim K, Lee J, Koh DY, Bae TH
6795 - 6805 Nitrogen Availability and the Nature of Extracellular Organic Matter of Microalgae
Baroni E, Cao BD, Webley PA, Scales PJ, Martin GJO
6806 - 6814 Novel Bi, BiSn, Bi2Sn, Bi3Sn, and Bi4Sn Catalysts for Efficient Electroreduction of CO2 to Formic Acid
Li QQ, Zhang YX, Zhang XR, Wang HQ, Li QY, Sheng JW, Yi J, Liu YY, Zhang JJ
6815 - 6827 Enhanced Methanol Synthesis Process via an Integrated Process Involving CO2 Hydrogenation under Plasma Conditions
Iliuta I, Larachi F
6828 - 6839 Structure of Silica Polymers and Reaction Mechanism for Formation of Silica-Rich Precipitated Phases in Direct Aqueous Carbon Mineralization
Benhelal E, Oliver TK, Farhang F, Hook JM, Rayson MS, Brent GF, Stockenhuber M, Kennedy EM
6840 - 6854 Determination of Kinetic and Diffusion Parameters Needed to Predict the Behavior of CaO-Based CO2 Sorbent and Sorbent-Catalyst Materials
Di Giuliano A, Gallucci K, Foscolo PU
6855 - 6866 Fast Adsorption Kinetics of CO2 on Solid Amine Sorbent Measured Using Microfluidized Bed Thermogravimetric Analysis
Wang SH, Li Y, Li ZS
6867 - 6873 Dimethyl Carbonate Synthesis from CO2 and Dimethoxytin(IV) Complexes: The Anatomy of the Alkylation Step Viewed from DFT Modeling
Kalhor MP, Chermette H, Ballivet-Tkatchenko D
6874 - 6885 A Thiele Modulus Approach for Nonequilibrium Adsorption Processes and Its Application to CO2 Capture
Driessen RT, Kersten SRA, Brilman DWF
6886 - 6899 Design and Operations of a 15 kW(th) Subpilot Unit for the Methane-to-Syngas Chemical Looping Process with CO2 Utilization
Park C, Hsieh TL, Pottimurthy Y, Shah V, Xu DK, Chen YY, Fan LS, Tong A
6900 - 6913 CO2 Capture Using Chemical Looping Combustion from a Biomass-Derived Syngas Feedstock: Simulation of a Riser-Downer Scaled-Up Unit
Ahmed I, de Lasa H
6914 - 6923 MnOx-Promoted, Coking-Resistant Nickel-Based Catalysts for Microwave-Initiated CO2 Utilization
Li WS, Jie XY, Wang CZ, Dilworth JR, Xu CJ, Xiao TC, Edwards PP
6924 - 6930 Spinel-Structured Ternary Ferrites as Effective Agents for Chemical Looping CO2 Splitting
Ma L, Qiu Y, Li M, Cui DX, Zhang S, Zeng DW, Xiao R
6931 - 6943 Bimetallic Ru-Mo Phosphide Catalysts for the Hydrogenation of CO2 to Methanol
Geng FY, Bonita Y, Jain V, Magiera M, Rai N, Hicks JC
6944 - 6950 Covalently Immobilized Polyethylenimine for CO2 Adsorption
Kolle JM, Sayari A
6951 - 6960 Process and Economic Evaluation of an Onboard Capture System for LNG-Fueled CO2 Carriers
Awoyomi A, Patchigolla K, Anthony EJ
6961 - 6976 Scenario Analysis of Carbon Capture, Utilization (Particularly Producing Methane and Methanol), and Storage (CCUS) Systems
Leonzio G, Foscolo PU, Zondervan E, Bogle IDL
6977 - 6993 Solar-Powered Rankine Cycle Assisted by an Innovative Calcium Looping Process as an Energy Storage System
Cannone SF, Stendardo S, Lanzini A
6994 - 7006 Design and Scheduling of Semibatch Chemical-Looping Reactors
Chen C, Bollas GM
7007 - 7020 Evaluation of a Direct Air Capture Process Combining Wet Scrubbing and Bipolar Membrane Electrodialysis
Sabatino F, Mehta M, Grimm A, Gazzani M, Gallucci F, Kramer GJ, Annaland MV
7021 - 7032 Process Integration of Chemical Looping Water Splitting with a Sintering Plant for Iron Making
Katayama K, Bahzad H, Boot-Handford M, Patzschke CF, Fennell PS
7033 - 7045 The Role of Carbon Capture and Utilization, Carbon Capture and Storage, and Biomass to Enable a Net-Zero-CO2 Emissions Chemical Industry
Gabrielli P, Gazzani M, Mazzotti M
7046 - 7053 CO2 Adsorption on Hazelnut-Shell-Derived Nitrogen-Doped Porous Carbons Synthesized by Single-Step Sodium Amide Activation
Liu SF, Ma R, Hu X, Wang LL, Wang XY, Radosz M, Fan MH
7054 - 7060 CO2 Separation via a DDR Membrane: Mutual Influence of Mixed Gas Permeation
Zito PF, Brunetti A, Drioli E, Barbieri G
7061 - 7071 CO2 Adsorption and Oxidative Degradation of Silica-Supported Branched and Linear Aminosilanes
Yoo CJ, Park SJ, Jones CW
7072 - 7079 Amine-Grafted Silica Gels for CO2 Capture Including Direct Air Capture
Anyanwu JT, Wang YR, Yang RT
7080 - 7086 IR Monitoring of Absorbent Composition and Degradation during Pilot Plant Operation
Puxty G, Bennett R, Conway W, Webster-Gardiner M, Yang Q, Pearson P, Cottrell A, Huang S, Feron P, Reynolds A, Verheyen V
7087 - 7096 CO2 Capture Using Electrochemically Mediated Amine Regeneration
Wang M, Herzog HJ, Hatton TA
7097 - 7108 How Well Do Approximate Models of Adsorption-Based CO2 Capture Processes Predict Results of Detailed Process Models?
