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Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, Vol.59, No.11 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0888-5885 (Print) 

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4843 - 4853 Ethanol as a Renewable Building Block for Fuels and Chemicals
Dagle RA, Winkelman AD, Ramasamy KK, Dagle VL, Weber RS
4854 - 4863 Turning Waste into Valuable Catalysts: Application of Surface-Modified Sewage Sludge in N-H Insertion Reaction
Yi XY, Yu Y, Huang F, Ding TX, Zhang ZP, Feng JJ, Baell JB, Huang H
4864 - 4871 Selective Deoxygenation of Lignin-Derived Phenols and Dimeric Ethers with Protic Ionic Liquids
Yang SQ, Cai GM, Lu XM, Wang CG, Feng M, Xu JL, Zhou Q, Xin JY, Ma LL
4872 - 4880 Prussian Blue Decoration on Polyacrylonitrile Nanofibers Using Polydopamine for Effective Cs Ion Removal
Gwon YJ, Lee JJ, Lee KW, Ogden MD, Harwood LM, Lee TS
4881 - 4894 Tailoring SPEEK/SPVdF-co-HFP/La2Zr2O7 Ternary Composite Membrane for Cation Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells
Mariappan RP, Liu CF, Cao GZ, Manimuthu RP
4895 - 4904 Facile and Efficient Two-Step Formation of a Renewable Monomer 2,5-Furandicarboxylic Acid from Carbohydrates over the NiOx Catalyst
Liu H, Li WL, Zuo M, Tang X, Zeng XH, Sun Y, Lei TZ, Fang HY, Li TY, Lin L
4905 - 4911 Highly Efficient Production of 5-Methoxymethylfurfural from Fructose in Dimethyl Sulfoxide/Amberlyst-15 Catalytic System
Yang H, Zhou F, Chen H, Li J, Ma HX, Chen KQ, Lu XY, Ouyang PK, Fu J
4912 - 4923 Detailed Reaction Mechanism To Predict Ammonia Destruction in the Thermal Section of Sulfur Recovery Units
Ibrahim S, Al Hamadi M, Raj A
4924 - 4935 Application of a CO2 Pressure Swing Saturation Strategy in PP Semi-Solid-State Batch Foaming: Evaluation of Foamability by Experiments and Numerical Simulations
Chen YC, Xia CZ, Liu T, Hu DD, Xu ZM, Zhao L
4936 - 4944 Reprocessable Epoxy Resins Based on Hydroxy-Thioester and Thiol-Thioester Dual Exchanges
Yang YM, Song QF, Li CM, Tan JJ, Xue Y, Su ZZ, Zhang GX, Zhang QY
4945 - 4957 Noncovalent Graphene Oxide Functionalized with Ionic Liquid: Theoretical, Isotherm, Kinetics, and Regeneration Studies on the Adsorption of Pharmaceuticals
Lawal IA, Lawal MM, Akpotu SO, Okoro HK, Klink M, Ndungu P
4958 - 4967 Kaolin/CaAlg Hydrogel Thin Membrane with Controlled Thickness, High Mechanical Strength, and Good Repetitive Adsorption Performance for Dyes
Bai T, Zhao KY, Gao QS, Qi M, Zhang Y, Lu ZJ, Zhao H, Gao HH, Wei JF
4968 - 4976 One-Step Facile Synthesis of Fluorescent Carbon Dots via Magnetic Hyperthermia Method
Ling LT, Zhu ZJ, Shen HX, Cheng R, Ye HG, Li Q, Wang CF, Chen S
4977 - 4986 Access to Highly Tough Hydrogels by Polymer Modules for Application of Catalytic Reactors
Niu XF, Wang Y, Xu CY, Fu ZN, Bai SY, Wang J, Wang YM, Guo XH
4987 - 4999 Modeling and Optimization of the Cement Calcination Process for Reducing NOx Emission Using an Improved Just-In-Time Gaussian Mixture Regression
Zheng JQ, Du WL, Lang ZQ, Qian F
