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5439 - 5455 Functional Nanofibers and Their Applications
Lou LH, Osemwegie O, Ramkumar SS
5456 - 5465 Covalent Surface Modification of Cellulose-Based Textiles for Oil-Water Separation Applications
Dan Y, Popowski Y, Buzhor M, Menashe E, Rachmani O, Amir E
5466 - 5473 Organic-Acid-Mediated Luminescent Supramolecular Tb(III)- metallogel Applied in an Efficient Photosensitive Electronic Device with Excellent Charge Transport Properties
Dhibar S, Dey A, Majumdar S, Dey A, Ray PP, Dey B
5474 - 5481 Thermal Stabilities of MCM-41-Modified Pd/Al2O3 for Ethanol Adsorption and Oxidation
Liu JY, Li JJ, Hou XX, Xu CH, Zhang XQ, Luo LN
5482 - 5490 Adapted Receptive Field Temporal Convolutional Networks with Bar-Shaped Structures Tailored to Industrial Process Operation Models
Wang YJ, Zhang YC, Li HG
5491 - 5499 Depositing Different Carbon Species on MoP to Enhance Its Activity for Isoprene Production in Different Ways
Qi YL, Liu SJ, Cui L, Dai QQ, Bai CX
5500 - 5511 Novel Gelatin-based Eco-friendly Adhesive with a Hyperbranched Cross-linked Structure
Wang XC, Zhu JB, Liu XH, Zhang HJ, Zhu X
5512 - 5524 Engineered Phosphate Fertilizers with Dual-Release Properties
Kabiri S, Andjelkovic IB, da Silva RC, Degryse F, Baird R, Tavakkoli E, Losic D, McLaughlin MJ
5525 - 5535 Role of Calcination Temperatures of ZrO2 Support on Methanol Synthesis from CO2 Hydrogenation at High Reaction Temperatures over ZnOx/ZrO2 Catalysts
Temvuttirojn C, Poo-arporn Y, Chanlek N, Cheng CK, Chong CC, Limtrakul J, Witoon T
5536 - 5545 Reduction of Gas CO2 to CO with High Selectivity by Ag Nanocube-Based Membrane Cathodes in a Photoelectrochemical System
Lu WW, Zhang Y, Zhang JJ, Xu P
5546 - 5556 High Metal-Acid Balance and Selective Hydrogenation Activity Catalysts for Hydrocracking of 1-Methylnaphthalene to Benzene, Toluene, and Xylene
Wu T, Chen SL, Yuan GM, Pan XJ, Du JN, Zhang YT, Zhang NN
5557 - 5565 Performance of CuCl2-Modified Activated Carbon on Mercury Capture after Injection in an Entrained Flow Reactor
Chen Y, Liu H, Guo X, Wu F, Zhao YC, Zhang JY
5566 - 5575 Complete Mineralization of Fluorinated Ionic Liquids in Subcritical Water in the Presence of Potassium Permanganate
Hori H, Oishi S, Kato H, Kodama R
5576 - 5582 Effect of Particle Size of Al2O3 Binders on Acidity and Isobutane-Butene Alkylation Performance of Zeolite Y-Based Catalysts
Zhou SL, Zhang CX, Li YX, Luo YB, Shu XT
5583 - 5590 Mesoporous Co3O4 Derived from Facile Calcination of Octahedral Co-MOFs for Toluene Catalytic Oxidation
Lei J, Wang S, Li JP
5591 - 5600 Mg-Al Mixed Oxide Derived from Hydrotalcites Prepared Using the Solvent-Free Method: A Stable Acid-Base Bifunctional Catalyst for Continuous-Flow Transesterification of Dimethyl Carbonate and Ethanol
Wang HF, Liu WR, Wang YY, Tao N, Cai HH, Liu JD, Lv JH
5601 - 5614 Single-Bubble Dynamics in a Dense Phase Fluidized Sand Bed Biomass Gasification Environment
Brauer NT, Rosales BS, de Lasa H
