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7681 - 7689 Current Trends in Cellulose Assisted Combustion Synthesis of Catalytically Active Nanoparticles
Kumar A
7690 - 7705 Catalytic Cracking of Biomass-Derived Hydrocarbon Tars or Model Compounds To Form Biobased Benzene, Toluene, and Xylene Isomer Mixtures
Kostyniuk A, Grilc M, Likozar B
7706 - 7724 110th Anniversary: Mixed Matrix Membranes with Fillers of Intrinsic Nanopores for Gas Separation
Wang YA, Wang XY, Guan JY, Yang LX, Ren YX, Nasir N, Wu H, Chen Z, Jiang ZY
7725 - 7733 UZM-8 Zeolite Synthesized from Solid Aluminosilicate Gel and Its Catalytic Performance
Shi YC, Xing EH, Xie WH, Zhang FM, Mu XH, Shu XT
7734 - 7741 Dual Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma Treatments for Synthesis of Ag-TiO2 Functionalized Polypropylene Fabrics
Dong PM, Nie XX, Jin Z, Huang ZF, Wang XY, Zhang XW
7742 - 7751 Oxidative Stability of Soybean Oil under Accelerated Transformer Conditions: Comprehensive Mechanistic Studies
Zeng M, Chen C, Cai SW, Shao MF, Yin J, Li H, Guo HH, Chen JB, Yin GC
7752 - 7760 Accelerated Methane Hydrate Formation by Ethylene Diamine Tetraacetamide As an Efficient Promoter for Methane Storage without Foam Formation
Farhadian A, Varfolomeev MA, Abdelhay Z, Emelianov D, Delaunay A, Dalmazzone D
7761 - 7768 POSS: A Morphology-Tuning Strategy To Improve the Sensitivity and Responsiveness of Dissolved Oxygen Sensor
Wang SW, Gu KZ, Yan CX, Guo ZQ, Zhao P, Zhu WH
7769 - 7777 Cobalt-Chelated Polyamine Brushes on Solid Microspheres for Rapid Binding and Chemical Storage of Molecular Oxygen
Ince A, Tukenmez E, Bicak N, Karagoz B
7778 - 7785 Metal-Free Room-Temperature Phosphorescent Systems for Pure White-Light Emission and Latent Fingerprint Visualization
Zhang T, Wang CY, Ma X
7786 - 7793 A Coumarin-Based Fluorescent Probe for Ratiometric Monitoring of Hg2+ in Live Cells
Ding Y, Pan YM, Han YF
7794 - 7800 Phenol-Enhanced Depolymerization and Activation of Kraft Lignin in Alkaline Medium
Gan LH, Pan XJ
7801 - 7807 Dry Gel Conversion Synthesis of Hierarchical Porous MIL-100(Fe) and Its Water Vapor Adsorption/Desorption Performance
Luo YS, Tan BQ, Liang XH, Wang SF, Gao XN, Zhang ZG, Fang YT
7808 - 7816 Comparisons of Nitrogen Removal and Microbial Communities in Anammox Systems upon Addition of Copper-Based Nanoparticles and Copper Ion
Zhang XJ, Chen Z, Zhou Y, Ma YP, Zhang HZ, Zhou LM, Fang SM
7817 - 7824 Enhanced Treatment of Anionic and Cationic Dyes in Wastewater through Live Bacteria Encapsulation Using Graphene Hydrogel
Shen L, Jin ZH, Xu WH, Jiang X, Shen YX, Wang YP, Lu YH
7825 - 7833 Experimental Study of the Enhancement of the Selective Noncatalytic Reduction Denitrification Process with Methane and Propane in a Circulating Fluidized Bed
Liu HZ, Zhao S, You CF, Wang HM
7834 - 7843 Dehydrogenation of Isobutane over a Ni-P/SiO2 Catalyst: Effect of P Addition
Zhu QQ, Zhang HL, Zhang S, Wang GW, Zhu XL, Li CY
7844 - 7856 Dynamically Optimized Multi-interface Novel BiSI-Promoted Redox Sites Spatially Separated n-p-n Double Heterojunctions BiSI/MoS2/CdS for Hydrogen Evolution
