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19317 - 19321 110th Anniversary: Commentary: The Smart Human in Smart Manufacturing
Bequette BW
19322 - 19352 Desulfurization of Liquid Hydrocarbon Fuels with Microporous and Mesoporous Materials: Metal-Organic Frameworks, Zeolites, and Mesoporous Silicas
Crandall BS, Zhang JY, Stavila V, Allendorf MD, Li ZL
19353 - 19360 Low-Temperature H2S Removal from Gas Streams over gamma-FeOOH, gamma-Fe2O3, and alpha-Fe2O3: Effects of the Hydroxyl Group, Defect, and Specific Surface Area
Cao YN, Zheng XH, Du ZJ, Shen LJ, Zheng Y, Au CT, Jiang LL
19361 - 19376 Correlating Uncertainties of a CO2 to CO Microfluidic Electrochemical Reactor: A Monte Carlo Simulation
Kannan V, Raman KA, Fisher A, Birgersson E
19377 - 19385 Hierarchical ZnO Nanotube/Graphene Oxide Nanostructures Endow Pure Zn Implant with Synergistic Bactericidal Activity and Osteogenicity
Lyu H, He ZC, Chan YK, He XH, Yu Y, Deng Y
19386 - 19396 110th Anniversary: Dry Reforming of Methane over Ni- and Sr-Substituted Lanthanum Zirconate Pyrochlore Catalysts: Effect of Ni Loading
Bhattar S, Krishnakumar A, Kanitkar S, Abedin A, Shekhawat D, Haynes DJ, Spivey JJ
19397 - 19405 Nano-Au/MCeOx Catalysts for the Direct Oxidative Esterification of Methylacrolein to Methyl Esters
Tian Y, Li YC, Zheng YX, Wang M, Zuo CC, Huang HF, Yin DF, Fu ZJ, Tan J, Zhou ZC
19406 - 19420 Dynamic Carbon Dioxide Methanation in a Wall-Cooled Fixed Bed Reactor: Comparative Evaluation of Reactor Models
Fischer KL, Langer MR, Freund H
19421 - 19433 Molecular-Level Understanding of Hydroxyl Groups Boosted the Catalytic Activity of the CuZnAl Catalyst in the Conversion of Syngas to Ethanol
Bai B, Bai H, Zuo JP, Zhang QF, Cao HJ, Ma MM, Wang XD, Wang Z, Huang W
19434 - 19445 Effects of Cu Precursor Types on the Catalytic Activity of Cu/ZrO2 toward Methanol Synthesis via CO2 Hydrogenation
Tada S, Oshima K, Noda Y, Kikuchi R, Sohmiya M, Honma T, Satokawa S
19446 - 19455 Methanol Aromatization over Mg-P-Modified [Zn,Al]ZSM-5 Zeolites for Efficient Coproduction of para-Xylene and Light Olefins
Zhu XL, Zhang JY, Cheng M, Wang GW, Yu MX, Lio CY
19456 - 19464 Highly Loaded and Dispersed Cobalt Catalysts for the Hydrogenation of Toluene with Triethylamine
Zuo L, Cai JX, Yang C, Hao C, Fu YC, Shen JY
19465 - 19474 Indoor CO2 Control through Mesoporous Amine-Functionalized Silica Monoliths
Zhao YY, Zhou JZ, Fan LL, Chen L, Li L, Xu ZP, Qian GR
19475 - 19485 A Facile and Fast Approach To Coat Various Substrates with Poly(styrene-co-maleic anhydride) and Polyethyleneimine for Oil/Water Separation
Zhang GW, Jia XY, Xing JL, Shen SS, Zhou XJ, Yang JJ, Guo YF, Bai RB
19486 - 19494 Assembling Graphene-Encapsulated Pd/TiO2 Nanosphere with Hierarchical Architecture for High-Performance Visible-Light-Assisted Methanol Electro-Oxidation Material
Zhang B, Yang F, Liu HC, Yan LN, Yang W, Xu C, Huang S, Li Q, Bao WJ, Liu B, Li Y
19495 - 19502 Thermoplastic Polyolefin Elastomer Blends for Multiple and Reversible Shape Memory Polymers
Gao Y, Liu WF, Zhu SP
19503 - 19510 Manipulating Oxidation States of Copper within Cu-BTC Using Na2S2O3 as a New Strategy for Enhanced Adsorption of Sulfide
Wang D, Jiang H, Tan JL, Chen YX, An Y, Chen YH, Wu Y, Liu CL, Sun H, Liu JC, Wu D, Shen BX
19511 - 19518 Growth of ZIF-8 Membranes on Ceramic Hollow Fibers by Conversion of Zinc Oxide Particles