5615 - 5623 Selective Transfer Hydrogenation and N-Formylation of Nitroarenes by a Facilely Prepared N, S Co-doped Carbon-Encapsulated Cobalt Nanoparticle Catalyst
Zhu Q, Sun X, Zhao H, Xu D, Dong ZP
5624 - 5635 Toluene Oxidation over the M-Al (M = Ce, La, Co, Ce-La, and Ce-Co) Catalysts Derived from the Modified "One-Pot" Evaporation-Induced Self-Assembly Method: Effects of Microwave or Ultrasound Irradiation and Noble-Metal Loading on Catalytic Activity and Stability
Rastegarpanah A, Meshkani F, Liu YX, Deng JG, Jing L, Pei WB, Zhang KF, Hou ZQ, Han Z, Rezaei M, Dai HX
5636 - 5647 Site-Oriented Design of High-Performance Halloysite-Supported Palladium Catalysts for Methane Combustion
Zheng Y, Wang LF, Zhong FL, Cai GH, Xiao YH, Jiang LL
5648 - 5656 Overcoming Mass Transport Limitations in Electrochemical Reactors with a Pulsating Flow Electrolyzer
Perez-Gallent E, Sanchez-Martinez C, Geers LFG, Turk S, Latsuzbaia R, Goetheer ELV
5657 - 5663 Enhanced Activity of Cu/ZnO/C Catalysts Prepared by Cold Plasma for CO2 Hydrogenation to Methanol
Luo Z, Tian SS, Wang Z
5664 - 5674 Electrochemical Conversion of CO2 to CO into a Microchannel Reactor System in the Case of Aqueous Electrolyte
Zhang FH, Jin ZC, Chen CZ, Tang YL, Mahyoub S, Yan SL, Cheng ZM
5675 - 5685 A Density Functional Theory Modeling on the Framework Stability of Al-Rich Cu-SSZ-13 Zeolite Modified by Metal Ions
Li SH, Kong HY, Zhang WP
5686 - 5698 Effect of Rare Earth Metal (RE = La, Pr, Nd, Y) Doping on Co-Ce Composite Oxide and Its Application in Catalytic Combustion of Chlorobenzene
Zhu L, Pan SL, Liu ZY, Wei P, Liu ZY, Yu P, Xu YH
5699 - 5711 Identification of Optimal Catalyst Distributions in Heat-Exchanger Reactors
Venkateswaran S, Wilhite B, Kravaris C
5712 - 5719 Synthesis of USY Zeolite with a High Mesoporous Content by Introducing Sn and Enhanced Catalytic Performance
Meng B, Ren SY, Liu XY, Zhang L, Hu QX, Wang JJ, Guo QX, Shen BJ
5720 - 5724 Fluid-Solid Reaction Kinetics for Solids of Nonbasic Geometries: Comparison of the Sohn-Wall Method and the Shape-Factor Method
Sohn HY, Roy S
5725 - 5735 Oxygen-Vacancy-Rich BiO2-x/Ag3PO4/CNT Composite for Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) Removal via Visible and Near-Infrared Light Irradiation
Jin JF, Sun JS, Lv KH, Guo X, Liu J, Bai YR, Huang XB, Liu JP, Wang JT
5736 - 5744 Efficient Preparation of Bio-based n-Butane Directly from Levulinic Acid over Pt/C
Jiang J, Li T, Huang KX, Sun GY, Zheng J, Chen JL, Yang WR
5745 - 5751 Improving the Crystallinity and Purity of Monodisperse Ag Fine Particles by Heating Colloidal Sprays In-Flight
Ogi T, Fukazawa H, Rahmatika AM, Hirano T, Cao KL, Iskandar F
5752 - 5759 Sandwich-Structured Transition Metal Oxide/Graphene/Carbon Nanotube Composite Yarn Electrodes for Flexible Two-Ply Yarn Supercapacitors
Zhou Q, Chen XH, Su FH, Lyu XM, Miao MH
5760 - 5767 Synthesis and Characterization of Alginate-Silica Gel Composites for Adsorption Dehumidification
Zheng X, Chen K, Lin Z
5768 - 5774 Dehydration of Cations Inducing Fast Ion Transfer and High Electrical Capacitance Performance on Graphene Electrode in Aqueous Electrolytes