Zhou CX, Wang RL, Jiang CP, Chen JW, Wang G
7857 - 7865 Effect of Long-Chain Branch of Poly(methyl acrylate-co-1-octene) on the Vulcanization and Mechanical Properties
Xiao CF, Jiang L, Dan Y
7866 - 7875 Investigation on the Catalytic Hydrogenolysis of Lignin over NbOx-Ni/ZnOAl2O3
Wang YY, Wang D, Li XY, Li GC, Wang Z, Li MS, Li XB
7876 - 7885 New Insights into Excellent Catalytic Performance of the Ce-Modified Catalyst for NO Oxidation
Ding XM, Qiu J, Lang YL, Zhao M, Wang JL, Chen YQ
7886 - 7891 Preparation of Mesoporous Zeolite Y by Fluorine-Alkaline Treatment for Hydrocracking Reaction of Naphthalene
Ren SY, Meng B, Sui X, Duan HC, Gao XH, Zhang HT, Zeng PH, Guo QX, Shen BJ
7892 - 7899 Enhanced Activity of Hierarchical TS-1 Synthesized via Tuning Porosity and Titanium Coordination
Guo T, Wang BR, Peng XX, Lin M, Zhu B, Zhang Y, Xia CJ, Liao WL, Shu XT
7900 - 7908 Core-Shell-Structured Co-Z@TiO2 Catalysts Derived from ZIF-67 for Efficient Production of C5+ Hydrocarbons in Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis
Wang H, Wu BX, Cai Y, Zhou CW, Feng NJ, Liu G, Chen C, Wan H, Wang L, Guan GF
7909 - 7921 Role of Pr on Ni-Mg-Al Mixed Oxides Synthesized by Microwave-Assisted Self-Combustion for Dry Reforming of Methane
Ojeda-Nino OH, Gracia F, Daza C
7922 - 7928 Methanol Synthesis from CO2 Hydrogenation over CuZnCeTi Mixed Oxide Catalysts
Chang K, Wang TF, Chen JG
7929 - 7936 Evaluation of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles-Induced Effects on Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal from Real and Synthetic Municipal Wastewater
Zheng X, Yang L, Shen QT, Zhou C
7937 - 7947 Morphology-Controlled Synthesis of Three-Dimensional Hierarchical Flowerlike Mg-Al Layered Double Hydroxides with Enhanced Catalytic Activity for Transesterification
Sun YL, Gao X, Yang N, Tantai XW, Xiao XM, Jiang B, Zhang LH
7948 - 7956 Gallium-Immobilized Carbon Nanotubes as Solid Templates for the Synthesis of Hierarchical Ga/ZSM-5 in Methanol Aromatization
Chen YY, Chang CJ, Lee HV, Juan JC, Lin YC
7957 - 7963 Ultrasonic Intensification To Produce Diester Biolubricants
Patience NA, Galli F, Rigamonti MG, Schieppati D, Boffito DC
7964 - 7972 CO Oxidation over Ce1-xPdxO2-delta Takes Place via Vacancy Hopping
Pentyala P, Deshpande PA
7973 - 7979 Using Separate Kinetic Models to Predict Liquid, Gas, and Coke Yields in Heavy Oil Hydrocracking
Felix G, Ancheyta J
7980 - 7988 Biomass-Derived Hierarchically Porous Carbons Abundantly Decorated with Nitrogen Sites for Efficient CO2 Catalytic Utilization
Zhan YY, Han QQ, Pan SF, Kan X, Mi JX, Liu FJ, Cao YN, Au CT, Jiang LL
7989 - 7997 Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Ethane to Ethylene in an Oxygen-Ion-Transport-Membrane Reactor: A Proposed Design for Process Intensification
Schucker RC, Dimitrakopoulos G, Derrickson K, Kopec KK, Alahmadi F, Johnson JR, Shao L, Ghoniem AF
7998 - 8008 Catalytic Hydrogenation of Short Chain Carboxylic Acids Typical of Model Compound Found in Bio-Oils