Wang Y, Zhang HL, Wang XB, Zou CX, Meng B, Tan XY
19519 - 19530 Wear Resistance Mechanism of Ultrahigh-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene Determined from Its Structure-Property Relationships
Zhang H, Zhao SC, Xin Z, Ye CL, Li Z, Xia JC
19531 - 19544 Agglomeration-Monitoring Method for a Fluidized Bed with Multiacoustic Sensors
Yu C, Wu HY, Jing W, Lin WG
19545 - 19550 Catalyst Slurry Preparation Using a Hydrodynamic Cavitation Dispersion Method for Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells
Kuroki H, Onishi K, Asami K, Yamaguchi T
19551 - 19561 Robust Estimation of Nonredundant Measurements and Equivalent Sets of Observations
Llanos CE, Sanchez MC, Maronna RA
19562 - 19570 Design and Validation of an Additively Manufactured Flow Cell-Static Mixer Combination for Inline NMR Spectroscopy
Bornemann M, Kern S, Jurtz N, Thiede T, Kraume M, Maiwald M
19571 - 19585 Sustainable Retrofit Design of Natural Gas Power Plants for Low-Grade Energy Recovery
Tang QQ, He C, Chen QL, Zhang BJ
19586 - 19598 Preparation of Novel and Highly Stable Py/MOF and Its Adsorptive Desulfurization Performance
Song H, Li XJ, Jiang BL, Gong MY, Hao TZ
19599 - 19610 Recovery of Water from Concentration of Copper Mining Effluents Using Direct Contact Membrane Distillation
Jimenez YP, Ulbricht M
19611 - 19622 Adsorption and Diffusion of N-2 and CO2 and Their Mixture on Silica Gel
Goyal P, Purdue MJ, Farooq S
19623 - 19632 Adsorptive Desulfurization of Liquid Fuels at Elevated Temperatures Using Metal Exchanged Zeolite Y
da Silva PD, Andrade SKS, Zygourakis K, Wong MS
19633 - 19641 Exploring the Key Factors in Dusty Gas Filtration: Experimental and Modeling Studies
Tang X, Zhao SF, Feng SS, Zhong ZX, Xing WH
19642 - 19648 Covalent Organic Framework with Triazine and Hydroxyl Bifunctional Groups for Efficient Removal of Lead(II) Ions
Xu T, Zhou L, He Y, An SH, Peng CJ, Hu J, Liu HL
19649 - 19660 The Autoxidation of Alkenyl Succinimides-Mimics for Polyisobutenyl Succinimide Dispersants
Ruffell JE, Farmer TJ, Macquarrie DJ, Stark MS
19661 - 19669 Effects of the Water Content on the Transport Properties of Ionic Liquids
Guo S, Chen F, Liu L, Li Y, Liu XM, Jiang K, Liu RX, Zhang SJ
19670 - 19680 Critical Assessment of Performance of a Draft Tube Configured in a Spouted Bed for Various Fluid-Particle Properties
Mollick PK, Pandi AB, Vijayan PK, Krishnan M
19681 - 19692 Toward Modeling the Aromatic/Aliphatic Separation by Extractive Distillation with Tricyanomethanide-Based Ionic Liquids Using CPA EoS
Ayuso M, Navarro P, Palma AM, Larriba M, Delgado-Mellado N, Garcia J, Rodriguez F, Coutinho JAP, Carvalho PJ
19693 - 19701 Structure and Drag Characteristics of Fluidized Nanoparticle Agglomerates at the Bottom of the Bed
Wang SW, Liu HP, Yang CY
19702 - 19708 Adsorption of Gases on Zeolitic Imidazolate Frameworks: Modeling with Equations of State for Confined Fluids and Pore Size Distribution Estimation
Barbosa GD, Travalloni L, Tavares FW, Castier M
19709 - 19718 Significance of Activated Carbon Fiber as Cathode in Electro/Fe3+/Peroxydisulfate Oxidation Process for Removing Carbamazepine in Aqueous Environment
Han SQ, Ul Hassan S, Zhu YH, Zhang S, Liu HG, Zhang S, Li JF, Wang ZY, Zhao C
19719 - 19731 Acoustic Method for Determination of the Thermal Properties of Nanofluids
Mahmoud B, Rice HP, Mortimer L, Fairweather M, Peakall J, Harbottle D