Faraezi S, Khan MS, Ohba T
5775 - 5785 Preparation of Porous Carbons from Petroleum Pitch and Polyaniline by Thermal Treatment for Methane Storage
Quirant PN, Cuadrado-Collados C, Romero-Anaya AJ, Albero JS, Escandell MM
5786 - 5796 Beyond Idealized Models of Nanoscale Metal Hydrides for Hydrogen Storage
Wood BC, Heo TW, Kang SY, Wan LWF, Li SC
5797 - 5807 Properties of Polydimethylsiloxane Modified by Blending with Polyvinylpyrrolidone and a Poly(ethylene oxide)-Poly(propylene oxide) Triblock Copolymer
Tsoka M, Oikonomou P, Papadokostaki KG, Sanopoulou M
5818 - 5827 Highly Efficient Three-Dimensional Gas Barrier Network for Biodegradable Nanocomposite Films at Extremely Low Loading Levels of Graphene Oxide Nanosheets
Xu PP, Zhang SM, Huang HD, Xu L, Zhong GJ, Li ZM
5828 - 5837 Enhanced Performance in Uranium Extraction by Quaternary Ammonium-Functionalized Amidoxime-Based Fibers
Ao JX, Han JG, Xu X, Qi SM, Ma L, Wang ZQ, Zhang L, Li QN, Xu L, Ma HJ
5838 - 5847 Selective Microwave Sintering to Prepare Multifunctional Poly(ether imide) Bead Foams Based on Segregated Carbon Nanotube Conductive Network
Feng D, Liu PJ, Wang Q
5848 - 5857 600 nm Irradiation-Induced Efficient Photocatalytic CO2 Reduction by Ultrathin Layered Double Hydroxide Nanosheets
Bai S, Wang ZL, Tan L, Waterhouse GIN, Zhao YF, Song YF
5858 - 5864 Engineering C-N Moieties in Branched Nitrogen-Doped Graphite Tubular Foam toward Stable Li+-Storage at Low Temperature
Lu F, Liu JL, Xia J, Yang YJ, Wang X
5865 - 5876 Adaptive Impulsive Offset-Free MPC to Handle Parameter Variations for Type 1 Diabetes Treatment
Villa-Tamayo MF, Rivadeneira PS
5877 - 5890 Autothermal Operation Strategies of Chemical Looping Processes for Hydrogen Generation: Process Simulation, Parametric Studies, and Exergy Analysis
Zhang YT, Kong FH, Tong A, Fan LS
5891 - 5904 Fault Detection with Data Imbalance Conditions Based on the Improved Bilayer Convolutional Neural Network
Wang J, Zhang WQ, Zhou JL
5905 - 5920 Optimal Design of a UF-RO Treatment System for Shale Gas Fracturing Flowback Wastewater
Zhang Z, Deng C, Chang CL, Kong FX, Lee JY, Ng DKS, Feng X
5921 - 5930 Synthesis of Alternative Cost-Effective Process Flowsheets for Lactic Acid Valorization by Means of the P-Graph Methodology
Pimentel J, Rodriguez G, Gil I
5931 - 5944 Evaluation of Solvent Recovery Options for Economic Feasibility through a Superstructure-Based Optimization Framework
Chea JD, Lehr AL, Stengel JP, Savelski MJ, Slater CS, Yenkie KM
5945 - 5955 MINLP Optimization of Side-Reactor Column Configuration Based upon Improved Bat Algorithm
Lu JW, Kong Q, Zhang ZX, Tang JH, Cui MF, Chen X, Liu Q, Fei ZY, Qiao X
5956 - 5968 Two-Step Localized Kernel Principal Component Analysis Based Incipient Fault Diagnosis for Nonlinear Industrial Processes
Deng XG, Cai PP, Cao YP, Wang P
5969 - 5984 Optimal Scheduling of a District Heat System with a Combined Heat and Power Plant Considering Pipeline Dynamics
Merkert L, Castro PM
5985 - 5995 Optimization Approach to Identify Fair Solutions in the Synthesis of Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen Symbiosis Networks
