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ISSN: 0888-5885 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Pilot-Plant Production of High-Performance Silicon Nanowires by Molten Salt Electrolysis of Silica
Yu ZL, Wang N, Fang S, Qi XP, Gao ZF, Yang JY, Lu SG
9 - 17 Method To Synthesize Micronized Spherical Carbon Particles from Lignin
Ho HC, Bonnesen PV, Nguyen NA, Cullen DA, Uhrig D, Goswami M, Keum JK, Naskar AK
18 - 24 Effects of Amine and Phenolic Based Antioxidants on the Stability of Babassu Biodiesel Using Rancimat and Differential Scanning Calorimetry Techniques
Figueredo ID, Rios MAD, Cavalcante CL, Luna FMT
25 - 33 Mechanism of Glycine Crystal Adhesion and Clogging in a Continuous Tubular Crystallizer
Wang Y, Su M, Bai YX
34 - 41 Promotional Effect of Preparation Methods on Catalytic Reduction of NO by CO over CoCeOx, Catalysts
Zeng J, Zhong XM, Yu J, Zhang T, Wang YZ, Chang HZ
42 - 51 Compartmentalization of Biocatalysts by Immobilizing Bienzyme in Hollow ZIF-8 for Colorimetric Detection of Glucose and Phenol
Liu HJ, Du YJ, Gao J, Zhou LY, He Y, Ma L, Liu GH, Huang ZH, Jiang YJ
52 - 60 Hydrogen Partitioning as a Function of Time-on-Stream for an Unpromoted Iron-Based Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis Catalyst Applied to CO Hydrogenation
Davidson A, Webb PB, Parker SF, Lennon D
61 - 70 Mechanism of Elemental Mercury Oxidation over Copper-Based Oxide Catalysts: Kinetics and Transient Reaction Studies
Zhang Q, Mei J, Sun PX, Zhao H, Guo YF, Yang SJ
71 - 80 Correlating Oxygen Species with Product Selectivity for Dehydrogenation of Butane over Titanium Mixed Oxide Catalysts
Shao MY, Hu CQ, Sun JH, Xu SH, Xiang MQ, Zhu QS
81 - 87 Hydrophilic Pd/MgO Nanosystem for the Highly Efficient Aqueous-Phase Catalysis of Suzuki-Miyaura Reactions
Chen J, Zhang MS, Pang C, Xiang FW, Zhu MJ, Ma XC, Chang GG, Yin WY
88 - 98 Enhanced Hydroformylation in a Continuous Flow Microreactor System
Wang SJ, Zhang J, Peng F, Tang ZY, Sun YH
99 - 109 Postsynthesis Oxygen Nonstoichiometric Regulation: A New Strategy for Performance Enhancement of Perovskites in Advanced Oxidation
Miao J, Li J, Dai J, Guan DQ, Zhou C, Zhou W, Duan XG, Wang SB, Shao ZP
110 - 117 Cu(II)Cu(I)/AC Catalysts for Gas-Solid Acetylene Dimerization
Li CC, Luo J, Zhang QX, Xie JW, Zhang JL, Dai B
118 - 128 Enhancing Oxygen Vacancies of Ce-OMS-2 via Optimized Hydrothermal Conditions to Improve Catalytic Ozone Decomposition
Yang L, Ma JZ, Li XT, Zhang CB, He H
129 - 136 Template-Oriented Synthesis of Fe-N-Codoped Graphene Nanoshells Derived from Petroleum Pitch for Efficient Nitroaromatics Reduction
Ma TW, Tan XJ, Zhao S, Wu ZZ, Cao FL, Liu JY, Wu XC, Liu H, Wang XB, Ning H, Wu MB
137 - 145 Anion-Exchange Membrane Electrode Assembled Photoelectrochemical Cell with a Visible Light Responsive Photoanode for Simultaneously Treating Wastewater and Generating Electricity
Feng H, Chen M, Chen R, Zhu X, Liao Q, Ye DD, Zhang B, An L, Yu YX, Zhang W
146 - 153 Rapid Preparation of Activated Carbon Fiber Felt under Microwaves: Pore Structures, Adsorption of Tetracycline in Water, and Mechanism
Ge YY, Cheng B, Wang XF, Zhao T
154 - 165 Sandwich-like Magnetic Graphene Papers Prepared with MOF-Derived Fe3O4-C for Absorption-Dominated Electromagnetic Interference Shielding
Fei Y, Liang M, Chen Y, Zou HW
