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Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, Vol.58, No.17 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0888-5885 (Print) 

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6957 - 6969 Specifying Technology Readiness Levels for the Chemical Industry
Buchner GA, Stepputat KJ, Zimmermann AW, Schomacker R
6970 - 6981 Ga Substitution during Modification of ZSM-5 and Its Influences on Catalytic Aromatization Performance
Xin MD, Xing EH, Gao XZ, Wang YR, Ouyang Y, Xu GT, Luo YB, Shu XT
6982 - 6991 Postfunctionalization of Noncationic RNA-Polymer Complexes for RNA Delivery
Jiang ZW, Cui W, Mager J, Thayumanavan S
6992 - 7000 Thermal Plastic and Optical Transparent Polyimide Derived from Isophorone Diamine and Sulfhydryl Compounds
Wu ZF, Yan GM, Lu JH, Zhang G, Yang J
7001 - 7013 Influence of H-2, CO, C3H6, and C7H8 as Reductants on DeNO(x) Behavior of Dual Monoliths for NOx Storage/Reduction Coupled with Selective Catalytic Reduction
Urrutxua M, Pereda-Ayo B, Trandafilovic LV, Olsson L, Gonzalez-Velasco JR
7014 - 7024 Basic Cu/ETS-10-N Catalyst Induced the Chemisorption and Alkyl Radical Formation of the Substrates Enhanced the Cinnamic Acid Decarboxylative Cross-Coupling Reaction Activity
Wang H, Fu WQ, Zhang L, Shen RS, Cai GR, Chen Q, Tang TD
7025 - 7036 Synthesis of 1,3-Dioxolane from Aqueous Formaldehyde Solution and Ethylene Glycol: Kinetics and Reactive Distillation
Li H, Wu CH, Zhang QY, Li XG, Gao X
7037 - 7043 Sorption of Liquid Diluents in Polyethylene: Comprehensive Experimental Data for Slurry Polymerization
Krajakova L, Laskova M, Chmelar J, Jindrova K, Kosek J
7044 - 7051 Generation of 3D-Intracrystalline Diffusion Structures from a 1D/12MR HZSM-12 Zeolite: Improvements in the Catalytic Stability
Carvalho KTG, Silva DSA, Urquieta-Gonzalez EA
7052 - 7062 Modeling and Experimental Studies on Ozone Absorption into Phenolic Solution in a Rotating Packed Bed
Wang D, Liu TR, Ma L, Wang F, Shao L
7063 - 7073 Toward Sustainable and Complete Wood Valorization by Fractionating Lignin with Low Condensation Using an Acid Hydrotrope at Low Temperatures (<= 80 degrees C)
Cheng JL, Hirth K, Ma QL, Zhu JJ, Wang ZJ, Zhu JY
7074 - 7084 Efficient Catalysts of La2O3 Nanorod-Supported Pt Nanoparticles for Soot Oxidation: The Role of La2O3-{110} Facets
Wu QQ, Xiong J, Mei XL, Zhang YL, Wei YC, Zhao Z, Liu J, Li JM
7085 - 7093 Sputtered Cu-ZnO/gamma-Al2O3 Bifunctional Catalyst with Ultra-Low Cu Content Boosting Dimethyl Ether Steam Reforming and Inhibiting Side Reactions
Sun ZR, Tian Y, Zhang PP, Yang GH, Tsubaki N, Abe T, Taguchi A, Zhang J, Zheng LR, Li XG
7094 - 7106 Fabrication of a Pillared ZSM-5 Framework for Shape Selectivity of Ethane Dehydroaromatization
Ye JH, Bai L, Liu BY, Tian HJ, Hu JL, Polo-Garzon F, Mayes RT, Wu ZL, Fang YX
7107 - 7119 Enhanced Antifouling and Anticorrosion Properties of Stainless Steel by Biomimetic Anchoring PEGDMA-Cross-Linking Polycationic Brushes
Zhang B, Yan Q, Yuan SJ, Zhuang XD, Zhang F
7120 - 7130 Comparison of Post-Treatment Methods on the Performance of Hollow Fiber Membranes Containing Metal Organic Framework in Gases Separation
Mubashir M, Yeong YF, Chew TL, Lau KK
7131 - 7138 Electrochemical Synthesis of Al/CuO Thermite Films on Copper Substrates
Hu B, Zhang WC, Yu CP, Zheng ZL, Chen YJ, Wang JX, Liu JP, Ma KF, Ren W
7139 - 7145 Bioinspired Ant-Nest-Like Hierarchical Porous Material Using CaCl2 as Additive for Smart Indoor Humidity Control
Liu XP, Chen Z, Yang G, Gao YF
7146 - 7155 Solution Mechanochemical Approach for Preparing High-Dispersion SiO2-g-SSBR and the Performance of Modified Silica/SSBR Composites
Gao W, Lu JM, Song WN, Hu JF, Han BY
7156 - 7165 Repetitive Pool Boiling Runs: A Controlled Process to Form Reduced Graphene Oxide Surfaces from Graphene Oxide with Tunable Surface Chemistry and Morphology
Rishi AM, Kandlikar SG, Gupta A
7166 - 7178 Multidimension Insight Involving Experimental and in Silico Investigation into the Corrosion Inhibition of N,N-Dibenzyl Dithiocarbamate Acid on Copper in Sulfuric Acid Solution
Li FH, Bai MN, Wei SA, Jin SM, Shen WF