Lawal AM, Hart A, Daly H, Hardacre C, Wood J
8009 - 8015 Fabrication of CuNCs/LDHs Films with Excellent Luminescent Properties and Exploration of Thermosensitivity
Fu LY, Liu HM, Yan L, Fu YY, Zhu Y, Jin L, Liang RZ
8016 - 8025 Synthesis of Amphiphilic Acrylate Boron Fluorinated Polymers with Antifouling Behavior
Li YK, Chen RR, Feng YH, Sun X, Tang L, Takahashi K, Liu PL, Wang J
8026 - 8034 Trace Zinc-Preload for Enhancement of Uranium Adsorption Performance and Antifouling Property of AO-Functionalized UHMWPE Fiber
Ao JX, Yuan YH, Xu X, Xu L, Xing Z, Li R, Wu GZ, Guo XJ, Ma HJ, Li QN
8035 - 8043 L-Cysteine-Mediated Self-Assembled Ag-Au Nanoparticles As Fractal Patterns with Bowling-Alley-like Hollow Arrays for Electrochemical Sensing of Dopamine
Siddiqui S, Shawuti S, Sirajuddin, Niazi JH, Qureshi A
8044 - 8049 Durability and Stability of Superhydrophobic Stainless Steel Mesh Supported Pure-Silica Zeolite Beta Coatings
Li Y, Liu XF, Zhang BQ
8050 - 8060 Robust, Transparent, and Superhydrophobic Coating Fabricated with Waterborne Polyurethane and Inorganic Nanoparticle Composites
Zheng H, Pan MW, Wen J, Yuan JF, Zhu L, Yu HF
8061 - 8071 Facile Fabrication of Mesoporous Hierarchical Co-Doped ZnO for Highly Sensitive Ethanol Detection
Mo YF, Shi F, Qin SW, Tang PG, Feng YJ, Zhao YY, Li DQ
8072 - 8079 Experimental and Computational Study on the Adsorption Mechanism of 2-Arylpropionic Acids on Graphene: Solvent Effects and Aromatic Features Affecting the Adsorption Performance
Wang ZK, Gao ZS, Feng SS, Wang J, Guo XJ
8080 - 8089 Improved Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Trifunctional Epoxy Resins through Controlling Molecular Networks by Ionic Liquids
Kong MQ, Liu CJ, Tang B, Xu WQ, Huang YJ, Li GX
8090 - 8096 Light-Assisted Reconfiguration of Thermosetting Polyurethane Enabled by Gradient Plasticity
Ji FC, Liu XD, Sheng DK, Yang YM
8097 - 8111 Combined Experimental and Theoretical Study on High Pressure Methane Solubility in Natural Deep Eutectic Solvents
Altamash T, Amhamed AI, Aparicio S, Atilhan M
8112 - 8122 Assessment of the Thermal Degradation of Sodium Lauroyl Isethionate Using Predictive Isoconversional Kinetics and a Temperature-Resolved Analysis of Evolved Gases
Jeraal MI, Roberts KJ, McRobbie I, Harbottle D
8123 - 8130 In Situ Cross-linked Carboxymethyl Cellulose-Polyethylene Glycol Binder for Improving the Long-Term Cycle Life of Silicon Anodes in Li Ion Batteries
Lee D, Park H, Goliaszewski A, Byeun YK, Song T, Paik U
8131 - 8139 1D/2D CNF/GNP Hybrid Nanofillers: Evaluation of the Effect of Surfactant on the Morphological, Mechanical, Fracture, and Thermal Characteristics of Their Nanocomposites with Epoxy Resin
Anwer MAS, Wang JT, Naguib HE
8140 - 8147 Tailoring Emulsion Polymerization for High-Yield Synthesis of Tween 80 Stabilized Magnetic Cross-Linked Polystyrene Nanocomposite Particles
Liu XJ, Lu YC
8148 - 8153 Simple Way to a Slippery Lubricant Impregnated Coating with Ultrastability and Self-Replenishment Property
Zhu XT, Lu JW, Li XM, Wang B, Song YM, Miao X, Wang ZJ, Ren GN
