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22663 - 22701 Advances in Ablative Composites of Carbon Based Materials: A Review
Kumar CV, Kandasubramanian B
22702 - 22708 Confined NiRu Bimetallic Catalysts for the Hydrogenation of Dimethyl Terephthalate to Dimethyl Cyclohexane-1,4-dicarboxylate
Jia HM, Yang ZX, Yun XH, Lei XD, Kong XG, Zhang FZ
22709 - 22717 Composition-Controlled CdS/ZnS Heterostructure Nanocomposites for Efficient Visible Light Photocatalytic Hydrogen Generation
Kundu J, Satpathy BK, Pradhan D
22718 - 22740 High-Pressure Electrochemical Reduction of CO2 to Formic Add/Formate: Effect of pH on the Downstream Separation Process and Economics
Ramdin M, Morrison ART, de Groen M, van Haperen R, de Kler R, Irtem E, Laitinen AT, van den Broeke LJP, Breugelmans T, Trusler JPM, de Jong W, Vlugt TJH
22741 - 22753 Electrochemical Performance and Molecular Structure of Diluted 1-Alkyl-3-methylimidazolium Tetrafluoroborate Ionic Liquids and Their Mixture as Electrolytes for Double-Layer Capacitors: An Integrated Approach by Electrochemical Characterization and Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Mahanta U, Kundu D, Venkatesh RP, Sujatha S, Ilangovan SA, Banerjee T
22754 - 22762 Novel Nopinone-Based Turn-on Fluorescent Probe for Hydrazine in Living Cells with High Selectivity
Li MX, He JF, Wang ZL, Jiang Q, Yang HY, Song J, Yang YQ, Xu X, Wang SF
22763 - 22770 Mechanism and Kinetics Study on Low-Temperature NH3-SCR Over Manganese-Cerium Composite Oxide Catalysts
Lin F, Wang QL, Zhang JC, Jin J, Lu SY, Yan JH
22771 - 22778 Carbon Dots as Cosensitizers in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells and Fluorescence Chemosensors for 2,4,6-Trinitrophenol Detection
Bora A, Mohan K, Dolui SK
22779 - 22790 Anticorrosion Performance and Application of a Mixed-Valence (MnxMn0.05-x2+Zn0.95O)-Mn-0 Solid Solution Induced by Magnetic Doping
Zhang JY, Zhou D, Sun YS, Lu Y, Liu JK
22791 - 22803 Upgrading of Kraft Lignin-Derived Bio-Oil over Hierarchical and Nonhierarchical Ni and/or Zn/HZSM5 Catalysts
Agarwal A, Park SJ, Park JH
22804 - 22810 Enhanced Structural, Electrochemical, and Electrode Kinetic Properties of Na0.5Ni0.2Mg0.1Mn0.7O2 Material for Sodium-Ion Battery Applications
Zhang J, Yuan HY, Yang ZL, Huang YP, Kan ST, Wu YF, He P, Liu HT
22811 - 22819 Separation of Cytidine 5 '-Monophosphate and Guanosine 5 '-Monophosphate Based on the Hyper-Cross-Linked Resin XDA-1 with pH Gradient Elution
Jiao PF, Wei YP, Zhang X, Wang P, Zong LY, Fan WT, Zhang ZH, Yang L, Li YH, Yuan X
22820 - 22834 Dynamic Model of Batch Enzymatic Reactive Distillation for the Production of R-2-Pentyl Butyrate
Blatkiewicz M, Missfeldt F, Smirnova I
22835 - 22846 Rx-COSMO-CAMD: Computer-Aided Molecular Design of Reaction Solvents Based on Predictive Kinetics from Quantum Chemistry
Gertig C, Kroger L, Fleitmann L, Scheffczyk J, Bardow A, Leonhard K
22847 - 22856 Flower-like Sr-La2O3 Microspheres with Hierarchically Porous Structures for Oxidative Coupling of Methane