Juarez-Garcia M, Munguia-Lopez AD, Ponce-Ortega JM
5996 - 6006 Modeling and Simulation of an Industrial Formaldehyde Absorption System
Braz CG, Lutters N, Rocha J, Alvim R, Kenig EY, Matos HA
6007 - 6020 Improved Design of Maximum-Boiling Phenol/Cyclohexanone Separation with Experimentally Verified Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Behaviors
Wang YH, Khudaida SH, Ong JY, Lee MJ, Chien IL
6021 - 6032 Nonlinear Process Quality Prediction Using Wavelet Denoising OSC-SVM-PLS
Yang F, Li X, Bai JJ, Zhang RD, Gao FR
6033 - 6042 Preparation of Surface Ion-Imprinted Materials Based on Modified Chitosan for Highly Selective Recognition and Adsorption of Nickel Ions in Aqueous Solutions
Liu W, Zhang MH, Liu XT, Zhang HW, Jiao J, Zhu HY, Zhou ZY, Ren ZQ
6043 - 6052 Enhancement of CO2 Adsorption Performance on Hydrotalcites Impregnated with Alkali Metal Nitrate Salts and Carbonate Salts
Sun LL, Yang Y, Ni HO, Liu DF, Sun Z, Li P, Yu JG
6053 - 6064 Experimental and Simulation Study on CO2 Adsorption Dynamics of a Zeolite 13X Column during Blowdown and Pressurization: Implications of Scaleup on CO2 Capture Vacuum Swing Adsorption Cycle
Ahn H, Hong SH, Zhang YX, Lee CH
6065 - 6077 Simultaneous Removal of Phenol and Pb2+ from the Mixed Solution by Zwitterionic Poly(sulfobetaine methacrylate)-Grafted Poly(vinylbenzyl chloride) Microspheres
Wang HZ, Jiang DB, Gu JT, Ouyang LK, Zhang YX, Yuan SJ
6078 - 6089 UV Cross-Linked Poly(ethylene glycol)-Based Membranes with Different Fractional Free Volumes for CO2 Capture: Synthesis, Characterization, and Thiol-ene Modification Evaluation
Norouzbahari S, Gharibi R
6090 - 6101 Thermodynamics Foundation and Separation Process Design for Production of Propionic Acid from Ethanol Carbonylation Catalyzed by Iodide
Li H, Na J, Cong HF, Wu LQ, Zhao L, Li XG, Gao X
6102 - 6111 Screening and Manipulation of L-Glutamic Acid Polymorphs by Antisolvent Crystallization in an Easy-to-Use Microfluidic Device
Shi HH, Li F, Huang X, Wang T, Bao Y, Yin QX, Xie C, Hao HX
6112 - 6122 Effective Control of Vapor Recompression-Assisted Dividing Wall Column with a Middle Partition
Gao LR, Xu LH, Yin XH, Xia M, Yuan XG
6123 - 6129 Direct Functionalization of the Open Metal Sites in Rare Earth-Based Metal-Organic Frameworks Used for the Efficient Separation of Ethylene
He CH, Wang Y, Chen Y, Wang XQ, Yang JF, Li LB, Li JP
6130 - 6140 Facile Generation of Durable Superhydrophobic Fabrics toward Oil/Water Separation via Thiol-Ene Click Chemistry
Fang YF, Liu C, Li M, Miao XM, Pei YB, Yan Y, Xiao WJ, Wu LB
6141 - 6153 Upgrading of Nondewatered Nondemetallized Lignocellulosic Biocrude from Hydrothermal Liquefaction Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
Montesantos N, Nielsen RP, Maschietti M
6154 - 6163 CO2 Separation Performance of Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework-8 Porous Slurry in a Pilot-Scale Packed Tower
Li H, Liu B, Yang MK, Zhu D, Huang ZX, Chen W, Yang LY, Chen GJ