8154 - 8161 Nonlinear Multivariate Quality Prediction Based on OSC-SVM-PLS
Li X, Wu F, Zhang RD, Gao FR
8162 - 8171 Modeling and Testing of Temporal Dependency in the Failure of a Process System
Ghosh A, Ahmed S, Khan F
8172 - 8183 Design Approach To Synthesize, Validate, and Evaluate Operating Procedures Based on Untimed Automata and Dynamic Simulation
Chen TY, Chang CT
8184 - 8194 Simultaneous Fault Detection and Isolation Based on Transfer Semi-Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
Jia QL, Zhang YW, Chen W
8195 - 8205 Generalization of Scheduling Models for Batch Plants and Pipeless Plants
Shaik MA, Mathur P
8206 - 8219 Energy-Efficient Reactive Dividing Wall Column for Simultaneous Esterification of n-Amyl Alcohol and n-Hexanol
Jiang W, Lee H, Han JI, Lee JW
8220 - 8230 Theoretical and Experimental Investigations of Double Emulsion Preparation by Ultrasonication
Khadem B, Sheibat-Othman N
8231 - 8245 Discrete-Time MILP Formulation for the Optimal Scheduling of Maintenance Tasks on Oil and Gas Production Assets
Achkar VG, Cafaro VG, Mendez CA, Cafaro DC
8246 - 8259 Bayesian Inference of Aqueous Mineral Carbonation Kinetics for Carbon Capture and Utilization
Na J, Park S, Bak JH, Kim M, Lee D, Yoo Y, Kim I, Park J, Lee U, Lee JM
8260 - 8270 Effect of La-Modified Supporter on H2S Removal Performance of Mn/La/Al2O3 Sorbent in a Reducing Atmosphere
Li HF, Su S, Peng Y, Wu LK, Xu K, Liu LJ, Qing MX, Hu S, Wang Y, Xiang J
8271 - 8278 Reliable Fabrication of Thin and (h0l)-Oriented Zeolite Al-beta Membranes for Separation of Methanol/Methyl tert-Butyl Ether Mixtures
Li Y, Ma N, Zhang BQ
8279 - 8289 Binary Adsorption Equilibrium and Breakthrough of n-Butyl Acetate and p-Xylene on Granular Activated Carbon
Sui H, Jiang P, Li X, Liu JJ, Li XG, He L
8290 - 8295 Selectively Trapping Ethane from Ethylene on Metal-Organic Framework MIL-53(Al)-FA
Peng JJ, Sun YW, Wu Y, Lv ZQ, Li Z
8296 - 8308 Two-Dimensional General Rate Model of Liquid Chromatography Incorporating Finite Rates of Adsorption-Desorption Kinetics and Core-Shell Particles
Brhane KW, Qamar S, Seidel-Morgenstern A
8309 - 8316 Graphene Oxide Supported on Amberlite Resin for the Analytical Method Development for Enhanced Column Preconcentration/Sensitive Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometric Determination of Toxic Metal Ions in Environmental Samples
Kumar S, Islam A, Ahmad H, Zaidi N
8317 - 8322 Sorption and Separation of CO2 from Syngas by a Quaternary Ammonium-Based Poly(ionic liquid)
Huang MT, Cao JY, Hong YZ, Su YZ, Wang HT, Li J
8323 - 8331 Odd-Even Effect in the Formation and Extraction Performance of Ionic-Liquid-Based Aqueous Biphasic Systems
Belchior DCV, Almeida MR, Sintra TE, Ventura SPM, Duarte IF, Freire MG
8332 - 8341 Simultaneous Absorption of NOx and SO2 into Na2SO3 Solution in a Rotating Packed Bed with Preoxidation by Ozone
Sun BC, Dong K, Zhao W, Wang JW, Chu GW, Zhang LL, Zou HK, Chen JF
8342 - 8348 Macroporous Hydrogen Manganese Oxide/Al2O3 for Effective Lithium Recovery from Seawater: Effects of the Macropores vs Mesopores