Zhao MQ, Ke SC, Wu HQ, Xia WS, Wan HL
22857 - 22865 Co- and Mn-Coimpregnated ZSM-5 Prepared from Recycled Industrial Solid Wastes for Low-Temperature NH3-SCR
Zhang SG, Zhang C, Wang Q, Ahn WS
22866 - 22874 Hydrodynamics and Selectivity Engineering of a Multipoint Dosing Flow Reactor
Shukla CA, Pal S, Kulkarni AA
22875 - 22883 Highly Efficient Heterogeneous Catalytic Reduction of Fe(II)EDTA-NO in Industrial Denitrification Solution over Pd/AC Catalyst
Xu C, Chang GG, Liu HX, Xu WJ, Zhang GX
22884 - 22892 Oxidative-Coupling-Assisted Methane Aromatization: A Simulation Study
Li DX, Baslyman WS, Siritanaratkul B, Shinagawa T, Sarathy SM, Takanabe K
22893 - 22904 DME-to-Hydrocarbon over an MFI Zeolite: Product Selectivity Controlled by Oxygenates under the Kinetic Regime
Ortega C, Kolb G
22905 - 22911 Bifunctional Capsule Catalyst of Al2O3@Cu with Strengthened Dehydration Reaction Field for Direct Synthesis of Dimethyl Ether from Syngas
Tan L, Zhang PP, Suzuki Y, Li HJ, Guo LS, Yoneyama Y, Chen JG, Peng XB, Tsubaki N
22912 - 22923 Coupled NO and C3H6 Trapping, Release and Conversion on Pd/BEA: Evaluation of the Lean Hydrocarbon NOx Trap
Malamis SA, Harold MP, Epling WS
22924 - 22933 Nitric and Sulfuric Acid Solubility in Dense Phase CO2
Morland BH, Tadesse A, Svenningsen G, Springer RD, Anderko A
22934 - 22941 Kinetic Modeling of Ozone Decomposition and Peroxone Oxidation of Toluene in an Aqueous Phase Using ab Initio Calculations
Esfahani MP, Gates ID, De Visscher A
22942 - 22950 Intensified Catalytic Transfer Hydrogenation of Sunflower Oil Using Ultrasound
Sarnaik KD, Gogate PR
22951 - 22957 Aqueous Carbonylation of Furfural-Derived 5-Bromofuroic Acid to 2,5-Furandicarboxylic Acid with Supported Palladium Catalyst
Shen GF, Shi JQ, Lei Y, Fu CY, Chen ZQ, Andrioletti B, Yin GC
22958 - 22966 Crucial Effect of Halogen on the Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution for Bi19X3S27 (X = CI, Br) Nanomaterials
Chen ZW, Wu ZZ, Song Z, Zhang XH, Yang HJ, Jiang QQ, Zhou TF, Liu NK, Hu JC
22967 - 22976 Novel Cobalt Carbide Catalyst Wall-Coating Method for FeCrAlloy Microchannels Exemplified on Direct Production of Lower Olefins from Syngas
Zhang XD, Yu F, Zhang J, Tang ZY, Sun YH
22977 - 22983 Noble Metal-Free Co9S8 and NiS Composite Nanosheets for Enhanced Electrocatalytic Oxygen Evolution Reaction
Wang QQ, Liu P, Liu Y, Peng XC, Men YL, Li YB, Pan YX
22984 - 22995 Highly Efficient Hydrogen Generation from a Formic Acid/Triethanolamine System Using a Pd-Based Catalyst and Correlation for Apparent Activation Energy Estimation
Zou LY, Zhang QY, Huang YQ, Luo X, Liang ZW
22996 - 23004 Direct Valorization of Lignocellulosic Biomass into Value-Added Chemicals by Polyoxometalate Catalyzed Oxidation under Mild Conditions
Yang WS, Du X, Liu W, Wang ZW, Dai HQ, Deng YL
23005 - 23013 Mechanisms of Powder Diameter and Thermal Diffusion on the Produced alpha/beta-Si3N4 Proportion
Zheng XL, Wu P, Wang L