Park J, Landa HOR, Kawajiri Y, Realff M, Lively RP, Sholl DS
7109 - 7120 Monolithic Adsorbent-Based Rapid-Cycle Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption Process for Carbon Capture from Small-Scale Steam Methane Reforming
Sharma I, Friedrich D, Golden TC, Brandani S
7121 - 7129 Process Simulations of the Direct Non-Aqueous Gas Stripping Process for CO2 Desorption
Yang JY, Yu W, Wang T, Liu ZZ, Fang MX
7130 - 7139 K2CO3-Containing Composite Sorbents Based on Thermally Modified Alumina: Synthesis, Properties, and Potential Application in a Direct Air Capture/Methanation Process
Veselovskaya JV, Lysikov AI, Netskina OV, Kuleshov DV, Okunev AG
7140 - 7150 CO2 Mineralization and Utilization Using Various Calcium-Containing Wastewater and Refining Slag via a High-Gravity Carbonation Process
Chen TL, Jiang W, Shen AL, Chen YH, Pan SY, Chiang PC
7151 - 7160 Development of 3D-Printed Polymer-MOF Monoliths for CO2 Adsorption
Lawson S, Snarzyk M, Hanify D, Rownaghi AA, Rezaei F
7161 - 7173 Performance of Activated Carbons Derived from Date Seeds in CO2 Swing Adsorption Determined by Combining Experimental and Molecular Simulation Data
Bahamon D, Ogungbenro AE, Khaleel M, Abu-Zahra MRM, Vega LF
7174 - 7181 CO2 Absorption from Gas Turbine Flue Gas by Aqueous Piperazine with Intercooling
Gao TY, Rochelle GT
7182 - 7188 CaO-Based CO2 Sorbents with a Hierarchical Porous Structure Made via Microfluidic Droplet Templating
Kurlov A, Armutlulu A, Donat F, Studart AR, Muller CR
7189 - 7197 Corrosion by Aqueous Piperazine at 40-150 degrees C in Pilot Testing of CO2 Capture
Liu CT, Fischer KB, Rochelle GT
7198 - 7211 Production of MOF Adsorbent Spheres and Comparison of Their Performance with Zeolite 13X in a Moving-Bed TSA Process for Postcombustion CO2 Capture
Mondino G, Spjelkavik AI, Didriksen T, Krishnamurthy S, Stensrod RE, Grande CA, Nord LO, Blom R
7212 - 7223 OCEAN: An Algorithm to Predict the Separation of Biogas Using Zeolites
Jaraiz-Arroyo I, Martin-Calvo A, Gutierrez-Sevillano JJ, Barranco C, Diaz-Diaz N, Calero S
7224 - 7237 Density and Phase Behavior of the CO2 + Methylbenzene System in Wide Ranges of Temperatures and Pressures
Sanchez-Vicente Y, Tay WJ, Al Ghafri SZ, Efika EC, Trusler JPM
7238 - 7246 MgO-Kaolin-Supported Manganese Ores as Oxygen Carriers for Chemical Looping Combustion
Liu L, Li ZS, Wang LJ, Zhao ZH, Li Y, Cai NS
7247 - 7254 Robust Cationic Calix[4]arene Polymer as an Efficient Catalyst for Cycloaddition of Epoxides with CO2
Zhang YW, Su KZ, Hong ZX, Han ZB, Yuan DQ
7255 - 7266 Performance Evaluation of a Cu-Based Oxygen Carrier Impregnated onto ZrO2 for Chemical-Looping Combustion (CLC)
Adanez-Rubio I, Bararpour ST, Abad A, Gayan P, Williams G, Scullard A, Mahinpey N, Adanez J
7267 - 7273 New Approach to Enhance CO2 Capture of "Molecular Basket" Sorbent by Using 3-Aminopropyltriethoxysilane to Reshape Fumed Silica Support
Wang XX, Fujii M, Wang XX, Song CS