166 - 174 Mussel-Inspired Highly Stretchable, Tough Nanocomposite Hydrogel with Self-Healable and Near-Infrared Actuated Performance
Feng ZB, Zuo HL, Hu J, Gao WS, Yu B, Ning NY, Tian M, Zhang LQ
175 - 182 Highly Crystallized C-Doped Nickel Oxide Nanoparticles for p-Type Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells with Record Open-Circuit Voltage Breaking 0.5 V
Wang DT, Yang HZ, Bai X, Xing YR, Hu X, Su JQ, Xu ZQ, Ye XY, Bi SQ, Zhang XX, Fang YZ, Zhao JS
183 - 193 Integration of Polydopamine and Fe3O4 Nanoparticles with Graphene Oxide to Fabricate an Efficient Recoverable Catalyst for the Degradation of Sulfadiazine
Gholami P, Khataee A, Vahid B
194 - 204 Insight into a Sustainable Application of Spent Lithium-Ion Cobaltate Batteries: Preparation of a Cobalt-Based Oxide Catalyst and Its Catalytic Performance in Toluene Oxidation
Guo MM, Li K, Liu LZ, Zhang HB, Guo WM, Hu XF, Min X, Jia JP, Sun TH
205 - 214 Preparation of Damping Structural Integrated Epoxy Resin via "Rigid-Structure Dilution" and the Study on Dangling Chains Involved Segment Interactions
Zhou J, Heng ZG, Wu H, Zhang HR, Chen Y, Zhou ST, Zou HW, Liang M
215 - 225 Correlation between the Degree of Alkylation and Tribological Properties of Amino-PEG2-amine-Based Organic Friction Modifiers
Hu WJ, Zhang ZJ, Zeng XQ, Li JS
226 - 235 One-Step Activation Synthesized Hierarchical Porous Carbon Spheres from Resorcinol-Thiourea-Formaldehyde for Electrochemical Capacitors
Qiu WW, Zhao JL, Song XD, Mao Q, Ren SZ, Hao C, Xiao YH
236 - 244 Anodic Coating of 1.4622 Stainless Steel with Polydopamine by Repetitive Cyclic Voltammetry and Galvanostatic Deposition
Schindler S, Aguilo-Aguayo N, Dornbierer U, Bechtold T
245 - 252 Quantitative Correlations for the Durability of Zeolitic Imidazolate Frameworks in Humid SO2
Bhattacharyya S, Sholl DS, Nair S
253 - 264 110th Anniversary: A Generalized Nonsmooth Operator for Process Integration
Nielsen CJ, Barton PI
265 - 280 110th Anniversary: Integration of Scheduling and Robust Model Predictive Control
Dias LS, Ierapetritou MG
281 - 298 Gasoline Blend Planning under Demand Uncertainty: Aggregate Supply-Demand Pinch Algorithm with Rolling Horizon
Jalanko M, Mahalec V
299 - 307 Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Biosolid Gasification: Equilibrium-Based Modeling with Emphasis on the Effects of Different Pretreatment Methods
Abdelrahim A, Brachi P, Ruoppolo G, Di Fraia S, Vanoli L
308 - 317 Impact of MOF-5 on Pyrrolidinium-Based Poly(ionic liquid)/Ionic Liquid Membranes for Biogas Upgrading
Sampaio AM, Nabais AR, Tome LC, Neves LA
318 - 328 Adsorption of Gold Ions onto Sericin and Alginate Particles Chemically Crosslinked by Proanthocyanidins: a Complete Fixed-Bed Column Study
Santos NTD, Landers R, da Silva MGC, Vieira MGA
329 - 340 Synergistic Enhancement of the Extraction and Separation Efficiencies of Lanthanoid(III) Ions by the Formation of Charged Adducts in an Ionic Liquid
Okamura H, Mizuno M, Hirayama N, Shimojo K, Naganawa H, Imura H
341 - 365 110th Anniversary: Gas and Vapor Sorption in Glassy Polymeric Membranes-Critical Review of Different Physical and Mathematical Models
Minelli M, Sarti GC
366 - 378 Strong Influence of Amine Grafting on MIL-101 (Cr) Metal-Organic Framework with Exceptional CO2/N-2 Selectivity