23014 - 23024 Size Effect of a Ni Nanocatalyst on Supercritical Water Gasification of Lignin by Reactive Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Han Y, Chen F, Ma TZ, Gong H, Al-Shwafy KWA, Li W, Zhang JL, Zhang MH
23025 - 23031 Porous Anodic Aluminum Oxide as an Efficient Support for Ruthenium-Catalyzed Aerobic Oxidation of Alcohols and Amines
Hussain MA, Irshad M, Ul Haq E, Park S, Atif M, Hakeem AS, Choi BG, Kim JW
23032 - 23045 Continuous Production of the Nanoscale Liposome in a Double Flow-Focusing Microfluidic Device
Aghaei H, Nazare ARS
23046 - 23056 Corrosion Mechanism of Inconel 600 in Oxidizing Supercritical Aqueous Systems Containing Multiple Salts
Xu TT, Wang SZ, Tang XY, Li YH, Yang JQ, Li JN, Zhang YS
23057 - 23067 New Nanocomposites Based on Li-Fe-Mn Double Spinel and Carbon Self-Doped Graphitic Carbon Nitrides with Synergistic Effect for Electrochemical Hydrogen Storage Application
Ghiyasiyan-Arani M, Salavati-Niasari M
23068 - 23082 Environmentally Benign Hydrophobic Hyperbranched Waterborne Polyester/SiO2-Carbon Dot Nanocomposite as an Efficient Photocatalyst and White-Light Emitter
Hazarika D, Karak N
23083 - 23092 Deep-Permeation Nanocomposite Structure of ZIF-8 inside Porous Poly(tetrafluoroethylene) by Flow Synergistic Synthesis
Qin YM, Xiao ZY, Jian SZ, Wang YY, Fan SQ, Wang YA, Qiu BY, Liu JY, Wang ZX, Wan QD
23093 - 23098 Hierarchical Amorphous Carbon-Coated Co/Co9S8 Nanoparticles on MoS2 toward Synergetic Electrocatalytic Water Splitting
Lin QQ, Liang JM, Liu JP, Zhang QC, Peng WC, Li Y, Zhang FB, Fan XB
23099 - 23105 Exposed Surface Engineering of High-voltage LiNi05Co0.2Mn0.3O2 Cathode Materials Enables High-rate and Durable Li-ion Batteries
Jiang QQ, Yu HF, Hu YJ, Jiang H, Li CZ
23106 - 23113 Stable Graphene Oxide Cross-Linked Membranes for Organic Solvent Nanofiltration
Mahalingam DK, Wang SF, Nunes SP
23114 - 23123 Lignin-Reinforced Nitrile Rubber/Poly(vinyl chloride) Composites via Metal Coordination Interactions
Wang HX, Liu WF, Tu ZK, Huang JH, Qiu XQ
23124 - 23134 Integrated Fluid Dynamic Gauge for Measuring the Thickness of Soft Solid Layers Immersed in Opaque, Viscous, and/or Non-Newtonian Liquids in Situ
Tsai JH, Hallmark B, Wilson DI
23135 - 23142 Facile Route for the Fabrication of Polypropylene Separators for Lithium-Ion Batteries with High Elongation and Strong Puncture Resistance
Kang J, Chen DD, Xiong BJ, Zheng N, Yang F, Xiang M, Zheng Z
23143 - 23153 Poly(dimethylsiloxane) as Interphase in Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Epoxy Resin: Topographical Analysis and Single-Fiber Pull-Out Tests
Becker-Staines A, Bremser W, Troster T
23154 - 23165 Robustly Magnetic and Conductive Textile with High Electromagnetic Shielding Performance Prepared by Synchronous Thiol-Ene Click Chemistry
Wang Y, Song YF, Qi QB, Wang W, Yu D
23166 - 23174 Constructing Hierarchically Porous Nestlike Al2O3-MnO2@Diatomite Composite with High Specific Surface Area for Efficient Phosphate Removal
Song YR, Yuan P, Wei YF, Liu D, Tian Q, Zhou JM, Du PX, Deng LL, Chen FR, Wu HH