Hong HJ, Park IS, Ryu T, Kim BG, Chung KS
8349 - 8369 Reduced Graphene Oxide-Fe3O4 Nanocomposite Based Nanofluids: Study on Ultrasonic Assisted Synthesis, Thermal Conductivity, Rheology, and Convective Heat Transfer
Barai DP, Bhanvase BA, Saharan VK
8370 - 8386 Effect of Dimethyl Ether Addition on Soot Formation Dynamics of Ethylene Opposed-Flow Diffusion Flames
Zhang PY, Kang YH, Wu ZJ, Lu XF, Wang QH, Mei L
8387 - 8400 Application of the Perturbed-Chain SAFT to Phase Equilibria in the Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis
Zheng K, Yang RY, Wu HS, Wang G, Yang Y, Li YW
8401 - 8417 Modeling Thermodynamic Derivative Properties and Gas Solubility of Ionic Liquids with ePC-SAFT
Sun YH, Schemann A, Held C, Lu XH, Shen GL, Ji XY
8418 - 8425 Size-Dependent Thermodynamics of Structural Transition and Magnetic Properties of Nano-Fe2O3
Cheng ZH, Fu QS, Duan HJ, Cui ZX, Xue YQ, Zhang WJ
8426 - 8436 Adsorption and Diffusion of Methane and Carbon Dioxide in Amorphous Regions of Cross-Linked Polyethylene: A Molecular Simulation Study
Yang YF, Nair AKN, Sun SY
8437 - 8455 110th Anniversary: Numerical Simulations of Gas-Liquid Two-Phase Flow in Vertical Pipe Implementing Population Balance Modeling
Lote DA, Vinod V, Patwardhan AW
8456 - 8471 Identification of Mesoscale Flow in a Bubbling and Turbulent Gas-Solid Fluidized Bed
Niu L, Huang YH, Chu ZM, Cai M, Liu MX
8472 - 8483 Modified Force Balance Model of Estimating Agglomerate Sizes in a Gas-Solid Fluidized Bed
Niu L, Chu ZM, Cai M, Liu MX
8484 - 8494 Tailoring Synthetic Sol-Gel CaO Sorbents with High Reactivity or High Stability for Ca-Looping CO2 Capture
Teixeira P, Hipolito J, Fernandes A, Ribeiro F, Pinheiro CIC
8495 - 8505 n-Dodecane Hydroisomerization over Hierarchical ZSM-22 Prepared by a Dual -Protected Alkali Treatment
Wang XY, Zhang XW, Wang QF
8506 - 8516 Selective Oxidation of Amino Alcohols to Amino Acids over Au Supported on Monoclinic ZrO2: Dominant Active Sites and Kinetic Study
Meng XZ, Zhang YQ, Li ZX, Wang H, Zhang SJ
8517 - 8524 Role of Steam as a Medium for Droplet Crystallization
Lum A, Cardamone N, Beliavski R, Mansouri S, Hapgood K, Woo MW
8525 - 8535 Thermal Stability and Non-isothermal Kinetic Analysis of Suspension Poly(vinyl chloride) Films Formulated with Phosphonium-Based Ionic Liquids
Dias AMA, Costa S, Simoes PN, de Sousa HC
8536 - 8543 Assessment of Impacts of Dissolved Organic Matter and Dissolved Iron on the Performance of Amidoxime-Based Adsorbents for Seawater Uranium Extraction
Kuo LJ, Pan HB, Strivens JE, Schlafer N, Janke CJ, Wood JR, Wai CM, Gill GA
8544 - 8552 Rock-Flow Cell: An Innovative Benchtop Testing Tool for Flow Assurance Studies
Sa JH, Melchuna A, Zhang XW, Morales R, Cameirao A, Herri JM, Sum AK
8553 - 8553 RETRACTION: Multitask Guanidinium Bromide Functionalized Metal Organic Framework in Chemical Fixation of CO2 at Low Pressure and Temperature (Retraction of Vol 58, Pg 2784, 2019)
Shaabani A, Mohammadian R, Farhid H, Alavijeh MK, Amini MM