6164 - 6171 Synthesis and Adsorption Performance of Ag/gamma-Al2O3 with High Adsorption Capacities for Dibenzyl Disulfide
Qian YH, Wu J, Lv DF, Xu CC, Wu J, Zhao YH, Xia QB
6172 - 6182 Robust Superhydrophobic Composite Featuring Three-Dimensional Porous Metal Rubber with an Embedded Carbon Nanofiber Network for Emulsion Separation
Yang Y, Ren ZY, Zhao SY, Guo ZG
6183 - 6193 Extractive Distillation Configuration for Nitric Acid Dehydration Using Sulfuric Acid as a Solvent
Ghuge PD, Mali NA, Joshi SS
6194 - 6201 Porous Carbons Derived from Sustainable Biomass via a Facile One-Step Synthesis Strategy as Efficient CO2 Adsorbents
Yang PP, Rao LL, Zhu WQ, Wang LL, Ma R, Chen FY, Lin GR, Hu X
6202 - 6209 Room-Temperature Synthesis of Pyr(1/3 )@Cu-BTC with Enhanced Stability and Its Excellent Performance for Separation of Propylene/Propane
Sun YW, Ke ZF, Tang YN, Wang S, Wu Y, Xia QB, Li Z
6210 - 6218 PIM-1/PAN Thin-Film Composite Hollow Fiber Membrane as Structured Packings for Isopropanol (IPA)/Water Distillation
Zhang X, Hou R, Zhang J, Meng Q, Chong S, Zhang GL
6219 - 6225 Oxygen-Selective Adsorption Property of Ultramicroporous MOF Cu(Qc)(2) for Air Separation
Tang YN, Wang X, Wen YJ, Zhou X, Li Z
6226 - 6235 Biomimetic Mineralization to Fabricate Superhydrophilic and Underwater Superoleophobic Filter Mesh for Oil-Water Separations
Liao R, Ma K, Tang SY, Liu CJ, Yue HR, Liang B
6236 - 6246 Noninvasive Differential Pressure Technique for Bubble Characterization in High-Temperature Opaque Systems
Sun ZT, Parkinson B, Agbede OO, Hellgardt K
6247 - 6257 Motion of Nanofluid Droplets through Immiscible Quiescent Liquid: An Experimental Study
Dhindsa A, Wanchoo RK, Toor AP
6258 - 6268 Predicting the Mixing Time of Soft Elastic Reactors: Physical Models and Empirical Correlations
Delaplace G, Liu MH, Jeantet R, Xiao J, Chen XD
6269 - 6278 Prediction of Gas Hydrate Formation Conditions in the Presence of Electrolytes Using an N-NRTL-NRF Activity Coefficient Model
Li SG, Li YJ, Wang JQ, Ge K, Yang LB
6279 - 6287 Solubility and Diffusivity of Hydrofluoroolefin Refrigerants in a Polyol Ester Lubricant
Morais ARC, Simoni LD, Scurto AM, Shiflett MB
6288 - 6300 Mathematical Modeling of Emulsion Solvent Diffusion for Spherical Crystallization: How To Deconvolute Primary Crystal Size Distribution from Agglomerate Size Distribution?
Pal K, Ramkrishna D, Nagy ZK
6301 - 6308 Coaxial Electrospinning: Jet Motion, Core-Shell Fiber Morphology, and Structure as a Function of Material Parameters
Li MS, Zheng YS, Xin BJ, Xu YQ
6309 - 6317 A New Adenine-Derived Physical Dispersion System for Graphene/Polyimide Composites
Lu Z, Zeng K, Liu ZZ, Liu Y, Peng WF, Hu JH, Yang G
6318 - 6328 Aqueous Two-Phase Systems: A Correlation Analysis
Gonzalez-Amado M, Rodriguez O, Soto A, Carbonell-Hermida P, Olaya MD, Marcilla A
6329 - 6335 Fault Detection Based on a Manifold Learning Bilinear Regression Method
Feng L, Liu ZY, Zhang YW
6336 - 6344 Corresponding-States Model for the Correlation and Prediction of the Surface Tension of Silanes
Yang SG, Tian JX, Jiang H, Mulero A, Cachadina I