23175 - 23186 A Deep Learning Image-Based Sensor for Real-Time Crystal Size Distribution Characterization
Manee V, Zhu W, Romagnoli JA
23187 - 23200 Dynamic Optimization of Continuous-Batch Processes: A Case Study of an FCCU with CO Promoter
Lin JJ, Xu F, Luo XL
23201 - 23210 110th Anniversary: Generalized Singular Value Decomposition Reduced-Order Observers for Linear Time-Invariant Systems with Noisy Measurements
Dada GP, Armaou A
23211 - 23224 Explicit Model-Based Real PID Tuning for Efficient Load Disturbance Rejection
Leva A, Papadopoulos AV, Seva S, Cimino C
23225 - 23237 Optimal Scheduling of the Multigrade Parallel Distillation Column System with a Continuous-Time Formulation
Shao FL, Li X, Zhu LY, Gong H, Chen X
23238 - 23248 Economic and Environmental Analysis of the Hydrothermal Liquefaction Process of Animal Byproducts
Marcilla AF, Labarta JA, Leon M, Garcia AN
23249 - 23260 Novel Approach for Weighting in the Geographic Information System Focused on a Multistakeholder Problem: Case for the Residual Biomass Processing System
Santibanez-Aguilar JE, Flores-Tlacuahuac A, Lozano-Garcia DF, Lozano FJ
23261 - 23275 Production Scheduling of Consumer Goods Industries
Elekidis AP, Corominas F, Georgiadis MC
23276 - 23283 Process Optimization for the Hydrothermal Production of Algae Fuels
Taimbu CA, Martin M, Grossmann IE
23284 - 23293 Molecular Self-assembly in Solution and the Nucleation Pathway: the Case of p-Nitrobenzoic Acid
Du W, Bai LJ, Gong Y, Zhang L, Xiang J, Wang SB, Tang N, Zhu L, Yin QX
23294 - 23303 Interplay between Wetting and Filling of Argon Adsorption in Slit Pores with Different Surface Energies Transition from Filling in Micropores to Capillary Condensation in Mesopores
Tan SJ, Prasetyo L, Do DD, Nicholson D
23304 - 23316 Investigation into the Effective Chemical Structure of Metal-Containing Ionic Liquids for Oxygen Absorption
Matsuoka A, Kamio E, Matsuyama H
23317 - 23329 Experimental and Computational Investigation of Mixing and Separation Performance in a Liquid-Liquid Cyclone Reactor
Duan SQ, Meng XH, Zhang R, Liu HY, Xu J, Du W, Xu CM, Liu ZC
23330 - 23337 Highly Efficient Removal of Cr(VI) on a Stable Metal-Organic Framework Based on Enhanced H-Bond Interaction
Zheng MQ, Zhao XD, Wang KK, She YB, Gao ZQ
23338 - 23346 Direct Air Capture of CO2 with Aqueous Amino Acids and Solid Bis-iminoguanidines (BIGs)
Custelcean R, Williams NJ, Garrabrant KA, Agullo P, Brethome FM, Martin HJ, Kidder MK
23347 - 23358 Efficiency Estimation of Tray Columns Based on Flow Profiles and Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Characteristics of Binary Mixtures
Vishwakarma V, Rigos N, Schubert M, Hampel U
23359 - 23365 Observed Crystallization Induction Time in Seeded Gypsum Crystallization
Choi JY, Lee TE, Cheng YF, Cohen Y
23366 - 23379 Performance of a Monofiber Optical Probe in Determining the Droplet Size and Velocity in Spray Systems Compared with a High-Speed Camera
Wongwailikhit K, Dietrich N, Hebrard G, Painmanakul P
23380 - 23388 Electrified Methane Reforming: Understanding the Dynamic Interplay