7179 - 7192 Conversion of Imidazole to N-(3-Aminopropyl)imidazole toward Enhanced Corrosion Protection of Steel in Combination with Carboxymethyl Chitosan Grafted Poly(2-methyl-1-vinylimidazole)
Eduok U, Ohaeri E, Szpunar J
7193 - 7199 Tubular Flame Combustion for Nanoparticle Production
Hirano T, Kikkawa J, Rinaldi FG, Kitawaki K, Shimokuri D, Tanabe E, Ogi T
7200 - 7208 Shape-Controlled Hematite: An Efficient Photoanode for Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting
Sharma MD, Mahala C, Basu M
7209 - 7216 Bimetallic (Zn/Co) MOFs-Derived Highly Dispersed Metallic Co/HPC for Completely Hydrolytic Dehydrogenation of Ammonia-Borane
Zhang XL, Zhang DX, Chang GG, Ma XC, Wu J, Wang Y, Yu HZ, Tian G, Chen J, Yang XY
7217 - 7226 Effect of Aliphatic Diacid Chain Length on Properties of Semiaromatic Copolyamides Based on PA10T and Their Theoretical Study
Feng WT, Zou GJ, Ding YH, Ai TH, Wang PL, Ren ZL, Ji JH
7227 - 7232 Study on the Efficient Production of Ozone Water by a Rotating Packed Bed
Liu TR, Wang D, Wang W, Liang Q, Shao L
7233 - 7246 Indirect Heat Integration across Plants: Novel Representation of Intermediate Fluid Circles
Hong XD, Liao ZW, Sun JY, Jiang BB, Wang JD, Yang YR
7247 - 7264 New Suggested Model Reference Adaptive Controller for the Divided Wall Distillation Column
El-Gendy EM, Saafan MM, Elksas MS, Saraya SF, Areed FFG
7265 - 7283 Optimal Design and Effective Control of Triple-Column Extractive Distillation for Separating Ethyl Acetate/Ethanol/Water with Multiazeotrope
Yang A, Zou HC, Chien IL, Wang D, Wei SA, Ren JZ, Shen WF
7284 - 7295 Adsorptive Recovery of lopamidol from Aqueous Solution and Parallel Reuse of Activated Carbon: Batch and Flow Study
Ge XY, Wu ZL, Manzoli M, Jicsinszky L, Wu ZS, Nosyrev AE, Cravotto G
7296 - 7307 Batch and Continuous Systems for Zn, Cu, and Pb Metal Ions Adsorption on Spent Mushroom Compost Biochar
Abdallah MM, Ahmad MN, Walker G, Leahy JJ, Kwapinski W
7308 - 7317 Volatility of Deep Eutectic Solvent Choline Chloride:N-Methylacetamide at Ambient Temperature and Pressure
Chen Y, Yu DK, Lu YH, Li GH, Fu L, Mu TC
7318 - 7331 Multiphase Equilibria Modeling of Fast Pyrolysis Bio-Oils. Group Contribution Associating Equation of State Extension to Lignin Monomers and Derivatives
Ille Y, Sanchez FA, Dahmen N, Pereda S
7332 - 7340 Critical Properties of Metal-Containing Ionic Liquids
Valderrama JO, Forero LA, Rojas RE
7341 - 7351 Cubic-Plus-Chain (CPC). I: A Statistical Associating Fluid Theory Based Chain Modification to the Cubic Equation of State for Large Nonpolar Molecules
Sisco CJ, Abutaqiya MIL, Vargas FM, Chapman WG
7352 - 7361 The Polarity of Ionic Liquids: Relationship between Relative Permittivity and Spectroscopic Parameters of Probe
Wang XY, Zhang SN, Yao J, Li HR
7362 - 7369 Toward Thermodynamic Predictions of Aqueous Vitamin Solubility: An Activity Coefficient-Based Approach
Wysoczanska K, Sadowski G, Macedo EA, Held C
7370 - 7388 Prediction of Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium and Thermodynamic Properties of Natural Gas and Gas Condensates
Novak N, Louli V, Voutsas E
7389 - 7396 Synergistic Effect of Hydrogen Bonds and Diffusion on the beta-Crystallization of Poly(vinylidene fluoride) On Poly(methyl methacrylate) Interface
Mi C, Ren ZJ, Li HH, Yan SK, Sun XL
7397 - 7407 Thermochemical and Experimental Kinetic Analysis of Potassium Extraction from Ultrapotassic Syenite Using Molten Chloride Salts
Haseli P, Majewski P, Christo FC, Hammond B, Bruno F
7408 - 7415 Copper Foam Electrodes for Increased Power Generation in Thermally Regenerative Ammonia-Based Batteries for Low-Grade Waste Heat Recovery
Zhang L, Li YX, Zhu X, Li J, Fu Q, Liao Q, Wei ZD
7416 - 7416 Fractal Reconstruction of Microscopic Rough Surface for Soot Layer during Ceramic Filtration Based On Weierstrass-Mandelbrot Function (vol 57, pg 4033, 2018)
Zhang W, Lu C, Dong PF, Fang YW, Yin YS, Hu ZM, Xu HF, Ruan M
7417 - 7417 Overcoming the Engineering Constraints for Scaling-Up the State-of-the-Art Catalyst for Tail-Gas N2O Decomposition (vol 57, pg 939, 2018)
Melian-Cabrera I, Espinosa S, Mentruit C, Murray B, Falco L, Socci J, Kapteijn F, Moulijn JA