Pirzadeh K, Ghoreyshi AA, Rohani S, Rahimnejad M
379 - 388 Parametric Effects on Interface Evolution and Heat Transfer in Droplet Impact on Flowing Liquid Film
Liang GT, Chen LZ, Wang TJ, Shen SQ
389 - 398 Innovative Metallic Microfluidic Device for Intensified Biodiesel Production
Costa JM, Naveira-Cotta CP, de Moraes DB, Neto PI, Maia IA, da Silva JVL, Alves H, Tiwari MK, de Souza CG
399 - 412 Modeling Polymer Crystallization Kinetics in the Meltblowing Process
Ghosal A, Chen KL, Ray SS, Yarin AL, Pourdeyhimi B
413 - 422 General Perturbation Scheme to Model Activities in Poorly Specified Liquid Mixtures
Baumeister E, Burger J
423 - 436 Determination of Multiphase Boundaries for Pressure-Temperature (P-T) and Enthalpy-Temperature (H-T) Phase Diagrams of C3H8/CO2/Water/Heavy Oil Systems at High Pressures and Elevated Temperatures
Huang DS, Li XL, Yang DY
437 - 449 Quantitative Study of the Gas-Solids Flow and Its Heterogeneity/Nonuniformity in a 14 m Two-Dimensional CFB Riser Reactor
Wang CX, Zhang JZ, Lan XY, Gao JS, Zhu J
450 - 457 Microfluidic Study of Fracture Dissolution in Carbonate-Rich Caprocks Subjected to CO2-Charged Brine
Fazeli H, Nooraiepour M, Hellevang H
458 - 463 Antimicrobial Waterborne Polyurethanes Based on Quaternary Ammonium Compounds
Wang Y, Chen R, Li T, Ma PM, Zhang HJ, Du ML, Chen MQ, Dong WF
464 - 474 Development of Consequent Models for Three Categories of Fire through Artificial Neural Networks
Sun Y, Wang JY, Zhu W, Yuan S, Hong YZ, Mannan MS, Wilhite B
475 - 483 Layer-by-Layer Assembly of Aerogel and Alginate toward Self-Extinguishing Flexible Polyurethane Foam
Hai Y, Wang CH, Jiang SH, Liu XY
484 - 490 Primary Nucleation of Benzoic Acid in Aqueous Ethanol Solution
Zhao Y, Hou GY, Kamaraju VK, He YL, Power G, Glennon B
491 - 496 Hydrothermal Decomposition of Cobalt Hydroxide in Saturated Water Vapor
Dwivedi A, Sharma BK, Rajagopalan N, Sinha S
497 - 498 Comment on "Easily Regenerative Carbon/Boehmite Composites with Enhanced Cyclic Adsorption Performance towards Methylene Blue in Batch and Continuous Aqueous Systems" and "Highly Enhanced Adsorption of Dimethyl Disulfide from Model Oil on MOF-199/Attapulgite Composites"
Chu KH, Zhao B
499 - 499 Reply to "Comment on 'Easily Regenerative Carbon/Boehmite Composites with Enhanced Cyclic Adsorption Performance towards Methylene Blue in Batch and Continuous Aqueous Systems' and 'Highly Enhanced Adsorption of Dimethyl Disulfide from Model Oil on MOF-199/Attapulgite Composites'"
Yang JY, Du L, Xu XR
500 - 501 Reply to "Comment on 'Easily Regenerative Carbon/Boehmite Composites with Enhanced Cyclic Adsorption Performance towards Methylene Blue in Batch and Continuous Aqueous Systems' and 'Highly Enhanced Adsorption of Dimethyl Disulfide from Model Oil on MOF-199/Attapulgite Composites'"
Han BW, Cai WQ, Yang ZC
502 - 502 A Study on CO2 Decomposition to CO and O-2 by the Combination of Catalysis and Dielectric-Barrier Discharges at Low Temperatures and Ambient Pressure (vol 56, pg 3204, 2017)
Zhang K, Zhang GR, Liu XT, Phan AN, Luo K, Akay G
503 - 505 Systems Design and Economic Analysis of Direct Air Capture of CO2 through Temperature Vacuum Swing Adsorption Using MIL-101(Cr)-PEI-800 and mmen-Mg-2(dobpdc) MOF Adsorbents (vol 56, pg 750, 2017)
Sinha A, Darunte LA, Jones CW, Realff MJ, Kawajiri Y