Wismann ST, Engbaek JS, Vendelbo SB, Eriksen WL, Frandsen C, Mortensen PM, Chorkendorff I
23389 - 23404 Flame Propagation and Reflections of Pressure Waves through Fixed Beds of RTO Devices: A CFD Study
Peng ZB, Zanganeh J, Doroodchi E, Moghtaderi B
23405 - 23416 Experimental Measurements and Thermodynamic Modeling of Hydrate Dissociation Conditions for Methane plus TBAB plus NaCl, MgCl2, or NaCl-MgCl2 + Water Systems
Pourranjbar M, Pahlavanzadeh H, Mohammadi AH
23417 - 23437 Correlation and Prediction of Thermal Conductivity Using the Redlich-Kwong Cubic Equation of State and the Geometric Similitude Concept for Pure Substances and Mixtures
Cardona LF, Forero LA, Velasquez JA
23438 - 23444 Highly Efficient Dissolution of Lignin by Eutectic Molecular Liquids
Liu AL, Mou HY, Chen WJ, Zhao XH, Yu HT, Xue ZM, Mu TC
23445 - 23457 Particle-Scale Study of the Effect of Operating Conditions on Spout Deflection Behavior in a Flat-Bottomed Spout-Fluidized Bed
Yue YH, Shen YS
23458 - 23467 Influence of Dispersed-Phase Viscosity on Droplet Breakup in a Continuous Pump-Mixer
Zhou H, Yang JJ, Jing S, Lan WJ, Zheng Q, Li SW
23468 - 23480 Experimental Study of Solids Motion in an 18 m Gas-Solids Circulating Fluidized Bed with High Solids Flux
Su X, Wang CX, Pei HJ, Li JY, Lan XY, Gao JS
23481 - 23489 Analytical Model for Real Gas Transport in Shale Reservoirs with Surface Diffusion of Adsorbed Gas
Wang TY, Tian SC, Li GS, Zhang PP
23490 - 23497 Effect of the Radial Measurement Position on the Determination of Just-Suspended Speed Using Pressure Gauge Technology
Jin ZJ, Xu ZL, Liu BQ, Sunden B
23498 - 23507 Utilization of Fireclay for Preventing Fluidized-Bed Agglomeration during Biomass Thermochemical Processing
Miccio F, Murri AN, Medri V, Landie E
23508 - 23518 110th Anniversary: High-Order Interactions Can Eclipse Pairwise Interactions in Shaping the Structure of Microbial Communities
Ansari AF, Acharya NIS, Kumaran S, Ravindra K, Reddy YBS, Dixit NM, Raut J
23519 - 23528 Numerical Study of Melt-Blown Fibrous Web Uniformity Based on the Fiber Dynamics on a Collector
Sun GW, Ruan YW, Wang XH, Xin SF, Chen Y, Hu WF
23529 - 23539 Simultaneous Removal of Elemental Mercury and Arsine from a Reducing Atmosphere Using Chloride and Cerium Modified Activated Carbon
Zhang YJ, Ning P, Wang XQ, Wang LL, Xie YB, Ma Q, Cao R, Zhang H
23540 - 23548 Solar Carbothermic Reduction of Dolime as a Promising Option To Produce Magnesium and Calcium
Najafabadi HA, Ozalp N, Epstein M, Davis R
23549 - 23558 Rheological and Textural Characterization of Acrylic Polymer Water Dispersions for Cosmetic Use
Tafuro G, Costantini A, Baratto G, Busata L, Semenzato A
23559 - 23566 Theoretical Investigation of Arsenic and Selenium Species Adsorption Behavior on Different Mineral Adsorbents
Zhang Z, Liu J, Zhang AJ, Zhou YM
23567 - 23573 An Efficient Metal-Free Photocatalytic System with Enhanced Activity for NADH Regeneration
Ma BB, Sun SY, He HC, Lv R, Deng JJ, Huo TT, Zhao YL, Yu HL, Zhou L