5000 - 5009 Batch-to-Batch and Within-Batch Input Trajectory Adjustment Based on the Probabilistic Latent Variable Model
Zhao ZG, Wu J, Li QH, Liu F
5010 - 5021 Variable-Scale Probabilistic Just-in-Time Learning for Soft Sensor Development with Missing Data
Huang HJ, Peng X, Jiang C, Li Z, Zhong WM
5022 - 5031 Simultaneous Optimization of Structure and Operation for Coking Wastewater Biological Treatment Process
Yue JX, Zhao YH, Sheng YX, Cao HB, Wen H
5032 - 5046 Evolutionary Algorithm Based Multiobjective Optimization of Vapor Recompressed Batch Extractive Distillation: Assessing Economic Potential and Environmental Impact
Parhi SS, Pramanik A, Rangaiah GP, Jana AK
5047 - 5055 Process Design and Comprehensive Analysis of the Ethanol Amination Process to Improve Acetonitrile Production
Yang X, Wang S, Li GX, Zhao F, Feng Z, Chen XN, Zhu ZY, Wang YL, Gao J
5056 - 5071 Primary Drying Optimization in Pharmaceutical Freeze-Drying: A Multivial Stochastic Modeling Framework
Bano G, De-Luca R, Tomba E, Marcelli A, Bezzo F, Barolo M
5072 - 5086 Abnormal Condition Identification via OVR-IRBF-NN for the Process Industry with Imprecise Data and Semantic Information
Yuan J, Wang S, Wang FL, Zhang SM
5087 - 5102 Design of a Switching Control Strategy for Time-Varying Delay Batch Processes Using Fault Probability-Based Average Dwell Time Method
Wang LM, Li BY, Zhang RD, Gao FR
5103 - 5113 Integrating Data-Driven Modeling with First-Principles Knowledge
Patel N, Nease J, Aumi S, Ewaschuk C, Luo J, Mhaskar P
5114 - 5123 Scale-Up of a Rotating Packed Bed Reactor with a Mesh-Pin Rotor: (I) Hydrodynamic Studies
Liu W, Luo Y, Liu YZ, Chu GW
5124 - 5132 Scale-Up of a Rotating Packed Bed Reactor with a Mesh-Pin Rotor: (II) Mass Transfer and Application
Liu W, Luo Y, Li YB, Chu GW
5133 - 5141 Modeling Highly Cross-Linked Epoxy Resins in Solvents of Different Polarities with PC-SAFT
Krenn P, Zimmermann P, Fischlschweiger M, Zeiner T
5142 - 5157 Vapor-Liquid Equilibria of the Ionic Liquid 1-Hexyl-3-methylimidazolium Triflate (C-6 mimTfO) with n-Alkyl Alcohols
Stuckenholz M, Stodt MFB, Schroer W, Kiefer J, Rathke B
5158 - 5166 Quantitative Characterization of Foam Transient Structure in Porous Media and Analysis of Its Flow Behavior Based on Fractal Theory
Wang F, Du DX, Bi HS, Wang HX, Chen HL, Li HF
5167 - 5176 Ammonia Synthesis via Atmospheric Plasma Catalysis: Zeolite 5A, a Case of Study
Shah JR, Gorky F, Lucero J, Carreon MA, Carreon ML
5177 - 5185 Distribution of SO2 Oxidation Products in the SCR of NO over V2O5/TiO2 Catalysts at Different Temperatures
Li YR, Xiong J, Lin YT, Guo JX, Zhu TY
5186 - 5193 Boost Effect of Water-Soluble Polymers on Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Lignocellulosic Biomass
Pallapolu VR, Shi S, Kang L, Kothari U, Li J
5194 - 5201 Preferential Nitrate Removal from Water Using a New Recyclable Polystyrene Adsorbent Functionalized with Triethylamine Groups
Yang WL, Wang JC, Shi XX, Tang H, Wang XZ, Wang SS, Zhang WM, Lu JL